Bathtub Drain Strainers

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The number one cause of drain clogs his hair, while the number one causes of spouse panic, is a lost wedding ring accidentally dropped down the drain while washing their hands. We have a solution for both of these, and that is the bathtub drain strainer. Never have to worry about calling a plumber when the worst should happen. You just need one of these handy devices.

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Updated 20/12/2022
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Basket Bathtub Drain Strainer

Basket Bathtub Drain Strainer


What We Like: Rust and scratch resistant

What We Don’t Like: Not universally compatible with all tubs

Not So Good For: Catching small items or pet hair

Perfect For: Long-term use

Try this chrome and rubber basket drain strainer for a simple, fuss-free alternative to harsh cleaning chemicals. This drain strainer uses the whirlpool created by draining water to wrap hair around the perforated basket structure for easy cleanup. Then, simply lift it out of the drain and wipe the exterior to remove hair and other particles before placing it back in the drain for reuse.

Its durable material will last for years, saving you from spending money on a plumber or cleaning supplies.

$14.2 $15.49

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Tub Drain Strainer Set

Tub Drain Strainer Set


What We Like: Overflow feature

What We Don’t Like: Slightly larger than average drain diameter

Not So Good For: Small drains

Perfect For: Preventing overflow in bathtubs

Bathtub hardware can be both practical and beautiful. This two-hole overflow drain stopper combines a sleek minimalist exterior with a functional design that works to collect hair and debris efficiently. With multiple finishes, including polished brass and matte black, you can match the stopper to the hardware on any bathtub.

The two-hole design prevents overflow by allowing excess water to drain out of the holes. This can prevent water damage to your bathroom if the water is accidentally left running. It features an easy push-to-close and push-to-open design to change settings quickly. The polished metal material is durable, so the drain stopper can last for years without fading or scratching.  

$31.76 $71.5

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Two Piece Bathroom Drain Strainer

Two Piece Bathroom Drain Strainer


What We Like: Works for bathtubs and sinks

What We Don’t Like: No metal finish

Not So Good For: No overflow feature

Perfect For: Human and pet hair

This two-piece strainer set is made of a hard rubber material that is scratch and rust-resistant to ensure long-term use. The set of two features one bathtub stopper and one sink stopper, so you can have complete bathroom drain protection.

The drain is designed to catch both human and pet hair, so you can use this pet-friendly product to prevent a buildup of pet hair without disrupting the flow of water. You can continue to give baths to your pets without the risk of damaging your drain or pipes with pet hair that can slip through some strainers.

$17.99 $22.45

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Lift and Turn Bathtub Strainer

Lift and Turn Bathtub Strainer

Drain Buddy

What We Like: Patented no-clog design basket

What We Don’t Like: Only fits 1.5” drains

Not So Good For: Non-standard size drains

Perfect For: Catching hair, jewelry, and small items

If you need to trap more than just hair, you need a tub strainer with an innovative design to prevent debris from causing clogs or small items from getting lost. This bath tub strainer features patented no-clog technology that works as a 2-in-1 hair catcher and stopper. This efficient design is the new edition of the drain strain, which was featured on the hit show Shark Tank. It catches hair and small items such as jewelry or hair pins so that you can recover items that fall down the drain.

The stylish metal and plastic design is easy to use; just detach the basket from the cap with the twist-off feature to recover the items you’ve dropped down the drain. Use with a standard drain to avoid messy clean-ups.  

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Silicone Tub Drain Screen

Silicone Tub Drain Screen


What We Like: Accommodates flat and pop-up drains

What We Don’t Like: No overflow feature

Not So Good For: Preventing overflow

Perfect For: Multiple drain styles

Designed to fit various drain sizes, this bathtub drain screen uses metal and plastic to form a flexible stopper that suits both flat and pop-up drains. The hassle-free lift and turn feature make installing and removing the drain screen easy.

Cleaning is simple as it sits flush with the tub drain, leaving the hair isolated to a small area. It doesn’t block water drainage but efficiently catches hair and prevents buildup in the drain and pipes. Use in your tub for a quick and easy alternative to other cleaning methods.

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Bathtub Drain Strainers

Buying Guide

Since the number one cause of drain blockages is hair, the bathtub drain strainer will prevent hair from seeping into the drain. It will also prevent larger items like a wedding ring from slipping down the pipes.

In-drain hair catchers are the best because they grab hair as soon as it enters the drain. The only point to take note of is that the in-drain catcher sits inside the drain and so you'll need to check on it from time to time to ensure it is thoroughly cleaned.

The best type of drain strainer for your bathroom is one that is going to help you avoid clogs. A drain strainer should therefore be able to catch hair and avoid those nasty odors from hair being stuck inside the bathroom drain.

Drain strainers are available in a few different types, such as drain screens, which fit over the drain and are a great choice for pop-up and flat drains, and then there are in-drain catchers that fit inside the drain.

So the best drain catcher will allow water to flow freely and will prevent hair from slipping into the pipes.

Best Ideas

Heavy-Duty Bathtub Strainer 18/10 Stainless Steel NEW

Add this heavy-duty bathtub strainer to your household and enjoy the new-found comfort that comes along with it, since from now on you won't have to worry about plugging the drain and you can make the emptying and cleaning a breeze.

CATCH A CLOG Disposable Hair Catcher, Drain Strainer Fits Over Any Drain PACK OF 4

You got a problem with clogging the drain? Not any more. This drain strainer catches hairs, letting the soap drain because the holes are a little bigger then normally, and the sticker stays put. It stucks well, and come off easily when you want to clean it.

Peerless mesh drain strainer

Peerless mesh drain strainer

This mesh drain strainer will provide the perfect option to keep your sink clean and your pipes away from the rests of the food. It sports the stainless steel design and will easily match other hardware and fixtures.

Mintcraft PMB-144 Bath & Tub Strainer 1/3/8"

Metal drain strainer (1 - 3/8" inside diameter) for bathtub or utility sink, easy to install, durable. Designed to block unwanted debris (food waste, hair, work debris) and prevent it from floating down the drain.

Stainless steel tub drain

... with suction cups Bathtub Shower Drain Sink Catcher Strainer Large

OXO Good Grips Shower Stall Drain Protector

Practical and useful drain protector excellent for water drainage in bathrooms. Made of resistant stainless steel with a silicone rim keeping it in right place. Intended for catching hair and other impurities. Easy to install and clean.

Watco 48750 pp cp g bathtub stopper and drain grid

Watco - 48750-PP-CP-G - Bathtub Stopper and Drain, Grid Strainer

Good Grip Silicone Shower and Tub Drain Protector

Good Grip Silicone Shower and Tub Drain Protector

High-quality and super durable shower drain protector designed to prevent your drains from clogging. Constructed from silicone, the piece comes in a beautiful shiny metal finish that should blend in with the rest of the bathroom hardware. It’s also easy to install on any drain.

And drain fittings tub and shower drains tub drain strainer

and drain fittings tub and shower drains tub drain strainer

Fox Run Sink and Tub Strainer

Made to Match 2.88" Tub Drain Strainer and Grid

Made to Match 2.88" Tub Drain Strainer and Grid

A tub drain strainer which is a durable component made of high-quality, premium brass. It is layered with multiple drain holes in order to allow effective drainage to occur after washing or bathing.

4.44" Drain Strainer

4.44" Drain Strainer

A contemporary drain strainer which is made of high-quality, stainless steel for increased durability and strength. It's a rounded construction which fits 3.5'' openings. The design is suitable for most modern bathtubs.

Bathroom strainer

Superb bathroom drain strainer that can easily fit into your drains. The piece is designed to prevent solid matter from clogging your drains and its chrome-plated metal design ensures that it lasts for years even with constant exposure to water.

Danco 88821 2-3/4-Inch Tub Mesh Strainer, Stainless

This tub drain strainer made of stainless steel is 2-3/4-inch in outside diameter. Perfect for Keeping objects out of drain. The mesh is fine enough to stop just about anything, can even catch any soap residue that isn't fully dissolved.

Size:L) Silicone Suction-cup Bathroom Drain Strainer Sink Bathtub Hair Filter

Sink tub strainer screen stainless steel fits 3 3 1

Sink-Tub-Strainer-Screen-Stainless-Steel-Fits-3-3-1-2-Drains-Kitchen ...

Brushed nickel satin bath tub drain strainer screen cover trim

BRUSHED NICKEL Satin Bath Tub DRAIN STRAINER screen cover Trim NIP new

Tub drain strainer

Tub Drain Trim Kit

Lasco 03 4999 bathtub drain chrome plated shoe strainer 1

Lasco 03-4999 Bathtub Drain Chrome Plated Shoe Strainer, 1 ...

Tub drain strainer small bathtubs accessories


Kingston brass tub and shower drain strainer matte black

Kingston Brass Tub and Shower Drain Strainer, Matte Black ...

Kitchen bathtub waste filter drain hair blocker basin

Kitchen Bathtub Waste Filter Drain Hair Blocker Basin ...

2 in snap in tub strainer in polished brass 88928

2 in. Snap-In Tub Strainer in Polished Brass-88928 - The ...

Watco universal nufit push pull bathtub stopper with grid

Watco Universal NuFit Push Pull Bathtub Stopper with Grid ...