Wood Recessed Medicine Cabinet


Why don't we get away from the metal medicine cabinet and put in one of these beautiful wood recessed medicine cabinet and instead. They are well-designed and come in many sizes that will fit perfectly in this space your old medicine cabinet used to live. For all our wood recessed medicine cabinets, look at our collection.

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Mason Reclaimed Wood Recessed Medicine Cabinet

Mason Reclaimed Wood Recessed Medicine Cabinet

Old-fashioned piece of furniture which connect function of mirror and little cabinet. It will play its role perfectly in bathroom - you can used it to storage cosmetics. This cabinet is simple and made of oak wood.

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Deluxe Series18" x 30" Recessed Medicine Cabinet

Deluxe Series18" x 30" Recessed Medicine Cabinet

An aesthetic medicine cabinet made of metal with a white finish. It has shelves of tempered glass and a recessed frame. Its rectangular mirrored door has a full-length hinge, magnetic catches and a metal frame. It can be surface or recess-mounted.

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Mason Reclaimed Wood Recessed Medicine Cabinet

Mason Reclaimed Wood Recessed Medicine Cabinet

Made from recessed wood, this medicine cabinet enchants with its fresh wax pine finish, adding a warm appeal to the interiors. It mutually corresponds with the upper miror and wall hanging, side cabinet.

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Wood recessed medicine cabinet 2

A traditional recess-mounted bathroom medicine cabinet with several shelves. It features a pretty rectangular frame and a framed mirrored hinged door. Frames are made of reclaimed wood in mid browns. A square mushroom pull is of metal in bronze.

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Mason reclaimed wood recessed medicine cabinet 3

Reclaimed wood frames a beveled mirror, creating a recessed medicine cabinet. Keep the wood unfinished for a primitive look, or stain and finish it for a more sophisticated look. Perfect addendum for a budget bathroom make-over, especially for minimalists.

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Mason reclaimed wood recessed medicine cabinet 12

You would scarcely realize that this medicine cabinet with the matching sink cabinet are created from reclaimed wood. The unfinished blond wood bravely displays attractive wood grain. A simple beveled mirror, brushed brass fittings with a square sink, complete the look.

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Reclaimed wood medicine cabinet

With the weathered oak structure and the glass inlay this medicine cabinet offers a truly lavish and lovely design that will work smoothly in your modern decorated interior, allowing you to hide your medicine easily.

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Pottery barn medicine cabinet recessed

Where was this when I was redoing the downstairs bathroom? Finally a gorgeous medicine cabinet!

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Picture directory wood recessed medicine cabinet with mirror picture

Picture Directory Wood recessed medicine cabinet with mirror | Picture ...

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Bathroom medicine cabinets recessed products take a look at the

Bathroom Medicine Cabinets Recessed | ... products take a look at the ...

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Wood Recessed Medicine Cabinet

Buying Guide

A medicine cabinet is a multi-purpose storage space for your bathroom that can eliminate clutter on the counter. It’s not just for medication, a first aid kit, and your vitamins despite its name.

The privacy a medicine cabinet provides makes it a great place to keep personal hygiene items you don’t want your guests to see or touch. This can include tweezers, toothpaste, floss, or feminine hygiene products. If you have an extensive skincare routine, you can also store these products in your medicine cabinet to avoid exposure to UV light.

It’s also a good idea to keep items you might overlook otherwise in your medicine cabinet, where they’re readily accessible during your morning routine. For example, a face moisturizer with an SPF should be applied daily. Place this cream right next to your toothpaste in the medicine cabinet so it becomes part of your daily self-care ritual.

You aren’t limited to placing a medicine cabinet in your bathroom. A wood recessed medicine cabinet makes a stylish addition to your kitchen for storing spices, to your laundry room for keeping sewing items, or in your craft room for organizing small art supplies like paint, ribbon, tape, and pens.

A wood recessed medicine cabinet will require a high skill level to install, as you’ll need to cut into the wall to make it happen. You’ll need to avoid electrical lines and water lines, which are both likely to be in the vicinity of your sink. Unless you’re highly experienced with both plumbing and electrical work, it’s best to have professionals tackle this instead of making it a DIY.

Medicines are not the only thing you can store in a medicine cabinet. You can keep other items too.

Adhesive bandages are important because they form a physical barrier for an open wound. A nasal aspirator bulb would be useful for clearing mucus from your little one’s nose. Sunscreen is an important component of the medicine cabinet to help counter the risk of sunburn.

Place a standard digital thermometer so you can quickly check when you or someone in the household is catching a fever. Keep scissors, nail clippers and tweezers on hand for those times you need to remove splinters.

A toothbrush would be safer from aerial contamination when in the medicine cabinet than elsewhere in the bathroom. Petroleum jelly is a necessary jack-of-all-trades. It prevents chafing, relieves dry skin, treats diaper rash, rehydrates dry nails and accelerates wound healing.

Best Ideas

Wood recessed medicine cabinet 22

Recessed medicine cabinet designed for privacy and style. The cabinet comes with a thick wooden frame and a mirror door that no one will be able to tell there’s storage underneath. You also get beautiful metal accents on each corner for impeccable style.

Vintage recessed medicine cabinet 8

Recessed medicine cabinet build from a beautifully stained wooden frame, neatly accentuated by a black coated metal pull. The cabinet also features beautiful crown moldings at the top and a mirror glass door for privacy and outstanding style. It’s a must have for your bathroom.

Stella recessed medicine cabinet traditional medicine cabinets

Stella Recessed Medicine Cabinet traditional-medicine-cabinets

Santorini recessed medicine cabinet pottery barn

Santorini Recessed Medicine Cabinet | Pottery Barn

Wood recessed medicine cabinet 11

Wood and Mirror Recessed Wood Medicine Cabinet 25 3/16" x 35 5/8" x 1" — Products | Waterworks

Wood recessed medicine cabinet 24

Modern Wood Recessed Wood Medicine Cabinet 24" x 32" x 1 1/2" — Products | Waterworks

Roberts favorite vintage wood bathroom medicine cabinet recessed storage beveled


Wood recessed medicine cabinet 18

handmade wood recessed medicine spice by Michaelwoodworking, $72.00

Wood recessed medicine cabinet 6

Recessed Medicine Cabinet Custom Made by Wood Essentials

Wood recessed medicine cabinet 2

Bathroom Medicine Cabinets Recessed | ... products take a look at the marvelous medicine cabinets from wood

Wood recessed medicine cabinet 1

Rectangular medicine cabinet made of wood in neutral white color. It features mirrored doors and a practical storage compartment. White finish of this cabinet looks very attractive in many types of bathrooms.

George washington vanity bathroom medicine cabinets images with wooden

George Washington Vanity Bathroom Medicine Cabinets Images With Wooden ...

Wood recessed medicine cabinet 5

Vtg Metal Industrial Recessed Medicine Cabinet Beveled Mirror c1920s Wood Shelf #Unknown

Wood recessed medicine cabinet 21

Espresso vanity, marble countertop, wood framed recessed medicine cabinets