Shallow Vessel Sinks


Instead of the traditional deep vessel sink that can be difficult for people who are diminutive of stature or children, perhaps a shallow vessel sink is the better way to go. These are fantastic if reaching into a deep sink is a problem. And they're easier to clean because there is less square footage. Take a look at our shower vessel sink collection to see what we mean.

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Our Picks

Durable Shallow Vessel Sinks

Durable Shallow Vessel Sinks

MR Direct

This 3 ¼” deep, 23 ½” wide, 15 ¾” deep flared shallow sink is triple fired and glazed to create a durable surface that’s resistant to staining, chipping, and germs. At 4 ½” tall, this vessel sink can go on any stylish surface.

$102.22 $414

Designer Advice:

A rectangular shape is one of the most common designs for a shallow vessel sink. But you can also find shallow vessels in an oval or abnormal shape. Or you can get a shallow round vessel sink. The shape of your shallow vessel sink will depend on personal tastes and the style and shape of the vanity you use. To classify as a shallow design, the inside of the basin - sink - will be less than 6” deep.

White Rectangular Shallow Vessel Bathroom Sink

White Rectangular Shallow Vessel Bathroom Sink


This glossy white ceramic shallow vessel sink is resistant to rust, scratches, and stains. The simple rectangular design and 4 ⅜” deep basin is a versatile clean-lined design that works for modern, transitional, traditional, or contemporary spaces.

$88.98 $97.99

Conservative Concrete Sink

Conservative Concrete Sink

Concretti Designs

This concrete basin comes in four colors. The 5” deep, 9 ½” wide, and 17 ¼” long sink suits bathrooms of any style. The contemporary color variation adds a modern, updated look that spruces up the basic rectangular shape.


Designer Advice:

Some shallow bathroom sinks don’t come in porcelain or glass material, as is the case of a concrete sink. Concrete gives you extra advantages over ceramic sinks, including a stronger surface that is less vulnerable to issues plaguing ceramics, like cracks, stains, rusting, and breaking. However, ceramic sinks can be lighter than concrete sinks, which is a big factor to consider when laying out your bathroom. 

Short and Skinny Square Sink

Short and Skinny Square Sink


This simplistic classic square sink has a flat bottom and softly rounded corners for simplistic elegance. The white ceramic is scratch and rust-resistant with an 18.87” length, 13.5” width, and a shallow 4.62” depth.

$67 $188

Rustic Tempered Glass Vessel

Rustic Tempered Glass Vessel


This 18 ⅛” wide, 13” deep, 4 ⅛” tall hand-painted rustic modern shallow sink has a rectangular shape with flared ½” thick sides and a flat base. And the modern brown color and shape go with any decor theme.

$119.9 $194.9

Designer Advice:

Glass can be a less common choice for bathroom vanities. But the stunning aesthetic you get makes it a worthy consideration, especially for a shallow vessel sink. The benefit of using glass sinks is that you can choose different colors, transparency (see-through), and shapes for your bathroom vanity. However, glass can be more vulnerable to cracking and damage.

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Shallow Vessel Sinks

Buying Guide

What was your reaction when you spotted a vessel sink for the first time? It's obvious! You felt in love. Now you can't wait to add that touch of elegance to your bathroom.

Interestingly, vessel sinks aren't only beautiful. They also provide an array of benefits in both form and function. But, before you buy one, you have to consider things like the mount style, faucet, drain, installation, etc. It looks like a tough nut to crack, right?

In this article, you'll get vital information in its purest form on how to choose the best vessel sink for your home.

Here're nine standard vessel sink materials with their pros and cons to help your buying decision:


The fireclay vessel sink is a unique clay. This model is glazed and fired at 2100F which helps to produce a heavy-duty and long-wearing sink that resembles enamel.


  • It's easy to clean
  • Resists water build-up
  • It has a modern appeal
  • Resistant to heavy scratches, alkali, and other acids
  • Resistant to corrosion or discoloration


  • It could crack under heavy impact
  • If it's not correctly maintained, the finish could wear very quickly
  • It's expensive
  • It could stain over time without proper care

Composite Granite

The composite granite vessel sink is a mix of acrylic resins and granite stone dust. It's one of the most durable sink materials. Plus, it's resistant to chipping, staining, and scratching.


  • It's durable
  • It has excellent heat resistance
  • Resistant to cleaners, household acids, and alkali
  • It's quite affordable
  • Resistant to scratching and chipping


  • It requires regular maintenance
  • Susceptibility to various water stains without adequate care


The soapstone vessel sink is a type of metamorphic rock that combines magnesium silicate, talc, and chlorite. It's a perfect option if you love the look and feel of granite sinks with a tint of aesthetic flair.


  • It's durable
  • Highly heat resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Resistant to cleaning solutions, acids, and chemicals
  • It has a natural look that blends well with stone resin bathtubs


  • You have to treat it with mineral oil regularly to avoid discoloration and oxidization
  • It's vulnerable to scratches
  • If you drop heavy objects on the sink, it may chip or get damaged
  • It's quite expensive

Stainless Steel

This sink material is quite popular. It comes in a variety of options and choices that'll fit your budget. The stainless steel has a modern look and it's very versatile.


  • Easy to maintain
  • It has a modern look
  • It's quite affordable
  • Resistant to damages from high impact
  • It can fit almost any kind of style in your bathroom


  • With extensive use, the sink may develop scratches over time
  • It collects water stains over time if not dried

Cast Iron

The cast iron sink goes through the process of getting heated up to 2200F before it gets coated with a layer of porcelain enamel.


  • Resistant to chipping
  • It's quite affordable
  • It can hold water temperature adequately
  • It has a classic appeal
  • The material is durable
  • It comes in a wide array of styles and colors
  • Easy to clean


  • The color options could be expensive
  • With rough treatment, the enamel can chip
  • It's vulnerable to heavy stains

Natural Stone

Natural stone sink is a versatile option that's quite similar to the composite stone. Using this type of sink in your bathroom will bring a unique look and create meditative ambiance.


  • It's highly versatile
  • It can be primitive, modern, or sleek
  • Easy to clean
  • It's heatproof


  • It's quite expensive


Copper sinks are the perfect go-to if you plan to add an excellent accent to your bathroom. The copper sink forms a patina from exposure to air and water - which gives it that deep hue that many see as its natural beauty.


  • It's antibacterial and rust-resistant
  • It adds a vintage feel to your bathroom
  • Comes with a robust aesthetic beauty
  • It's durable


  • It gets stained easily
  • It's quite expensive
  • The finish can get ruined over time with acidic substances


The wood vessel sink is an excellent option if you're considering a natural and rustic look. You can choose from bamboo, petrified wood, and teak. The bamboo is an eco-friendly option. The petrified wood sinks provide the most exotic and unique look. Teak s the most common option that's versatile and moisture-resistant.


  • It has a tight grain
  • High tensile strength
  • It has an exotic and unique look
  • Moisture-resistant
  • It's affordable


  • Acidic substances may wear off your wood finish


The ceramic vessel sink is a combination of metal, glass, and heating clay with enamel coating. You can consider this route if you prefer a more classic approach.


  • It gives your bathroom a traditional look
  • It's stain-resistant
  • It has a wide variety of colors and design to choose from
  • Retains a great shine
  • Retains heat adequately
  • Easy to maintain


  • It's not sturdy
  • It can crack, chip, or scratch
  • Doesn't sustain high impact


Quartz sinks come from a combination of natural quartz and acrylic resin. It's perfect for people that require a look and feel of natural stone at an affordable price.


  •   It retains color and uniformity
  •   It's durable
  •   Resistant to heat
  •   It has a modern look
  •   Naturally soundproof
  •   Resistant to massive impact, scratches, and stains
  •   Resistant to odor and bacteria
  •   Easy to clean and maintain
  •   Food particles don't build-up


  •   The wears and tears are more apparent
  •   It's quite expensive

When it comes to vessel sink installations, there're two distinct types:

Recessed Installation

The recessed or below-counter installation offers increased basin stability. In this type of installation, the sink basin rests partially into the countertop. Also, it requires a large drain hole to make room for the basin.

Above-Counter Installation

The above-counter is the opposite of the recessed. The vessel sink rests entirely on the countertop. This installation requires a drain hole of 1 5/8" to 1 3/4" and no additional cutting of the vanity. If you want an option that's easy to clean, the above-counter mount is ideal since the countertop and sink basin is exposed.

Here're are some factors you should consider before buying a vessel sink:

  • Vessel Sink Faucet

Once you pick a mount style, you have to consider the faucet that'll work correctly with your sink. With faucets, you have to pay attention to two things: the base and height.

For the base, you can choose between the sealant and o-ring base. If you want to keep yourself from the stress of keeping your elegant sink clean at all times, use an o-ring base.

As for the height, the faucet should be tall enough to make your sink comfortable for use. But, a higher arc delivers a lot of splashes. So, the rule here is to ensure that your sink is deep enough to accommodate the height of your faucet.

For instance, if your vessel sink is 6" deep, the height of your faucet should be 6" away.

  • The Right Drain

With drains, you have two options: grid and pop-up. The grid drain is a standard cap that gets outfitted with small holes. The small holes help filter water down through drain pipes. The pop-up drain has a plug and lever system - which is common in a more traditional sink style.

So, what's the best option?

That depends on who uses your sink. If you regularly wash your hair in the sink the pop-up drain is perfect - because it allows more debris through. The grid drain is best for washing your hands and washing cloth regularly.

Also, you must make sure you have enough space for water supply valves in the vanity and drainpipe.

Here're some ways you can maintain your vessel sinks:

  • To prevent permanent stains, rust, or spots, make it a habit to clean your sink regularly.

  • Use the right cleaning products regularly when you need to do intensive cleaning. Avoid abrasive cloths or harsh cleaning products. Clean any trace of cleaning products and water.

  • Stick to products that are specifically for the vessel sink material you choose. For instance, if you have a glass sink, you can use a clean antibacterial multi-surface spray inside the sink. Then, rinse with warm water and use a microfiber cleaning cloth to dry the sink to avoid streaks.

  • You can seal your vessel sink to add another layer of protection.

When it comes to your choice of vessel sinks, there's no wrong or right choice. It all depends on your taste and personal preference. So, follow this guide carefully, and you'll get two things: your best choice of sink and perfect installation.

Best Ideas

Shallow round polished beige travertine vessel sink

Shallow Round Polished Beige Travertine Vessel Sink

Shallow vessel sinks 14

Mirovia® Vessels above-counter bathroom sink (comes in a bunch of colors)

Shallow vessel sinks 2

Extremely sophisticated bathroom styling - with sand grasscloth walls and white paneled half way. One of the most important accents is the large rectangular mirror, along with a marble top and a white shallow vessel sink - which topped it.

Vessel Bathroom Sink

Vessel Bathroom Sink

Enchanting traditional vessel sink crafted of smooth tempered glass finished in warm red tones. It's circular, has sloped walls, a central drain hole and is equipped with drain hardware of chromed metal.

Shallow vessel sinks 1

Simple shallow vessel sink without unnecessary decorations. This simple shaped construction finished in neutral white color looks very good in any bathroom design. It is also resistant to negative effects of water.

Ceramic Circular Vessel Bathroom Sink

Ceramic Circular Vessel Bathroom Sink

This white circular bathroom sink is the epitome of minimalistic elegance. Ideal for home and commercial use, the ceramic sink is guaranteed to bring some sophistication and elegance into any environment. The high-quality construction is also scratch and stain-resistant and will not fade with use. The bottom of the vessel is flat, while the softly rounded corners prevent dust from accumulating and therefore facilitate cleaning. The sink sits effortlessly atop a counter in your bathroom, bring a contemporary feel to the room.

Galaga Stone Specialty Vessel Bathroom Sink

Galaga Stone Specialty Vessel Bathroom Sink

If you have an eye for unique pieces of art and accessories, then you'll definitely appreciate this one-of-a-kind marble freestanding sink. Cut from a single block of stone, the design and appearance of the sink is timeless and thanks to the unrefined and crude bottom, it delivers a look of ancient sophistication. The strong and sturdy construction is hard to damage, and it is unfazed by heat and moisture, making it just as durable as it looks.

Absolute Stone Oval Vessel Bathroom Sink

Absolute Stone Oval Vessel Bathroom Sink

Are you tired of looking at every day synthetic porcelain and ceramics? If you are, then this black granite oval-shaped bathroom sink is for you. Beautifully designed and hand-polished to perfection, the stone vessel will become your bathroom masterpiece. Designed for above countertop installation, this sink is consistent and robust. To clean, simply use a soft cloth with mild soap and water. The black granite construction renders this sink, timeless and it works well in either a traditional or contemporary bathroom setting.

Nei Glass Circular Vessel Bathroom Sink

Nei Glass Circular Vessel Bathroom Sink

This striking glass vessel sink is the perfect addition to a monochromatic or modern bathroom. The round tempered glass bathroom sink is also handcrafted with a rolling hillside design which is inspired by the lush green palette. These handmade pieces of art are a sight for sore eyes but completely practical and functional at the same time. Their versatility allows them to be set atop your bathroom counter, and only a small hole is needed for drainage. Thanks to its polished surface, it's easy to keep it clean and looking great.

$116.9 $168.9

Handmade Turquoise Water Glass Rectangular Vessel Bathroom Sink

Handmade Turquoise Water Glass Rectangular Vessel Bathroom Sink

Are you looking to give your bathroom the ultimate contemporary facelift? Well, you're in luck. This beautifully designed, rectangular, turquoise bathroom sink is made from solid tempered glass and it is designed to sit above the countertop for a modern and sophisticated look. It is scratch-resistant, and the polished interior keeps stains at bay while the sink is easy to clean. This handmade piece of art is unique and will stand out and grab attention in any bathroom.

Isabella Plus Vitreous China Rectangular Vessel Bathroom Sink

Isabella Plus Vitreous China Rectangular Vessel Bathroom Sink

Combining opulence and ruggedness, this finely crafted rectangular bathroom sink will add to the functional decor inside your bathroom. The bold and seamless design contains an embossed toned exterior as well as a smooth and solid white interior with a center drain and no overflow. Redefine your bathroom and take it to a new level of sophistication by installing this bathroom sink made from Vitreous China material.

Shanxi Stone Rectangular Vessel Bathroom Sink with Faucet

Shanxi Stone Rectangular Vessel Bathroom Sink with Faucet

This rectangular bathroom sink is unconventional and unique, to say the least. Cut from a single block of stone, the sink will maintain its natural strength and ruggedness for years to come. The stone construction also makes it less prone to staining, chipping and scratching. Thanks to the non-porous construction, cleaning is a breeze, and there is no room for bacteria to hide. The high-quality granite natural stone material means that each sink differs slightly color and pattern making your sink unique. So if you're looking to give your bathroom a facelift by adding a sculpted bathroom sink that immediately grabs your attention when you walk into the room, then this is the one.

Mini Tempered Glass Oval Vessel Bathroom Sink

Mini Tempered Glass Oval Vessel Bathroom Sink

This tempered glass bathroom sink will bring some character into an already chic and state-of-the-art bathroom. The oval bowl bottom sink is small in size and therefore designed for compact spaces. Featuring a pop-up drain and mounting ring, the centerpiece will tie in with existing bathroom fixtures and decor. This delicate looking oval-shaped glass sink is tougher than it looks and therefore suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. So go ahead and bring out the best in your bathroom.

Brown Tempered Glass Handmade Circular Vessel Bathroom Sink

Brown Tempered Glass Handmade Circular Vessel Bathroom Sink

This round vessel bowl bathroom sink will keep your existing bathroom a decorative boost. Thanks to the clever wood-grain design, the tempered glass sink will bring an earthy appearance to a sophisticated bathroom. The hand-painted amber coloring on the interior and exterior, makes each sink unique, and the polishing process makes these sink bowls resistant to stains, rust and scratches. As the bonus, the polished interior makes cleaning almost effortless.

Shallow vessel sinks 4

Simplicity at its finest - this shallow vessel sink offers a design that is easy to gather new fans, since it is extremely easy to clean and works with practically every possible decor thanks to its versatile and neutral looks.

Industrial design bathroom

Ship lap, handsome wood mirror, and swing arm lamps.

Shallow vessel sinks 5

Shallow Round Resin Vessel Sink - Shadow

Shallow vessel sink 1

shallow vessel sink

Shallow vessel sinks 11

Highpoint Collection 16-inch Square White Bathroom Vessel Vanity Sink

Shallow vessel sinks

... Redefined 23" Rectangular Vitreous China Vessel Lavatory Sink

Shallow vessel sinks 9

Sabbe Design - bathrooms - wood framed mirror, marble backsplash, marble countertops, wall mounted faucet, gray washstand, gray countertop, gray bath vanity, shallow vessel sink, vessel sink, vanity vessel sink,

Shallow vessel sinks

For everyone looking for a boost of rustic charm and appeal this cottage powder room with a gray washed vanity accented with a sublime oil rubbed bronze cupboard and oval vessel sink is the go-to choice when it comes to decor.

Shallow vessel sink

Shallow vessel sink

Shallow vessel sinks 31

Fontaine Shallow Square Porcelain Bathroom Vessel Sink