Bedroom Furniture Handles

For a quick switch up in the bedroom, changing out the handles on dressers and such, is a good way to give your bedroom a minor change that will make a major impact. Perhaps you have simple, modern handles, but wish to go antique, or neoclassical, or victorian. We have handles to suit any desire, and all you have to do is find your style in this collection.

Best Products

Sleigh Customizable Bedroom Set

Sleigh Customizable Bedroom Set
Attractive traditional set of wooden materials with a creamy finish. A sleigh-shaped twin bed has curved posts and a twin trundle bed (looking like 2 drawers) under. Stands have moulding tops and cutout bases. Drawers have dark metal bail handles.

Harbor house beach house coral quilt in blue stone

Harbor house beach house coral quilt in blue stone
This set includes high quality bedclothes that have got very interesting beach patterns on their surfaces. Their white finish with blue elements look very stylish in many different interior stylizations.

Classic Copper End Table

Classic Copper End Table
Pretty classic latter-day end table. Its base is made of iron coated in black. It has 3 straight flat rectangular legs joined with 3 bowed slats at the bottom. A table features a swanky round copper top in shades of brown.

Knob handles furniture accessories hardware metal parts xtr6qkpa

... knob handles furniture accessories hardware metal parts xTr6qkpA

Temax Antique European Style Drawer Handles Knobs Bars

A tiny detail, such as a dresser's knob, can sometimes occur crucial in a carefully curated interior: this decorative handle for bedroom furniture sports an elegant European style, alluding strongly to antique findings.

Bedroom furniture drawer pulls in bedroom furniture compare

Bedroom furniture drawer pulls in Bedroom Furniture – Compare

Bedroom furniture handles 6

With these furniture handles your bedroom will become much more convenient and styled to perfection, since they sport a nice, gold finish and a simple design that makes them suitable for both modern and traditional furniture.

Our advice Buying Guide

What color handles to choose for white bedroom furniture?

To choose the right color bedroom furniture handles for white bedroom furniture, consider your existing palette and finishes. You definitely want to avoid white or very pale handles as they wouldn’t stand out: they could run the risk of almost blending in with your white furniture.

On the contrary, you need bedroom furniture handles that will create a pleasant contrast against the white but without looking out of place.

For example, if your room has a warm palette, you could look for black, gold, or bronze handles. If, on the contrary, you have opted for colder colors, consider silver, stainless steel, or black.

You could also pick your brightest accent hue. This more colorful choice works particularly well in kids’ bedrooms.

What material is best for bedroom furniture handles?

The best material for bedroom furniture handles depends on the materials you currently have in your room as well as the look that you’re going for. For example, metal is a popular material for drawer pulls and similar handles; rubbed bronze is excellent for a vintage look, and stainless steel and iron are good for industrial vibes.

A simple, clean wooden handle is a good route to take if you’re looking for a modern, minimal vibe (particularly if you have wooden furniture).

How to match handles with your furniture?

Matching the right handles to your furniture is key to adding sparkle and style to a space. The right handle can transform a plain piece into a fashion statement at a minimal cost.

When choosing handles, prioritize the overarching style of the room. For instance, a heritage-style handle will be out of place in a mid-century themed home. A Scandinavian-style handle will be inconsistent in Federation-themed homes. So for a bathroom, match handles to towel rails and tapware.

Take time to think about where the handle will be fitted. Not just the furniture’s appearance but also its thickness, width, handle holes and how it swings.

If you are designing for a home with lots of angled, sharp edges, you want to choose angular fasteners. On the other hand, if the space is dominated by rounded corners or old-fashioned heritage hark-bark, stay on that theme with rounded knobs.

Another key point is to take function and comfort into consideration especially in high-traffic or high-use areas such as the kitchen. Angled handles might look great but are they gentle on your hands? Do you run the risk of getting poked in the hip when you brush past them?


Bedroom furniture handles

Simple white commode. This chest have three drawers and all of them has two handles in a shape of hoop. Gold-platet handles are made of brass. This simple, but chic piece of furniture will be look perfectly in your bedroom.

Bedroom furniture handles 4

This lovely white bedroom chest of drawers enchants with its ornamental shape with a curved base and intricately designed knobs. It will a be a glamorous proposition for all traditional interiors.

Bedroom furniture handles

If you want handles that give your furniture an antiquated and simple look, then these are the handles for you. They are iron wrought so their lifespan is till you are ready to dispose of it. They also come in different designs and dimensions.

Bedroom furniture handles 9

Another Drexel Dresser Redone in White

Bedroom furniture handles 29

Vintage, but renovated cabinet made of walnut wood. It has three closets drawers with beautiful golden-plated keyholes and sculptural handles. This chest of drawers will be fit the best to elegant, old-fashioned bedroom.

Bedroom furniture handles 3

9 Misfit Lg Shabby Chic White Distressed Knobs Kitchen Cabinet Pulls Vintage Hardware Cupboard Handles

Bedroom furniture handles 27

A classy proposition for a refined bedroom. If you are into shabby chic decor, this beautiful chest of drawers shall appeal to you. Its light grey stain corresponds perfectly well to the white ornate drawer pulls.

Bedroom furniture handles


Bedroom furniture handles

This refurbished IKEA MALM dresser gained a new glamorous look with its laminate paint and trim handles. It will fit well both into modern and traditional bedrooms, adding elegance and style.

Bedroom furniture handles 1

For the Love of Two Grays | Two-toned Gray Dresser Love this!! Might do this to my new Bassett dresser I just got at the auction.

Bedroom furniture handles 21

A painted black dresser with brass hardware. (Graphite by Benjamin Moore.)

Bedroom cabinet handles

Why not simply build your own built-in closets or cupboards, allowing you to custom design your space and provide your bedroom with more than enough space to conveniently organize your clothes and other belongings?

Bedroom wardrobe handles

Finished with some beautiful clear Bohemian crystal, this cupboard knobs constitutes an inimitable way to provide your interiors a more refined character. It works as a smooth transition between the contemporary chic and traditional elegance.

Coastal bedroom furniture

One day I will have a coastal house on my own and then... This romantic, light colored bedroom promotes relax. Stone gray upholstery with blueish tone contrasts nicely with white and ivory accessories and walls.

Master piece chest shown with alder hardware

Master-piece chest shown with Alder Hardware.

Bedroom furniture handles 17

Metallic paint on old wood furniture, instant glam!

Refinish that dresser yourself beautiful diy idea for old furniture

Refinish That Dresser Yourself – Beautiful DIY Idea for Old Furniture

Bedroom furniture handles 8

Sophia's: Furniture and DIY Project Gallery

Bedroom furniture handles 28

White Dresser Makeover. (with blue hardware!!)....I just love old vintage furniture like this!

Bedroom furniture handles

Classical Furniture Handles with Crystal/Bedroom Furniture Handle with ...

Bedroom furniture handles 12

After seeing this, I now know for certain that I MUST paint at least ONE piece of his bedroom furniture red (but a rustic barn red) and distress it. Using distressed black hardware in place of white.

Bedroom furniture handles and pulls

Transform a tarva wooden dresser into a kitchen sideboard. Super cheap and easy way to make your old cheap stuff look expensive. Just paint it in your favourite color and add some cool, modern style handles.

Furniture handles cabinet handle bedroom furniture drawer handles

furniture handles cabinet handle & bedroom furniture drawer handles ...

Coastal bed

This bed is a high quality piece of furniture made of very solid materials that are resistant to damage or overweight. The most important factor is its softness that enhance the level of comfort and relaxation.

Ottoman Style Turkish Coffee, Espresso Copper Set of 2

Bring more sophistication into your tea parties with this 6-Piece Turkish Coffee Copper Set! This very detailed set includes 2 porcelain coffee cups with lids, 2 copper saucers, 1 copper sugar and 1 copper tray.

Bedroom furniture dresser pull handles manufacturer

Bedroom furniture dresser pull handles Manufacturer

Bedroom furniture handles 11

Granted, these mooring posts can scarcely be considered to be alive--i.e., sea creatures. Yet they have a salty sensibility that is simply superb.

Bedroom furniture handles 26

Love this shade of green, especially with the aged gold (could do the handles in that same gold)

Bedroom furniture handles 23

Storage by Maine Cottage - Margate Closet

Staining method paint the dresser the base color in this

Staining Method: -Paint the dresser the base color {in this case it was white} - Allow paint {I used semi-gloss} to dry completely -Brush on the stain with a regular paint brush -Wipe stain off with a damp cloth or paper towel -After wiping with a

Coastal bedroom furniture

A cosy bedroom arrangement inspired by a coastal theme. The highlight of the room is an impressive king size bed accompanied by an elegant armchair and a graceful chest of drawers. Neutral colors give the room a warm atmosphere.

Bedroom furniture handles 30

Jennifer's tip: Improve a boring piece of furniture with a fun, bold pattern and stylish handles. This repainted hot pink desk with chevron top now pops with color.

Furniture restoration hardware 5

Furniture | Restoration Hardware

Bedroom furniture handles 1

64mm,96mm,128mm Classical hardware handles,bedroom furniture drawer ...

Fancy Clear Glass Cabinet Knobs, Dresser Drawer Handles & Pull Set/2pc ~ IK204 Clear Melon Shaped Hand Cut Glass Knobs for Armoire, Kitchen Cabinets, Cupboards, and Second Hand Furniture

Adagio Sleigh Customizable Bedroom Set

Adagio Sleigh Customizable Bedroom Set

Bedroom furniture handles hardware

Bedroom Furniture Handles Hardware

Copper furniture 9

Open concept design lets this round table impress through generations. A complex maze of brass tubes, topped off with round clear glass, makes this end table be a fine example of a high end modern design.

Copper furniture 12

Made from copper, these ornamentally designed chairs will enchant all, who love intricate, subtle details, constituting a valuable addition to their living or dining rooms.

Copper furniture 19

A bit way-out modern chair with an openwork frame entirely created from ... numerous round section copper plumbing tubes, elbows and fittings. It has double rectangular frame-like 'legs', a rectangular seat and a quite tall wide back.

Replace bedroom furniture handles

Replace bedroom furniture handles?

Chrome kitchen cabinet door handles cupboard drawer

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Bedroom kitchen drawer door furniture cabinet knob grip

Bedroom Kitchen Drawer Door Furniture Cabinet Knob Grip ...