Funky Door Stops

Going beyond the traditional door stops or even the animal doorstops, don't you want something that shows your crazy personality in a way that next people look at them and want to take in the interesting thing they're looking at. Funky door stops do exactly that. They changed the game and make something as simple as stopping a door whole lot more fun.

Best Ideas

Crane and Turtle Cast Iron Turtle Door Stop

Crane and Turtle Cast Iron Turtle Door Stop
It is a crane and turtle door stop that is a beautiful accent piece. It has got a cast iron construction and old world finish. If you looking for great door stop you need to choose this one.

Handmade hippo hippopotamus door stopper

Handmade hippo hippopotamus door stopper
If you like funky accents in your house, then this hippo door stop shall appeal to you. Available in different colors, this dotty hippo will delight you and your guests wherever it will grab the attention.

Zamac/Steel Magnetic Door Stop and Holder

Zamac/Steel Magnetic Door Stop and Holder
It is a magnetic door stop and holder that is made of steel and is available in many color options to choose. It is a perfect addition to your living room, bedroom, bathroom and more.

Magnetic Door Stop (Set of 2)

Magnetic Door Stop (Set of 2)
Functional door stopper designed with durability in mind. This practical item features versatile mount that can be attached either vertically or horizontally to the floor, and magnetic hold for added practicality.

Funky door stops

This enchanting solution made by humperdink, is a loyal companion to any door needing to be stopped and is a great way to add some vibrancy to your interior. Humurous and joyful in its appearance, it will enhance every interior.

Creative door stops

An amusing contemporary door stop crafted of durable elastic materials. It has the form of fragments of 2 feminine calves attired in leg warmers with a black and white striped pattern and elegant red pumps with bowknots.

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to keep domestic peace against slamming doors this resin home guard ...

Funky doorstops

Small decorations and accessories create the character of the place. This funky door stop will give some laugh to everyone who notices it as it's in a funny shape of a red, dancing man, who is known as James the Doorman.

Funky door stops

These funny balls are actualy door stops in a funky design. The gadget is constructed from wooden balls in various, vivid colors. It will be a nice accent of the room, plus it will stop your door from constant closing.

Funky & Collectible VW Campervan Door Stop (Orange)

This cute VW Campervan is not only a lovely, stylish toy, but also a durable and efficient doorstep for your baby's room or any other space. Makes it fun and easy to bring your home to life and bring smile on everyone's faces.

For the pet lovers or haters

For the pet lovers. Or haters.

Ruby slippers door jamb

Ruby Slippers door jamb

Hb Ives White Rubber Wall Doorstop 411R-W

A small item that is very functional in the house. It is a doorstp that is made of rubber. It protects walls from damage caused by opened doors. The product has got a neutral color that looks nice in any decor.

This would be great to go with all of our

this would be great to go with all of our cast iron goodies through out the house :)

Rock with handle as a door stop

Rock with handle as a door stop

Great for a touch of colour and fun the home

Great for a touch of colour and fun, the Home Republic doors stops are made from a hardwearing cloth with funky spot designs for a modern look.

Solid rubber door stop

Casual contemporary rubber door stops - when you want your metal door stops to remain as unobtrusive as possible. They effortlessly fade into contemporary style, but are functional, and do not harm the door surface (rubber!).

Door Stop Novelty Rubber Key Shaped Door Stopper Funky Cool

This shaped as as key door stopper will be unique and practical addition for your home. Made from rubber in fresh color to choose. This piece is funky and cool . This piece is made from rubber so it wont scratch floor or the door.

Funky door stops 3

cat pattern

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Ice cream door stop

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Fun funky union jack duckling doorstop

fun & funky Union Jack duckling doorstop

Funky door stops 1

Door stop in modern form. It is covered with fabric and finished with interesting pattern. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed. Handy gadget for each home.