Double Sink Vanity With Middle Tower

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Take a good look at these offers of vanity bases, since all of them are charming in their own particular way. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of people who have found their favourite offers down here – what about you and your preferences when it comes to these?

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Updated 09/05/2023
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Best Contemporary
87 5 Inch Double Vanity With Center Tower

87 5 Inch Double Vanity With Center Tower

Perfect For: Tall bathroom spaces

What We Like: Large mirror

This pristine white vanity with a center tower is all about understated elegance. It has a simple wooden frame with oval-shaped ceramic sinks and white quartz countertops. Storage includes five drawers, three cabinets, and wide surface tops. All the handles on this set are flat bar pull style. It comes with two matching rectangular mirrors.

Designer Advice:

Give your spacious bathroom some character with this imposing double vanity with a center tower. The matching pair of mirrors will make your space appear even bigger. Its wide handles are sleek yet purposeful, which makes accessing storage simple and easy. The white finish has a cool tone and will work best with modern or ultra-modern interiors.

What Users Say:

This was exactly what I was looking for to complete the master bathroom. Looks very elegant and classy.

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Best Deal
85 Inch Double Sink Vanity With Middle Tower

85 Inch Double Sink Vanity With Middle Tower

Breakwater Bay

Perfect For: Nautical decor styles

What We Like: Spacious sinks

What We Don’t Like: Mirrors sold separately

Available in blue and white, this double-sink vanity has a wooden build with a porcelain sink and a quartz countertop. It includes lots of storage solutions, with six drawers and three cabinets in different sizes for efficient organization. It has knobs and handles that add interest to the piece. The countertop features large rectangular sinks.

$2099.99 $4500

Designer Advice:

This double-sink vanity is a charming centerpiece for your bathroom or powder room. Its large sinks are great for large families. While not a major issue for most, this vanity has no finished back. You’ll also have to buy a matching pair of mirrors for this vanity set separately, which might be a drawback for some.

What Users Say:

Outstanding quality with an elegance that makes any bathroom look amazing.

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Best Rustic-Style
Double Vanity With Linen Tower

Double Vanity With Linen Tower

Gracie Oaks

Perfect For: Traditional decor styles

What We Like: Discreet knob design

Available in three countertop finishes (Carrara white, limestone, quartz white), this double vanity with tower is the perfect addition to compact bathrooms. Its wooden frame has a distressed finish and a beautiful crosshatch pattern. Storage includes seven drawers, three cabinets with multiple shelves, and a spacious stone surface top. The top drawers under both sinks are false.

Designer Advice:

Get your guests gushing about your style by installing this double vanity in your bathroom. Its natural-looking finish and distinct patterns provide a tropical/beach-style feel. We suggest decorating it with bohemian furniture to create a breezy atmosphere. One downside of this setup is the tiny rounded knobs that make storage access a bit challenging.

What Users Say:

Installed in my Master bath. Looks great!

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Classic Seaside Double Sink Vanity with Middle Tower

Classic Seaside Double Sink Vanity with Middle Tower

Ebern Designs

Made in the classic aesthetic to suit a wide range of decor choices, this stylish double sink vanity is great for coastal homes, modern lodges, or contemporary cabins. It offers easy installation of your preferred fixtures in the attractive 60 inch by 22 inch marble countertop. 

Designer Advice:

We love this double sink vanity for the sheer amount of storage it provides. Not only will you find a hinged-door cabinet and spacious drawer under each sink, but you will also get four additional storage drawers in the central storage tower perfect for any toiletries and makeup you choose to store. 

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Rustic Double Vanity with Storage

Rustic Double Vanity with Storage

Highbury Furnishings

This charming rustic vanity measures 72 inches wide and 22 inches deep giving you a range of space atop the white marble counter near the sinks for soaps, candles, decorative items, toiletries, and more. Made from purposefully distressed wood, this spacious double vanity with storage can fit into cabins, lodges, and other rustic homes.

$2299.99 $4999.99

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Bold Double Vanity with Storage Tower in the Middle

Bold Double Vanity with Storage Tower in the Middle

Everly Quinn

The stylish and eye-catching design on this vanity can make a bold statement in any bathroom. Measuring 72 inches by 22 inches, you’ll have plenty of room for any countertop decor, toiletries, and other items. Additionally, you’ll have extra storage space with the three central drawers and spacious hinged cabinet areas.

$2199.99 $5275.6

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Simple Double Vanity with Middle Cabinet

Simple Double Vanity with Middle Cabinet

Zipcode Design™

Measuring 72 inches wide and 22 inches deep, this simple yet attractive double sink vanity can be the perfect solution for a versatile storage counter in your bathroom. Made with a stunning heavy duty quartz countertop and ceramic sink inserts, you’ll enjoy the durable feel this vanity brings to your furniture collection.

$1429.99 $2799.99

Designer Advice:

If you love having a space for everything, this double vanity offers a wide range of storage options to suit your needs. Not only does it have a hinged-door cabinet under each sink, it also features a stack of four drawers in the center and two open shelves for storing towels or other linens.

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Contemporary Vanity with Middle Cabinet Between Sinks

Contemporary Vanity with Middle Cabinet Between Sinks

Sand & Stable™

This 60 inch by 22 inch double sink vanity with a small backsplash is made to fit into a wide range of contemporary, modern, and casual decors without being too obtrusive. It offers plenty of open storage in the center, as well as two hinged doors for plumbing access and the storage of cleaning supplies.

$999.99 $1384.99

Designer Advice:

The middle open shelves are the perfect space for storing towels and other linens, as well as baskets with loose toiletries and other items. Each of the 20 by 11 inch oval sinks is made from polymarble for durability and easy cleaning. The finish of the manufactured wood vanity can be found in four colorations to fit into any decor style.

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Double Sink Vanity With Middle Tower

Buying Guide

Whether you’re one half of a couple or part of a family of adults and children that use the same bathroom, a double vanity base can help you manage your day better. It gives you the opportunity to make your bathroom experience more enjoyable while also letting you add decorating touches that will bring your bathroom to life and tinkle your fancy.

A double vanity base cuts down on waiting time. With it, two people can tidy up for the day ahead simultaneously. Conveniently, their bath supplies and toiletries are stored neatly in the same room. Two sinks on a double vanity base offer not only lots of storage but also the opportunity to:

  • Hide plumbing
  • Accessorize the bathroom as if it’s almost a living room

Vanity bases come in solid hardwood, plywood or medium density fiberboard. Although medium density fiberboard is not as moisture resistant as some of the other materials, it can still give you years of service. Regardless of the material your unit is made of, extend its life by installing an exhaust fan that’s vented to the outside. Run it for 15 to 20 minutes after showering or bathing.

A double vanity base requires a space that;’s at least 60 inches long. However, 72 inches is ideal. The recommended height for a vanity is 36 inches. This height keeps adults of average height from having to bend down too low. Of course, select the height that’s comfortable for you. If children will be using the double vanity base, then the suggested height is 30 inches to 32 inches. The top should be a little wider and deeper than the base.

Select the finish you want for your vanity base. A dark brown one is recommended for a more traditional bathroom or to make it the focal point. Select a lighter finish such as white or cream for a contemporary bathroom.

For even more storage, you can find a double vanity base that has a section that rises high in between the two sinks. Some units have open shelving to allow family members quick access to frequently used items. white finish for it.

Popular now are undermount sinks that hang under the countertop rather than on top of it. This allows for a seamless surface from countertop to sink.

Best Ideas

Double vanity base 5

Vanity sink base with a durable wooden construction finished in white color. It features two sink areas and three compartments. This set also includes six storage drawers with metal handles and two rectangular mirrors.

Roswell home farmhouse bathroom atlanta

Roswell home farmhouse bathroom atlanta

Traditional bathroom setup with two symmetrical sinks and a storage unit separating them. The marble counter top provides a nice complementing detail to the white furniture, and the shelf gives a lot of storage and display space.

Double vanity base cabinet

Double bathroom vanity with storage drawers and cabinets. Wooden construction is finished in neutral white color. Classic stylization looks very good in any bathroom design. These cabinets are paired with two oval mirrors and a storage tower with glass doors.

Double vanity base 17

Double vanity unit comprised of two separate vanity bases; each one comes with individual sink; the vanity bases are separated with a tall cabinet unit. Separate mirrors, towel racks and wall fixtures add to the feel of independent units.

72 inch vanity base

Such a beautiful, traditional setup for a master bathroom, very classy and elegant. I really like the mirrored, symmetrical design of the vanity cabinet and the appliances. Great if you love harmony.

Double vanity base 5

The use of marble in interior design has a long history, dating back as far as Ancient Rome. Marble has been used over the centuries to embellish everything from iconic architectural structures to modern day kitchens and bathrooms. Sculptures as famous as

Double vanity base cabinet 6

Bathroom cabinet in rustic style. Base is made of wood and fitted with a lot of drawers for storing cosmetics, toiletries and others bathroom accessories. Marble top is fitted with double sink.

Open Cabinets

Open Cabinets

Wide bathroom cabinet with double sink on the top. Base is made of wood and finished with pastel colors. Great solution for storing towels, toiletries, cosmetics and others bathroom accessories.

Double vanity base cabinet 11

This double vanity sink cabinet is a refined proposition, combining smoothly industrial and modern influences. The rustic, wooden construction features 3 double drawers and a long bottom shelf for storage.

Zinc double vanity base

Zinc Double Vanity Base

Double vanity base 16

Bathroom Vanity with Historical Charm, like the planked walls, the baskets in the middle, and the sconces with the black base

Vessel sink cabinet

Thanks to this double vanity set, you won't have to fight with your spouse over the bathroom, anymore. Functional, stained maple construction allows you to accommodate 2 sinks on this elegant base with 5 storage drawers and silver-finished handles.

Double vanity base 6

Or, I could use the dresser colour on the walls and bring in mustard with bedding/curtains/accents.

Sheffield 72" Double Bathroom Vanity Base

Sheffield 72" Double Bathroom Vanity Base

This sensational cabinet for double sinks is the perfect finish for your bathroom. Spacious cabinets and drawers can accommodate all the necessary toiletries, cosmetics, towels and many others.

Double vanity base 1

if I ever buy a house with as short sink ugh!! How to Raise Up A Short Vanity on the cheap

Odeon double vanity sink base 1

Odéon Double Vanity Sink Base

Double vanity base 11

dark cabinetry with marble surface, hexagonal floor tile, subway tile on bath tub

Traditional double sink bathroom vanity

Classic colors give this bathroom a crisp modern feeling. Browse more of our top bathroom vanity picks here:

Modero 72" Vanity Base

Modero 72" Vanity Base

This beautiful vanity base set of furniture under the sink is a stylish design element for your bathroom. It has many practical cabinets and drawers for necessities, toiletries or towels. Elegant finish delights.

Double vanity base cabinet 2

Double vanity base cabinets are a way to queue up in the toilet. This way you can brush your teeth at the same time with your beloves - with wooden washbasins cabinets at the bottom. Vanity top was made in gray elegant marble.

Industrial style bathroom vanity

This gorgeous vanity sink will fit well into contemporary, loft or urban spaces. It combines smoothly rustic and modern design elements, mixing natural wood with sleeky white finish.

Double vanity base 10

Beautiful Marble Double Vanity Sink with solid brass base, faucets, and plumbing fittings (image by Gerardo Jaconelli, via All The Best Blog)

Bathroom vanity base only

Suzie: Brown Meihaus Construction - Fun cottage bathroom with repurposed wood vanity, Two's ...

Double vanity base 2

A spacious bathroom for a couple in a refined weekend home. Double vanity base (all wood) stores towels and bathing accessories, the latter houses in rattan baskets. A lack of doors delivers a welcome accessibility.