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Black bathroom items are a fun way to show your darker personality and get away from all that stark white of many homes. Couple it with a black toilet and black sink and you have a collection of porcelain items that are sure to turn heads when your guests need to use the facilities. If this is your cup of tea, see this collection for details.

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Updated 18/08/2022
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Clean Lined Black Bathtub

Clean Lined Black Bathtub


Featuring a slotted overfill drain for the deepest of baths, this tub also has a sloped backrest for your comfort. It has molded lumbar support and an integral flange for water seeping, too. Neither drain assembly nor an overflow drain is included.

$1026 $1368

Designer Advice:

If you have a very square-shaped bathroom or an alcove you never know what to do with, this bathtub is an ideal choice. Its clean-lined frame and sharp silhouette will bring a modern touch to your bathroom without looking cramped in a smaller space. Plus, its good depth despite its smaller size means you can still fully relax.

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Minimalist Black Bath Tub

Minimalist Black Bath Tub


An overflow drain comes with this bathtub, though no drain assembly. It is crafted from non-porous solid surface material that is leak-resistant and easy to keep clean, though note that each bathtub could be a slightly different shade of black due to natural variation.

$2203 $2323.66

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Stone Black Bathtub

Stone Black Bathtub

Native Trails

This bathtub is made from award-winning NativeStone, a mixture of fiber and cement. It is 40% lighter than standard concrete and is insulated so the heat stays in for longer. However, it doesn’t include drain assembly or an overflow drain.

$7943 $8990

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Curved Bathtub Black

Curved Bathtub Black


This bathtub comes with drain assembly but no overflow drain. Additionally, it has an ultra-modern asymmetrical design with one side higher than the other. Made from fiberglass and coated with acrylic for high gloss shine, it has a white interior. 

Designer Advice:

If you hate the sensation of slipping when you’re relaxing in the bath, the raised top of this bathtub will help to prevent this. The stark white inside contrasts beautifully with the deep black exterior for a chic and modern look. Plus, the asymmetric design is super on-trend and will bring a geometric accent touch to your bathroom.

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Traditional Bathtub Black

Traditional Bathtub Black


This bathtub includes drain assembly but no overflow drain. Featuring a charming clawfoot design in polished silver, it is made from acrylic and has been reinforced with fiberglass. This helps create a smooth finish and also creates a stunning matte look.

$799.99 $816.79

Designer Advice:

An ideal choice for adding vintage flair and character to your home, this bathtub's clawfoot design is refined and elegant. We recommend placing a rug underneath and adding small antique details like a silver towel ring and extra plush cream towels. This will help create a vintage feel even in a more modern bathroom. 

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Sleek Black Tub

Sleek Black Tub


Including both drain assembly and an overflow drain with a brushed nickel finish, this bathtub is sleek and sophisticated. Made of acrylic, it is slip resistant and has an oval shape with a roll top. It is also insulated.

$642.58 $740.51

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Slim Black Tub

Slim Black Tub

Streamline Bath

You won’t have to worry about any leaking with this tub, which has drain assembly, an overflow drain, and a tub waste kit. It is designed with soft curves for a relaxing bathing experience and a glossy black exterior.

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Deep Black Soaker Tub

Deep Black Soaker Tub

Wyndham Collection

Coming with drain assembly, an overflow drain, and a waste kit, this tub is designed for deep relaxation. Made from acrylic with a roll top, it features a smooth oval shape. Moreover, the exterior is a sleek matte black.

$997 $1470

Designer Advice:

An excellent option if you love nothing more than to soak in the bath with a book or glass of wine, this tub will look great in any bathroom. We recommend pairing it with marble tiled floor and glossy silver accents for an elegant and expensive look that will never go out of style. 

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