Rustic Vessel Sinks


Vessel sinks are pretty common, but many look the same. But what if you have a home on a farm or in the country, and you don’t want the traditional vessel sink? Then perhaps a rustic vessel sink is what you should have for the home. These are simple, without flair or extras, but still do the job they are supposed to do and do it well for a long time. They are sturdy, and made of quality materials, and we have plenty to choose from.

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Our Picks

Rustic bathroom sinks

The bathroom can be a real rustic oasis.This vessel stone sink helps to maintained it in this style.The form of a bowl with irregular shape, is suggesting imperfection, but adds elegance.Raw wood is a great base. Everything kept in grays.

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Vanity tops for vessel sinks

The fantastic combination of rustic design and functionality of this beautiful vanity top for a vessel sink is the perfect choice for a stylish interior. Beautiful cabinet design is very practical and unique.

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Diy vessel sink

A stylishly weathered vanity that comes with a white porcelain vessel sink. The vanity is made of sturdy wood in a distressed finish, offering a smooth top and a matching bottom shelf, along with a pair of drawers equipped with crystal pull-knobs.

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Great galvanized vessel sink nice rustic bathroom touch

Great galvanized vessel sink! Nice rustic bathroom touch.

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The restaurant designer should keep the same style of decorations. So the natural effect in the barn style place is keeping the bathroom rustic also. Even if it is not so easy to clean up, the effect is amazing.

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Rustic vessel sinks

A rustic vessel sink and rustic bath vanity is a great option, if you want to create the clean and aesthetic look in your bathroom. Everyone will tell you how great it looks in your home.

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Irruption Vessel Sink

Irruption Vessel Sink

Fascinating vessel sink featuring modern, handcrafted glass frame in polished finish, unique design with stylish curves, and solid construction that's easy to install and maintain. Doesn't include drain and faucet.

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Rustic sink

For those who like traditional solutions - traditional from many, many years ago - there is massive furniture, made of vanity wood, which contains a brass sink like in olden days with traditional kind of tap.Wood has been stylized as a work of rustic art.

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Rustic vessel sinks

{rustic cabinet + porcelain bowl} keep in mind: when opting for a spread-fit faucet, select a model that raises the handles above the rim of the sink for easy operation | better homes and gardens

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Vanity base for vessel sink

Several dark grey wooden cupboards in the retro style with the white tiles on the top. They are accompanied by brass faucet fixtures and huge bowllike, nontypical sink. Such combination can change a common bathroom into a stylish one.

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Rustic Vessel Sinks

Buying Guide

Vessel sinks, with their traditional yet very contemporary design, are quickly becoming more and more popular in homes worldwide. With so many different styles to choose from, you can find something to suit your home whether you're looking for something old and vintage or modern and elegant. Rustic vessel sinks could definitely be something to consider when you're renovating your bathroom, so here are some of the common designs you'll come across.

White modern design

A clean white modern design can be seen in many bathrooms and is arguably the most popular style of vessel sink available. These are very similar to the traditional pedestal sinks which are now becoming less popular within homes and other environments. The base for the sink may either be a wooden sideboard or white porcelain cabinet to match the vessel sink.

Raw wooden design

For a slightly different look for your bathroom, a raw wooden design is a good option. Raw wood sinks can often be seen in a slightly irregular shape which enables them to look even more natural. A rustic wooden shelf normally forms the base for the matching rustic vessel sink.

Square design

If the traditional circular bowl isn't something that you could see in your bathroom, perhaps it's time to look at the square design. This can be found in a variety of materials, including the sleek and glossy modern white design and the rustic wooden design. From stainless steel to natural raw wood, square styles allow you to combine the modern straight look with the material of your choice.

Traditional bowl design

Rustic sinks are also available in a traditional style and design for those who don't want to venture too far away from the appearance of conventional sinks. While this design is a stand alone sink so is still different from the pedestal design, there are still styles to make it look like a traditional bowl. For example, a white circular bowl made from porcelain can replicate conventional designs while still looking more up to date.

Aged copper design

In order to achieve this look in your home, you should start shopping around old antique shops and auctions which are likely to have antique and old furniture. Antique sinks are normally a few inches larger than modern sinks manufactured today, so if you only have a small sink area, this may not be the ideal choice. However, the design itself is either rectangular or circular and may have elements of rust due to its age. This can be varnished or refurbished in order to bring it more up to date.

Rustic metal design

Almost with the appearance of a metal bucket, this style of sink is ultra rustic and will add a lot of character to any bathroom. There are neat lines around the metal sink to add a touch of modernity and organization. It is the perfect option for cottage, farm houses or bathrooms which are adopting a rustic and vintage feel.

Best Ideas

Rustic vessel sinks

Gorgeous! An extraordinary mixture of styles. Immaculate white vessel sinks are outrightly contemporary, dark wood table serving as vanity is rustic, but it sports some modern metal towel bars. Mirrors in carved frames fall along rustic style again.

Rustic sinks

Dark tiles, espresso mirror frame and bronze fitting create a worthy backdrop for this rustic vessel sink carved in dark gray textured stone. Its base is also extraordinary, being made from thick tree trunk.

Rustic vessel sinks 6

Although rustic vessel sinks might occur somehow problematic to fit in with bathroom décor, this corner meets my taste. The sink was actually crafted using an old metal washtub, and placed on a thick wooden top supported by metal tubing.

Rustic vessel sinks 2

Here an idea to create a more rustic bathroom look. Install a high rising basin mixer to reach over the basin.

Dry sink vanity

Emanating with country flavor and weathered appearance, this rustic vessel sink will drown your smaller bathroom or laundry room in rustic accents. It's heavy and stabile, ensuring years of easy usage.

Rustic wood powder half bath with stone vessel sink 1

Rustic Wood Powder/Half Bath with Stone Vessel Sink

Warm rustic powder room design ideas with classic mirror style

Warm Rustic Powder Room Design Ideas with Classic Mirror Style, upcycled Old Wooden Beer Barrel, and Brass Bowl Sink.

Rustic furniture 19

rustic furniture

How to make a vessel sink vanity

Small vanity for a vessel sink. Outrightly rustic. The base itself is crafted out of raw wood, with unique markings and streaks, and interesting texture. The sink is stone (love!!!), bowl shaped. For stylish cabin-in-the-woods bathroom <3

Vessel base

This vintage vessel sink has the rustic vanity base, which is made of wood and has the distressed finish. This sink is white and looks adorable in classic, neutral bathroom.

Love this marble vessel sink on iron base

Love this marble vessel sink on iron base

Dresser into a sink i plan for all my home

dresser into a sink - I plan for all my home bathrooms to have this look in some way....

Buyexoticgranite com vessel sinks at our rocktops showroom near 1196

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Rustic vessel sinks

It's about time to splash your rustic bathroom or laundry room with this vintage stone sink. It's stylishly weathered, durable, heavy, and very stabile; also giving you enough place for convenient hand-washing.