Modern Makeup Vanity Table

From a classic ideal to a more contemporary take, these modern makeup vanity tables will give you all the room you need to doll yourself up before an event, or just because you want to. Mirror styles with and without lights, a fold-down top to protect your makeup from wandering hands, and plenty of design choices, you will find the make-up vanity table that fits your personality.

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8 modern dressing tables for unflouncy women

8 modern dressing tables for unflouncy women
Dressing table for bedrooms and others interiors according to taste. It is made of wood and fitted with 4 drawers for storing personal items. Traditional form and modern design.

Minted for west elm nishna i

Minted for west elm nishna i
What a cool vanity set - I spot an interesting mix of styles here, this room is simultaneously rustic, Scandinavian and modern. White makeup table on metal frame pops on a teal wall with matching abstract wall art. White plaster deer head provides updated rustic factor.

Modern makeup vanity table

This beautifully arranged dressing table is a combination of the beautiful ottoman, beautifully upholstered, visually illuminated mirror and jewelry box and toiletries. The whole is perfect for every star.

Modern makeup vanity table

This charming set of vanity furniture combines beautiful mid-century design with functionality. A simple table with a drawer for trinkets, a beautifully crafted stool in a comfortable shape and stunning accessories like lamps and a mirror in a golden frame delight.

Modern dressing table

If you are in a need of a modern piece for your bedroom, then this dressing table is going to be more than suitable for you. Created of wood and covered in white, the table offers 8 storage drawers, a lift-up mirror that reveals a hidden storage compartment, and a matching chair.

Modern vanity set makeup

A contemporary and modern bedroom vanity table that features a solid construction with simple lines and white finish that is neutral, so it looks very nice in any bedroom decor. This table is paired with a small, but comfortable cubic stool.

Makeup vanity table ikea

A charming modern dressing table featuring an oval frame in beige with narrow horizontal glass inlay and thin straight angular metal legs. Side cabinets with rounded doors and a central drawer have edge pulls. An arched mirror of has side wings.

Our advice Buying Guide

The humble makeup vanity table is turning from a luxury to a necessity. And rightly so. There’s no better place where a girl can unwind each morning as she goes about her toilette. She can waltz blindfolded to the table and get hands-on access to her necessities on a busy morning. And when she’s away, it keeps her expensive jewelry safe from prying eyes.

But with options ranging from petite corner tables in tiny nooks to elaborate walk-in vanities in makeshift garage-turned-makeup rooms, shopping for the perfect makeup vanity table isn’t a cakewalk. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Are makeup vanity tables suitable for small spaces?

Micro apartments and dorm rooms can do without shin-bruising monstrosities and opt for functional and practical makeup vanity tables. Folding storage, mirror-cabinets, minimal drawers and seating that tucks in underneath can save space while still offering you all the functionality and storage you seek.

How much is a modern makeup vanity table?

There’s a huge variation in the price range of vanity tables. Usually, the more feature-rich they are, the pricier they can be. A tri-fold mirror makeup table, for example, can make you poorer by $1000 or more. Meanwhile, a minimalist modern table can be bought for less than $200.

If you are shopping on a tight budget, you can opt for bare minimum makeup tables that have a small mirror and limited storage.

Remember, unless you have an endless supply of makeup, even one or two drawers can suffice. That five-drawer modern make up table might seem alluring. But in the long run, it might just turn out to be an expensive overkill with excessive, unused storage space.

What are the most common materials used for modern vanity tables?

Hardwood is the commonest material used for modern makeup tables. These tables look stunning and can sustain the wear and tear that comes with regular use. The only possible niggle is that placing them near the window or in a bathroom might limit their lifespan. Also, these will be heavy on your pocket.

Plastic and melamine over MDF board are budget-friendly choices that are not as durable as hardwood. But if you only spend a small amount of time applying makeup or doing your hair, you might as well save a few hundred bucks and opt for something like this.

Whats size mirror is best for a makeup vanity table?

The size of the mirror on your makeup vanity table will depend on whether you use it for fine-tuning details up-close, or for tasks like doing your hair that require a full-sized mirror. The mirror is not the be-all, end-all though. Some tables have a removable mirror that can be swapped with something fancier, like a Hollywood vanity mirror, for instance.

What's the best type of illumination for a modern makeup vanity table?

As we implied earlier, if you use the table for fine-tuning the details, then you absolutely need a source of illumination. Warm LED bulbs mimic natural sunlight and allow you to achieve the perfect look that retains your natural skin tone.


Makeup vanity set ikea

Vanity table in modern form. It is made of wood in two shades. It has 3 drawers for storing personal items. Stylish accent for bedroom, living room and others interiors according to taste.

Contemporary makeup vanity

Present yourself a master bedroom with this modern vanity table. Smoothly built in, it merges with the contemporary, minimalistic surroundings. Apart from the sleek finishing, it offers also functionality with its considerably large 4 drawers.

Glass makeup vanity table

Vanity table in modern style. Construction is made of wood. Includes wide compartment with mirror for storing needed stuff. Great solution for bedrooms and others interiors according to taste and need.

Vanity table bed bath beyond

The modern bedroom vanity set with hidden mirror on the take down countertop. All the parts of this piece of furniture was made of plastic elements - the pouffe in addition is covered with the eco leather.

12 extraordinary modern bedroom vanity table digital photo ideas

12 Extraordinary Modern Bedroom Vanity Table Digital Photo Ideas

Modern makeup vanity set

A small contemporary makeup vanity table finished with the help of mirrors gives very large arrangement possibilities. A thoroughly cleaned piece of furniture has been covered with modern silver paint with a chrome effect.

Modern dressing table

Enhance your contemporary home with modern accents by using this makeup vanity table with matching ottoman. The cabinet rests on a highly-polished, steel frame, while holding inside a rectangle mirror and couple of open shelves.

Modern sleek dressing table

Modern sleek dressing table

Mid century vanity table

Enhance your master bathroom using this modern dressing table with a gas lift, backless stool. The table is mounted on the wall, saving the bathroom space and allowing you to comfortably put your makeup on. The stool is made of steel with a chrome finish, and has a nicely-profiled seat and fixed foot rest.

Modern makeup vanity

Perfumes and cosmetics are decently displayed on floating wall mounted glass shelves with mirrored backs. High gloss off-white vanity table represents upscale modern style. Backless stool with mirrored facets completes this set.

White bedroom vanity set 3

If you love taking care about you appearance, this dressing table with shelves. It is made of blanched lacquered wood. Mirror has special frame with illumination. Drawer and shelves are intended to storage cosmetics and jewelry.

Bedroom vanity furniture modern bedroom vanity table by bndesign net

bedroom vanity furniture modern bedroom vanity table by bndesign net

Makeup vanities ikea

Make your contemporary bedroom more appealing, thanks to this makeup vanity table with sleek lines and modern design. The desk is wood-crafted and covered in an espresso finish, including 1 flip-up mirror that reveals a storage compartment, 2 small drawers, and tapered legs.

Bathroom with makeup vanity

Great styling from founder and creative manager of Ferm Living, Trine Andersen

Black vanity table with mirror 1

Makeup Organization IKEA. I love, but in black. :-)

Beautiful dressing tables3


Elegant makeup vanity

Ikea Malm Dressing Table. Need to find that mirror!

Bedroom vanity set with lights

this, in front of a window (for lighting) with a couple of woven baskets under would be the most perfect makeup vanity...I would need a tv at a good angle to the mirror though...I get bored when getting ready :)

White makeup vanity table 1

Makeup vanity table in a very simple shape based on rectangular top and supports. This simple table looks great in modern indoors. White finish perfectly suits different rooms regardless of their stylization.

Vanity tables 3

vanity tables

Vanity makeup table set

Now you can easily both save up your precious space and still get the perfect vanity makeup set in your bedroom with this design. It will let you store the stool when you're not using it and offers two drawers to hide your make up.

Modern bedroom vanity set 1

I need this in my room!

White makeup vanity table

The lightweight design and subtle lines will be a great feature of a well-kept bedroom of a woman who likes to enjoy the make-up. This white makeup vanity table with a thick, glossy top gives a glamorous appearance, leaning on thin metal legs.


Modern makeup vanity table

Vanity table with triple mirror and a lot of drawers for storing personal items. Construction is made of wood. Stylish furniture for bedrooms and others interiors according to taste and need.

Contemporary bedroom vanity sets 1

A charming vanity table that features a cottage-like design. It offers plenty of storage space for your makup accessories or jewelry itmes in several drawers. The highlight of the table is a beautiful, oval mirror.

Modern makeup table 1

This modern make-up vanity table sports a simple design that will do a stunning job elevating your decor appeal with its spacious structure, allowing you to neatly store all of your cosmetics underneath the surface space.

Ikea malm dressing table makeup vanity i need this

IKEA Malm dressing table - makeup vanity- I need this!

Adding shine with mirrored furniture love this look

Adding Shine With Mirrored Furniture Love this look

Lighted vanity mirror table

This makeup set constitutes a stylish proposition for modern women. White, wingback chair, based on bright wooden legs, provides charm and warmth to the space, while the desk and oval, florally adorned mirror gives a touch of glamour and sophistication.

White makeup dresser

Minimalistic design for a simple vanity table with a white, wooden frame and a glass top. The vanity table is fitted with an oval, decorative mirror in a gray color and a bunch of cosmetics with a vintage table lamp on the side.

Vanity makeup table set

Vanity makeup table sets often are not practical, but first of all - stylish. This one combines both features. Designed in gothic convention, painted black with lots of hairpins and hooked edges, create a unique, eye-catching item.

Big makeup vanity

We owe Brummel, as they say, the popularisation of an unusual, flattering vanity makeup bedroom table, which is a dressing table with a mirror. In this case, many drawers, the modern whole finished in white and a triple mirror - fine-tune each ego.

Vanity makeup table set 1

A DIY closet makeover into glam dressing room with a beautiful makeup/vanity stand. The traditional, white desk with a plethora of drawers gives a lot of storage place, and the iron stool brings an antique detail.

White bedroom vanity set 1

Useful and space saving vanity set with a corner table and backless bench. The table features a triangle top with small drawer and mirror. Wooden bench includes a padded seat covered with multi-color material.

Safavieh American Home Collection Kaleb French Grey Nesting Tables

The set of tables nested in each other. All of them was made on the solid metal frame painted in black and is covered with the medium-density fibreboard. Ideal solution for small space apartments. You can hide it inside when you don't use it.

Metal and Wood Red Nested Stools

This set includes a pair of nested stools. The construction of each stool has been made of metal and is painted red. The top has been made of wood and features a natural light finish. A very retro set.

Set of 2 Modern Contempo Dark and Light Steel Gray Geo Wave Nesting Tables

Set of two round nesting tables. The frame of each table is adorned with rods bent in a fancy pattern. The construction is very robust and stable. The tables can be also used as baskets, after turning upside down.

Minimalist modern makeup vanity dressing table cabinet storage cabinet

... minimalist modern makeup vanity dressing table cabinet storage cabinet

Naples Vanity & Stool Set

Naples Vanity & Stool Set

Round Nested Tables - set of 2

Such a nice set of two round, nested tables with a modern, contemporary design and a wrought iron frame which gives it a unique, industrial touch. Perfect to use as coffee tables as well as serving trays!

Set of 3 Vibrant Blue, Gray and Yellow Modern Rectangular Nesting Tables

Set of three rectangular original nesting tables. Each of the tables features wooden top and metal frame. Thanks to the nesting function the tables can be easily and conveniently stored when they're not used.

Mid century modern makeup vanity table

Mid Century Modern Makeup Vanity Table