Antique White Vanity Table


If you prefer classic styles, then going with a more contemporary vanity table is just not going to work for you. Instead, take a look at our extensive collection of antique white vanity tables and feel like Greta Garbo when you put on your makeup in the morning. Complete with everything you need, these vanity tables are a wonderful investment for your beauty regimen.

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Our Picks

Antique Vanity Makeover

Antique Vanity Makeover

The attractive finish of this antique vanity table is a delightful combination of stylish decorative details and functionality. Large drawers and cabinets and elegant mirror delight and beautifully present in the bedroom.

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Vintage vanity table

Oozing with antique accents and vintage glamour, this highly-decorative vanity table is beautifully hand-painted, and hand-crafted of sturdy hardwood. It comes with a stylishly-shaped mirror, a 3-piece top, 1 center drawer, 2 side drawers, 2 side cabinets and turned legs.

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French provincial vanity desk make up

French provincial vanity desk make up

Have you been searching for a vanity table that just does not look like the typical vanity table? Well, you need to consider this one. It features the antique French provincial design and soft Duck Egg Blue color.

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Antique Vanity Shabby White Painted Chic

Antique Vanity Shabby White Painted Chic

A highly-decorative vanity table that sparkles with vintage glamour and flawless craftsmanship. Includes a 3-piece mirror with movable side mirrors, 8 small drawers, tapered legs with tiny casters for easy mobility, and wood construction with carvings and a white finish.

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Antique white vanity table

Lilac white vanity table detailed with curved feet and drawers, and wooden knobs. Three-part beveled mirror sports adjustable design for a wraparound view. Eight drawers and a partitioned center drawer make for storage.

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Vintage vanity fond memories of my great grandmothers vanity and

Vintage vanity-fond memories of my great grandmothers vanity and her hair brushes & pretty bottles all sparkly so exciting to a little girl

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Vintage vanities

Sweet dressing table,,this looks like the one I have....I bought mine for $19.00,yes you're reading at store closing..

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Antique vanity desk

huge sucker for antiques. I love this table because there are ...

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Vintage style vanity table

Oval Mirror White Polished Hardwood Vanity Makeup Table With 8 Drawer ...

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Old makeup vanity

Mixing baroque opulence with charming shabby chic appeal, this antique vanity is bound to adorn a modern princess boudoir. It includes 3 panels with etched beveled mirrors, stylish bench with saddle seat, and some decorous carvings.

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Antique White Vanity Table

Buying Guide

The vanity table, an oft-misunderstood furniture piece that deserves a place in every home. It’s far from the extravagant luxury that it is touted to be. Instead, it’s a perfect place to safely store your makeup, jewelry, and other drips and drabs.

That’s not all either. It’s a hub that will make the mundane morning makeup routine a more enjoyable one. When it’s an antique (and white) it doubles up as a great focal point too. Functional and aesthetic. What’s stopping you from getting one for your home?

Having said that, antique white vanity tables are available in a mind-boggling range of styles and sizes. Here are some tips to help you narrow down on the right one.

An antique white table can be placed just about anywhere from the bedroom to the bathroom if the space allows. Why it would look stunning even in a living room. If it has an integrated mirror, ensure that its placed in a well-lit place that allows you to spot those minute imperfections in makeup without squinting your eye.

Antique vanity tables are available in myriad sizes and shapes. The size that you select should depend on the place where you intend to place it and the things that you will store in it. You might be tempted to buy the largest, most ornate antique table with tons of drawers for storage. But it would be overkill at best, if you do not have enough stuff to store in it. Stick to what defines your needs.

Antique vanity tables rarely come with a matching stool or bench. So, if you got a pair, then consider yourself extremely lucky. In most cases though you will most likely be shopping separately for a chair to go with your table. Look for one that matches the finish and the style. It does not necessarily need to be an antique as long as the aesthetics match and it’s comfortable to sit on. The seat of the bench should ideally be 10-12” below the top of the table as it keeps things at eye level.

Tables were one of the most popular furniture pieces in the art deco and art nouveau period and even in the times preceding those. And there are some stunning designs to pick from. The console table, for example, with its incredibly ornate leaf motifs, cabrioles and carvings make for an elegant addition to any decorum. If you prefer something exquisite, you’d want to consider a Demilune (half-moon) table that can be attached or placed against a wall. It’s a space saver and looks amazing.

One of the perks of buying antique furniture is that they are all made of good quality hardwood. No man-made composites and other junk to be wary of. However, you need to be vigilant about the quality of the wood. A few scratches and dents shouldn’t scare you. In fact, they can help you negotiate the price further.

Having said that, look for overall quality. The frame, the drawers, the legs, everything needs to be in good condition. The last thing you want is to pay a steep price for something that demands extensive reworking.

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antique vanity

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Circa 20's Antique White Vanity Dressing Table Salvaged Shabby Chic ...

Antique dressing table with mirror

amazing before and afters.... have this exact piece that needs to be refinished for emersons room

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Antique makeup table

Figuring out the client consult table...could it double as the drinks cabinet (assuming I want to offer libations)? Sans mirror, of course.

Antique vanity

Every woman dreams of a place dedicated solely to her,where she can beautify herself every day.A space for cosmetics, perfumes she can finde in antique vanity table. Delicate wood decorations, painted white.Interesting handles of drawers and a spacious mirror.

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Eastlake dressing table - someone did a beautiful job refinishing it.

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pink and white vanity (distressed) 1910-1920s (600×850)

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Shabby OMG Chic French VANITY Dressing Table...

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