Coastal Bathroom Vanity

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For something different in your bathroom vanity and fixture combination, perhaps you might look into coastal bathroom vanities. The sinks are more rectangular and set deeper, the wood that the frame and cabinet is composed of is available in many unusual styles, such as rustic and distressed, and they would look best in a home by the sea. They just have that coastal feel.

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Updated 18/10/2021
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Choose a beach house vanity with slatted doors

Choose a beach house vanity with slatted doors

Highland Dunes

Slatted doors immediately remind us of beach huts, shacks, and the kind of breezy accents that you find in buildings by the sea, so they’re a key feature to include in your coastal vanity.

We also mentioned the popularity of distressed wood finishes in this style, but you can be even bolder than that. A rusty twist is especially recommended if your coastal style is mainly inspired by humbler beach shacks and bazaars. 

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Coastal bathroom vanity in a maritime hue

Coastal bathroom vanity in a maritime hue

The typical coastal palette is peaceful and relaxing, inspired by the actual sea and its landscapes.

As well as light wood finishes (often in a slightly distressed style), you can consider maritime hues like cream, sandy brown, light gray, living coral, orange… or the color of the sea, of course.

Always consider the other hues in your palette to ensure a harmonious result, and try creating a pleasant contrast against your wall (e.g. avoiding a cream vanity by a white wall, unless you’re consciously opting for a more ethereal feel).

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Coastal bathroom vanity with sink and additional storage

Coastal bathroom vanity with sink and additional storage

While a large coastal bathroom vanity is usually that wide because it includes two sinks, it doesn’t have to be the case if you don’t think you’ll actually make the most of them.

But maybe what you’re after is plenty of additional storage?

Then maintain your original large vanity idea but with only one sink so that you don’t have to miss out on yet another top part of your cabinets.

How about a varied combination of drawers, cupboards, and open shelves?

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Beach bathroom vanity for small rooms

Beach bathroom vanity for small rooms

We’re used to thinking of beach house bathroom vanities as these bulky fixtures that’ll take over your entire room, but that doesn’t automatically need to be the case.

If you have a fairly small bathroom and are already worried about space, don’t be.

Instead of a vanity-style piece, you can simply scout for a narrower model that’s more similar to traditional sinks but still includes some much-needed storage space.

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Add more beachy accessories and items

Add more beachy accessories and items

Sand & Stable™

While the design itself plays a massive role in your coastal bathroom, details are what makes the difference.

That’s why, regardless of which model you choose, we recommend personalizing it with a few maritime touches like a rug in a striped design, some towels in a coastal color, elements with beachy patterns, or decorative items.

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Add beachy elements to a modern coastal bathroom vanity

Add beachy elements to a modern coastal bathroom vanity

Some bathrooms are unmistakably coastal, whereas some others are more of a gentle nod to this style.

If you’re striving for the second idea, you could choose a bathroom vanity in a modern or more traditional style and then add coastal elements to it.

For example, this could involve some woven baskets used for storage.

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Coastal bathroom vanities with a nautical touch

Coastal bathroom vanities with a nautical touch

Breakwater Bay

While coastal and nautical are different decor styles, they both draw inspiration from the sea and the maritime world, so it’s not rare to see coastal rooms that homage the other style through selected elements.

If that sounds like you, the easiest way to do so through your coastal bathroom vanity is to choose the iconic navy blue for your finish.

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Coastal style bathroom vanity in a rustic design

Coastal style bathroom vanity in a rustic design

Sand & Stable™

Barn doors are a staple in farmhouse interiors, but you might have noticed that they sometimes pop up in coastal homes and Pinterest boards, too.

If you were striving for a cozier type of beach-inspired interiors, incorporate the more rustic barn door design in a couple of places, whether through an actual door or cupboards.

A beach house vanity with barn cupboard doors will allow you to maintain this dual inspiration consistent in your bathroom.

$639.99 $1110

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Use woven baskets as drawers

Use woven baskets as drawers

Sand & Stable™

We hinted at it, so we might as well show you the potential of woven baskets in coastal decor.

A popular feature in both living rooms and bathrooms alike, they can also be used as actual drawers as well as standalone storage elements.

This trick will allow you to add a casual beachy element to more traditional vanities, and you can even reinforce it by adding another basket or two in other parts of your bathroom.

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Go big with a double coastal bathroom vanity

Go big with a double coastal bathroom vanity

In most cases, one sink is enough, especially in fairly small or even average-sized bathrooms.

However, there are a few instances in which it’d make sense to double up, as long as your bathroom is wide enough to fit such a large beachy bathroom vanity without feeling cramped; for example, if your partner tends to get ready at the same time as you do in the morning, if you share your house with some roommates, or if you have a particularly large family.

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Coastal Bathroom Vanity

Buying Guide

If you’re in love with the coast, then a great way to bring the coast home is with a coastal bathroom vanity. When it comes to coastal interior design, there is no better way to bring that ocean feel than in the comfort of your bathroom. Think soft whites and colors, reflective surfaces, natural materials (stone and wood), and baskets. There’s just something so comforting about the coast and it comes down to our instinctual desire.

When choosing the right coastal bathroom vanity, you want to make sure you get it right. To really create the atmosphere of being close to the sea is an art that needs several factors taken into consideration. Your vanity is an essential part of this since it is one of the main features your bathroom has on display. Check out our tips on how to pick the perfect bathroom vanity for your coastal themed bathroom or home.

The most common colors for a coastal vanity are white, grey, khaki, cream colors, sea foam blue, navy, granite, sea green, and sometimes even coral pink. Usually, a combination of a neutral color and blue or green does well to bring a sea-side feel. Bathroom vanities are best with a white or grey color. This allows for the rest of the bathroom to incorporate other colors, whether it be with decoration, wallpaper/paint, etc.

Since the beach is a location full of nature, the best material to aim for with a coastal bathroom vanity is wood. A stone countertop also goes great with the ocean theme letting us remember the beautiful stones we find on the beach. The vanity wood can either be a plain solid color for a clean look or textured for a rugged, more natural look. Wooden textures are a nice way to incorporate the beauty of nature while adding authentic style.

There are a few signature designs that help emulate the feel of being at the beach. One of the most common features to look out for are horizontal wooden slats on the cabinet doors. A vanity with some open shelves is great for decoration. A great tip is to place woven baskets on these shelves as the perfect addition to a coastal themed bathroom.

Another common feature coastal bathroom vanities have is drawer storage stacked vertically, one on top of the other. These drawers can border the cabinets, be in between two cabinets, or even be on one side. Not only are these vertically stacked drawers great for their look, but they also give your vanity a lot of functionality and storage for personal items.

The desire to live close to the coast is something most people have. Help alleviate this desire until your next vacation with the right coastal bathroom vanity. Not only will you feel close to the water, but your guests will have a refreshing experience in your bathroom as well.

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Spice up your bathroom using this weathered vanity bench with simplistic design and durable wood craftsmanship. You can use its bottom shelf for bathroom necessities, while the top is perfect for accommodating a small sink.

Cottage bathroom vanity

If you love the coastal climate, this coastal bathroom vanity will appeal to you. Beautiful, bright colors, functional cabinets and a different mirror over the sink create a beautiful whole. Ideal for contemporary interiors.

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Coastal bathroom vanities

A chic cottage style bathroom vanity unit of white-finished wooden materials. It has turned legs, a 2-door cabinet, 1 big and 4 small drawers with ball knobs. A rectangular top (with a built-in oval white washbasin), a backsplash and taps are black.

Cottage style bathrooms

Splendid for enhancing cottage-style bathrooms with a lovely mix of functionality and aesthetic appeal. The bathroom vanity has painted-gray wood construction, including 1 two-door cabinet with spacious storage and 1 drawer with two pulls.

Shell sink is cool but impractical really love the weathered

shell sink is cool but impractical. Really love the weathered wood color of the cabinet and mirror though

Beach style bathroom vanity

This neatly arranged bathroom corner is a combination of a stylish shelf for washbasins, mirrors and beautiful decorative details. The large cabinet has two shelves and a drawer, and the entire construction is made of wood.

Beach house bathroom

With this coastal bathroom vanity you will finally have more than enough space for you and your family to enjoy and will ensure a perfect boost of functional use with its two spacious drawers, bottom shelf and marble top.

Coastal bathroom designs

Finished in gorgeous navy blue, smoothly combined with a white marble countertop, this bathroom vanity can be a proposition for all, who like the coastal design. A traditional, yet fresh touch into the space.

Cottage style bathroom cabinets

Imagine that many couples prefer to have a separate sink to feel comfortable in the bathroom. If the vanity sinks have their place in the marble countertop, on double vanity base- then you can feel good too!

Coastal bathroom vanities

Furnish your bathroom with the bathroom vanity and mosaic back splash. The cabinet has many drawers and shelves for bathroom accessories and cosmetics, and glass sink brings the chic.

Cottage bathroom vanities

This bathroom vanity constitutes a perfect example of the coastal design, ideal for the those, who want a fresh touch in their bathrooms. Bright finishing creates a spacious appeal.

Coastal bathroom ideas

Beautiful, coastal bathroom. Teal tiles together with the marble sink and iron cranes ensure the hotel-like feeling in this bathroom. A set of fresh flowers is a nice addition that makes this bathroom feel fresh and light.

Cottage style vanities for bathrooms

This coastal bathroom vanity enchants with its stylish combination of grey body with a bright wooden countertop. It features a considerable space, concealed in the multiple drawers and behind the louvred doors.

Coastal bathroom

An elegant white-finished bathroom set looking great against bluish walls. A floor unit has 2 cabinets, a few drawers, a rectangular top with 2 inbuilt oval sinks and a backsplash. Two wall-mounted cabinets feature crown tops and mirrored doors.

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Turquoise bathroom vanity

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Cottage style vanities

It’s easy to fall in love with this bathroom. Great millwork, timeless marble tiles and countertop and curved cabinet.

Functional beach house bathroom vanities

Functional Beach House Bathroom Vanities

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Nautical bathroom vanity

Coastal bathroom vanity with two basins. Six drawers provide enough place to hide all the cosmetic treasures and there is also three additional baskets for towels. The sandy countertop is a perfect finish.

Beachy bathroom

An elegant vanity set for contemporary bathrooms, with gray-painted, sturdy wood construction. The set has 1 square sink with decorative fauveet, 2 door cabinets on the sides, 2 small side drawers, and 1 stylishly lifted up two-door cabinet in the center, with an open compartment underneath.

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Cottage style vanity

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