Novelty Door Stops


Having a quality doorstop is a great way to not only keep your door from slamming into the wall but also hold it open in a fun and useful way. In our collection of novelty doorstops, you can have the efficiency of a doorstop that is clever and can accent your particular sense of whimsy. From cute animals to zombies, we have plenty of novelty doorstops in this collection.

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A world-famous super-trio is now available in shape of gorgeous door stops that will be keeping the door of your children's room in place. Each action figure is made of durable plastic with attention to details, and is beautifully hand-painted and easy to clean.

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Door Stops

Door Stops

Why not choose a doorstop that is a bit more fun and visually appealing to perhaps grace the interior of your children and make them have fun with their decor from now on. These pieces sport the theme from their favorite superhero movies.

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Floor Stop

Floor Stop

Wooden door stop with an elephant design. The carved elephant figurine boasts meticulous form and finish. The door stop is all-brown. It is a nice and stylish tiny addition to a decor, providing functionality at once.

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Novelty melting chocolate silicone rubber door stop stopper wedge brown

Novelty melting chocolate silicone rubber door stop stopper wedge brown

The melting chocolate doorstop. The silicone rubber, which could hold your door in place while open. This type could look great especially in the bakery or candy store, because then it will fit to the interior's atmosphere.

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Novelty door stops 3

Funny door stop for whoever is addicted to the classic Wizard of Oz musical, as I am. The novelty door stop pays humble homage to the Wicked Witch of the East, with the famous ruby slippers on the witch's feet. <3

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Unique door stop 3

Doorstops are one of those items, which give a possibility for a little funkiness. This novelty blue stick figure works perfectly well in this role. It will enchant any of your guests.

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Funny doorstops 1

Cool contemporary door stops in forms of simplified farm animals. They are filled with quite heavy bulk materials. Their covers are manufactured of durable fabric with a black and white chevron pattern.

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18 door stops that add cheer to your homes decor

18 Door Stops That Add Cheer To Your Home’s Décor amazing ideas

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Cast iron door stops uk

If you are looking for unusual and at the same time peculiar design elements, this scary door stop is for you. The zombie character (or parts of it) will hold the door and scare your guests. Perfect item for Halloween.

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Novelty door stops 4

Made of PVC plastic, this novelty doorstop keeps the door from knocking other objects. Dainty and stylish red, glittery court shoe measures 2 x 5 x 8.5 inches and will be a glamorous accent in any interior.

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Novelty Door Stops

Buying Guide

Door stops are used to prevent doors from closing inadvertently. Whether it’s due to wind or just the normal door mechanism designed to keep it closed at all time, door stops can help you keep every door open. However, door stops play a much bigger role than that. There are many homeowners who use novelty door stops to create a décor statement in their homes and when you look at the designs available in the market, it’s not hard to see why.

If you’re buying novelty door stops for the décor value, there are some important tips you need to keep in mind.

  • Colors. Traditionally, door stops are meant to be colorful. Bolder and brighter colors are far too common. Whether this is up your alley is a different story. However, it is important to make the bold colors work for you. Smaller sized and colorful stops can deliver great accents to the floor and to the door in general.
  • Durability. As much as novelty door stops are purchased for the decor value they bring, ultimately they will still need to perform their original role which is to keep doors open. In that case, if you have larger or heavier doors at home, you may want to consider the strength and durability of the door stops. Heavy doors will need strong and highly durable door stops.
  • Overall Style and Design. Novelty door stops are also supposed to be great conversation starters. People should be able to look at them and say something. This is why the style matters. Different styles are available but it’s recommended to go for unique and even funny designs.

Door stops created to look like sculptures or stuffed animals can be perfect. Some stops are also designed to reassemble paper currencies. They are folded carefully and placed underneath the door. As outrageous as that may sound, it’s the perfect way to grab the attention of people who step in. But if you want to take this to the next level, find yourself fake gold bar novelty door stops. All these designs are available in the market and they are quite bold.

The best place to start would be online. But before you make the first purchase, it’s important to sample the variety available first. Novelty door stops can be bold and outrageous or simple and functional. It all depends on what works for you. Some of the major e-commerce platforms will have a few options for you to look at. The ultimate goal is to pick something that works in delivering an effective solution to keep your doors open. It’s also important to note that novelty door stops can be used at both residential and commercial establishments like offices.

Buying high-quality novelty door stops shouldn’t be difficult. It’s all about exploring the diversity of designs available and choosing the right product.

Best Ideas

Decorative Classic Gnome Novelty Doorstop-9"

Novelty door stops

Thanks to the novelty door stop, the door will not automatically open or stop in the right place, which will prevent the walls from bumping. It is worth appreciating the efforts of this red metal man who holds the door with his own hands.

Novelty doorstop

Unique door stop in the shape of Army man. It is completely made of iron. Handy gadget for each home. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Novelty door stoppers

Fun novelty door stop mimicking a paper airplane - a housewarming gift, a conversation starter or a fun accessory that lightens the office ambiance up. The doorstop is, obviously, all white, but made from sturdy ABS plastic, not paper.

Novelty Money Door Stop

Zombie door stop

A fantabulous door stop that will keep your door in place and never go hungry. The doorstop is shaped like a dachshund that stands on a flat base for stability, designed of durable metal in distressed brown finish.

Decorative door stops 9


Sail knot door stop from twos company

✈ Sail Knot door stop from Two's Company ✈

Novelty doorstops 1

For every money lover, green banknote fan who comes to your house - make him a trick and use the novelty door stopper in the form of rolled-up money notes. Have fun and watch everyone bend over to take them.

Novelty door stops 1

The unusual and original novelty of the door stop is an interesting way to create an attractive and functional interior design. The striking motif of a banknote will be funny very intriguing. Ideal for modern interiors.

Fun door stops 1

An amusing but practical novelty door stop in the form of a very realistic ice-cream dropped on the floor and melting. It has a yellowish textured cone and white filling. It's crafted of durable plastic.

Blog fuad informasi dikongsi bersama 2

Blog FUAD - Informasi Dikongsi Bersama

Novelty door stops 9

Ice cream scoop door stop! Follow the link to all kinds of cool stuff :)

Novelty door stops 11

Homejoy NEW Money Door Stop Stopper Beach Bags Western Purse Novelty Gag Funny. Door Stopper Money Currency Novelty Gag Funny. Funny and Cute you'll get your visitor's surprised, All your friend will want to pick it up to take a look, May be you should or