Bedroom Vanity With Storage


Every woman who loves to apply make-up needs a vanity, and a vanity for your bedroom with additional storage is wonderful. Put all your make-up, curlers, or what-have-you in the extensive storage available, so your vanity stays neat and tidy. With special vanity lights and a special vanity mirror, it is time for you to look at this collection and pick your very own bedroom vanity with storage.

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Bedroom vanity with storage

This white vanity set represents antique beauty in modern finishing. A big mirror, constituting the central point, towering above an arching desk, complimented by two tall cabinets, offering a huge storage space.

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Diy bedroom vanity

An aesthetic traditional bathroom dressing unit made of wooden materials finished in white. It has a rectangularish top with rounded corners and 7 size-varied drawers with simple rectangular milling cuts on fronts and small metal mushroom pulls.

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Bedroom vanity luxury bedroom vanity makeup together with bedroom

Bedroom Vanity. Luxury Bedroom Vanity: Makeup together with bedroom ...

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Childrens bedroom chandeliers

A spacious all-in-one unit for the bedroom which combines the functions of a vanity cabinet, clothes armoire and a storage rack with a plenty of shelves and drawers, making it a perfect piece for children’s bedroom.

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Lighted vanity table

A decorative and functional vanity set designed for luxurious bedrooms. It provides storage space in one large compartment and in four storage drawers. It also offers a quite large top with a functional mirror.

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Vanity chair pottery barn

Vanity set fitted with mirror, drawers and cabinets in various sizes for storing needed stuff. Construction is made of wood. Elegant and functional accent for any bedroom according to taste and need.

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Make up station

The beautiful vanity table is the perfect solution for any female bedroom or dressing room. A simple table, mirror and numerous drawers and cabinets create a functional whole. A simple chair allows you to take care of yourself comfortably.

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Bedroom inspiring contemporary floating vanity bedroom design with

Bedroom. Inspiring Contemporary Floating Vanity Bedroom Design With ...

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Nightfly Vanity with Mirror

Nightfly Vanity with Mirror

This stylish, modern style vanity table was made of solid wood with lacquered wood veneer finish. It features a folding mirror with a LED lights, decorated with croc embossed leather. Available in black and white.

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Wood vanity stool

White vanity table with matching chair and cabinets on either side creates the perfect place to keep all the things you need to be ready for your day. Mirrored doors hide recessed drawers with metal knobs as well as open shelves.

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Bedroom Vanity With Storage

Buying Guide

A bedroom vanity is best placed in a cool area with plenty of natural light. Skincare products and cosmetics are sensitive to heat and moisture, affecting their texture and quality, so it is crucial to place your vanity in a location with a consistent temperature and humidity level. The ideal temperature is roughly 77°F, with a relative humidity level of 30% to 50%.

Your vanity must be positioned so you can use natural daylight to apply your makeup. Artificial lighting can produce skewed color tones that are too warm or cool. By using natural daylight, you’ll be able to view the most accurate reflection of your face to achieve a natural look.

Placing your bedroom vanity with storage in front of a sunlit window is ideal, but ensure you keep your cosmetics in a drawer or closed case to avoid UV exposure. If your bedroom gets lots of natural light, position your vanity next to your bed where it can double as a bedside table. This is also an excellent idea for bedrooms with limited space.

If you’re choosing lighting for a bedroom vanity with storage, select an LED bulb for energy-efficiency and to make sure there’s no opportunity for you to burn yourself while completing your self-care routines. It’s also a good idea to include lighting to the sides of the vanity, as well as above, so you get even light coverage; this will help you do your makeup as evenly as possible.

You can store plenty of items in your bedroom vanity ranging from beauty and makeup to haircare and skin products. These include perfumes, lipsticks, eye makeup, base products (foundations, primers, concealers and bronzers), makeup brushes, hairbrushes, nail polish, jewelry and candles.

Spend time to organize products into categories for ease of retrieval. Use boxes, containers, baskets, trays, clear Lucite organizers, draw dividers, brush holders and cookie jars to separate products.

You could also arrange the items by frequency of use. Keep the most used within easiest reach and the least used further back. This would be particularly effective if you use virtually the same items for your everyday look.

Best Ideas

More pictures from girly vintage make up tower and vanity

More pictures from Girly Vintage Make Up Tower And Vanity Set

Bedroom vanity with storage


Small white vanity table

This is the perfect dream bathroom vanity. Narrow cabinets with drawers in the base and covered shelving above make a spot for all the things you need. At the right of the vanity table is a lovely, small sink.

Edgar 3 Piece Vanity Set with Mirror

Edgar 3 Piece Vanity Set with Mirror

A beautiful vanity set with a mirror and matching stool, all in a charming white finish. It combines the MDF, rubberwood and birch veneer construction, making it sturdy and durable, while the stool is thickly padded for your extra comfort.

Make up dressing table

Made from manufactured wood with laminate veneers - bedroom vanity dressing table with a great glass top and storage space - keeps all your make-up space clean and organized. Contains 9 drawers, which are dream of every woman.

White bedroom vanities

bedroom vanity sets Nightfly White Bedroom Vanity Set at Hayneedle ...

Pink vanity set

Wish I had this vanity, especially with the two cabinets on the sides.

Vanities for bedrooms in modern designs

Vanities for Bedrooms in Modern designs

Modern makeup vanity

Perfumes and cosmetics are decently displayed on floating wall mounted glass shelves with mirrored backs. High gloss off-white vanity table represents upscale modern style. Backless stool with mirrored facets completes this set.

Vanities for bedrooms with mirror

Vintage Bedroom Vanity With Crystal Cut Mirror Vintage Furnitures ...

Bedroom vanity with storage

AWESOME Vanity Nook!!! Full length mirror + cabinets & drawers for storage within reaching distance. ❤❤❤ Now toss the silly flowers & get some beauty products on there!!

Diy makeup vanity would be great for a studio apartment

DIY makeup vanity- would be great for a studio apartment! Minus the leopard print though!

Bedroom vanity with storage

Children's fitted bedroom furniture in Ivory from our Satus Range with ...

Bedroom vanity with storage

The vanity will be in a corner of the bedroom, so it's important that I find something to organize makeup with a sure proof way that I won't get it messy in a few days! lol