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Door stops are a must-have for solving the annoying issue of your door closing by itself, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. A cozy living room could be accentuated by a cute doggy door stop and a child’s bedroom with one in the shape of a unicorn. Whether you’re looking for bathroom door stop ideas or want to upgrade your current one, our design experts have picked out some of the very best novelty door stops below.

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Our Picks

Person Novelty Door Stop

Person Novelty Door Stop


Made from thermoplastic rubber, this door stop is slip-resistant. It is in the shape of a small figure and has a mid-gray finish. Best of all, it won’t scratch your wooden floor due to the soft finish but will also work on carpet.


Designer Advice:

This cute door stop will make you smile each time you see it. Due to the neutral gray finish, it would best suit a modern home. We recommend using it for your kitchen if you have a pantry door that is always shutting or for a pesky food cupboard that you like to keep open when cooking.

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Sausage Dog Quirky Door Stop

Sausage Dog Quirky Door Stop

They say dogs are man’s best friend, and this adorable door stop in the shape of a sitting dog will certainly be yours. Filled with sand in a protective plaid liner, it features a polyester fabric finish in a herringbone pattern.

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Starfish Funky Door Stop

Starfish Funky Door Stop

This door stop is available in seaworn blue or antique bronze. Crafted from heavy-duty cast iron, it has a deliberately distressed finish. Plus, it is flat at the back, so you can prop it against a wall when not in use.

Designer Advice:

This door stop is a brilliant choice if you have a coastal décor scheme due to the naturally distressed look and seaside influence. Though it comes in two colors, we recommend opting for the antique bronze option, as this will give you more versatility. Pair with blue walls and a taupe sofa for a calm coastal aesthetic.

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Elephant Quirky Door Stop

Elephant Quirky Door Stop

This sweet little door stop features the shape of an elephant. Crafted from soft polyester fabric and filled with sand for extra weight, it has a classic gray finish with a ribbed texture. Moreover, it is small enough to be used in narrow doorways.

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Unicorn Funky Door Stop

Unicorn Funky Door Stop

Designed in the shape of a magical sitting unicorn, this door stop is full of magic. It has a baby pink finish with black hooves and golden horns, as well as a fluffy tail. It is crafted from microfiber for a brushed texture.

Designer Advice:

Your child is sure to love this gorgeous pink unicorn due to its detailed design. It would look great as a finishing accent piece to a princess-style room, complete with a turret bed and sugar pink walls. However, it isn’t a toy, so make sure young children don’t try to pick it up as they could hurt themselves.

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Hedgehog Quirky Doorstop

Hedgehog Quirky Doorstop

This is one hedgehog that won’t get prickly but will instead prevent your door from closing. It includes sand filling for added durability against heavy doors and a gray polyester exterior with a charming fluffy brown coat over it.

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Best Ideas

Crane and Turtle Cast Iron Turtle Door Stop

Crane and Turtle Cast Iron Turtle Door Stop

It is a crane and turtle door stop that is a beautiful accent piece. It has got a cast iron construction and old world finish. If you looking for great door stop you need to choose this one.

Funky door stops

This enchanting solution made by humperdink, is a loyal companion to any door needing to be stopped and is a great way to add some vibrancy to your interior. Humurous and joyful in its appearance, it will enhance every interior.

Funky doorstops

Small decorations and accessories create the character of the place. This funky door stop will give some laugh to everyone who notices it as it's in a funny shape of a red, dancing man, who is known as James the Doorman.

Funky door stops 9

Ice cream door stop

Magnetic Door Stop (Set of 2)

Magnetic Door Stop (Set of 2)

Functional door stopper designed with durability in mind. This practical item features versatile mount that can be attached either vertically or horizontally to the floor, and magnetic hold for added practicality.

Funky door stops 4

to keep domestic peace against slamming doors this resin home guard ...

Original_champagne cork door stop jpg


This would be great to go with all of our

this would be great to go with all of our cast iron goodies through out the house :)

Rock with handle as a door stop

Rock with handle as a door stop

Funky door stops 3

cat pattern

Funky door stops 1

Door stop in modern form. It is covered with fabric and finished with interesting pattern. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed. Handy gadget for each home.

Cheeky chooks retro fabric door stop 39 pixie 39

Cheeky Chooks Retro fabric door stop 'Pixie'

Melting chocolate silicone rubber door stop stopper wedge brown

... -Melting-Chocolate-Silicone-Rubber-Door-Stop-Stopper-Wedge-Brown

Banana Doorstopper (Yellow)

Banana peel shaped door stopper, made of durable rubber, is a fun way to wedge your door open while imbuing your room with a bright tropical flavor. Stylish and practical item boasting original design.

New cute retro funky pig door stops wedges door stopper


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