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Buy the best bedroom makeup vanity selected and recommended by interior designers. By Mia Jones.

Put on your makeup like a Hollywood starlet when you do so from your very own bedroom makeup vanity. They are sturdy with plenty of countertop space for all your makeup, and drawers to store things when not in use. And many come with vanity mirrors with additional globe lights, so you can see just how beautiful you are. See collection for options.

Bedroom makeup vanity with lights and drawers

Bedroom makeup vanity with lights and drawers

Bedroom makeup vanity with lights and drawers

Etta Avenue™


What We Like: It offers different storage compartments

What We Don't Like: It could be a little sturdier

Not so good for: A large space

Perfect for: A teen girl

This is the best makeup vanity with lights for teen girls as it offers plenty of storage for cosmetics and skincare, including five drawers and three shelves. You'll also find a standing mirror that lights up, perfectly complementing the vanity's crisp white finish.

The vanity and the small stool it comes with are crafted from manufactured wood, with the stool wrapped in plush polyester and foam cushioning. You can add more flair to the unit with greenery or your daughter's favorite fresh flowers.

Farmhouse makeup vanity 

Farmhouse makeup vanity 

Farmhouse makeup vanity 

17 Stories


What We Like: It comes with a matching seat

What We Don't Like: It could be sturdier

Not so good for: An ultra-modern space

Perfect for: A farmhouse-style bedroom

Keep your beauty blenders and makeup brushes in one place with this farmhouse-style vanity. Crafted from a combination of solid wood and particle board veneers, it boasts three spacious drawers, a side basket, and even a hairdryer holder.

Another lovely feature is the little organization cubbies that add a nice extra touch that'll make it easier to organize your makeup and skincare. You can use the ball-bearing glides under the black metal legs to move it around whenever you want to update your space.

Victorian vanity with lights 

Victorian vanity with lights 

Victorian vanity with lights 

Rosdorf Park


What We Like: Compact and functional

What We Don't Like: The quality could be better

Not so good for: A large bedroom

Perfect for: A tween or teen bedroom

Eliminate makeup clutter with this five-drawer vanity. Ideal for a shabby chic or a modern farmhouse closet, it boasts a solid rubberwood frame with a soft white finish and a matching vanity stool. The beautifully sculptured mirror features ten dimmable lightbulbs that'll take your facebeat to another level.

There are also dedicated slots for makeup brushes and nail polishes, and the surface is large enough to house perfumes that you reach for regularly and maybe a pretty flower vase.

Manufactured wood makeup vanity with lights

Manufactured wood makeup vanity with lights

Manufactured wood makeup vanity with lights

Everly Quinn


What We Like: It's easy to setup

What We Don't Like: There's nothing to dislike

Not so good for: A traditional space

Perfect for: A modern bedroom or dressing room

This beautiful vanity is a cozy spot to get ready and neatly hold makeup and jewelry. It has a large drawer and three open shelves on either side to keep your perfumes and skincare essentials on hand.

It's made from manufactured wood with a white and gold finish that lends itself well to a sleek modern closet, and the included mirror lights up with nine soft light bulbs that'll make getting dolled up even easier.

Small makeup table with lights 

Small makeup table with lights 

Small makeup table with lights 

Andover Mills™


What We Like: Simple and easy to put together

What We Don't Like: The drawer is not smooth

Not so good for: A large closet

Perfect for: A tiny bedroom

This is the perfect option if you're looking for a get-ready station that's easy to keep tidy and dress up in. It has a solid wood frame with an MDF top and a matching vanity stool with an inviting foam-filled cushion.

It comes in a range of neutral modern finishes like gray, white, espresso, and marble, which are ideal for a girl's bedroom. The top surface can be accessorized with a travel case for things like lashes and brushes, or you could decorate it with some greenery and keep makeup and skincare supplies organized in the small drawer.

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Bedroom Makeup Vanity

Buying Guide

Want to find a piece of furniture that looks great while helping you to stay organized? A bedroom makeup vanity is the ideal item to keep all your favorite makeup and jewelry in one place and ensure that your bedroom doesn't become too untidy. With so many varieties available to purchase, it can be tricky to know which one will suit you and your bedroom the best. Let's consider some of the styles of makeup vanity which are for sale.

If you don't know the answer to this already, you should take some time to figure it out so that you have a foundation to work from. Here are some of the types and sizes of vanity units that you can look at.

  • Wardrobes: A dressing table and mirror paired with a wardrobe on either side can provide you with ample storage space for not only your makeup, but your clothes and shoes too. This large piece of furniture is normally flat packed and will be built once it's inside the bedroom. Commonly seen in white or grey, this elegant unit is adorned with full length mirrors on the wardrobe doors as well as a smaller lower mirror at the dressing table for your makeup.
  • Simple unit: Standing around six feet tall, a full length mirror paired with a small table can create the ultimate simplistic makeup vanity look. The table often comes with a leather or fabric stool to provide comfort while applying your makeup at the table.
  • Fitted unit: Another style you will see which comes with some storage space is the fitted makeup vanity unit. The mirror is affixed to the wall and a slim unit is positioned horizontally to the wall. The storage space comes in the form of either shelves underneath the unit or drawers along the side or front of the horizontal piece.

Different materials for furniture within your bedroom can help to create different effects. If you're still deciding which material would suit your bedroom most, here are some of the most common options for makeup vanity units.

  • Wood: Light wood such as oak or cherry is a popular material for any bedroom furniture. A light brown shade can make the room seem soft and comfortable, while also being a neutral material and color to match other décor you may choose.
  • Mirror/chrome: This style of bedroom vanity unit is bursting with elegance and class. The legs are normally slightly curved for a softer look, and the mirrors surround the unit and create the appearance of more space in the room. A mirror may be joined to the unit or positioned on the wall next to the unit accordingly.

With so many beautiful designs available, think about the features which are important to you. Some bedroom vanity dressers will have ornate clocks and other decorative pieces, or you may choose to extend the dresser for a computer or television.

Best Ideas

Diy makeup station

Improve your makup room with this polished vanity set consisted of 1 table and 1 mirror. The bench is made of wood, polished, and bathed in a white finish. The mirror sits in a metal frame surrounded by numerous bulbs.

Makeup station

A chic white vanity unit. A full door cabinet has shelves and drawers. A glazed door one - a mirrored back and glass shelves. An arched wall mirror is over a table with a drawer and straight square legs. A round low back stool has grooved legs.

Makeup vanity set with lights

Stunning contemporary vanity set with a pink finish but a creamy tabletop. A lower part comprises of lots of drawers. Upper cabinets with drawers, shelves and glass doors are aslope against a large square mirror (with 2 sconces) in the middle.

Small vanity table for bedroom

With this amazing wall shelf you'll be able to create a dressing table without taking up too much of your floor space and you still get the extra possibilities for organizing your belongings neatly.

Make up station

The beautiful vanity table is the perfect solution for any female bedroom or dressing room. A simple table, mirror and numerous drawers and cabinets create a functional whole. A simple chair allows you to take care of yourself comfortably.

Bathroom cabinet with makeup vanity

she added a leaning Louis Philippe mirror against the mirror, along with contemporary lamps and an antique bench. Again – another great idea to take home – you don’t have to pull out a mirror – just layer an antique one against it.

How to set up makeup station

Vanities Bedroom by

Makeup station setup

A classy traditional vanity table with a rectilinear frame featuring mirrored all panels. It has a rectangular moulding top, 2 spacious drawers with round clear glass knobs and quite tall angular tapered legs.

Big makeup vanity

We owe Brummel, as they say, the popularisation of an unusual, flattering vanity makeup bedroom table, which is a dressing table with a mirror. In this case, many drawers, the modern whole finished in white and a triple mirror - fine-tune each ego.

Diy bedroom vanity

An aesthetic traditional bathroom dressing unit made of wooden materials finished in white. It has a rectangularish top with rounded corners and 7 size-varied drawers with simple rectangular milling cuts on fronts and small metal mushroom pulls.

Vanity desk with mirror and lights

My wife needed a vanity for everyday make-up. Why not? I found this beautiful mirrored dresser with shiny glass finish and many drawers for her cosmetics. With the lucite chair it looks stunning and glamour.

Bedroom makeup vanity

Create the adorable beauty nook with this makeup vanity set, which includes the simple, white vanity desk and armchair with nail heads and white upholstery. It brings the clean, fresh look to your bedroom.

Do it yourself makeup vanity

A beautiful bedroom makeup vanity, which shows that when it comes to room decor, every little detail counts. Lights wrapped around the vanity massively change the whole atmosphere of the room.

Makeup table with lights

A very attractive and solid vanity desk with mirrored construction of drawers and walls. Its spacious top also includes a mirror, so the whole set is suitable for bedroom use. It allows for preparing an attractive makeup.

White bedroom vanities

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Makeup station furniture

Try this extraordinary and unique vanity, and add it into your bedroom. The table top is very long, so has enough space for your cosmetics. The black and white patterns on drawers, create the interesting look.

How to build your own makeup vanity

This vanity table shall fit well into contemporary interiors. Sleek, white surface adds chic and conceals a well-organized storage space for all makeup accessories, helping you to start the day with class.

Lattice Vanity Set with Mirror

Lattice Vanity Set with Mirror

A lovely addition for bedrooms, this Vanity Mirror Set in Silver-Hued Finish is characterized by manufactured wood construction. The set includes 1 side storage drawer, 1-door side cabinet, flip-top mirror, and matching stool with upholstered and padded seat.

Bedroom makeup vanity ideas

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Vanity for little girl

The little cute makeup vanity for your bedroom. White, so it fits to any type of interior. Equipped with many drawers to hide your cosmetics, jewelery or any other small things you don't have to throw off. Could be used as a desk also.

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