Clawfoot Bathtub Caddy

Sit back and relax in your clawfoot bathtub and keep all your essentials within easy reach with one of these clawfoot bathtub caddies. Designed to fit over the sides and sit across your tub, you can move it where ever you need it to read or access your bath products. Grab your favorite book and your bubbles and slip into this collection.

Best Products

Bailey Bathtub Caddy

Bailey Bathtub Caddy
Bathtub rack - no more getting out from warm water so as to reach for your bathroom accessories - have them all within hands reach on this steel rack! It has compartments for different accessories. Vintage pewter finish features brass elements.

Mercer Bathtub Caddy

Mercer Bathtub Caddy
A practical and eye-catching solution for bathtubs - waterproof, easy to clean and built to last. Designed of stainless steel, this handy caddy can be easily mounted on a tub, giving you 3 compartments for your necessities and a lift-up newspaper tray.

Soap and Sponge Bathtub Caddy

Soap and Sponge Bathtub Caddy
Organizer designed to hang on the edge of the bathtub. It is made of metal. It has space for soap, sponge and more. No assembly required. Functional addition to any bathroom.

Tub caddy made of reclaimed oak from a

Tub caddy made of reclaimed oak from a
Add this amazing tub caddy to your master bathroom to enjoy an even bigger boost of convenience and comfort. It is made from durable wood and corresponds well with most decor choices thanks to the neutral grey finish.

Mercer Bathtub Caddy

Mercer Bathtub Caddy
Are you looking for a product that will spruce up your ambiance? We have got something what you need. The Mercer bathtub caddy with polished nickel finish and elegant design.

Bathtub Caddy Shelf

Bathtub Caddy Shelf
Caddy shelf for bathtub applications. This element features a solid construction based on horizontal wooden slats. It is solid and looks very attractive in any bathroom decor. Functionality is another advantage of this item.

Pole Shower Caddy in Chrome

Pole Shower Caddy in Chrome
Pole shower caddy. This simple bathroom caddy is a great and functional solution for your storage needs. It features adjustable, self draining shelves, which will help you organize your beauty products. Extremely easy to maintain.

Our advice Buying Guide

A very useful item to add to any bathroom, you may actually find that without one your bathroom becomes messy and disorganized. Many of us have several products which are kept in the bathroom, making it all the more important to get the correct storage. A clawfoot bathtub caddy isn't something that is going to be top of your priority list when moving into a new house, but it is certainly something that you'll want to get hold of sooner or later. Before making your decision, let's look at some of the most popular designs on the market.

What are clawfoot bathtub caddies crafted from?

Not all caddies come in chrome, which is a go-to choice for its durability. If you want something different from the traditional and usual styles, a wooden rustic caddy might be the answer. Even if your bathroom isn't fully designed with rustic décor, it may still fit in well. In various sizes as small as one square foot and as large as 3-4 feet by 1-2 feet, you can find a caddy which fits single people living alone or large families struggling to find a home for all their different shampoos and products.

What are the different options for a clawfoot bathtub caddy?

  • Across the bath

If you like relaxing into a warm bubble bath at the end of a tiring day, the bathtub caddy which rests neatly across the width of the bath is a great choice. Not only does it have enough space to put all your bathtub essentials, but it doubles up as a table on which you can rest your books, snacks and anything else that you've taken with you. Made of neat silver chrome, there are often various compartments which make this even more useful. There is often a circular caddy within the longer caddy, and two rectangular shaped caddies on either side of that.

  • With a mirror

This is a more stylish version of the design mentioned above which sits across the bath. This style can be found in a variety which can sit across the bath, or you will find it in a slimmer version which you can rest on a cabinet or other piece of bathroom furniture. Due to the extra feature of a mirror, which is fixed to the back of the caddy, the finish of these caddies may be slightly different. You may often find rose gold, for example, instead of the traditional silver chrome.

  • Vertical bathroom caddy

A clawfoot bathtub caddy isn't always horizontally positioned across the width of the tub. It could be positioned vertically and kept outside of the bathtub. A modern and beautiful finish to consider is a natural hardwood finish, which has enough space to store some of your towels while also keeping your other products safe and organized. The wood look is great if you live in a cottage or have designed your home with wooden windows and other wood features. Alternatively, you'll also find this style in sparkling chrome to match other metal and chrome furnishings within the bathroom.


Wood tub caddy reclaimed oak cozy

Wood tub caddy reclaimed oak cozy
Practical wooden caddy for a bathtub. It allows for reading or drinking coffee while taking a bath. Natural reclaimed wood construction in attractive brown color makes this functional element very attractive.

Clawfoot bathtub shelf

This clawfoot bathtub caddy will create a practical spot to store your cosmetics and bath accessories. Solid, steel finish and easy to mount, features 3 shelves to store the stuff.

Clawfoot tub shower caddy 1

Add a piece of real convenience to your bathroom with this amazing clawfoot tub shower caddy. Now you can fit all of your most needed cosmetics at hand's reach and shower with utmost comfort and class.

Clawfoot bathtub caddy 2

Lovely and very functional clawfoot bathtub caddy is a perfect combination of beautiful golden finish and style. The whole is universal for most standard tubs, and the practical toilet seat allows a broad range of use.

Shower caddy for clawfoot tub

A convenient bathroom caddy that will make your bathing time easier. It's boasts of waterproof hardwood construction, offering an easy in use accessory with 6 small open compartments and a pair of wood handles.

Over the Rim Shampoo Bottle and Soap Basket - Oil Rubbed Bronze

Clawfoot tub accessories shelf

This clawfoot bathtub caddy will help you create magical, intimate moments in your bathroom. Ideal to serve a meal, a glass of champagne or lay some candle. Folded, it allows saving space when unused.

Bath caddies storage bath home garden

Bath Caddies & Storage, Bath, Home & Garden

Every bath should have a tub tray caddy

Every bath should have a tub tray/caddy.

Accessories for clawfoot tubs

Oval bathtub caddy (metal) to have soap, shampoo etc conveniently harboured within arm's reach while bathing. The bronze caddy offers two separate soap racks flanking the larger central compartment, great to store sponges and the like.

Look riser mounted claw foot tub shower caddy

Look!: Riser Mounted Claw Foot Tub Shower Caddy

Clawfoot bathtub caddy

Shower / bathtub caddy in rubbed bronze stores your soap, shower gel and shampoo. The design of this particular metal caddy fits in great with vintage stylized bathrooms, even if it's only a retro accent that you wish for.

Bath caddy for clawfoot tubs

Wooden Bathtub Caddy Smooth Bath Tub Tray Wooden by whiskyginger

Bath tray wood

Often you don't have time to read books during the day, so if you want relax with book in the bathroom, this incredible stand for books is special for you! It is made of wood and you can insert it on your bathtub.

Clawfoot tub shower caddy 1

Imagine the romantic time in bathtub, or alone relaxing evening. The rustic wooden clawfoot bathtub caddy will help you to put the book, candles, wine, strawberries and other.

Clawfoot bathtub accessories

The lovely combination of beautiful style and functionality including the clawfoot bathtub caddy makes the bathroom a very practical addition. The whole is very versatile and fits most models of longitudinal bathtubs.

To contain things next to le tub

Featuring a solid, 3-tiered wooden construction, this clawfoot bathtub caddy will smoothly accommodate all your bath accessories, including lotions and cosmetics, as well as towels.