Doorbell Chime Covers

It’s no doubt that doorbell chimes aren’t the most appealing elements of a home yet they’re a must-have for today’s homeowners. Who wouldn’t want to be notified whenever someone is at their door?

That said, their basic (and often ugly) appearance may look incongruous in a room with a certain theme. Just imagine how annoying it would be to have an outdated, plastic doorbell box in a beautifully designed industrial living room!

Thankfully, the options are endless when it comes to doorbell chime covers and therefore, there’s no reason why yours can’t be functional as well as stylish!

From vintage units with detailed scrollwork to more contemporary designs with ultra-sleek finishes, take a look at these 15 types of chime covers to transform your ordinary device for the better. 

Traditional doorbell box cover in wood

Traditional doorbell box cover in wood

Want to make a classic statement on your walls? Try a doorbell box cover in a rich wood tone, like cherry or mahogany!

Known for their timeless appeal and antique charm, traditional-style doorbell covers can easily be mistaken as decor pieces rather than utilitarian tools.

Picture gold or brass details, beveled edges or vertical slats, and a warm polished finish!

$64.07 $112.5

Stainless steel door chime cover

Stainless steel door chime cover

Door chime covers made of stainless steel not only look elegant in contemporary, modern, and eclectic interiors, but they also typically offer two or more sound notes, giving you different options for a front door and a second door.

In addition, these types of chime covers are distinguished by their shiny exteriors, curvy shapes, and durable construction.

Whether you place it in the entryway, living room, or dining room, this accessory will surely create a visually pleasing effect in your space! Plus, it pairs beautifully with other stainless steel and brushed nickel fixtures/hardware.

$62.72 $109.5

A long bell door chime cover with three notes

A long bell door chime cover with three notes

If you’re looking for a doorbell box cover that’ll immediately grab everyone’s attention, your best bet would be a long bell door chime!

With lengthy tubular bells and classy traditional moldings, these door chimes produce an old-style melody that gives off a nostalgic vibe, making it a great choice for lovers of vintage decor.

This piece works well with a variety of interior styles, such as Victorian, contemporary, and country, despite its old-fashioned design.

Doorbell covers with illumination

Doorbell covers with illumination

Wouldn’t it be fun to see your doorbell box light up whenever your doorbell rings? Yes, some doorbell covers feature LED lighting for above-average functionality!

Most models are dimmable, so you can easily adjust the light according to your preferences. And the best part is that they resemble light fixtures instead of doorbells!

Needless to say, they’re perfect for adding a bit of illumination to low-light areas in the home, such as next to the staircase.

$93.67 $159

An intricately scrolled chime cover

An intricately scrolled chime cover

Hoping to spruce up your doorbell chime in an eye-catching way? Then a doorbell chime cover accentuated with scrollwork carvings may be right up your alley!

The patterns range from old-world to art deco to bohemian and many more! Moreover, they come in attractive finishes too, like antique silver, bronze, black, and white.


A doorbell cover box with a minimalist design

A doorbell cover box with a minimalist design

Not so fond of ornate and dramatic doorbell chime covers? Don’t worry, there are a plethora of covers out there that ooze both simplicity and sophistication!

Featuring a clean-lined silhouette finished in a neutral shade, a minimalist doorbell cover can lend a refined touch to any setting, whether it’s got an urban edge, a modern aesthetic, or perhaps a farmhouse feel.

Its versatility is unbeatable so there’s no need to worry about it not matching with your color scheme.

A door chime with an industrial flair

A door chime with an industrial flair

Bold and metallic, industrial doorbell chimes look right at home in loft and masculine-style spaces where dark neutrals dominate the color palette.

They have an iron look that creates a gorgeous contrast against white, cream, light grey, as well as brick walls.

Combining practicality and class, these door chime covers can be hung vertically and horizontally and usually include a handful of features like illumination and an adjustable knob for brightness.

$85.68 $144

Decorative doorbell covers

Decorative doorbell covers

Although less durable than other doorbell cover varieties, decorative doorbell box covers can instantly jazz up any room and make a visually interesting focal point with their remarkable designs.

Not only that, but they’re ideal for all kinds of push buttons as well, be it wireless or wired.

You might even stumble across numerous aesthetically pleasing doorbell chimes that can play a multitude of tunes!

$42.47 $49.98

Door chime covers that can be painted

Door chime covers that can be painted

Indeed, the market is flooded with myriads of door chime covers but there aren’t a lot of colorful and vibrant options out there.

So, if you can’t find a bright chime cover that suits your taste, don’t give up just yet!

As an alternative, why not opt for an item that you can customize to your liking? Just make sure that the material is paintable! In this case, you may want to go for a wooden cover but you can also pick a plastic one if you’d like to spray-paint it.


A doorbell chime cover made of glass

A doorbell chime cover made of glass

Despite its fragile nature, glass doorbell chimes are all about understated elegance. On top of that, they all come with integrated LED lights!

There’s really no need to mount it close to the ceiling since it's chic enough to act as wall decor!

No matter whether you choose a frosted, tea-stained, or white linen glass shade, your space will be graced with a fancy touch!

$58.23 $100.5

Unique and unusual door chimes

Unique and unusual door chimes

If you like anything that’s out of the norm, you might want to consider switching your boring doorbell box for something a bit more unexpected!

Don’t be afraid to impress your guests with an unusual-looking door chime, such as a classic ring school bell, a door chime with a mirror, or one with wine glasses for a fun twist.

Doorbell covers that aren’t rectangular

Doorbell covers that aren’t rectangular

Another way you could give your doorbell an updated look is by picking a cover in a different shape other than a rectangle.

Some door chime covers feature an arched top while others boast a semi-circle form for a dash of distinction. Alternatively, oval doorbell covers often have a delicate, antique touch to them, perfect for traditional stylizations!

$25.14 $31.75

A musical doorbell chime cover

A musical doorbell chime cover

Are you tired of hearing your doorbell ring “ding-dong” every single day? If yes, a multi-tone doorbell box cover may be just what you need!

Aside from having the flexibility to change your doorbell’s tune whenever you want to, you’ll also be able to assign a different melody to each of your doors. This makes it particularly useful for those with multiple entrances, such as a main door, back door, and side door!

You can even find models that offer up to 50 sound options, so you’ll never get bored of your doorbell again!

A simple yet appealing white doorbell cover

A simple yet appealing white doorbell cover

Just because a doorbell box cover is white and made of plastic doesn’t mean it should be an eyesore! Besides, unobtrusive doorbell covers with just a hint of style can seamlessly blend in with most, if not all, decors.

Even though they have a clean, modest design that doesn’t draw much attention, they will provide a nice upgrade to any old doorbell chime.

If you prefer simplicity over grandeur, look for a neutral boxy shape that’s pleasing to the eye yet can virtually disappear on the wall when mounted. 

A wooden doorbell cover box that looks like wall art

A wooden doorbell cover box that looks like wall art

When it comes to durability and beauty, wooden doorbell chime covers remain at the top of the list! Why? Because they often resemble ornate wall decorations made of wood!

They instantly add character and warmth to any room they’re placed in, regardless of their small sizes.

Also, their natural finishes are so versatile and pair well with any wall color, whether light, vibrant, or dark.

$37.53 $42.99

Our advice Buying Guide

Doorbell chime covers protect the delicate mechanisms of the doorbell chime. With that said, they can enhance the sound of the chime, and they can be beautifully decorative. They come in designs ranging from a simple box to lovely artwork of varying sorts.

What are the standard doorbell chime covers?

Most doorbell kits come with a cover for the chimes. While not unattractive, these are usually basic plastic covers that look rather like a thermostat cover, or a cover for some other basic function. They are usually white, cream or a faux wood brown so that they don’t stand out against your plaster wall or woodwork.

What are the most attractive designs of doorbell chime covers?

  • Charming Cherry Wood. A step up from the basic cover is a lovely cherry wood box cover. The slats are spaced just far enough to avoid muffling the sound of the chimes. Of course, stained and polished cherry wood is a visual delight at any time, and this simple design shows off the wood grain.
  • Industrial Functionality. Industrial doorbell covers are all business – a stark, metallic look for a bachelor pad or business office. They mounts easily over your doorbell assembly and fit with any understated décor.
  • Lovely Scrollwork. Made of white or black metal, these covers feature sophisticated metal scroll work. Not very different from antique forced-air grates, these lovely covers say “understated elegance.” They are an excellent choice for a Victorian entryway, or for shabby chic décor.
  • Nutone Cherry Wood and Three Toned Chimes. An interesting door chime from Nutone covers three tuned pipe chimes with a pedestal style cherry wood box. The effect is dignified without being stuffy, and the three-toned chimes are pleasing to the ear.
  • Art Nouveau brushed nickel doorbell chime cover. The graceful half-cylinder of metal has a soft metallic shine that can echo the accents in a chrome and glass interior design.
  • Carved, natural wood cover. A carved, natural wood cover featuring a carved redbird makes a conversation piece of your doorbell chime cover. Soft polished wood makes a fitting background for the bright red of the painted bird.

What are the benefits of wireless digital doorbells?

A quick way around the complexities of wired doorbells is to use a wireless digital doorbell. Pre-tooled to be unobtrusive, the receiver can be programmed to more than fifty different chimes. It uses a long life lithium battery and can have two remote buttons. Of course, if you would like to tuck the receiver behind a cover, it will still work just fine.

Doorbell chime covers can be a way to protect your doorbell chime assembly from dust or damage. The cover can be very simple or it can be elaborate, creating a little piece of art for your hallway or living room wall. Whether your chimes ring with the traditional tones made famous by Big Ben or they take advantage of modern technology to play a favorite tune, a doorbell chime cover can be a unique and beautiful decoration.


Hand Carved Rectangle Door Chime in Antique White Distressed

Hand Carved Rectangle Door Chime in Antique White Distressed
This beautifully hand-carved doorbell chime cover comes in an antique white finish. It can be hung horizontally or vertically and uses a 16V transformer to operate (sold separately). Ringing one note on the front door and two for the second door, this cover is suitable for residential or non-residential use.

Door Chime Cover

Door Chime Cover
A basic and affordable option if you’re seeking the essentials, this doorbell chime cover is a neutral white to suit any home. Made of metal, it’s easy to install and is extremely durable. The white vent hood style gives a classic apartment intercom aesthetic perfect for a rustic farmhouse or heritage-style building

Contemporary Door Chime

Contemporary Door Chime
A piece of equipment that has got stylish and durable character. It is a door chime made of solid materials that assure contemporary look. The product has got a very convenient mechanism and it looks nice in different stylizations.

Quorum flush mount door chime grill

Quorum flush mount door chime grill
Doorbell chime cover with a very attractive rectangular construction. Six rectangular walls include very attractive, carved accents. The whole cover is finished in universal white color that matches different stylizations.

Heath Zenith Wired Door Chime

Heath Zenith Wired Door Chime
This Aesthetic & Functional Wired Polyphonic Door Chime is going to make your life simpler. Manufactured from quality materials, the door chime is easy in mounting and cleaning, and provides intricate design for eye-catchy appearance.

Door bell chime cover antique finish art deco style nice

Door bell chime cover antique finish art deco style nice
An attractive antique style doorbell cover manufactured of durable plastic in a golden shade. It has a rectangularish body with an arched top part and features openwork walls with sunbeams-like and geometric motifs.

Contemporary Door Chime in Stainless Steel

Contemporary Door Chime in Stainless Steel
Suitable for contemporary interiors, this Door Chime is characterized by durable, stainless steel construction. The chime can be mounted either horizontally or vertically, and offers a traditional doorbell sound.

Doorbell chime cover 8

This doorbell chime cover is a simple, but functional construction based on metal in a neutral, dark finish. Thanks to this shape and color, this doorbell cover matches any doorbell and any interior design.

Interior doorbell cover

This doorbell chime cover features a size that matches many types of doorbells. Its white, neutral color with nice decorative accents looks good in different rooms. This eye-catching design is also durable.

Doorbell chime cover 4

This simple, minimalist wired door chime is a beautiful way to make a functional solution for your home. Simple painted design is easy to match the decor, so it is extremely versatile.

Doorbell chime covers 2

The hidden doorbell that is covered by the DIY Monogrammed Art is a stylish and fantastic option! The rectangular shape can hide the doorbell with any sizes.

Doorbell chime covers 1

This is only a chime cover that does not include the actual chime. You can install it quite easily, with some screws and a screwdriver. The entire box is made of plastic, easy to clean, and relatively lightweight.

Source doorbell chime covers

source Doorbell Chime Covers

Door bell cover

If you looking for extra ordinary ideas for your apartment, you have to choose this door bell cover. It's a hand carved cabinet with scroll design with tea stained glass finish. Everyone will be impressed how cool this product is.

Doorbell cover box

If you buy elegant cover on your doorbell, it doesn't have looks dull and ugly. This doorbell chime cover is made of plastic and has stylish finishing covered with gold - it will be fit to your elegant corridor!

Doorbell chime cover 3

Modernize your entryway and add the doorbell chime cover, which has got white color and is made of aluminum panels. It fits perfectly to any style and decor.

Door chime cover only

A simple, but very stylish cover for a dorbell. It features a solid wooden construction based on vertical slats in a nice cherry finish. This square construction is simple, so it matches any kind of decor.

Doorbell chime cover 2

Traditional approach to a classy doorbell chime cover, made entirely out of dark oak wood with a polished and unpainted finish. The doorbell chime cover is made in a simple yet stylish fashion, providing an elegant element.

Top 10 most decorative doorbell covers and doorbell buttons 1

Top 10 Most Decorative Doorbell Covers and Doorbell Buttons

Doorbell cover replacement

Doorbell+Chime+Cover+Only | Mission Style Arts And Crafts Doorbell Cover by craftsmanesque

Doorbell covers

This art deco style covers the doorbell as an eye-catching element that will transform the porch decor or another place. Beautiful finish and solid construction guarantee durability and good looks.

Door covers decorative

Vintage design for a sophisticated, old-fashioned decorative doorbell chime cover, made out of cast iron with a worn-off, patina-covered finish which gives the chime a unique and unusual appearance and a rustic vibe.

Heath zenith unfinished wood doorbell

Heath Zenith Unfinished Wood Doorbell

Door chime cover

antique copper doorbell chime cover

Doorbell box

This doorbell chime enchants with its minimalistic, contemporary design. Ideal for those, who want to add a modern refinement to their outdoor space. Designed by Honeywell.

Doorbell cover 1

Solidity, attractiveness and functionality are the main features of this doorbell cover. It features flat surfaces and a solid brass construction. Simple look of this cover perfectly matches many interior styles.

Door bell chime

Chime cover for any interior as needed. Frame is made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. Neutral design for each home.

Door chime covers

This interior cover for a doorbell is a durable item with decorative accents. Its rectangular shape matches any type of doorbell. Neutral finish of this element matches any interior design. This cover is a long-lasting item.

Doorbell chime cover 2 1

Doorbell chime cover #2

Doorbell chime covers

This contemporary sconce doorbell is designed of stainless steel and suitable for modern interiors. The doorbell chimes 2 notes on front door / single note on second door. It can be install either way; vertically or horizontally.

Doorbell chime cover 1

This dorbell cover is a decorative and useful element made of solid oak wood. It fits most standard-sized doorbells and its solid construction is a long-lasting one. Traditional finish of this cover looks good anywhere.

Door bell covers

Door bell cover decorated with openwork pattern. Includes screw holes for easy assembly. Received very good recommendations from customers.

Doorbell replacement cover

A very simple, but stylish doorbell cover that matches all standard-sized doorbells. Its rectangular shape and neutral colors look good in different interior stylizations. This cover is a long-lasting one.

Door bell covers

Doorbell Chime decorative

Decorative doorbell covers

Heath-Zenith Wired Door Chime with Solid Cherry Mahogany Cover

45 craftmade doorbell chime box contemporary wood look sconce ebay

$45 Craftmade Doorbell Chime Box Contemporary Wood Look Sconce | eBay

Handy in ks 1

Handy in KS

Craftsman inspired doorbell chime cover

Craftsman inspired doorbell chime cover

Doorbell chimes heath zenith 61 long tube wired doorbell chime_g547172

... doorbell-chimes/heath-zenith-61-long-tube-wired-doorbell-chime_g547172

Available with ravenstone tiles

Available with Ravenstone Tiles

Turtle doorbell

A stunning embosed doorbell that sports the simply beautiful carvings and ornate decorative accents that paired with the gold tone of the brass finish and the rectangle shape make it into a must-have piece.

Door bell cover 1

From a small workshop of a good craftsman in woodworking - came this hand-made little wooden cover made of walnut wood. Three coats of hand rubbed Tung Oil were put on it. And it works fantastically as a doorbell chime cover.

Nutone chime cover ebay

Nutone Chime Cover | eBay

Quorum 7-115-044 Accessory - Surf Mount Door Chime, Toasted Sienna Door Chime **COVER ONLY**

Modern door chime

Doorbell+Chime+Cover+Only | The Morris doorbell cover will add a wonderful touch to your arts and ...

Stickley mission style walnut doorbell chime cover home interior 1

Stickley Mission Style Walnut Doorbell Chime Cover Home Interior

Custom made doorbell chime cover by vineyardwoodworx

Custom Made Doorbell Chime Cover by Vineyardwoodworx ...

Doorbell chime cover closed top and bottom doorbell

Doorbell Chime Cover - Closed Top and Bottom - Doorbell ...

Doorbell chime cover painted white doorbell box cover

Doorbell Chime Cover (Painted- White) - Doorbell box cover ...

Handmade stickley mission style walnut doorbell chime cover

Handmade Stickley Mission Style Walnut Doorbell Chime Cover