Vanity Base For Vessel Sink


Vessel sinks are all the rage in the home decor and renovation scene, but most people replace their countertops and call it fine. Maybe what your really need is a vanity base for your vessel sink. It takes up less space so there is more room to do other things with the typically wasted square footage, and they are both stylish and functional. Take a look in this collection and see.

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Our Picks

Vessel sink table

A stunning vessel sink that comes with the vanity cabinet and will work perfectly in your master bathroom, ensuring some extra space for all of your cosmetics and even the towels on the shelf underneath.

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Vessel sink vanities contemporary bathroom vanities and sink consoles chicago

Vessel sink vanities contemporary bathroom vanities and sink consoles chicago

This sublime bathroom vanity comes with the design perfect to install a sink and ensures a perfect fit for your master bathroom, letting you get the functionality and offer a boost of style for your space thanks to its elegant, espresso finished structure.

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Vessel base

This vintage vessel sink has the rustic vanity base, which is made of wood and has the distressed finish. This sink is white and looks adorable in classic, neutral bathroom.

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Bowl sink vanity

This unique set of stone sinks on a wooden countertop is a highly effective bathroom solution. Beautiful design and solid construction introduces a modern, natural style for the decor. Beautiful colors add warmth to the interior.

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Seagrass Coastal Tropical Bathroom Charleston

Seagrass Coastal Tropical Bathroom Charleston

Based on a rustic, wooden vanity table with shelf, this sink base with brass tap brings in a charming, rustic atmosphere, ideal for retro interiors. The table features a convenient side drawer for small bathroom supplies.

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Bathroom vanity sink on auburn marble vessel sink on a

Bathroom Vanity Sink on Auburn Marble Vessel Sink On A Brown Vanity

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Vessel sink vanity base

This vessel sink vanity base is a great proposition, particularly for modern bathrooms. Dark wooden base wonderfully accompanies the characteristic, snowy white countertop. It features a convenient bottom shelf.

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Vanity base for vessel sink

Light wood old table was utilized here to provide a base for a vanity set with white porcelain sink. Together with a shabby mirror, it creates a nice contemporary interior mixing rustic and Scandinavian vibe.

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Vessel vanity base

This minimalistic vanity base constitutes a fabulous proposition for contemporary bathrooms. Apart from the designer form, it also offers a considerable storage space, featuring two side shelves.

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Malibu Single Vanity Base

Malibu Single Vanity Base

Thanks to traditional detailing, this vanity base beams with an old-world flair, but it is fully modern when it comes to functionality. Its wooden construction provides long-lasting sturdiness. Multiple drawers and bottom shelf offer high capacity.

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Vanity Base For Vessel Sink

Buying Guide

Vessel sinks have always been a great way to add stylish elegance to a home bathroom. Whether you are new to the glory of vessel sinks or are simply looking to revamp the current one you have, choosing the right vanity base for your vessel sink can pose to be quite a challenge. There are so many options and you want to be sure the one you choose is right for your choice of sink.

Choosing the best vanity base for vessel sink can be done either before or after you’ve established what sink you want to get. That being said, there are several considerations you’ll need to keep in mind. Below you’ll find some great tips to put in your back pocket as well as popular vanity bases for vessel sinks you can find online. Read on for some great info!

It is recommended that a vessel sink is mounted on a vanity of 31” high. Most vanities are anywhere from 32” to 36” on average. If any children are going to be using the sink regularly, then you’ll want to make sure you have a way for them to reach, whether it be a lower vanity or a stepping stool. On the other hand, if you or someone in your home is on the taller side, a vessel sink mounted on a standard vanity can help relieve some back strain.

Some people don’t need much bathroom counter space while others are experts at cluttering this space up. If you keep it simple with only the basics like soap, toothbrushes, and toothpaste, then a smaller vanity should be fine. However, if you or someone in your home is always keeping out facial cleansers, makeup, brushes, hair dryers, etc. then a large vanity should be considered.

Storage is available as cabinets, shelves, drawers, and a seemingly endless combination of the three. Open shelving tends to have a more modern look while cabinets and drawers tend to offer a more sophisticated look.

Probably the biggest factor in choosing your vessel sink vanity base is going to be the space you have in your bathroom. Simply put, the more space you have, the bigger you can go. While less space means a smaller vanity base, you can choose a base with cabinet and drawer storage to maximize the use of your space.

A plain white vessel sink works well with black and white contemporary vanity designs. Glass vessel sinks are suitable for granite counter tops and “floating” vanities that offer open shelf storage. Vanity bases can range from modern to vintage to suit your preference.

As you browse through your vanity base options and choose the vessel sink you want, you’ll find that you have a lot of combinations to choose from. Just like with choosing any other piece of furniture for your home, try to make sure it fits the overall style of your house or at least the current theme of your bathroom so the vanity doesn’t look out of place.

A new vanity base for your bathroom not only gives you plenty of space to store your essentials, but it can also revamp your bathroom without the cost (or headache) of a full remodel. Not to mention, vanity bases look uber cool!

If you have decided to install a new vanity in your bathroom, you might be looking for some ideas as to how to choose the best one. We have created a detailed guide of our best tips for how you can pick out a new bathroom vanity for your home.

Choosing the right-sized vanity pretty much depends on the size of your bathroom.You should ensure that you have sufficient clearance around any drawers, shower stalls, and opening doors. There is nothing worse than installing a brand-new vanity and then finding out that you can't open the bathroom door all the way!

So, get some painter's tape or masking tape and mark out the dimensions to confirm you make the right choice, size-wise.

Here are some great tips to keep in mind when measuring the space for a new vanity:

  • Allow 42 inchesfor a single vanity width and at least 3 ft of wall space per user for a double vanity.
  • Leave plenty of room for door trim and door openings (shower and entry). The vanity shouldn't disrupt easy flow of traffic.
  • To make sure you are in adherence of the standard building code, allow at least 15-inches from the *edge of the cabinet *to the center of the toilet.
  • Check out your plumbing location to correctly determine the width of your vanity base. Remember, if you want to move the plumbing, it will cost you more.
  • Keep an eye on the existing features, like electrical outlets, switches, and mirrors.
  • If you want to install a vanity with a countertop, consider the height of individuals. For example, small children will prefer shorter countertops while a taller adult might prefer a higher countertop.

Vanity bases are available in two different styles: built-in and freestanding.


These vanities are ideal if you have a larger space since they offer more storage and countertop space. Here are some pros and cons of built-in vanity to help you determine whether it's a judicious option for you:


  • Best option for large, traditional homes
  • Best option for major storage needs; offers more storage space than freestanding vanities.
  • Utilizes space from floor-to-wall and wall-to-wall
  • Can be customized to any height and/or width
  • Can be customized to fit oddly-shaped spaces
  • Can be customized to store your personal item needs
  • Many door styles are available to coordinate with your style


  • Expensive; costs more than freestanding vanities
  • Installation is expensive and a bit time-consuming
  • Only a professional cabinetry installer can install a built-in vanity


These vanities are more suitable for people who are short on space. The following pros and cons of freestanding vanities will help you make a better decision:


  • Modern and elegant appearance
  • The "floating" or open bottom vanity gives an open look to the bathroom
  • Space appears more spacious
  • Great for small powder room or bathroom spaces 
  • Offers more dimension and aesthetic appeal to the bathroom
  • Offers more organized interior storage solutions for everyday items (compared to a built-in vanity)
  • Cheaper than built-in vanity
  • Cheaper and easier to install (countertop, sink, and faucet are usually included in the cost of vanity)
  • Many shapes, sizes, styles, and countertops available to coordinate with your style


  • They are not completely "freestanding" - you still need to attach them to plumbing and wall cleats.
  • May need interior modification and assembling for plumbing supply
  • Possibility of un-utilized space in the bathroom
  • An open bottom vanity requires more cleaning efforts

The most popular vanity top materials are:

  • Wood. Wood adds natural charm and warmth to a variety of bathroom settings and is the go-to option for a lot of homeowners today due to the multitude of color options. The drawback is, however, that it needs to be frequently treated in order not to sustain damage from exposure to moisture.

If you are going for a wood vanity, do your research about what type of wood you want. Maple, oak, and Asian hardwood are more expensive than pine or birch, but they offer exquisite durability.

  • Granite. Granite tops exude elegance and the sense of luxury. A granite top can almost instantly upgrade the looks of your bathroom and is easy to maintain. Perfect for formal, sophisticated interiors.

Here are a few options you should consider when buying a vanity:

  • Finish and Color: Vanities usually come in black, white, mid-tone espresso/brown finishes. If you want a specific color cabinet, like blush pink or eggshell, get a wooden cabinet and paint it that exact shade.
  • Storage: Storage is available as shelves, cabinets, drawers, and a combination of the three. Open shelving tends to be more casual looking and makes a good choice for guest bathrooms (eg. for towel storage). Cabinets and drawers offer a more refined look, perfect for master bathrooms where it's best to avoid visual clutter.
  • Hardware: If you want a vanity that comes with drawer and door hardware, check the description on the vanity that you're interested in. Not all vanities include the hardware.

For all of you busy bees out there, here is a quick rundown of the above information:

  • Measure the dimensions of your bathroom space before buying a vanity.
  • A built-in vanity is best for larger spaces (like traditional homes), so they are expensive.
  • A freestanding vanity is best for smaller spaces (like a studio apartment), so they are cheaper.
  • A single sink vanity is better if you want more space on the countertops.
  • A double-sink vanity is best if you have a big family and you want to cut down the morning-prep times.

Best Ideas

Alexia Johnson 72" Double Bathroom Vanity Base Only

Alexia Johnson 72" Double Bathroom Vanity Base Only

Take your bathroom back to a timeless era with this double bathroom vanity base in classic black. The clean and symmetrical structure will instantly transform your bathroom into a masterpiece. Thanks to the freestanding design, you can manoeuvre and squeeze it into the space of your choice. Six average-sized drawers, as well as a lengthy towel rack, make this double vanity base as functional as it is elegant.

Vanguard 30" Single Bathroom Vanity Base Only

Vanguard 30" Single Bathroom Vanity Base Only

If you are dreaming trimming of a luxurious vanity cabinet to complete your master bathroom, then here's something that combines elegance and functionality. This single vanity is made from solid plywood frame and legs, and the transitional look adds a sophisticated feeling to an updated powder room. There are two shaker style doors with pewter knobs and an open bottom shelf that extends the width and depth of the cabinet. The modern style and classic white color allows you the freedom to choose a variety of different types of countertops and sinks to complete the look.

Indianola 48" Single Bathroom Vanity Base Only

Indianola 48" Single Bathroom Vanity Base Only

This stylish and sophisticated single vanity made from Ashwood and plywood will bring a decorative boost to your bathroom decor. With a double door cabinet and six smaller drawers on soft-close gliders, you'll have enough space to store your cleaning supplies, towels and toiletries. Thanks to the matte gold and dark chocolate finish, a clear contrast exists and gives this vanity an elegant edge. The leg levellers tackle uneven flooring while literally and decoratively giving your bathroom vanity a lift.

Chesterville 72" Double Bathroom Vanity Base Only in White

Chesterville 72" Double Bathroom Vanity Base Only in White

Looking to remodel your master bathroom? Well, what better way to do it than with this elegant and sophisticated double vanity. Not only does it bring undeniable style to your master bath, but it offers plenty of storage for your bathroom and personal essentials. Created from popular, the vanity features a sleek silhouette and bronze finished bar pulls to complete a look of luxury in any bathroom. With three drawers and two cabinets, you'll have everything you need tidily out of sight but right at your fingertips.

Kazanovicz 71" Bathroom Vanity Base Only

Kazanovicz 71" Bathroom Vanity Base Only

Transform your bathroom with this bold and clean-styled bathroom vanity. Containing two small pull-out draws, two large pull-out draws and two soft-closing doors, when it comes to space, you'll have an abundance of it at your fingertips. The freestanding bathroom vanity is crafted from top-notch materials such as brushed nickel hardware giving its durability and longevity. If you're going for a timeless look for your bathroom, then this will do the trick.

Melgar 36" Single Bathroom Vanity Base Only

Melgar 36" Single Bathroom Vanity Base Only

If you're going for a simple and understated look inside your bathroom, then you can easily achieve that with this single bathroom vanity base. Maximizing your storage space has never been easier thanks to the one large bottom pull-out drawer, two smaller pull-out draws and the two soft-close doors featuring an adjustable shelf. When it comes to the finer detail, the doors feature a beaded inlay giving it a subtle hint of luxury, while the overall farmhouse appeal of the vanity will bring the coziness back into your bathroom.

Vanguard 36" Right Drawer Single Bathroom Vanity Base Only

Vanguard 36" Right Drawer Single Bathroom Vanity Base Only

Would you like to save space and organize your bathroom? Well, then this single vanity will do the trick. The small size and freestanding design allows you to squeeze it into the smallest of spaces while the espresso brown finish adds a cozy charm to your bathroom. It features a cabinet on the left with soft-close drawers, two smaller drawers on the right and a towel rack at the bottom to store all of your essential bathroom essentials.

Bonneville 59" Bathroom Vanity Base Only

Bonneville 59" Bathroom Vanity Base Only

Create a sleek and minimalist look in your bathroom with this solid oak wood vanity. The frames clean-lined silhouette is understated and features a neutral solid finish while it's also wanted resistant making it durable and long-lasting. It's wide enough to accommodate two standard sized sinks and allows you to personalize it with the counter and faucets of your choice. With two cabinets, there's plenty of storage space to pack away your toiletries, personal belongings and everything else that you can. The two additional smaller drawers are perfect for storing the accessories and trinkets that you most frequently use. The bottom towel rack and designer brass knobs finish off the look on this practical and functional vanity.

Chesterville 60" Double Bathroom Vanity Base Only

Chesterville 60" Double Bathroom Vanity Base Only

The perfect focal point for a spa-worthy bathroom, this vanity base will bring an instant boost to your master bath or powder room. Crafted from solid wood features with clean-lined features, you'll find three soft-close drawers, four soft-close doors and two interior shelves for storing your linen, toothbrushes and bathroom essentials. The vanity is further accented with brushed nickel and old bronzed finished hardware, while the legs are height adjustable, allowing you to further customize this single vanity.

42" Single Bathroom Vanity Base Only

42" Single Bathroom Vanity Base Only

Made from reclaimed Barnwood that has been repurposed from deconstructed tobacco barns, this single vanity has the ultimate rustic appeal. The reclaimed red oak gives the unit a special cottage charm, while the dovetailed drawers are inset and feature soft-close, full-extension ball bearing glides. Filled with natural character, this freestanding solid single vanity is ideal for those looking to give their powder rooms a traditional charm. It contains two small pull-out draws for beauty essentials and a practical towel rack at the bottom.

Berkeley Single Vanity Base

Berkeley Single Vanity Base

Perfect blend of elegance and functionality; this Single Vanity Base in Dark Cherry Finish is excellent for contemporary interiors. Eco-friendly construction is made of Birch wood, ensuring proper sturdiness and striking looks.

Vessel sink vanity base 13

Wooden lacquered cabinet with mounted ceramic sink. Faucet and taps are made of metal. This decor's element is very simple, but stylish. Due to its simplicity it will be fit to every bathroom and makes it more chic.

Idea for the sink what you see when you come

Idea for the sink (what you see when you come up the stairs)

Vanity sink base 2

Do you wanna improve your home? Well, it's time for a vanity sink base done by yourself! This one of a kind bathroom vanity looks awesome. If you love original and not mainstreem stuff, this one is for you.