Corner Freestanding Tub

As long as you have the pipes, there is no reason to do a full tile and grout install when you have a corner freestanding tub. Just put one of these sizable tubes in place, hook up the water lines, and you are ready for a luxurious bubble bath. Melt those cares of the day away. Your new corner freestanding tub is calling. Are you going to answer?

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Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom
The corner stand-alone bathtub is an excellent solution to create a unique ambiance in the bathroom. Beautiful details and stylish combination with glazed shower cubicle, eye-catching sandy tiles, and delightful lighting.

Master bath contemporary bathroom minneapolis

Master bath contemporary bathroom minneapolis
The beautiful form of this modern and very stylish corner freestanding tub delights. Beautifully combined with interesting details of the decor, providing a pleasant and very relaxing time in the bath.

9 3 contemporary master remodel modern bathroom st louis

9 3 contemporary master remodel modern bathroom st louis
With such a lovely, free-standing tub, your bathroom will be oozing with clean lines and modern aesthetics. The tub is accentuated with stainless steel hardware, and features a corner design for space-saving benefits.

Corner Tub

Corner Tub
People who have bathrooms of weird shapes should think about using every corner to its full potential. That’s what such corner freestanding tubs are for. Not to mention how beautiful it is!

59" x 59" Whirlpool Tub

59" x 59" Whirlpool Tub
It is a whirlpool tube that measures 59 inches by 59 inches. It has got a drain with trap, hydro massage system, FM radio and more options to make a fantastic relax time. You will be impressed.

Ove decors kido 69 x 23 acrylic freestanding bathtub kido

Ove decors kido 69 x 23 acrylic freestanding bathtub kido
With its freestanding, lightweight constructions, this Ove bathroom constitutes a well-designed contemporary interior. This smooth, fresh-looking bathtub has the size of 69 x 23".

PureScape Acrylic 52" x 52" Freestanding Bathtub

PureScape Acrylic 52" x 52" Freestanding Bathtub
Aesthetic modern freestanding 2-person bathtub. Its large square body is made of quality durable white acrylic. It's deep, has thick temperature-keeping tapered sides, softened edges and a full base.

Our advice Buying Guide

Choosing the right bath tub for your home is a big decision. Of course you can always choose to change the tub if you don't like it after a few months, but it can be costly, time-consuming and just overall inconvenient. Getting it right the first time is important, and if you're considering a freestanding tub for your bathroom, make sure you've thought about the following features.

What are the benefits of a corner freestanding tub?

A freestanding corner tub is ideal for smaller bathrooms since you can save space while getting the bath tub of your dreams at the same time. Fitting your freestanding tub neatly into the corner of the bathroom means that you have the extra space to install all the other things that you want, and you're not compromising on storage space for your towels and toiletries either. Larger bathrooms, however, can still look great with this type of tub, since you can increase the size or fit other furniture and features in the bathroom in order to fill any empty space and make your bathroom just as homely as you want.

How to customize a freestanding tub?

With regular tubs which are attached to one wall in your bathroom, you're often limited to the same design and shape. If you feel like your bathroom should be different and unique to your preferences and taste, a freestanding tub is a great alternative. You can choose to have the tub slightly bigger than normal, or with higher pieces on certain sides for extra comfort. You can add extra features depending on whether you have mobility issues, or if you like to relax in the bath, you can have shelves and storage space included.

How to style with a freestanding tub?

Nothing says modern quite like a freestanding bathtub, and fitting it in the corner of your bathroom can enhance the look even further. Whether you choose a rounded effect for your tub or a square block effect, it's easy to achieve a modern bathroom just with the addition of this style of tub. Don't forget to take into consideration the rest of your bathroom to ensure that the colors, styles, and shapes of your chosen items all match up.

Is there a room for two in a corner freestanding tub?

While you may have struggled to fit comfortably in a standard rectangle-shaped bath tub, you and your partner can enjoy a relaxing romantic time together in a tub which is ideally shaped for more than one person. It's a great shape to enjoy family bath time together, or even for the little ones to get in the water together. If you're taking a bath on your own, you can enjoy plenty of space, whether you're taking a quick dip or you're fully relaxing with bath salts or a bath bomb.


Ove Decors Rachel 70 Inch Freestanding Soaking Tub

Ove Decors Rachel 70 Inch Freestanding Soaking Tub
Freestanding bathtub in oval shape. It is made of high quality acrylic. Modern design for any bathroom as needed. It is very well appreciated by customers for durability and elegant look.

Corner freestanding tub 4

The main advantage of these bathtub models is the fact that despite the smaller external dimensions they provide the same comfort as rectangular ones. And they occupy less space - especially the corner ones like this acrylic white corner freestanding bathtub.

Freestanding corner bathtubs

A gorgeous tub for contemporary bathrooms, that boasts of its free-standing corner design and streamlined silhouette. The tub offers a deep oval basin, and a high-gloss surface that is quite easy to clean.

Corner freestanding bath

Thanks to this fabulous tub, you are getting a free-standing, easy to clean, and gorgeous bathroom accessory. What's more, the tub comes with a corner design, allowing you to save space in smaller interiors.

Corner freestanding tub 2

Corner tub mounted on richly decorated legs. It is made of high quality acrylic. Provides space saving in any bathroom. Classic form and elegant style.

Corner freestanding tub 3

Streamlined freestanding basin with profiled base - pleasant long baths, with your favorite book. It is also an important decorative element of the bathroom. Made of double layer of acrylic. Stylized faucet, and a metal pendant for your morning coffee.

Freestanding corner bath

Cool mix of contemporary sleekness and traditional elements: a freestanding corner bath in flawless white, standing on elaborate metal feet reminding 19th century bathtubs. All this incorporated into classy modern bathroom.

Corner freestanding tub 1


Neptune Wind Soaker Bath Tub with Skirt 60 x 36 x 21 WI60S Biscuit

Corner freestanding tub 1

Amazing bathroom design with white and gray marble tiled walls and a white and gray trellis tile floor leading seamlessly into the frameless corner shower with rainfall shower head and recessed tiled shelves. The contemporary freestanding tub with wall mo

Freestanding corner bath

The corner freestanding bathtub is excellent for your everyday relaxation. The clean lines and modern design are suitable with the large bathroom.

Corner freestanding tub

1920's Renovation | The Master Bath

Corner freestanding tub

Freestanding Tub Under Corners Windows

Freestanding acrylic corner bathtub

Freestanding acrylic corner bathtub

Corner freestanding tub 9

Freestanding or Built-In Tub: Which is Right for You?

Averill acrylic freestanding corner tub 1

Averill Acrylic Freestanding Corner Tub

Corner freestanding tub

corner tub, fee standing corner tub

Freestanding corner baths

Vintage bathroom with clawfoot tub, pedestal sink, and wainscotting

Corner freestanding tub 11

Traditional Bathroom Cottage Style

Freestanding corner bathtub

I can not imagine a better evening, bath, a glass of wine, good music and beautiful decor around. Corner freedtanding tub fits neatly in the bathroom niche, and its style and elegance emphasizes - lack of heavy cover. The streamlined shape will fit anyone.

52 angelique freestanding acrylic corner tub

52" Angelique Freestanding Acrylic Corner Tub

Corner freestanding tub 10

Corner Bathtub - Transitional - bathroom - Normandy Remodeling

Bathrooms with freestanding tubs

An aesthetic contemporary freestanding bathtub of quality gloss white acrylic. Its oval body features elevated shorter walls, quite wide edges and a full base. It has a central overflow and a draining hole.

Corner freestanding bathtub

Free standing tub in elegant form. It is made of high quality material with gloss finish. Suitable for any bathroom according to taste and need.

Tub potential 77 wray freestanding acrylic corner air bath tub

Tub Potential | 77" Wray Freestanding Acrylic Corner Air Bath Tub

Bathroom with freestanding bath

Free standing bathtub in oval shape. It is made of high quality polished iron. Elegant design for any bathroom according to taste and need.

Time to relax corner glass shower a freestanding tub are

Time to relax... Corner glass shower & a freestanding tub are clean and simple :: New Homes in Dublin - Kavanagh - M/I Homes Columbus

52 angelique freestanding acrylic corner tub 2

52" Angelique Freestanding Acrylic Corner Tub

Corner freestanding tub 4

A corner shower with a 12x12 carrara marble floor and a marble mosaic in the shower

Milton development bathrooms bathroom picture window window over tub floor

Milton Development - bathrooms - bathroom picture window, window over tub, floor mount faucet, freestanding tub, contemporary freestanding bath, lucite stool, vintage lucite stool, white and gray marble floor tile, black round back chair, black and white

Corner freestanding tub 16

PureScape 170 Freestanding Acrylic Tub | Aquatica Plumbing Group -Freestanding Bathtubs, Modern Bathtubs, Stone Bathtubs, Bathroom Furniture and Sinks

Corner freestanding tub 6

corner freestanding tub | Whittier 71" Freestanding Acrylic Corner Tub

That looks like natural stone for oval freestanding bathtub design

... That Looks Like Natural Stone For Oval Freestanding Bathtub Design

Thanks to chioco design at

Thanks to Chioco Design at

Corner freestanding tub 7

the-pastel-corner: “ Pastel/rosy blog following back similar blogs :) ”

Corner freestanding tub 8

corner freestanding tubs | Cast Iron Pedestal Tub NH-1011

Corner freestanding tub 14

Wall paneling...architectural details that don't cost a lot to add, but have a large impact in a space

Corner freestanding bath 1

Designer Kay Douglas l Via Atlanta Homes + Gardens

Purescape 47 x 30 freestanding acrylic bathtub 2

PureScape 47" x 30" Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub

This is the exact set up of my washroom clawfoot

This is the EXACT set up of my washroom, clawfoot included! Now if only mine was this pretty and updated ...

Ove freestanding tub

Why not choose something a bit different that will give you just the immense amount of comfort by going for this amazing, freestanding tub? It will add that bit of an extra area to your bathroom and make it look much more original.

Ove freestanding tub 1

Classic bathtub that provides good comfort of use. This element of bathroom equipment is made of materials that are resistant to damage and wear caused by water and moisture. White color is original and matches any bathroom decor.

Ove freestanding tub 7

If you dream about elegant, unique bathroom, this spacious freestanding bathtub is dedicated for you. This luxurious piece of furniture is made of ceramic and has silver-plated taps. It is decorated of little, gold rocks.