Vintage Makeup Vanity


A vintage makeup vanity is the perfect designated space for makeup items and cute accessories in your bedroom. They have multiple drawers and cabinets where you can store everything from makeup products and fragrances to jewelry stands and trays. They have embossed details and matching upholstered seats that add a luxurious appeal to your dressing space.

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Classic Vintage Makeup Vanity
Barbosa 43'' Wide Vanity Set with Stool and Mirror
Barbosa 43'' Wide Vanity Set with Stool and Mirror

Classic Vintage Makeup Vanity

Darby Home Co

This vintage makeup vanity has a shell and scroll mirror frame and engravings that give it a gorgeous vintage vibe. It comes with a matching upholstered seat, mirror, and three small drawers for storage. It is available in four finishes that will add a luxurious appeal to your bedroom.

Designer Advice:

This makeup vanity vintage table and stool set is perfect for a traditional or mid-century style bedroom. The table has a smooth surface where you can store your most-used accessories and makeup, and the three drawers can hold even more of your jewelry and other accoutrements. The comfortable stool and mirror complete the gorgeous setup.

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Vintage Chic Vanity Set

Vintage Chic Vanity Set

Rosdorf Park

This vintage vanity set comes in a metallic silver finish and includes a matching stool and mirror. It features seven drawers and two levels of table storage. This set is perfect for those who want a traditional look with a bit of shine.

$639.99 $752.33

Royal Vintage Vanity
Darchelle 67'' Wide Vanity

Royal Vintage Vanity

Bloomsbury Market

This vintage vanity has a solid wood construction and features seven felt-lined drawers with intricate carvings. Inspired by old European design, the unit features brown copper metal hardware. It is a fantastic accent piece to style your bedroom in a royal theme.

$2999.99 $4231.68

Designer Advice:

This unit is the ideal vintage vanity table if you want to style your bedroom with European antique finds. The table has enough storage space to fit all your vanity items such as makeup, accessories, jewelry, fragrances, flowers, and more. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a matching seat, and it requires at least two people for assembly.

Traditional Makeup Vanity
45.5'' Wide Solid Wood Vanity with Mirror
45.5'' Wide Solid Wood Vanity with Mirror
45.5'' Wide Solid Wood Vanity with Mirror
45.5'' Wide Solid Wood Vanity with Mirror
45.5'' Wide Solid Wood Vanity with Mirror

Traditional Makeup Vanity

Design Toscano

This antique vanity set has a wooden construction and features lots of storage in its five drawers and behind the mirror cabinet. It has a cherry-brown finish and comes with a removable mirror. The engravings and other design touches will give your bedroom a touch of vintage class.

$1594.86 $1834.26

Mid Century Makeup Vanity
Cashlin 66.9'' Wide Solid Wood Vanity

Mid Century Makeup Vanity

Bloomsbury Market

This wide antique makeup vanity is made of solid beech wood in a gorgeous walnut finish and features three soft-close drawers and two cabinets. The attention-grabbing piece has Victorian-style gold details with black accents that are the epitome of high-end luxury.

$2259.99 $2399.99

Retro Makeup Vanity

Retro Makeup Vanity

This retro makeup vanity features seven drawers and a tri-fold mirror. The vanity unit comes in a jet black color and has embossed rose decorations on the drawers. The unit includes a matching upholstered stool with a white cushion.

Designer Advice:

This antique vanity table is perfect for bedrooms with a retro theme. With the optimized storage, you can easily stack your makeup and other knick-knacks in the drawers or two tiers on top. The table comes with a matching seat, so you won’t have to worry about looking for one on your own. The embossed rose decorations on the drawers are not just for visual appeal—they are also the handles that will help you pull the drawers out.

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Vintage Makeup Vanity

Buying Guide

The type of chair to match with an antique white vanity table varies based on your interior decor and personal style. While stools or benches are common to add to vanities, a comfortable chair is also an excellent option as they provide a supportive back feature.

One type of chair that often goes well with an antique white vanity table is a wish-bone style chair. These come in various materials, including one with a solid beech frame and rope seating for a natural look and feel. Another combination of materials is a bronze metal frame with a padded seat and backing.

If you have a plain chair, add a touch of romance or elegance by draping a cover over the bottom and backing; ties add an extra design element.

To add a modern element, consider a swivel vanity chair. This type of chair can be designed in distressed white or brighter colors depending on what look you wish to achieve.

When choosing a chair for your vanity table, consider the width of space available and the height. Alternatively, purchase an antique white vanity set that comes with a matching table and chair for a quick and easy way to create a chic, cohesive look.

An antique white vanity set is the perfect piece of furniture to fit into your small bedroom or bathroom. Many antique vanity sets are smaller than full-sized dresser sets, with less bulky and square designs. This allows them to fit into a small space without making it feel cramped.

Antique vanities offer drawers for your make-up and hair accessories, along with ample topspace for additional beauty items like perfume and lotions. The attached mirror means you don’t have to invest in a separate mirror for your space and adds to the antique piece’s functionality and style.

Place a lamp on your vanity to enhance the lighting in your bedroom without dedicating an area to a floor lamp, and push the vanity’s matching chair beneath the desktop to save space when you are not using it.

Even though most people purchase an antique vanity set for their traditional rooms, this old-style piece of furniture can definitely be mixed with more contemporary and modern decor styles.

Of course, you wouldn’t want your furniture to look wildly mismatched so make sure that they are balanced in color, shape, or texture. Since the set is in white, it can effortlessly complement a variety of color palettes.

If your vanity is too fancy and ornate to blend in with your modern pieces, have them contrast with each other to create an intriguing juxtaposition! For instance, you can set a lamp with a streamlined base on your antique vanity table or pair it with a contemporary vanity stool.

Best Ideas

Antique vanity set

A traditional white vanity cabinet with a trifold mirror and an antique, vintage design. The light, rose-pink color gives this one a unique appearance and makes it perfect for an elegant, sophisticated bedroom.

Antique makeup table

Figuring out the client consult table...could it double as the drinks cabinet (assuming I want to offer libations)? Sans mirror, of course.

Antique white vanity set

A beautiful vanity set that will allow you to put the make-up in the morning with ultimate style and class. It sports the antique finish and design and comes with the off-white color of the painted wood.

Antique white vanity set 1

Antique White Vanity Set

Makeup stations for home

A chic antique set of creamy-finished wood with golden accents. A dressing table with curved panel drawers on raised sides and a round padded stool feature carved spindle legs and top edges with geometric patterns. A round mirror has ornate carvings.

Antique White Vanity Set With Stool

Antique White Vanity Set With Stool

Unpretentious vanity set with an oval mirror, drawer and cushioned stool, all in antique white. Constructed of veneer and wood. The backless stool has its seat wrapped up in cream fabric that blends with the rest of the finish.

Antique white vanity set 11

I've always wanted a fancy vanity so I could be this really gorgeous and composed mom..........Or at least seem like that to my daughter.

Antique vanities for sale

White distressed antique vanity/desk

Vintage makeup vanity

Vanity table in vintage style. Construction is made of wood. It consists of large mirror and a lot of drawers in various sizes for storing personal items. Sophisticated addition for bedroom, living room and more.

Kidney shaped vanity table


Antique white vanity set

vintage sewing machine repurposed

Kidney shaped vanity

hmmm.... I could repaint my old antique vanity...... this is cute.

Antique white vanity set 4

A Comfy Little Place of My Own: Antique Vanity Redo

Pink vanity table

Pink vanity set for girls. It includes a table with storage drawers and compartments. Backless bench is white and cushioned for better comfort of sitting. Table is also equipped with a practical mirror.

Antique white vanity set 20

Vintage Painted Vanity

Antique white vanity set 18

Antique White Vanity Set with Stool | Shopping - The Best Deals on Bedroom Mirrors £134.25

Antique white vanity set 16

Vanity - the one I have now is an antique and falling apart. Maybe I'll try a coat of white paint?

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