Dark Wood Vanity

Nothing offsets a white bathroom like well-placed dark furniture. Dark wood vanities are a lovely addition to any stark white bathroom, and they look especially well-intentioned in your decor with the perfect basin sink. Add the right hardware to match fixtures and towel racks and you are all set to show off your new and improved bathroom. Get your dark wood vanity and enjoy.

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Bathroom cabinets with double sink on the top. Base is made of wood. Perfect for storing cosmetics, toiletries, towels and others bathroom accessories. Elegant and functional design for each home.

Kensington 61" Double Bathroom Vanity with Mirror

Kensington 61" Double Bathroom Vanity with Mirror
This beautiful and very practical bathroom vanity has enough cabinets and drawers to provide plenty of storage space. It is made of durable wood, has a marble counter top, and big mirror and two sinks are includes.

72" Double Bathroom Vanity Set

72" Double Bathroom Vanity Set
Graceful modern-day set consisting of a wooden stand with a dark brown finish and 2 sinks. A stand has a top of white faux marble, 4 drawers and 4 door cabintes with metal bar handles. Undermount sinks of white porcelain has 3 faucet holes each.

Senza 57" Double Largo Modern Bathroom Vanity Set with Mirror

Senza 57" Double Largo Modern Bathroom Vanity Set with Mirror
A vanity set perfect for your bathroom with the beautiful and spacious double sink and mirror to offer a touch of modern sophistication to the decor. The chrome faucets and pull out drawers look wonderful and are strong and reliable.

Stella Bellezza 59" Double Modern Bathroom Vanity Set with Mirror

Stella Bellezza 59" Double Modern Bathroom Vanity Set with Mirror
It is a set of furniture to equip the bathroom. Excels in the bathroom for marriage because it is a set of double. It consists of a double cupboard with space for two sinks, cupboard on the wall and two mirrors. The whole thing is very elegant and pretty.

Dark wood vanity bathroom

Beautiful bathroom vanity constructed from wood and finished in dark walnut for outstanding style. The vanity also comes with several storage options, including drawers and cabinets. Each of these storage options features silver-coated hardware that accentuates the dark brown appearance remarkably.

Dark vanity

Stunning vanity with a glossed dark wood finish and outstanding metal hardware. The vanity features a marble top and comes with a large open shelf below for towels and other bathroom supplies. You also get five additional drawers in there too for more storage.

Our advice Buying Guide

What wall colors go best with dark wood vanities?

Wall colors that go best with dark wood vanities are lighter neutrals with cozy warm undertones that bring out the warmth in the dark wood finish.

Creamy white, beige, greige, and taupe are ideal colors to surround a dark wood vanity. These soothing colors lighten up interiors and also soften the aesthetic of dark furniture. You’re not looking for a contrasting effect but a way to blend all the pieces of the room. For this reason, avoid crisp, pure whites as this will create an overly dramatic effect.

More subtle white shades can warm up different types of wood. For instance, ivory with a bluish tint serves well with walnut while pinkish-white compliments maple.

Additional options for wall colors include an elegant pale grey and pastel blue shades for tranquility. If your vanity is made of a super dark wood, like black walnut, try painting your wall with a rich ochre color.

Should bathroom mirrors match a dark wood vanity?

A dark wood vanity is a stunning focal point in your bathroom, and it looks even better with a large wall-mounted mirror hanging above it. When it comes to selecting the best mirror to match your dark wooden vanity, there are two options.

If you choose a mirror with a dark wood frame that exactly matches the stain on your vanity, this pairing ties the two pieces together and gives your finished bathroom a cohesive look. However, if you already have other dark features in the bathroom besides the vanity, you may want to use your mirror to open the space up more instead.

In this case, opt for a frameless mirror, or choose one with narrow, silver metallic edging that blends with the mirror itself. This look creates a brighter area above the vanity, preventing your bathroom from becoming too dark and enclosed.

What’s the best type of wood for a dark wood vanity?

Quality is by far the most important factor to consider when selecting a dark wood vanity. And, with high quality comes a high price, durability, and longevity.

Cherry wood is the best choice, given that it’s hard-wearing, takes dark stains very well, ages beautifully, and darkens as time goes by.

Another option is alder. This type of wood’s natural grain can be seen through the stain and may sometimes look blotchy when not stained evenly. Furthermore, alder is a fairly soft hardwood, so you may want to steer clear from alder if children will be using the vanity. Nonetheless, dark wood vanities made of alder have a rustic look that can give your bathroom a cozy and welcoming vibe.

If you want a vanity with a dark stained finish that’s a bit more affordable than cherry, consider maple wood. It’s versatile, incredibly durable, yet much cheaper than most types of wood.

Another attractive wood known for its superior quality is walnut. This wood is available in both medium brown and dark chocolate finishes, so you can choose between various tones and easily pick one that best matches your aesthetics.


Dark wood vanities

Counter height dark wood vanity with a compact design and a stunning dark stain. The vanity comes with a large countertop. You also get amazing storage with two closed-door cabinets and two drawers as well. The piece should really accentuate the bright colors in your bathroom.

Dark wood vanity

Convenience and beauty contained in a single bathroom sink counter/cabinet. Gray veined white marble top protects a beautiful dark wood cabinet. The cabinet includes drawers, doored cabinets, and open shelving perfect for all the items you need to be your best.

Dark wood vanity

Bathroom vanity table fitted with open shelf and a lot of drawers for storing cosmetics, toiletries and others needed stuff. It is mounted on wooden base. Top is made of high quality stone.

Dark wood vanity

Dark wood paneling gives this cabinet a formality not usually found in kitchen cabinets. Adding the chrome door pulls gives a modern touch, and brightens what might otherwise be a somber cabinet. External end panel shelves are perfect small items.

Wall mirrors with lights 12

Luxury bathroom soaked in dark colors. A vanity table was replaced with a large floating block of natural wood. Chocolate brown floor tiles blend with dark brown walls. Matte black pendant lamp provides moody lighting.

Dark wood vanity

A double bathroom vanity set complete with a mirror designed to enhance the style of your bathroom while providing more storage space. It’s made of solid wood with a neutral finish. It features six drawers and two cabinets. Matches perfectly with any bathroom décor.

Dark wood floating shelves 2

Narrow white porcelain sink on a dark stained wood stand gives crisp definition of appearance. Matching dark stained floating shelves with interesting items gives a peaceful spa-like atmosphere to your essential facility. A low bench provides added convenience.

Dark vanity bathroom

Dark wood vanity with a white sink console to match the style of any bathroom. The vanity is made of dark wood and features three drawers set above three-door cabinets to give you ample storage for all your bathroom items.

Ceramic tile wood lookalike flooring gorgeous masculine twist

ceramic tile wood lookalike flooring - gorgeous! Masculine twist

Dark wood vanity

Wooden vanity in nice cherry finish. This element of bathroom furniture features two large compartments with doors and three storage drawers. It also offers a stylish and durable marble top in white color with 2 sink areas.

Dark wood vanity

custom vanity with custom deck mounted square marble sinks. custom mirror with plumbing fittings mounted on the mirror frame. simple pendant lighting. black hexagon mosaic flooring. gorgeous~

Dark wood vanity

Love the arch over the sinks and the medicine cabinets. Don't forget to put an outlet inside the cabinet (and a hook) to get rid of the blow dryer.

Bathroom vanity benches 1

taupe bathroom- espresso double sink console (Pottery Barn)

Dark wood vanity

This Pottery Barn bathroom is coated in Benjamin Moore's Newburyport Blue. It looks so crisp against the white floors and trim

Dark wood vanity 1

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas...easy updo, just use a darker stain & replace hardware

Double trough sink bathroom

A Beautiful bathroom is the dream of all of us, and the melting of the wall-mounted sink from the cabinets is a perfect combination. The modern and traditional solution in one beautiful arrangement. Dark vanity wood is fantastic.

Dark wood vanity

If you love dark, woods, this gray toned pair of cabinets are certainly eye catching.

Dark wood vanity 1

Cream and white looks wonderful with the dark dresser.

Dark wood floating shelves

A bathroom idea - what to match fashionable, but muted sage green walls with? White bathroom facilities, dark wood vanity made of solid wooden blocks and wood floor look like a perfectly harmonious match.

Dark wood vanity 2

Mountain Stream by Sherwin Williams. Beautiful earthy blue paint color for bathrooms, especially when paired with dark woods and whites

Bathrooms with dark vanities

Budget Bathroom Remodels : Bathroom Remodeling : HGTV Remodels

Dark wood vanity 1

This is the only image I can find of the neutral tile colour like ours with the mirror and the dark wood

Double vanity base 1

A luxury bathroom dressing unit of wood in mid brown. It has 8 low angular feet, size-varied drawers in a centre, a 2-door cabinet and an open shelf on each side. Round knobs are of clear glass, a top accommodating 2 sinks - of marble in light hues.

Raw wood shelving

Beautiful bathroom design with stone, I like how the dark is against the potlights, painting the bulk heads dark in the basement

Dark wood tile bathroom

Beautiful vanity area! Love those vessel sinks and the crisp look against the dark wood!

Dark wood vanity 1

DIY wood countertop Really cute and cheap.

Dark wood vanity 3

Located near Bluffton, South Carolina, the cottage at Palmetto Bluff was decorated by Ruthie Edwards out of Hilton Head, SC,

Dark wood vanity

White Tile Bathway to keep brown vanity.Here, walls wrapped in white subway tiles mingle with marble tile floors. Rich brown wall color and a handsome walnut vanity balance the white backdrop and make the room feel cozy. A band of dark marble on the floor

Apparently i like blue bathrooms

apparently I like blue bathrooms

Gray bottom cabinets white top cabinets

A pretty vanity table having grey door and drawer fronts with large metal handles and small knobs, respectively, and a white top with an oval washbasin. A square grey-framed mirror hangs against a lighter grey backsplash with a wide planks design.

Dark wood vanity 1

Household Essentials Hand-Woven Paper Rope Basket with Lid and Liner, Dark Brown Stain

With the sturdy wood frame and the designer styled wicker basket structure with a lid to ensure even more uses this piece will provide you with that much wanted boost of space and organizational option for your household.

Wood vanity stool

Rustic setup for a sophisticated bathroom with a double, marble top vanity cabinet made out of dark walnut with an old-fashioned sink faucet covered with a gold, reflective finish which nicely fits in with the ceramic walls.

Reclaimed wood sideboard 1

Attractive and rustic sideboards made of reclaimed wood. These kitchen cabinets provide plenty of storage space for food products and kitchen accessories. Simple, rectangular construction perfectly matches any design.

Dark wood sideboard 15

Rustic take on a nautical, aquatic sideboard cabinet with a distressed coat of light blue paint painted over the old, white paint. The rough, unpainted top provides an austere detail and acts as a display for classy decorations.

Dark wood vanity 1

How to Add “Old House” Character & Charm to Your Newer Home {Step 6} | Beneath My Heart

Dark wood sideboards

A chic stylish sideboard made of wood with black painted and brown stained finishes. It has a rectangular moulding top, curved legs, a frame and side walls in black. Panels of a drawer and doors (all have dark metal mushroom pulls) are brown.

Dark wood sideboard 14

Sideboard with a durable wooden construction. It features two storage compartments and four large drawers. It also offers additional small drawers. Attractive, geometric pattern looks very nice on the doors.

Like this mix of dark woods and white fixtures and

Like this mix of dark woods and white fixtures and walls. It's the best of both worlds, rich and warm, and clean and simple.

Dark wood sideboard

A chic refinished vintage dresser of wood. It features curved lines both of a top front edge, drawers panels, an apron, short legs. A top is finished in warm browns, the rest - in white. Pendant C-pulls with star-like backplates are of black metal.

Reclaimed wood sideboard

Console table in industrial style. Construction is made of wood and fitted with wheels for easy movement. Base has 4 open shelves for storing needed stuff. Neutral design for each room as needed.

Dark wood floating shelves 16

Love this shade of green with the dark wood & white sink/trim

Dark wood vanity

Love this nautical style bathroom, especially the contrast between the clean white tiles and the dark navy toned wall. And look at that unique mirror, gorgeous!