Contemporary Makeup Vanity Table

Since the early days of the Hollywood starlets, vanity tables have always looked pretty much the same. Essentially nothing more than a flat surface with a mirror tray covered with all sorts of makeup and perfumes. But even if you appreciate the original, for a contemporary home you would prefer a vanity and makeup table that suits your modern aesthetic. So, take a look at our contemporary makeup vanity tables.

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Master bathroom vanity with makeup area

Master bathroom vanity with makeup area
Make your Bathroom Vanity design and have an amazing experience every day. Wide benches and stools are made of neat looking materials and give you lot of space for your daily needs. Different hues of gray and white create balance and harmony.

Hot pink bedroom ideas

Hot pink bedroom ideas
Contemporary design for a modern bedroom vanity table in a hot pink color that nicely contrasts the elegant surroundings with dominant beige. The decorative, rectangular mirror with a chromed frame gives the setup a nice detail.

Vanity Table

Vanity Table
Contemporary execution of this stylish vanity makeup table is an excellent way to develop a cozy corner at home. Beautiful bright finishes with details, functionality, and beauty combine with a large mirror in a white frame.

Minted for west elm nishna i

Minted for west elm nishna i
What a cool vanity set - I spot an interesting mix of styles here, this room is simultaneously rustic, Scandinavian and modern. White makeup table on metal frame pops on a teal wall with matching abstract wall art. White plaster deer head provides updated rustic factor.


Vanity table designed for the bathroom. Base is made of wood and fitted with 2 drawers for storing personal items. Rectangular top has large usable surface. Functional design for each home.

Ribbon Wood Makeup Vanity Set with Mirror

Ribbon Wood Makeup Vanity Set with Mirror
The stylish dresser / vanity is a revolutionary piece of furniture to the women's room / bedroom. Beautifully made is very stylish and at the same makeup or other cosmetic tasks become even more enjoyable.

Modern dressing table

If you are in a need of a modern piece for your bedroom, then this dressing table is going to be more than suitable for you. Created of wood and covered in white, the table offers 8 storage drawers, a lift-up mirror that reveals a hidden storage compartment, and a matching chair.

Our advice Buying Guide

A contemporary makeup vanity table is an essential part of women's lives. But, not all of us know how to choose the right one. It’s understandable as there are many factors that require consideration such as the size of the collection of beauty products and accessories, as well as the space available.

Don't fret as we'll help you with your shopping task and make your beauty routine extra special each day!

Where to place a contemporary makeup vanity table?

The right place to set up a contemporary vanity makeup table is in a corner of your bedroom where you feel comfortable getting ready every morning. This corner shouldn’t be crowded and be spacious enough for you to move around as you glam up for the day.

There are those who opt to have their vanity tables in master bathrooms. If that’s comfortable for you, then you can go ahead and place your new table there. However, remember that hygiene becomes an issue if makeup is stored in the bathroom. Makeup is best stored in a cool, dry place in order to keep them sanitized and clean. Obviously, you wouldn’t want products full of bacteria applied on your face!

So, apart from locating the place in your home that’s comfortable and spacious for your needs, you should also consider the cleanliness of the area. If you can find a corner in your bedroom where natural light can hit the most, then that’s where you should set up a vanity table.

Why is it important to determine storage needs first?

Contemporary makeup vanity tables are specifically designed to store and organize makeup and jewelry collections regardless of size! So, think about the type of storage system you need that your new vanity table should offer. Picking a table with more storage drawers than you need will ensure your collection remains manageable even as it grows.

A storage system also helps you categorize your makeup products, so you will get ready faster in the morning! It’s important to get adequate storage as having not enough will lead you to getting a new makeup storage system, which is an extra expense on your end.

What type of seating pairs well with a contemporary makeup vanity table?

When getting a contemporary makeup vanity table, you’d have to choose between a stool, bench or chair. A chair is great if you want your posture to be straight as you get ready. To cut space, however, a comfortable stool is better as it saves space. The problem with stools is you have to keep reminding yourself to sit straight. For the most spacious seating solution, that would be a sturdy bench.

What kind of lighting is best for contemporary vanities?

The best condition for putting makeup on is a warm or natural light source. If natural sunlight isn't an option, warm white light, such as LED, is recommended. A big vanity mirror can also be outfitted with glam lights easily. Smaller vanity tables, however, often don't come equipped with lights. Consider if you want extra lighting for glamming up and make sure your new vanity table suits all your specific needs.


Flip top vanity table

Bring some functionality to your master bedroom with this elegant vanity table. Its white-finished wood craftsmanship features a flip-up top with a mirror panel that reveals a convenient storage for your makeup necessities, and a pullout vertical drawer with 3 shelves.

Modern makeup vanity set

A small contemporary makeup vanity table finished with the help of mirrors gives very large arrangement possibilities. A thoroughly cleaned piece of furniture has been covered with modern silver paint with a chrome effect.

Modern vanity set makeup

A contemporary and modern bedroom vanity table that features a solid construction with simple lines and white finish that is neutral, so it looks very nice in any bedroom decor. This table is paired with a small, but comfortable cubic stool.

Contemporary makeup vanity table

Enchant your bathroom decor with this lovely makeup vanity table with a flip-up mirror top and durable wood craftsmanship. The center compartment has enough place to store your makeup tools and is equipped with an outlet hair dryer/straightener.

Pretty vanity table

Contemporary master bathroom dazzles with twin crystal chandeliers hovering over glossy black bathroom cabinets, gracefully paired with white marble countertops, Chrome x-base vanity stool and recessed lighting add chic.

Diva dressing table

Diva dressing table

Pretty vanity table

A beautiful makeup vanity table that spruces interiors with its mirrored charm and impeccable elegance. The table rests on X-shaped metal legs, holding a mirrored top and 2 drawers with crystal pull-knobs. It comes with a matching stool.

Makeup vanity with sink

Delighting with its cool and clean, contemporary design, this stylish makeup vanity table is a proposition directed to all expressive, pronounced interiors. Having a double sink stand, it constitutes a self-contained piece of furniture.

Contemporary makeup vanity table 1

Clean lines and modern aesthetic of this midcentury vanity table will greatly add to your home decor. Wood-crafted and covered in a lovely finish, the table comes with a 2-drawer top, a fixed round mirror, and 4 tapered legs with stretchers.

Vanity makeup table set

Now you can easily both save up your precious space and still get the perfect vanity makeup set in your bedroom with this design. It will let you store the stool when you're not using it and offers two drawers to hide your make up.

Black makeup vanity

This IKEA makeup vanity represents the basic principles of its design. Simple, yet and at the same time elegant and solid, this cool and clean black construction will facilitate your daily makeup habits.

Makeup vanities ikea

Make your contemporary bedroom more appealing, thanks to this makeup vanity table with sleek lines and modern design. The desk is wood-crafted and covered in an espresso finish, including 1 flip-up mirror that reveals a storage compartment, 2 small drawers, and tapered legs.

White wessex vanity table contemporary bedroom and makeup vanities

White Wessex Vanity Table contemporary-bedroom-and-makeup-vanities

White makeup vanity table 1

Makeup vanity table in a very simple shape based on rectangular top and supports. This simple table looks great in modern indoors. White finish perfectly suits different rooms regardless of their stylization.

Double vanity with makeup table

Modernist wall panelling creates a marvellous backdrop for the contemporary vanity table that is built into a bathroom wall panel. Flip up top has a mirror backing. Add a backless stool and the style is complete.

Bathroom vanity with makeup station

Vanity table for the living room and others interiors as needed. It is made of wood and comes with drawers for storing personal items. It contains rectangular mirror with lights. Perfect solution for space saving.

Vanity makeup table set

Vanity makeup table sets often are not practical, but first of all - stylish. This one combines both features. Designed in gothic convention, painted black with lots of hairpins and hooked edges, create a unique, eye-catching item.

Contemporary makeup table

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Contemporary makeup vanity table 4

White and wood mix // Contemporary bathroom by Studio Frank

Makeup vanity for bathroom

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Teen bedroom bath remodel contemporary kids sacramento 1

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Contemporary dressing tables

Contemporary Bathroom Vanity with Makeup Table

72 taren black double vanity for vessel sinks with makeup

72 Taren Black Double Vanity for Vessel Sinks with Makeup Area

White makeup vanity table

The lightweight design and subtle lines will be a great feature of a well-kept bedroom of a woman who likes to enjoy the make-up. This white makeup vanity table with a thick, glossy top gives a glamorous appearance, leaning on thin metal legs.

Vanity makeup table set 1

A DIY closet makeover into glam dressing room with a beautiful makeup/vanity stand. The traditional, white desk with a plethora of drawers gives a lot of storage place, and the iron stool brings an antique detail.

Makeup vanity in bathroom

Rustic Contemporary Ranch by Red Rock Contractors

Double vanity with makeup station

Girls spend a lot of time doing makeup, often blocking access to the mirror. Makeup desk hidden between the double sink. This type of worktop with lid is a practical and super efficient option! Works great for bathroom and even dressing table!

Dressing table contemporary

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Modern vanity toronto

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Makeup vanity pictures

Double Vanity With Mosaic Tile Backsplash : I want!

Vanity set toronto

A modern bathroom vanity table of grey-finished wooden materials. Its 4 drawers feature front-length round horizontal bar pulls and an open base with storage niches. It has a rectangular white top with 2 top-mounted round brown glass sinks.

Ocean penthouse miami beach alene workman interior design inc this

Ocean Penthouse Miami Beach - alene workman interior design, inc. This make up area of a white on white powder room is dramatized by the custom mirror branch mosaic set in white sand and concrete. The ceiling hung mirror is set against a background of w

Vanity table design

Kimballwood « KitchenLab Design

Bathroom with makeup vanity

Great styling from founder and creative manager of Ferm Living, Trine Andersen

Small makeup vanity table

An aesthetic contemporary vanity table crafted of white-finished wood. It has straight tapered angular legs and simple stretchers, a rectangular top with bevelled edges and 2 drawers with metal ring pulls. A 3-panel arched mirror has mirrored edges.

Bedroom vanity set

vanity dressing table with drawers. I'm prob going to paint it, so the color doesn't matter. @Heather Jamison

Vanity with makeup station

This dream vanity set up will allow you to prepare in the mornings and put on make-up with ease and comfort, making for the must-have choice for any interior. It comes with the closed cabinet look to help you avoid clutter.

This is a clean modern approach to a vanity it

This is a clean, modern approach to a vanity. It is also great for a ...

Floating console with drawer

Now you can embellish your contemporary bedroom or living room, by using this fantabulous makeup vanity table. Its mirrored design makes it really captivating, offering 1 drawer for makeup tools, and 4 tapered legs for stability. Includes 1 matching round mirror.

Vanity dressing table mirror

Round chair + mirrored vanity = A pretty and contemporary take on Art Deco! This room looks like my daughter Brittany's bridal/bridal party room. Such beautiful memories.

Vanity table top

A pretty addition for girls' rooms; the bedroom vanity set shines with sophistication and stylish silhouette. It's made of white-finished wood, featuring a flip-up top with mirror, 2 small drawers with small pull-knobs, and tapered legs. Comes with a matching stool.

Bathroom cabinets with makeup vanity

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Art deco mirrored dressing table contemporary dressing table with mirror

Art Deco Mirrored Dressing Table | Contemporary dressing table with mirror, created for bathroom make-up ...