Small Vanity Table For Bedroom

If you want a vanity, but your bedroom is kind of small and confined, then normally, you might be out of luck. But not today. We have a line of small vanity tables for your tiny bedroom that will allow you to do your vanity-related primping, and still have plenty of space to move around. There is always a way. We are happy to offer it to you in our collection.

Best Products

Old Fashioned Vanity With Mirror

Old Fashioned Vanity With Mirror
This antique vanity table is sure to provide a charming, old-fashioned vibe to a master bedroom or a closet. Made in a French, provincial style, the table is crafted out of manufactured wood with a weathered, unfinished appearance in white and light brown. On the back of the table rests a tiny hutch with three drawers and an oval-shaped makeup mirror with a decoratively carved frame.

Two Piece Vanity Set With Mirror

Two Piece Vanity Set With Mirror
An affordable and compact two-piece vanity set for a bedroom or a bathroom, featuring a table with a built-in drawer for a little bit of additional storage and a small mirror on top placed on swivels, which makes it able to fully rotate around. The set also includes a comfy stool, all made out of wood with a white coat of paint.

Three Drawer Vanity Set With Mirror And Included Stool

Three Drawer Vanity Set With Mirror And Included Stool
A piece of furniture that not only does its primary function well – it also doubles as a stylish decoration to your bedroom. This vanity and makeup table is made out of solid wood with a white coat of paint and comes with a pre-built mirror on top and an additional stool. The table has a set of three drawers for storage – one of them attached to the front and two more on the little hutch in the back.

Square Shaped Vanity Set With Mirror

Square Shaped Vanity Set With Mirror
If you’re to do your makeup in the morning anyway, why not do it in style instead? Take a look at this beautiful vanity table made out of white and purple painted wood with an adjustable top which hides a handy mirror underneath its structure. The table also has decoratively curved front legs and two square-shaped mirrored surfaces on the front. The compartment underneath the mirror acts as a useful drawer, just big enough for a couple of makeup utilities.

Espresso Finish Vaity Set With Mirror And Stool

Espresso Finish Vaity Set With Mirror And Stool
Bring some elegance to your bedroom with this sophisticated vanity set with a built-in mirror and an embedded nesting stool, all made out of manufactured wood with solid wood veneers. The thin structure of its frame allows the table to be placed in even the smallest of rooms, and the mirror does not exceed the width of the frame when in use.

Solid Wood Vanity With Mirror

Solid Wood Vanity With Mirror
A free-standing makeup and vanity table, with a frame made out of manufactured wood with solid wood veneers in a combination of black and white, which creates a gorgeous composition of shades. The modern design of the table reveals itself in the shape and placement of drawers and storage shelves, which together with the slick, rectangular-shape mirror adjust the piece perfectly to the contemporary standards.

Dark Walnut Vanity Set With Mirror

Dark Walnut Vanity Set With Mirror
This contemporary style vanity table not only provides a modern touch which is sure to spruce up any bedroom but also doubles as a capacious organizational piece with its overabundance of drawers and storage compartments. The clean-lined frame without knobs or handles is crafted out of a combination of solid and manufactured woods, finished off with veneers resembling dark walnut wood.

Our advice Buying Guide

Originally designed just for a place for putting on and storing makeup, the modern vanity table for bedroom has grown into an essential part of the morning routine especially for women. Nowadays, modern bedroom vanity tables act as a morning and night hub for most people. This piece of furniture has grown from being a "place of storage" to an essential part of the modern life.

Before you purchase a vanity table for the bedroom, there are a few critical factors that you need to consider so you'll get the one that is perfect for your situation.

How to determine the right size for a vanity table?

To begin with, it's best that you already have a good idea of where to place the vanity table. It's highly recommended that you place it where natural light is abundant. Once you have the location, take measurements so you'll have an idea of how much space you have. Naturally, you need to find a vanity table that fits very well with the allotted space.

Keep in mind that the bigger the vanity table, the more storage it can provide. While more storage may be better, but it's not necessarily optimal. If you don't have a lot of items to store on the table and you get the biggest one you can find, you'll end up paying for storage that you don't need. Hence, also consider the number of items you need to store on the vanity table.

What features to look for in a vanity table for bedroom?

A vanity table for the bedroom comes with many parts like storage space and mirror. To find the best unit for your situation, you'll have to consider some personal factors. Specifically, you'd want to know your primary use for the piece.

  • Are you going to use it as a make-up station?
  • Do you want a small vanity primarily for storing jewelry?
  • Are you planning to use the small vanity table for its mirror?

Once you have a clearer picture of what your goals are for purchasing a small vanity table for the bedroom, then find one that is best suited for your wants and needs. For example, if you are thinking of using the small vanity table for its mirror, then you can buy one that can offer more and higher quality mirrors and minimal storage space.

What styles of small vanity tables are there?

Small vanity tables come in many different designs that fall into two major style categories. There's the antique or contemporary.

  • If your bedroom design falls into that classic look, then an antique small vanity table is typically a better choice.
  • If the look of the bedroom is more modern, then a contemporary small vanity table is the ideal choice.

Ideally, you'd want the style of the vanity table to match with the rest of the bedroom. If you are not sure with the style of the bedroom, then you can opt for a small vanity table that is neutral (typically in black and white) as it's considered as a "safe" choice.


Corner writing desk multiple finishes

Corner writing desk multiple finishes
A small corner desk that was designed especially for use in small rooms. Its classic style fits perfectly in different compositions. It is supported on solid pine wood legs and has got a drawer and bottom shelf for enhanced storage capability.

Wessex Vanity Table with Mirror

Wessex Vanity Table with Mirror
This charming vanity table is also a practical desk. Perfect for the bedroom or living room corner. Beautifully made is very tasteful and two handy drawers are perfect for odds and ends.

Small vanity table for bedroom

Japanese minimalism was out in 1950s, and this vanity table - so different from others! - takes benefit of a classic mid century style. It's also right up your alley if you are forced to save floor space.

Dressing table for small space

The small vanity table was once an indispensable element of every lady's bedroom. Though the times of aristocratic balls we have rather behind us - a modern white mini dressing table with gray, shiny drawers and mirror will work in our home.

Corner makeup vanity table

The small vanity table for bedroom can add the exclusive and modern touch to any style and decor. The classic structure has the oval mirror, which is perfect for everyday make-up.

Small vanity table for bedroom

If you are about creating a vanity corner in your bedroom, this idea is perfect. A simple table with a mirror and a softly finished quilted upholstered stool / ottoman create a very functional set.

Small vanity table for bedroom

With this amazing wall shelf you'll be able to create a dressing table without taking up too much of your floor space and you still get the extra possibilities for organizing your belongings neatly.

Small makeup vanity

An elegant space-saving vanity table, wall-mounted shelves and organisers. They're entirely made of clear tempered glass and feature rectilinear shapes. A wooden chair with a pale greenish finish has rounded legs and an arched lattice backrest.

Makeup vanity ideas for small spaces

This designer project presents a small vanity table for a contemporary bedroom. Carved in high-quality wood, it has the 7-number shape. Its minimalistic silhouette shall appeal to all fans of modern design.

Closet vanity table

Bedroom Vanity

Small vanity desk

Go for a design that is both appealing visually and will help you save up as much space as possible. This corner built-in desk is a perfect solution for small rooms and will even serve as a vanity table.

Bedroom plan update

Bedroom Plan Update

Small vanity table for bedroom 1

small vanity table for bedroom

Vanity table for girl

Why not go for a small vanity table for your limited space and still get the comfort and convenience you might be looking for. It comes with a simple, white finish and the straight lines of the design makes it accent any modern space beautifully.

Little dressing table

turn a desk into a vanity by adding a mirror above and two small side tables

Small vanity makeup white great for guest bedroom or in

small vanity makeup white... great for guest bedroom or in a good size master bedroom

Small vanity table

Dress up you bedroom with the dressing small vanity table. It features the rectangular glass top with a lot of spaces for jewelry and cosmetics. It brings the classic style and simplicity to any home.

Vanity Set with Mirror

Vanity Set with Mirror

Small makeup desk

Save floor space and add additional storage to your home with this compact office desk. Made from wood, the piece comes with four open shelves, three bin bag hooks on the sides, and a large tabletop for all your work. It’s finished in stunning white neutral shades.

Modern small bedroom vanities images

Modern Small Bedroom Vanities Images

Vanity makeup table with mirror

This is my all-time favorite vanity table. Would it hold any of my ...

Prepac White Floating Desk with Storage

Are you a fan of modern and practical solution? Then, you're gonna fall in love with this amazing and unique floating desk with storage! Check it out and bring some extraordinary design to your house.

Small makeup table

If you have a small bedroom, then, this narrow vanity table can be a good choice to make the interior more functional. It's constructed of hardwood in an espresso finish, holding a clear glass top with a bottom shelf that's perfect for storing and displaying all your makeup necessities.

I think i want this vanity cb2 399 00 i

I think I want this. Vanity | CB2 $399.00 I like this 1 but just got an even better 1 for my Bday!!!

Small bedroom vanity

A simple narrow contemporary desk made of wooden materials with a laminated white finish but a base of black-finished metal. It has a rectangular top and 2 drawers (with cutout pulls) underneath. Legs are quite tall straight and angular.

Materials 1xmicke desk small version 73 cm color white 1xstave

Materials: 1xMICKE (Desk- small version 73 cm, Color white), 1xSTAVE (Mirror, Color white), screwdriver for recessed head screws, 2x elbow Description: F

Cute vanity ideas

A small vanity table in the bedroom is a great combination of functionality and an attractive design element. This simple table with a chair creates a neat whole, thanks to which the morning preparations are pleasant.

Clear vanity table

Pretty, vintage looking vanity. Too small for my collection, but pretty to look at nonetheless. :)

Wall mounted bedroom vanity

This small vanity table constitutes a fabulous addition to a contemporary bedroom. Its sleek, white surface adds a contemporary, simplistic, yet very cosy appeal. A perfect way to start your day!

Vanity ideas for small bedrooms

Can't accommodate a big, full-size vanity in your bedroom? What about such a small, practical vanity instead? White paint makes it fit all designs, while the wooden frame is stable and durable, and won't get damaged easily.

Small vanity with mirror

We’re always fans of making a console table work twice as hard, as a vanity and beside table.

Ikea white vanity desk

makeup storage for bedroom. i would LOVE a chair like that to go with my vanity!

Small mirrored vanity

My New Makeup Room ! Feat. Ikea Malm Dressing Table | LUUUX

Provence painted pine small vanity table

Provence Painted Pine Small Vanity Table

Small vanity set

A lovely vanity bedroom set with matching chair that can be mounted between two bookcases. Its made of wood with a splash of white finish, offering 2 stylish drawers with cutout holes for handles, and a chair with white leather upholstery and stylish nail head trim.

Bedroom vanity furniture modern bedroom vanity table by bndesign net

bedroom vanity furniture modern bedroom vanity table by bndesign net

Small makeup vanities

In the bachelor's apartment there is no space for the real vanity table. But there is always enough place for such corner, which could play its role in the limited space. The triangle drawer could contain the most useful cosmetics.

Simple vanity table

This stylish and incredibly beautifully designed white bedroom is the perfect solution for fans of this color. The beautiful headboard is subtle quilted, captivating vanity with a mirror and a beautiful chair admires the composition.

Corner vanity table

A lovely addition for enhancing your bedroom. With this tasteful vanity table, you are gaining a fashionable table with wooden construction and a white finish, along with a compact drawer, turned legs with stretchers, a smooth top, and a large, rectangle mirror.

Small white vanity table

This is the perfect dream bathroom vanity. Narrow cabinets with drawers in the base and covered shelving above make a spot for all the things you need. At the right of the vanity table is a lovely, small sink.

Corner vanity table bedroom

Simple, but decorative dressing table with a durable wooden frame and solid rectangular top in neutral white finish. This element of home design includes three storage drawers and it is paired with a solid chair that provides back support.

Dressing table wall mounted

X-Base Vanity Set : Target Mobile

Home Styles 5537-72 Lafayette Vanity Table and Bench, multi-step Cherry finish

This vanity table with a matching bench is crafted from mahogany wood and cherry veneer. The vanity table has a removable mirror, 3 storage drawers, and spindle legs. The bench features a padded seat that is also upholstered in black vinyl.