Plastic Corner Shower Caddy


Simple. Functional. Easy to Install. A plastic corner shower caddy is a valuable organizational item that everyone should have in their bathroom. These days, plastic caddies and shelves that radiate striking aesthetics are becoming increasingly popular. Most of them also come with suction cups or powerful adhesive stickers ensuring stability and convenient mounting. Most importantly, they’re waterproof and rust-proof, so you don’t have to worry about maintenance. Here are our experts’ top choices for plastic corner shower and tub caddies.

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Our Picks

Transparent Corner Shower Caddy

Transparent Corner Shower Caddy


Organize your shower essentials with this floating plastic corner shower caddy sold in a set of four. Made of transparent 0.2-inch-thick acrylic, it follows a 90-degree right corner and can hold a weight of up to 15lbs per shelf.

$68.02 $78.99

Designer Advice:

This corner shelf exudes a clean, minimalist appeal perfect for all types of shower areas. It is held by a durable adhesive and doesn’t require suction cups or drilling. Keep it pristine by regularly wiping it with a damp cloth.

Clear Basket Caddy

Clear Basket Caddy


This clear plastic shower caddy for corner spaces sports a basket holder with square patterns. It comes with four dual suction cups for every shelf to ensure stability and self-draining features. Its sizable dimensions can hold multiple bath items per basket.


Designer Advice:

A functional piece with charming aesthetics, this piece will look great in contemporary, farmhouse, cottage, country, traditional, and transitional-style bathrooms. It’s highly recommended to mount these on to even tile surfaces and might have less holding power on glass walls.

Rotating Corner Shelf

Rotating Corner Shelf


Access your essentials with ease using this plastic corner shelf for the shower with a 360-degree self-draining rotating disc function. It is also designed with a base equipped with five hooks to hold other items such as loofahs and the likes.

$9.99 $19.99

Designer Advice:

An innovative item made of high-quality plastic, you can mount it using a non-marking paste. However, you can still improve its stability on painted, wallpapered, and limed walls by using an expansion screw along with the adhesive stickers. 

Large Round Corner Shower Shelf

Large Round Corner Shower Shelf


Larger than most available products in the market, this plastic corner shower shelf can conveniently hold multiple items in one space. The round disc follows a turntable mechanism with a ventilated design to easily drain excess water.


Designer Advice:

The minimalist appeal of this piece makes it a great option for modern and contemporary-style bathrooms. It’s highly recommended to only install it on tile, glass, stone, or solid metal surfaces and avoid mounting it on painted, wallpapered, and uneven walls.

White Freestanding Corner Shower Caddy

White Freestanding Corner Shower Caddy

This white plastic corner shower caddy provides a simple yet effective organizational solution for your bath and toiletry items. Featuring a freestanding design, it comes with four self-draining basket shelves that are connected to a shower pole by rubber rings.

Designer Advice:

Its clean, rounded appearance and versatile color will fit any bathroom design. Since the pole has a tension mechanism, you can easily adjust its height, as well as the shelves, according to your needs. 

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Multi Tier Shower Shelf

Multi Tier Shower Shelf


Available in two color options, this piece has multiple shelves fit for fiberglass shower installation. It features a single panel with two levels and a movable soap bar basket, as well as side and front groove hooks.

Designer Advice:

Depending on the color, the playful character of this shower shelf will add a quirky appeal to modern, contemporary, and farmhouse bathrooms. It works on glass and tiled walls as well as other surfaces with even applications, except for paint, cement, and wallpaper. 

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Plastic and Metal Corner Shelf

Plastic and Metal Corner Shelf


Constructed of high-grade plastic with stainless steel frames, this two-tiered bathtub corner shelf features a triangular design with raised curved fences and ventilated bases. The suction has an airtight vacuum lock system that works even on slightly uneven wall surfaces.


Designer Advice:

Visually appealing with a modern yet timeless aesthetic, this is a versatile piece that can adapt to different bathroom interiors. You can also move them according to your needs and the mounting mechanism allows for easy and infinite repositioning. 

L Shaped Acrylic Corner Shelf

L Shaped Acrylic Corner Shelf

Made of 5mm thick acrylic, this plastic corner shelf has a sleek L-shaped design. The item is offered in six sizes and can be installed stably on a tiled concrete wall or drywall with the included high-quality chrome fittings.

Designer Advice:

Its minimalist appearance will look great in modern, industrial, and contemporary-style bathrooms. You can also create a stunning cascade of shower shelves by using multiple sizes of this item.

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Gray/White Shower Caddy

Gray/White Shower Caddy


This plastic shower caddy allows for 180-degree rotation to accommodate different wall angles. Made of thick ABS material, the static body has two self-draining tiers and is equipped with hooks. The rotating translucent arm has a raised fence to protect items from falling.

Designer Advice:

An innovative piece that adapts to your needs, you will definitely love this if you have a contemporary, industrial, or modern bathroom. The strong adhesive ensures stability but you can easily remove it by heating the sticker with a hairdryer.

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Stackable Corner Shelves

Stackable Corner Shelves


Sold in a set of two, these freestanding bathtub corner shelves can be stacked on top of the other. Made of clear acrylic, the shelf has a triangular design with mitered corners supported by three legs.


Designer Advice:

The timeless form and pristine appeal of this item will fit right into transitional, traditional, contemporary, and modern bathrooms. Since it’s freestanding, you can either stack multiple pieces for a tiered look or place the items on both corners of the tub. 

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Plastic Corner Shower Caddy

Buying Guide

For anyone who is big on utilizing all space to its fullest potential, plastic corner shower caddies can do just that in the bathroom. The shower and tub are known to house an array of “random” items. These things include shampoo, conditioner, shaving razors, shaving cream, loofahs washing towels, body washes face washes, and the list can go on. And if one shower is shared by 2, 3, or even more people, then the number of items can multiply with ease.

The corner of your shower is the perfect candidate to place shower necessities. Turn your cluttered shower or tub into a sleek storage center with the help of a plastic corner shower caddy. Two might even be suitable if you have lots of stuff to store. You’ll be surprised to see just how useful these handy caddies can be. Make sure you check out our tips to choose the ultimate shower caddy.

To determine the necessary amount of storage, it can help to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many items are cluttering your shower currently?
  • Are you finding yourself constantly bringing your grooming items in and out of the shower to keep from adding clutter?
  • Do you share your shower with family or roommates?
  • If you share a shower, is anyone else going to store their grooming items on these shelves?

Once you figure out the answers to those questions, you can then determine how much space you need. A basic plastic corner shower caddy features anywhere from 2, 3, 4, or even up to 5 shelves. Depending on how large these shelves are, you should be able to fit 2-3 full-sized, shampoo/conditioner bottles on each shelf comfortably.

Like mentioned earlier, it may even be reasonable to have two corner shower caddies if possible. This is great for larger families that share a shower together. It can even be suitable for a couple without kids to get a caddy for each person to help organize personal grooming items better.

At first glance, a shower caddy doesn’t look like it can get fancy with features. But once you take a closer look at all of the options available, you’ll find that tons of caddies offer cool features for your showering needs.

Look out for and consider the following features:

  • Individual shaving razor holders
  • Bars and slats for holding washcloths
  • Hooks for hanging loofahs and scrubbers
  • Small soap shelf
  • Mirror for facial cleansing and shaving facial hair

By considering these cool features, you can really choose the best corner shower caddy to suit all of your needs.

If it matters, consider what type of mounting the shower caddy offers. Here are the following options:

  • Tension pole mounting
  • Self-supported shelf (uses its own feet for support)
  • Suction cups
  • Wall mount
  • Hanging

If you didn’t know there was more to a shower caddy than just storing your things, now you know! With the help of a shower caddy, you can focus more on enjoying your shower rather than keeping the clutter from making a mess or even posing a hazard. Not to mention, shower caddy storage can make a shower much more appealing with everything organized nice and neat. Make sure to browse the selection below to see the variety of corner shower caddies available online.

Best Ideas

Bathtub and Shower Corner Caddy

Bathtub and Shower Corner Caddy

If you are looking for a practical solution for your bathroom, this corner shelf in the shower will be perfect. It has four practical shelves, hanger towel to the face, and a mirror. The whole is maintained in white is very stylish.

Shower caddy corner shelf

Everything is worth that we not to stumble over shampoos in the shower, risking out life. Such a plastic corner shower caddy in white will allow you to store all shower cosmetics.Constructed from durable molded plastic and includes adhesive pads

Corner bathroom cabinet on corner bathroom furniture reviews

Corner Bathroom Cabinet on Corner Bathroom Furniture Reviews

Wall mounted corner shower caddy

Nice, budget-friendly tall corner caddy in tan, with sparkling diamond inlay incorporated into plastic construction. Four shelves of different heights allow to store shampoo, shower gel and/or soap caddy.

Shower tidy no screws

The plastic ikea corner shelf made of white plastic. Very useful if you haven't enough space to put the special cabinet for your cosmetics. Easy movable, the three shelves could contain all the shower utensils.

Plastic corner shower caddy 1

An aesthetic piece of functional decoration that will work especially well in smaller interiors. Designed of durable white plastic, this corner shower caddy is sturdy, relatively lightweight, and features 3 open shelves with lattice surface.

Corner mounted plastic shower caddy hangers trading company

Corner mounted plastic shower caddy hangers Trading Company

Showerdrape quebec white rotating corner cabinet 27 00 ray

Showerdrape Quebec White Rotating Corner Cabinet - £27.00 - Ray ...

Details about white plastic corner shower caddy shelf brand new

Details about White plastic Corner Shower Caddy / Shelf. Brand New

Plastic corner shower caddy

The corner shower caddy is excellent for your favorite bathroom accessories, accent pieces and more. The white plastic construction works perfectly with any style and decor. It features four tiers for your items.

Tier corner shelf bathroom caddy corner shelf

Tier Corner Shelf Bathroom Caddy – Corner Shelf

Shower Corner Shelf

Shower corner shelf made with durable, sturdy plastic, features molded hooks for razors and self-draining soap divet and a suction cup for secure attachment. Simple and handy, can support quite a lot of items.

Zenith Bathtub and Shower Pole Caddy, White

Aesthetic corner shower pole with 4 shelves. Made of durable rust resistant material finished in white. Shelves are adjustable both vertically and horizontally. Practical, with self-draining shelves for toiletries, easy to assemble and clean.

Corner Shower Soap Dish

Corner Shower Soap Dish

Zenith Products Zenith 5104W Premium Bathtub and Shower Pole Caddy

This sensational corner shelf to the bathroom is a great performance and great practicality in one. Numerous shelves and hangers allow you to freely arrange all the little things like cosmetics and toiletries sponges.

Shower corner shelf suction

Two Tier Bath and Shower Corner Caddy, White ZPC Zenith Products

Vieworld 2 Tier Adjustable Plastic Shower Caddy/Kitchen Corner Shelf w/Towel Bar, White

Corner shower shelf made of plastic. Designed for mounting on the wall. It contains 2 adjustable shelves arranged vertically. Perfect for storing soap, toiletries and others needed items. Functional accent for any bathroom.

Plastic shower caddy is more durable because of its totally

Plastic shower caddy is more durable because of its totally rust-free ...

PlumbShop Bath Shower Corner Caddy PS8811

Corner plastic shelves

Plastic Shower Caddy Customer Favorites

Bathroom shower tidy

Zenith Bathstyles Corner Caddy, Plastic by Zenith. $9.34. slots for razors and toothbrushes. easy mount with adhesive strip or suction cups. corner caddy. 2 self-draining shelves. Premium Bath and Shower Corner Caddy. Included 2 self-draining shelves. S

Plastic corner shower tidy

In the shower we accumulate a lot of cosmetics, what to do to have one particular place for storage?Could be great use corner shower caddy.Made of rust-resistant stainless steel. The basket is self-draining.Clear plastic finish gives lightness.

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Plastic bath tidy

Umbra Bird Bath Shower Caddy Soap dish, two razor ports, hooks. Suction cup keeps caddy in place. Plastic/Stainless Steel. ANA60660. Available from Howards Storage World.