Fiberglass Kitchen Sink

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An alternative to the usual ceramic sink, a fiberglass kitchen sink offers many benefits. Extremely strong and super durable, fiberglass is reinforced to ensure that your sink will last through thick and thin. Plus, fiberglass sinks are often much cheaper than ceramic sinks, always a bonus. Whether you have a large or small kitchen there’s a sink for you, and our design experts have picked out a few of the best below so you can find the best match.

5 Recommendations and 109 Ideas

Updated 04/08/2023
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Surgical-Grade Stainless Steel Sink

Surgical-Grade Stainless Steel Sink


Perfect For: Enhancing your kitchen functionality and aesthetics

What We Like: Ultra-performance rust and corrosion-proof technology

This surgical-grade stainless steel sink features ultra-performance rust and corrosion-proof material, ensuring optimal durability and protection over its lifetime. The sink comes with a care flyer, which highlights simple daily maintenance steps to keep it sparkling and hygienic. Its grooved or sloped base allows faster water and residue drainage, making it an excellent workhorse for all your kitchen tasks. Moreover, the scratch protector bottom grate is included to minimize scratch marks and preserve its appearance.

Designer Advice:

Embrace the restaurant-grade heavy lifting capacity of this sink. Pair it with a modern faucet and add a colorful sponge holder or dish rack to complement your kitchen decor.

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Simple Fiberglass Kitchen Sink

Simple Fiberglass Kitchen Sink


What we like: Fully customizable

What we don’t like: Scratches easily

Not so good for: Small kitchens

Perfect for: A clean and understated look

Available in over twelve different colors, this sink has a simple yet chic design. Ranging from classic white to quirky red or green, you’re sure to find a color that suits your kitchen one hundred percent. You can also pick from the number of faucet drillings, from one hole up to five.

Additionally, this sink features sound dampening and is heat resistant. It is also chip, stain, and rust resistant. Plus, the self-rimming aspect means your sink will be easier to clean, as will the counter space around it. It can accommodate a standard kitchen faucet. 

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Ridged Fiberglass Sink

Ridged Fiberglass Sink


What we like: Can separate dishes when washing up

What we don’t like: No connection point to the counter

Not so good for: If you prefer a single bowl

Perfect for: If you want something stylish

There are six finishes to choose from with this two-part sink, including soft white and unique mocha brown. You can also choose the number of faucet drillings up to five. A dream to keep clean, this sink won’t cause you much hassle due to its rust and oxidation resistance. Measuring 33 inches wide, the insulated construction will help to muffle vibrations and the sound of water.

It is designed for under-mount or drop-in installation so you can fit it to your preference. Either way, no mounting hardware is required. Moreover, this sink is made in the USA, a bonus if you like to keep things local.

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Medium Kitchen Sink Fiberglass

Medium Kitchen Sink Fiberglass


What we like: Good width for size

What we don’t like: Holes don’t line up straight

Not so good for: If you like a separate draining area

Perfect for: Laundry room

Available in either white or black, this kitchen sink would be a good option for a laundry or utility room. The measurements are 22 inches lengthwise and 22 inches wide, meaning it won’t take up a ton of space but is still a decent size. Plus, you can pick from up to five faucet drill holes.

The white finish of this sink is matte and super low-maintenance, ideal if you are worried about your purchase wearing badly over time. If you go for the black, the finish features a subtle sheen but is still simple to keep clean. Overall, this sink is stain, chip, and rust-resistant. 

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Small Fiberglass Sink

Small Fiberglass Sink


What we like: Compact and practical

What we don’t like: Not much room for larger objects

Not so good for: If you often have guests round

Perfect for: Tiny kitchen spaces

Measuring only 16 inches in width and length, this sink is a great choice if you have limited kitchen space. Although no water trap is included, this sink can be installed as a drop-in or under-mount. The finish is matte, and there are six colors to choose from. It is designed to look like granite, though with a much lower price tag.

You can choose from one faucet hole up to three, though some colors are only available with select faucets. Chip and stain resistant, its compact size will free up counter space for preparing meals, always a useful feature. 

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Fiberglass Kitchen Sink

Buying Guide

A fiberglass kitchen sink is one of the most durable pieces you’ll ever have in your home. Fiberglass is strong and lightweight, plus it’s quite affordable, so its longevity means you’ll get your money’s worth.

Fiberglass typically doesn’t crack or chip, but it’s simple for a professional to repair if it does become damaged. The most important thing to remember about prolonging your fiberglass sink’s lifespan is to clean it carefully with non-abrasive cleaning products to avoid stripping the sink of its color, finish, or scratching it.  

Use a sponge or soft cloth to remove stains. Avoid using anything as hard as steel wool which can permanently mark your fiberglass sink. If well cared for, a fiberglass sink can last you between 10 to 15 years.

Long gone are the days when kitchen sinks were mainly stainless steel or white in color. Fortunately, fiberglass kitchen sinks are available in both vibrant and neutral color options, including black, beige, peach, green, blue, and even pink to name a few.

These colorful sinks add a splash of color to any kitchen space while serving as an unusual focal point.

Best Ideas

Fiberglass kitchen sink 1

Kitchen sink designed for mounting on the top. It is made of high quality fiberglass. Neutral and functional design for any kitchen.

Fiberglass kitchen sink 7

Lyons Deluxe Designer White Apron Front Dual Bowl Acrylic 10-inch Deep Kitchen Sink

Fiberglass kitchen sink 2

Fiberglass kitchen drainboard sink in neat white, a well-thought reproduction of popular 1950s design, nice for vintage themed kitchen if you want all the details to be carefully chosen and on their place.

Lyons Industries DKS22Y-3.5 Designer Black Connoisseur Dual High-Low Bowl Acrylic Kitchen Sink

Fiberglass kitchen sink 5

Lyons Inspiration 33" x 22" x 8-1/2" Sink with 3-1/2" Drain - ALMOND $137.99 acrylic, scratch & stain resistant fiberglass helps maintain water temp.

Deluxe 33" x 22" Designer Linear Kitchen Sink

Deluxe 33" x 22" Designer Linear Kitchen Sink

Complement your kitchen with this durable and solid yet stylish and elegant kitchen sink available in varied of soft colors. This sink is made of acrylic, so it will last long. It is easy to install and keep clean.

Fiberglass kitchen sink 19

large farm style sink with 2 basins- can this be made in fiberglass with foam core or from reinforced concrete?

Lyons Industries DKS64C4-3.5 Designer 33-Inch by 19-Inch Manufactured/Mobile Home Acrylic 7.25-Inch Deep Kitchen Sink, Four Hole , Metallic Silver

23" x 17.75" 4 Piece Single Bowl Kitchen Sink Set

23" x 17.75" 4 Piece Single Bowl Kitchen Sink Set

Fiberglass kitchen sink 4

This fiberglass kitchen sink will prove to be of the highest quality when it comes to durability and will easily serve you for years to come, while the design itself makes it easy to clean and maintain order and tidiness in your interior.

32.75" x 19" Undermount Double Bowl Kitchen Sink with Kitchen Faucet and Soap Dispenser

32.75" x 19" Undermount Double Bowl Kitchen Sink with Kitchen Faucet and Soap Dispenser

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