Fabric Door Stops


Instead of those hard and rugged doorstops you see in most homes, perhaps a fabric doorstop is more to your liking. These are very nice, and they give your door a soft place to rest. They come in many styles and colors and fabric options for your pleasure. Take a look at our extensive collection of fabric doorstops to see what we mean.

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Our Picks

Fabric Door Stop

Fabric Door Stop

The lovely fabric door stop with unique shape, gray cover and pattern with trees, is a perfect addition to the kids room. It brings the solidity, durability and beauty to any home.

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Dog door stop cane fermaporta patchwork

Dog door stop,Cane fermaporta, Patchwork

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Pear door stop sewing pattern


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Door stop ideas

Unique approach to an unusual and funky doorstop made out of colorful and vibrant fabric with a dotted pattern. The door stop is made to resemble an owl, which makes it a perfect addition to a children’s bedroom.

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Linen door stop

With this cute door stop, you will be able to hold your door firmly, and with a nice decoration lying on the floor. The door stop is made of a gray fabric with white dots, and a convenient handle on top.

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Vintage shabby chic polka dot red cream spotty cat with

Vintage Shabby Chic Polka Dot Red Cream Spotty CAT with Bell Fabric Door Stop

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1000x1000 jpg 457


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Fabric cat door stop pattern

This fabric doorstop is functional and attractive. Its hedgehog pattern provides a natural look. This soft doorstop provides the best protection and its neutral colors look very good in many types of indoors.

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Sand filled door stops

If you are a fan of unique, extra ordinary and funny home additions, you have to choose this door stop with bird house shape and fabric construction. For kids room, drawing room, bedroom and much more!

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Door stop bean bag

Door stop fitted with convenient handle for easy carrying. It is covered with thick fabric and decorated with floral theme. Functional and neutral accent for any interior as needed.

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Fabric Door Stops

Buying Guide

While doors are vital parts of houses, they tend to bang against walls. If done enough times, a wall could sustain damages. At the very least, the banging will scrape the paint. At the worst, it could destroy part of the wall. This also means that you'd have to do some repairs.

Here's the thing: walls are not cheap to repair as you'd likely need to fix or replace the entire section. Hence, it's a lot better if you protect it from the door. This is where a fabric door stop can help you.

A fabric door stop can stop a door while it swings so it won't bang the wall. In time, a fabric door stop will also sustain damages. However, replacing a door stop is a lot cheaper compared to repairing a wall. Hence, every home should have one.

Of course, it's not smart to buy the first fabric door stop that you come across. To help you with that, this article is going to be a buying guide for fabric door stops.

The fabric plays a vital role in the fabric doorstop's aesthetics, durability, and cost. Furthermore, each fabric has its own unique trait, which is going to be covered below.

  • Leather - This is one of the most durable fabric types for a door stop. Hence, it's a good choice if you think the door is frequently used which means that door stop must be extra durable.
  • Cotton - One of the most commonly used fabric. It's a lot softer than leather. While it is not as durable compared to leather, it's still tougher compared to most other fabric types.
  • Polyester - This one has the advantage of being more economical. On the downside, polyester is also the least durable compared to the cotton and leather.

How the fabric door stop behaves when it stops the swinging door is mostly dependent on the stuffing inside. Below are some of the popular stuffings.

  • Pellets - Pellet stuffings may come in plastic, glass, rubber, ceramic and steel. The advantage of pellet stuffing is it doesn't compress too much when pressure is applied. Also, it's generally heavier and more durable, especially if you choose something with steel balls inside.
  • Polyester - A synthetic stuffing that's produced from a mixture of petroleum, air, water, and coal. It's a relatively cheap raw material, which makes it a good choice if the budget is a bit tight. However, the polyester may shrink too much, which may fail at preventing the door from hitting the wall. Hence, you may need to compensate with the overall size.
  • Cotton - Generally, a cotton stuffing is a lot denser compared to polyester. As a result, it doesn't compress too much like the polyester stuffing. It's also more economical to most pellet stuffing such as steel shots.

Best Ideas

Herringbone sausage dog doorstop grey fabric door stop

Herringbone Sausage Dog Doorstop ~ Grey Fabric Door Stop

Fabric Floor Stop

Fabric Floor Stop

If you're looking for a doorstop which is not only practical but also good looking this one is a perfect choice. It has a dog shape and is available in few sizes. Filled with polyfill and sand and covered with durable wool.

1.8kg Heavy Door Stop Novelty Animal Dog Door Stopper Cream Corduroy Fabric

A lovely door stopper with cream fabric structure and heavy 1.8 kg of weight. Add it to your kids room or drawing room and enjoy funny and useful accent piece.

Softie heavy fabric cat door stop novelty cute animal door

Softie-Heavy-Fabric-Cat-Door-Stop-Novelty-Cute-Animal-Door-Stopper ...

Fabric door stops 4

This door stop is going to work, especially, in case of your kid's room. Covered with brown corduroy, the door stop is shaped like a cute, little dog with a white bow around its neck. It's relatively heavy, so it is going to keep your door in check.

Door stops to make

If you think that your child should have safety and original toys, you must buy this very cute hand-made soft toy in a shape of little dog. If you love it, but you don't have children you can used it as a door stop!

Fabric door stop pattern free

Wow! The lovely and adorable mouse door stop with blue and navy colors. It is a special addition, especially for kids room. It's not only functional, but it looks great too!

Chocolate Brown Soft Cord Ribbed Cute Dog Door Stop Doggy Fabric Doorstop 28cm

Cute door stop in the form of puppy. It is covered with pleasant to the touch fabric. Received a lot of very good recommendations from customers for functionality and high quality.

Doorstop pattern

A cool traditional doorstop in the form of a simplified cuddly cat. It's stuffed with heavy materials wrapped in a soft liner. An outer cover is of durable flowery fabric in red and white shades adorned with a heart of white-dotted black fabric.

How to make a door stop

This pear doorstop features a very interesting shape, pattern and colors. Its canvas surface with a retro 1970s print decorates different indoors. What is more, this stop protects walls and doors from impact damage.

Home Decor - Siamese Cat Doorstop - Siamese Cat Door Stop

A fabulous door stop for indoors, that can also be used as a gorgeous decoration. Shaped like a cute cat, the door stop is made of quality materials, quite heavy, very stabile, and able to firmly hold your door in place.

Cute fabric owl door stop

Cute fabric owl door stop!

Fabric door stops pattern

fabric door stops pattern

How to make door stoppers

fabric apple doorstop.thats rather cute..you could have fruit sitting around the house in the floor haha