Novelty Toilet Seat

For a fun impractical toilet seat that will give you a laugh every time you use it, we give you novelty toilet seats. The world could use more laughter, and this is an easy way to do it. Give one to a family member or to a friend and add a little bit of laughter to their life. They will appreciate it whenever they enter their bathroom.

Best Products

Colorful Aquarium Acrylic Round Toilet Seat

Colorful Aquarium Acrylic Round Toilet Seat
Bring an aquatic vibe into your bathroom with this acrylic toilet seat in a round-shape, made to resemble an underwater aquarium with its design. The acrylic material used in the seat is dyed in a deep blue color, resembling seawater. The material is also quite durable and sturdy, ensuring the longevity of the seat. The seat features hinges which are corrosion-proof, as well as molding with ultra-violet protection to maintain its color.

Aquatic Resin Toilet Seat with Sea Decals

Aquatic Resin Toilet Seat with Sea Decals
Funky and interesting approach to a standard round-shaped toilet seat, made out of a polyresin material, which is a tough and durable material. The toilet seat is transparent and features a nautical design with stickers depicting dolphins, shells, seaweed, and other underwater elements. The seat also has iron hinges which give the seat a classy look and ensure the ease of opening and closing.

Shabby Austere Slow Close Round Toilet Seat

Shabby Austere Slow Close Round Toilet Seat
With its unique and imaginative design, this toilet seat is bound to provide your bathroom with a one of a kind feeling. What is most striking about the seat is that it is not made out of acrylic, but instead out of solid wood. The wood then has glass coating with a high gloss finish, making the seat shine and reflect light. The wood underneath the glass is rustic, reclaimed wood, painted with a heavily distressed coat of blue paint.

VIP Lounge Toilet Seat with Slow-Close Mechanism

VIP Lounge Toilet Seat with Slow-Close Mechanism
Make yourself feel like a member of the royal family with this VIP toilet seat, which sports a luxurious and sophisticated design. The unique decals featured on the top of the toilet seat are made with a 3D chrome printing technique, which uses a metallic background to better show the depth of the image, as well as providing light reflections. The gold-embossed edges of the toilet seat are fitted with a rim of gems which imitate diamonds, surrounding a large text in the middle, which states "VIP Lounge".

Coins and Bills Acrylic Round Toilet Seat

Coins and Bills Acrylic Round Toilet Seat
If you want to show your guests and family just how well you are doing in life, you might be interested in getting this acrylic round toilet seat, fitted with a unique design which features dollar bills and coins submerged in the acrylic material. Whether you want to use it as a funky finisher in your home bathroom or buy it as a joke gift for someone, the toilet seat is a well-made piece to use which will last for years.

Modern Round Toilet Seat with Slow-Close

Modern Round Toilet Seat with Slow-Close
If you are looking for something that will fit your contemporary bathroom, take a look at this modern toilet seat fitting round toilets, fitted with a sophisticated work of art on the top. Not only that, but the toilet seat is made out of solid wood with a smooth finish and a decal of bamboo placed on it. Do not worry about splinter though, as the toilet seat is covered with a fine high gloss acrylic cover which will protect your skin.

Luxury novelty toilet seat beach dolphin splash fish wc universal

Luxury novelty toilet seat beach dolphin splash fish wc universal
A couple of funky and unique looks for luxury novelty toilet seats in an aquatic, nautical style. The toilet seats come with different decals, mainly a splash of water, a tropical beach, a coral reef and two dolphins.

Our advice Buying Guide

Humans are passionate beings who fill their homes with stuff they love seeing. That’s why we hang framed pictures and photos of flowers, birds, insects, cityscapes, and landscapes in our living rooms and bedrooms. You can extend this passion to your toilet too. Why not when there are hundreds of cool novelty toilet seats out there designed to make your toilet unique and fun. There’s no rule that says your toilet must have a plain boring white seat. Give it a fancy unique touch with a novelty toilet seat.

What is a Novelty Toilet Seat?

It’s just a toilet seat but unlike your regular toilet seat, the novelty type comes with more unique aesthetic features. Some have comfortable soft cushions while others come with nightlights and heating features. There are hundreds cool and fun novelty toilet seats with artistic impressions of just about every scene you can think of from beaches, underwater environment with plants and turtles, and guitars to pictures of money, birds, dolphins, peacocks, and much more. There are some that even glow in the dark.

What to Look For in a Novelty Toilet Seat?

Here are a few key things to look for in a novelty toilet seat:

  • Unique style and artwork

The whole purpose of getting a novelty toilet seat is to give your washroom a unique style. So make sure it is unique and different from the old boring white toilet seat. For example, give your child’s toilet a more personal touch with a novelty seat cover featuring his or her favorite animals or plants. You can even find novelty toilet seats etched with their favorite cartoon characters. Your guests too will be amused and come out of the washroom with a smile when they see the new ultra fun look of your toilet seat.

  • Heating feature

Everyone knows how bad it feels to sit on a freezing cold toilet seat especially during the cold season. Look for a good novelty toilet seat with heating features and if possible one that comes with different heat settings for cold and warm days or nights.

  • The seat material

When it comes to materials, think in the lines of comfort, design, and durability. Most toilet seats are made of plastic or wood. Plastic is cheaper and easier o clean than wood but does not provide as much warmth or durability as wood.

  • Ease of cleaning

Novelty toilet seats made of resin, MDF, or Duroplus materials are preferred because they are not only scratch resistant, durable, and stain resistant but are also extremely easy to clean. With this type of toilet seat, you won’t worry anymore about kids making a mess that’s difficult to clean.

  • Find the right size for your toilet

Make sure the seat matches the existing space of your toilet if you are getting it as a replacement for an old seat. It should not look like a forced addition to your toilet and be as comfortable as possible to the users.

Why have a novelty toilet seat?

Novelty toilet seats are perfect additions to a collector’s home. They spice up your bathroom by adding a little flair to an otherwise boring space. They make awesomely humorous gifts too. There are endless options and designs of novelty toilet seats on the market today designed to liven up your bathroom in a unique style.


Euroshowers Toilet Seat Resin Novelty Toilet Seats With Chrome Hinges Huge Range

Euroshowers Toilet Seat Resin Novelty Toilet Seats With Chrome Hinges Huge Range
Even the novelty toilet seat can be personalized and get rid of the ceramic boring coating for a colorful structure. For example, in the form of an aquarium full of colorful fish. In this way, dealing with the most basic needs in łazieńce will be more varied.

Toilet Seat Sticker Please Put Me Down Wall Art Quote Decal Vinyl Bathroom

Toilet Seat Sticker Please Put Me Down Wall Art Quote Decal Vinyl Bathroom
Funny toilet seat sticker - reminding to put a seat down. Black vinyl, resistant to water, moisture, peeling off. Cool bathroom decal. Dedicated for those who TEND TO FORGET. Available in other designs & colors.

Not only is this toilet seat made to provide the ultimate comfort of using, but it is also a piece of art itself. The toilet seat is fitted with a large, full-scale decal of a sunset over a sea pier, with vibrant colors and warm shades. Moreover, the mate

Not only is this toilet seat made to provide the ultimate comfort of using, but it is also a piece of art itself. The toilet seat is fitted with a large, full-scale decal of a sunset over a sea pier, with vibrant colors and warm shades. Moreover, the mate

Novelty toilet seats 1

Introduce a humorous accent to your restroom with a fun toilet seat. This model features a funny design with vivid green crocodile maw image - so when you lift the lid, the crocodile bares its teeth at you.

Ebay toilet seats

If you loves stupid jokes and original design, this toilet board is must-have in your lavatory. It is translucent and has very realistic pattern with razor blades and barbed wires. Your guest will be frightened!

Novelty potty

Novelty approach to a unique and unusual toilet seat made out of semi-transparent acrylic glass with a blue tint. The toilet seat is fitted with pieces of barbed wire inside of it, giving it a funky and humorous appearance.

Novelty toilet seats 2

Easy to clean and easy to install, this toilet seat is a traditional addition to almost every toilet. Manufactured from quality material, the seat ensures good durability and comfortable usage for many years.

Funky toilet seats

Toilet seat finished in a nice, purple color. This element of toilet equipment provides solidity and a very high level of comfort. It is resistant to excessive wear and many different forms of damage.

Love this soo colourful

Love this soo colourful.

Funny toilet

Want to laugh at loud while being in the desired position? Simply, choose this funny toilet made of faux wood, and your sessions in the throne room will never be as same as before.

Funny toilet seat

Add a touch of color and refresh the toilet with the "Colored and Novelty toilet seats" with many different and interesting types of prints. Everyone will tell you how cool it looks in your home.

Can read this then you are toilet seat vinyl sticker


Novelty toilet seat 1

Cool modern toilet seat featuring a beautiful printed image showing sunset by the sea. It's made of durable bacteria-proof acrylic very easy to maintain and clean. It has metallic hinges and white bumpers.

Polyresin toilet seat

The wordplay often works well in long-term relationships with rubbish entertainment. A picture with a sexual funny subtext this time adorns the novelty toilet seat. Ceramic white has been enriched with a scrap of comics.

Cool toilet seat covers

A wide range of toilet seats with, designed to distinguish your toilet from the other. You can choose from either natural wooden ones or a whole set of patterned ones. There is even a ladybird one!

Novelty toilet seats

This toilet seat is a very hygienic item with an interesting rose pattern finished in red color. It means that this element is not only functional, but it also decorates toilet indoors. This seat is also resistant to wear.

Novelty toilet seats wooden toilet seats soft close toilet seats

novelty toilet seats wooden toilet seats soft close toilet seats ...

Fun toilets

A fun and unique way to spice up your bathroom with an unusual look – a glittered toilet seat which provides a glam, shiny detail to an otherwise contemporary and modern bathroom, giving it an interesting contrast.

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Novelty toilet seats 5

With this toilet seat you're going to feel like the real Tarzan. The seat is made of quality materials, and covered with a leopard print. Easy to install, and easy to lift. And you can clean it in no time.

Funny toilet 1

Toilet seat decorated with turtles theme. It is completely made of acrylic. Suitable for each standard toilet. Simple form and modern design.

Unusual toilets for sale

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Novelty toilet seats 5

Novelty Toilet Seats

Mouth toilet seat

A funny novelty toilet seat, excellent for e.g. playrooms or day nurseries, of durable bacteria-proof plastic. It features a lid with curved edges and resembles a piece of hard yellow cheese with white holes and a grey ravenous mouse in one of them.

Unique toilet seats designer toilet seats funny toilet seats

: Unique Toilet Seats , Designer Toilet Seats , Funny Toilet Seats ...

Interesting toilet seats

Loo Prints Jadore Labrador Novelty Toilet Seat

Novelty toilet seat colour beans novelty toilet seat casino novelty

novelty toilet seat colour beans novelty toilet seat casino novelty

Purple toilet seat

This directional sign. | 33 Harry Potter Gifts Only A True Fan Will Appreciate

Wenko rustic heart novelty toilet seat

Wenko Rustic Heart Novelty Toilet Seat

Cheap novelty toilet seats

Bathroom details can change the character of the entire arrangement in the blink of an eye. For example, the novelty toilet seat presented is an addition to the interior decorated with a grain of salt. The toilet seat presents the pattern of a spread red rose.

Glitter toilet seat

If you like the cheerful design accents to decor this cute novelty toilet seat with a small monkey theme will be perfect. Black and white colors delight and add to the overall elegance. Beautiful element to contemporary bathroom decor.

Sparkle toilet seat

Toilet seat made of acrylic. It is decorated with cat and goldfish theme. It is compatible with each standard toilet.

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Euroshowers mixed shells and starfish novelty toilet seat

Euroshowers Mixed Shells and Starfish Novelty Toilet Seat

Deluxe Plastic Toilet Seats with Metal Hinge



Spider Toilet Topper

Wenko frog reading novelty toilet seat

Wenko Frog Reading Novelty Toilet Seat

Rivers Edge Products V Shultz Horse Toilet Seat

Funny toilet covers

Goldfish Printed Novelty Toilet Seat

Toilet novelties

More novelty toilet seats at #KBB trade show #Birmingham. Photo by WD #Bathrooms

Cool toilet seats 2

The Gardiner Haskins Euro Showers novelty toilet seat with the glitter black color and metal hinges is an attractive option to refresh your toilet. You will be delighted how great it looks in your home.

Fun toilet seats

This attractive toilet seat is suitable for most toilet bowls, and it is designed of quality materials. The top of the seat has an imprinted sand and stone theme that makes the whole much more beautiful.