Free Standing Corner Shelves

Some corner shelves need to be anchored to a wall, but if you don't do it right, you damage the wall. No need with freestanding corner shelving units. These are designed with you in mind, just in case you know nothing of shelving stability. With freestanding shelves, that information is useless. All you need to know is that they are lovely, sturdy, and can hold plenty.

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Vintage sand free standing corner shevling unit free p p

Vintage sand free standing corner shevling unit free p p
Do you have an undeveloped, empty corner in your home? You can fit this triangular wooden table in a gray shade. Small, neat - can be found under a beautiful flower, or other decor. Free standing corner has a great vintage look, and reminds a hourglass.

13" x 63" 5 Tier Corner Shelf

13" x 63" 5 Tier Corner Shelf
With its chrome finish, this 5 tier corner shelf will compliment any contemporary decor. It features an adjustable base leveler and durable metal tube frame. It has the dimensions of 63'' H x 13.5'' W x 13.5'' D.

Ellsworth 23.25" x 68.31" Corner Free Standing Linen Tower

Ellsworth 23.25" x 68.31" Corner Free Standing Linen Tower
Aesthetic traditional corner stand of wooden materials hand-painted white. It features an arched top, a cutout base and a cabinet with 2 doors having a shutter design and dark metal pulls. It has 3 open shelves and 1 adjustable shelf in the cabinet.


A large contemporary wall-mounted corner kitchen unit made of grey-finished wooden materials. It has a rectilinear frame and is equipped with lots of size-varied open shelves, wire basket-shelves, bottle racks and 2 drawers with metal handles.

Reclaimed wood shelfshelving unit with 3

Reclaimed wood shelfshelving unit with 3
This beautiful cabinet, sofa table or sideboard is a perfect combination of reclaimed wood in an elegant rustic style. The massive construction of the tubes adds a distinctive character. Great detail for traditional or rural decor.

Free Standing Dark Wood Kitchen Bathroom 3 Shelf Corner Shelving Unit

Free Standing Dark Wood Kitchen Bathroom 3 Shelf Corner Shelving Unit
Thanks to this fine shelving unit you can easily save space in your small room and, at the same time, make it more practical and stylish. The free-standing unit is made of dark wood, offering 3 open slat shelves, a stylishly curved top, and X-shaped metal reinforcements.

Ellsworth 25.5" x 31.25" Corner Free Standing Cabinet

Ellsworth 25.5" x 31.25" Corner Free Standing Cabinet
This simple and very practical free standing corner cabinet is an excellent mebeldo bathroom or laundry room. Practical shelves will hold towels or toiletries. This is an excellent way for the creative use of space.

Our advice Buying Guide

How can I maximize storage in a small living room?

When you have a small living room, it's challenging to keep it from looking cluttered. Free standing corner shelves are the ideal solution for enhancing your decor and adding extra storage.

A corner shelving unit is tall with a compact footprint, so you can tuck it neatly into a part of the room that might otherwise go unused. Choose a triangular design with tiered shelving sizes for an ultra-modern look, or select a free standing cabinet with doors if you want privacy for your stored items.

For open shelving, beware of overcrowding the shelves and creating a chaotic appearance that can make your space feel claustrophobic. Minimalism is key to organizing your small space effectively.

How to secure a freestanding corner shelf?

The best way to secure your free-standing corner shelf to the wall to avoid accidents is to purchase a separate anti-tip device if your model doesn’t already come with one.

These are available in different types: for smaller and lighter shelves, kits relying on velcro or adhesive solutions will do; however, we definitely recommend choosing those that allow you to screw them into the wall when it comes to taller and heavier units (especially if you have little kids who can’t wait to climb on them as soon as you’re not looking).

Where should I keep my free standing corner shelf?

Free standing corner shelves work well in almost any area of the home, but they work exceptionally well in living rooms, bedrooms, and offices. They make the most of small rooms with awkward corners where it’s difficult to maximize storage space.

Since many free standing corner shelves fit in just one sq. ft., you can sometimes place them between a window and the adjacent wall. This makes it easy to move them anywhere as you add more furniture to your home.

Free standing corner shelves are great for keys and other small items, so consider keeping one in the hallway near your front door or near the entrance to the garage. Keep in mind that if children are playing near the free standing corner shelf, you will need to secure it to the wall with anchors for maximum safety.


Antique three tier corner shelffree

Antique three tier corner shelffree
The freestanding corner shelves in antique style delight with details and beautiful decoration finish. Practical shelves beautifully expose the contents. The whole can serve as bookshelf or plant stand.

Williams Import Co. 62 Corner Tv Stand

Williams Import Co. 62 Corner Tv Stand
A high quality TV stand designed for corner placement. It is a space saving solution that includes storage shelves without and with glass doors. The whole product looks very simple, but it has got a high aesthetic value.

Free standing corner shelves

Excellently made corner free standing corner shelf is a beautiful accent perfect for the living room. Beautiful details and a stylish wooden design combine beautifully with every interior design.

Free standing corner shelves

With this free-standing shelf unit you will not only get a stylish and sturdy piece, but also space-saving and practical. Crafted of wood and bathed in a white finish, the unit includes 7 square open shelves for knick-knacks, pot plants, framed pictures, etc.

Free standing corner shelves 1

This freestanding corner bookcase distinguishes itself with its characteristic triangular, teepee-imitating shape. Crafted from solid dark wood, it will be a durable and stable construction, that can smoothly lift up your books collections.

Free standing corner shelves 1

Free standing corner rack consisting of 6 shelves for storing books or display decorations. Construction is made of wood and metal. Great solution for space saving in all kinds of interiors.

Six foot corner shelf no fasteners no glue

Six foot corner shelf - no fasteners, no glue

Industrial corner shelf

A ladder-like bookcase, perfectly aligned to your room. It is made of dark wood and its shelves increase downwards. Free standing corner shelves are shaped like a piece of pizza. The stand goes up to the ceiling and is extremely stable.

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Free standing corner shelves 1

Practical free standing corner shelves offering up to six tiers and a countertop. The shelves are made from wood, slightly stained and glossed. They are supported by a black coated metal frame too with four rounded legs for stability and support.

Shelf corner display stand 5 tier wood side table nightstand

... -Shelf-Corner-Display-Stand-5-Tier-Wood-Side-Table-Nightstand-Shelves

Free standing corner shelves 5

Distinguishing itself with its characteristic triangular shape, this freestanding corner bookcase constitutes a perfect proposition for all, who want to stylishly expose their belongings.

Creative corner shelving unit design square freestanding corner shelf

creative corner shelving unit design square freestanding corner shelf ...

Diy corner shelf unit

The shower caddy corner shelf will help you to storage your bathroom accessories in one place. The wooden construction and three deep shelves fit perfectly to the classic bathroom.

Free standing white shelves

Free standing corner rack consisting of 4 open shelves arranged vertically. Construction is made of wood and reinforced with crossed supports. Great for storing books, display decorations and more.

Free standing corner shelves 2

A whimsical, designer proposition for all cat owners. This freestanding corner shelving tree will help you achieve a full living room catification! Multi-tiered surface will be ideal for your pets to rest and develop their agility.

Free standing kitchen corner unit

Now you can splash your home with a drop of elegant masterpiece in shape of this lovely shelf unit. Designed in Victorian style, the unit features a space-saving corner design, 3 open shelves, and stylishly curved legs.

Free standing corner shelves

... Bathroom Furniture UK › Floor standing White Wood Corner Shelf Unit

Free standing corner shelves 10

Cherry Traditional Corner Bookcase

4-Tier Corner Shelf

4-Tier Corner Shelf

Free standing corner shelves 2

powell antique black large corner bookcase is a free standing corner ...

2 Tier Shelf - Bronze

Two tier shelf with bronze finish. It features strong and durable metal construction and is l-shaped, which makes it perfect to be placed in a corner. Thanks to the small dimensions it's perfect for use in kitchen.

Corner shelf plans

The attractive design of this freestanding corner shelves is a perfect combination of functionality and modern style. Beautiful rotary mold allows you to match the furniture to any interior. Interesting plaques, baskets, and baffles create a sensational whole.

Lowes plant stands

Blue and yellow, free standing corner shelves. If you need some additional space for keeping your flower pots, then such a corner shelf is a great choice – especially considering that we usually leave the corners in our house empty.

Free standing corner shelves

Elegant Home Fashions Madison Avenue 24.75" x 32" Corner Free Standing Cabinet

How to build a corner shelf unit

corner-bathroom storage shelving

Free standing corner shelves 13

Metalworks Corner Etagere Butler Specialty Company Free Standing Shelves & Bookcases Home

Free standing corner shelves 12

Cherry 5-Tier Corner Stand

This corner shelf has multiple stacking configurations so you dont

This corner shelf has “multiple stacking configurations,” so you don’t have to put it together exactly as shown.

Free standing corner shelves 3

Compact and space-efficient approach to a folding corner bookcase made out of reclaimed wood with a natural, unfinished look. The bookcase has three tiers of shelves and can be folded to take almost no space.

Corner shelf shelves unit display bookcase rack stand foldable

... Corner Shelf Shelves Unit Display Bookcase Rack Stand Foldable

Seville Classics 5-Shelf, 14-Inch by 30-Inch by 60-Inch Shelving System

An amazing and truly durable 5-shelf structure that will work wonders for any garage or pantry, letting you stock up on food or tools and keep them perfectly in order at all times, while taking care of your home's decor.

Corner standing shelf

Thanks to this free-standing unit, you will have a nice and durable accessory for smaller bathrooms. Crafted of durable metal and adorned with fine scrollwork, the towel rack comes with 3 open shelves and an easy-to-clean surface.

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Seville Classics SHE14304 Home Style Mobile 4-Shelf Storage System, Chrome

This super practical, well-made mobile storage system is a great solution for all types of interior. It looks great in the kitchen or pantry, and handy wheels facilitate its transfer. The robust stainless steel construction provides durability.

Edsal HC30127 Steel 7-Shelf Shelving Unit, 750 lb Capacity, 30" Width x 60" Height x 12" Depth

Made of steel to support a 107-lb. per shelf capacity and to support a 750-lb. total capacity, this standing seven-shelf unit measures 30' width by 60' height by 12' depth. It will provide a solid, sustainable construction for all offices or warehouses.

Free standing corner shelves 9

Tiburon home remodel - traditional - bathroom - san francisco - Mahoney Architects & Interiors

Winsome Alps Tall Cabinet with Glass Door and Drawer

Tall, decorous storage cabinet with two doors; the top one has a glass insert. Besides, it offers a drawer and an open compartment for storage, which gives lots of organizing option even in a tight corner.

TRINITY EcoStorage 5-Tier NSF Wire Shelving Rack with Wheels, 36 by 18 by 72-Inch, Chrome

Five-tier shelving rack with wheels with NSF certificate. Thanks to the sturdy construction it can support up to 800 pounds. Additionally, the rack features sidebar with six hooks and whole construction is eco-friendly.

Sandusky WS241430 Heavy Duty Steel Adjustable Wire Shelving, 24" Width x 30" Height x 14" Depth, 3 Shelves, Chrome

This sensational stand with three shelves is the perfect furniture for the pantry, the kitchen or the clipboard. The robust stainless steel construction and practical protective caps on the legs, protect the floor from damage.

Free standing corner shelves 7

eclectic dining- Freestanding shelves, especially a pyramid-inspired style, work well in a corner. Store extra dishes and pretty containers on the open shelves for a great-looking display.

Folding corner bookcase 4 tier wooden free standing shelves

Folding Corner Bookcase > 4 Tier Wooden Free Standing Shelves ...

Corner shelves the owner builder network 2

Corner Shelves – The Owner-Builder Network