Wood Cube Storage

It is easiest to store things that are all the same size and shape. Take moving boxes for example. Get all of the same size box and you know exactly how much space you need to transport them. Wood cube storage operates on this same principal. There are cubes that go into other cubes, And boxes that are simply wood cubes by themselves.

Best Products

Premium Adjustable 9 Cube Organizer

Premium Adjustable 9 Cube Organizer
Cube organizer featuring strong, durable and long lasting construction made from wood grain laminate with texture emboss. Additionally, it fits any needs, as middle shelves of the organizer are adjustable.

Padded Storage Ottoman

Padded Storage Ottoman
It's a simple, but practical DIY project that transformed an old pallet into a storage box. It features a shape of a cube and if you put there some nice cushion, it will become a small outdoor bench. You can keep your gardening tools inside.

Element 80" Tall Bookcase

Element 80" Tall Bookcase
This simple bookcase is not only very functional, but also super stylish! Its unique design will totally refresh the look of every kind of space. Check it out and enjoy the modernity brought to your house!

12 bottle wine rack cube counter top

12 bottle wine rack cube counter top
Very simplistic, rustic stackable wine rack, great for a dining room counter. Perfect if you’re looking for a stylish way to store and display your wine bottles, make it easy to serve during parties. Nice, rustic look.

Cubinet storage cubes

Cubinet Storage Cubes

Wood cube storage 4

Vintage and farmhouse style wooden storage cube with some outstanding chic appeal to it. The piece has a somewhat rugged and minimalist look and comes with up to four evenly shaped open shelves for all your storage needs. You also get a large countertop for additional storage capabilities.

Wood cube storage 9

Great cube storage unit with a distressed vintage finish and sturdy wooden construction. The cube comes in an elongated rectangular shape too and features two storage rows, each with up to three cubbies. It should be a great choice for the kid’s room.

Our advice Buying Guide

What can I put in wooden storage cubes?

There are countless things you can put in wooden storage cubes. Wooden storage cubes are super versatile and can be used to organize anything from your children’s toys and projects to your favorite books, records, tableware, and even bathroom supplies.

You can also get creative and turn your cube storage into a decor display with bits and bobs such as picture frames, vases, sculptures, and other decorative objects.

If you prefer a neat and tidy layout, consider placing storage baskets in the cubes to hold miscellaneous items that don’t seem to belong anywhere else in the house. This way, your TV equipment, games, throw blankets, and random tools won’t clutter up your space.

Another practical way to make good use of these compartments is to place storage baskets in the cubbies to hold your shoes and bags. If you happen to have a home gym, you could use your storage cubes to keep all your workout essentials such as a water bottle, speaker, towels, and cleansing wipes in one place.

How do you secure cube storage to a wall?

Secure cube storage to a wall by using a bracket system or screws. When securely attached to your wall, a wood cube storage system can display heavier objects without the worry of collapsing or tipping over.

To hang your cube storage with brackets, identify the bottom edge and place it facing up. Lay an L-bracket flat on the back of the cube bottom on each of the two edges. Attach the brackets with screws. Make sure the screw length is slightly shorter than the wood’s thickness. For example, if the wood is 1” thick, use ¾” screws.

Locate wall studs, position cube, check it is level, and mark the location. Install drywall anchors on the marks. Line bracket holes up with the holes drilled in the wall and secure with 1 ½” screws.

If using just screws, position your cube and make sure it is level. Drill holes through the cube and into the wall stud at four points. These points should be approximately 1” inside each corner. Add drywall anchors if wall studs are not available, although this may decrease the cube’s weight capacity. Insert wood screws twice as long as the wood’s thickness. For example, use 2” screws if wood is 1” thick.

How do you secure a cube storage to the wall?

To secure a wood cube storage unit to the wall, you’ll need to gather the proper tools, including a level, drill, screws, screwdriver, drywall anchors, brackets, a stud finder, a pencil, and measuring tape.

Start by measuring the cube storage unit, then use your stud finder to see if there are studs where you want to drill. When you locate a stud, make a mark with a pencil. Use your measuring tape to see if there’s a second stud the appropriate distance away from the first. If not, you’ll need to use a wall anchor to secure the cube storage on the second side.

Place your cube storage against the wall in the position you want to secure it, ensuring its level. With your marks in place, drill into the studs or the wall at the appropriate point. If you had to drill into the wall without a stud, insert your drywall anchor and hammer it into position. Use your drill to secure brackets to the wall at these points. Once the brackets are attached, use your level to ensure they're straight. Now you can mount the cube storage onto the brackets using screws and your drill.


Wood cube storage

Vintage wood cube storage that doubles up as extra sitting in your home. Featuring a distressed wooden construction, the cube is finished with a cushioned top, padded with foam and featuring beautiful light crème microfiber upholstery. The piece is then completed with tuft button accents for that classy look.

Jvc kenwood s wooden cube speakers offer realtime streaming of

jvc kenwood s wooden cube speakers offer realtime streaming of nature ...

Foremost 340022 Modular 5-in-1 Shelf Cube Storage System, Honey

A 5-in-1 modular storage cube system featuring a sleek PVC laminate veneer finish. It comes with a 15-inch open cube, a two-drawer cube, a shelf cube, and another 30-inch divided cube. The honey-colored cube system is made of solid wood and PVC laminate.

Wood cubes for storage

A great, DIY solution for a storage cabinet. It's a cubical construction made of old wooden pallets. Some of them are left open, while others you can pull forward. The unit features a rustic, natural look.

Cube shelving units solid sheesham wood

Cube Shelving Units, solid sheesham wood.

Diy 9 cube organizer

Minimalistic orange stillage with sixteen shelves (4 parts, every with 4 shelves). It is made of It is intended to storage item and due to little wheels made of India rubber this piece of furniture is movable, so it will be perfect to big office.

Solid wood cube storage

Wood cubic storage shelves constitute a proposition both for rustic, traditional and modern, austere interiors. Its original shape offers considerable storage space for books, magazines, flower vases, plates and other household goods.

Wood cube storage

Carefully considered design, simplicity, and Scandinavian functionality. This project combines white IKEA wardrobe with wooden crates. Handmade, using natural materials, shall be considered by all DIY enthusiasts, as it provides a large storage space for a low cost.

Dimensions are shown above 2

Dimensions are shown above

Cube shelf plans

This wooden cube storage is a great example of a modern approach to household goods. Can be an original bookcase or a cabinet for tools and utilities. Recommended for all enthusiasts of DIY products.

Wooden cube storage

A simple and functional idea for a storage shelf made of old wooden boxes. There are countless possibilities how you can arrange them and your creativity is the only limit. They offer open shelves perfect for displaying books or decorations.

Wood cube storage 5

Clever Kid's Room Storage | Handmade Charlotte

Wood cubicle storage

CRAFTROOM, love the cube storage & narrow shelves full of jars

Easily assembled wooden cube bookcase shelves ideal for storage

... Easily Assembled Wooden Cube Bookcase Shelves Ideal For Storage

Wood cubes shelving

wood cubes shelving

Wood cube storage shelves download this picture for free in

Wood Cube Storage Shelves , download this picture for free in the best ...

Cube 3 hole wooden storage cube c11_01_med


Table bookshelf combination

This wooden cube storage with bookshelves and cube drawers is quick and easy storage idea for kids room or living room where kids can keep their stuff. Made from white wood, topped with dark oak. Great idea as your living room deco as well.

12 record storage handmade modular crate cube real wood dj

... -12-Record-Storage-Handmade-Modular-Crate-Cube-Real-Wood-DJ-Collector

Stackable wooden storage cubes

Love this idea - repaint storage cube cabinet, add a stained wooden panel on top to give the look of a counter, and then mount to the wall, rather than just sitting on the floor ... too cute!

Natural wood cube organizer

Set of furniture consisting of rectangular table and 8 cube stools. Construction is made of wood. Stools are mounted on wheels for easy movement. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Wood cube organizer

Totally do-it-yourself knock off craft table for sewing room. Two bookshelves with two times six boards as top. Wonder about how level top is for cutting mat? May want to do playwood or something instead.

Wooden cubes for storage

tutorial: how to build rolling storage cubes/stools for a playroom or classroom, $14 each

Black storage benches 14

An aesthetic practical contemporary storage bench having a long frame of wooden materials with lots of open cubbies under a seat. Cubbies are finished in white while the seat is laminated in light brown tones.

Foremost 327622 Modular Open Cube Storage System, Honey

Storage cube plans

DIY Rolling Storage Cubby Stools - these would be great with a colorful cushion in kid's room for their toys - or could coordinate with den or rec room colors and still hold kid's toys!

Floor storage beech melamine wooden cube bookcase with cec fsc

Floor Storage Beech Melamine Wooden Cube Bookcase With CEC , FSC , SGS ...

Ultimate office woodworx double cube open and drawers

Ultimate Office WoodWorx double cube, open and drawers

Artisan brown auburn pine wood 9 cube storage bookcase

Artisan Brown Auburn Pine Wood 9-Cube Storage Bookcase

Wood cube storage 10

Thinking maybe a series of these for craft room storage.. add possibly doors so not everything is open shelf.

Wood cube storage

A simple cubby holds the logs for this fireplace in a neat square. It’s compact and rustic and also serves as a side table.

Twist 75.7" Bookcase

Twist 75.7" Bookcase

ClosetMaid Cubeicals 12 Cube Organizer, White

Wooden storage cubes

Cool idea for your new simple patterned wooden crates for storage. You can easily do it yourself. These cool cubes are made from light, oak wood with some nice black pattern printed on them. Can be used for any item storage.

Wood cube storage 8

Large Cubby Cube Wall Shelf (White) in Shelves & Hooks

An 11 x 7 cube layout which follows the curve

An 11 x 7 cube layout which follows the curve of my office walls.

Solid wood cube shelves

Thinking about making a home gym? Here's some tips to help you put together the perfect workout space on any budget! #gym

Diy cube storage

Cube organizer for storing clothes and others needed stuff. Frame is made of wood. Provides space saving in the kid's room and others interiors as needed.

Cube bookshelf plans

barnwood cubbies I can make out of my left over wedding decor...I have tons of these wooden boxes

Wood cube storage 1

This kind of bookshelf it can be used also for toys. Wood cube storage has a place for many colorful wicker containers that will take care of your baby's toys. Two interconnected shelfs are made of wood and painted white - so they fit into each interior.

Closetmaid 898300 15-Cube White Laminated Organizer

Wood cubes storage

Free Plans ~ Upholstered Storage Bench Tutorial - if we find ourselves with too little closet space at the new place, maybe a wall of these in the dining room, can be extra seating too.

Winsome Wood Kingston "X"-Design Wine Storage Cube