Freestanding Corner Bathtub


A freestanding corner bathtub can help you if you are trying to remodel your bathroom and wish to put your bathtub in a different place, but your original bathtub just won't fit. And our freestanding corner bathtubs are really well made and easy to maintain once they are put in place. Even the plumbing hookups are within a skill set of even the most rudimentary plumber. Take a look at this collection and see what it means.

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Our Picks

Aqua freestanding corner bath right 1700mm free standing bath tub


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Corner tub

Pretty corner-mounted bathtub so space-saving and ideal for small bathrooms. This triangle-shaped tub with a gently wavy front edge and rounded corners is made of acrylic white inside and pale pink outside. It has decorative legs.

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59 averill acrylic freestanding corner tub bathtubs bathroom

59" Averill Acrylic Freestanding Corner Tub - Bathtubs - Bathroom

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Aqua freestanding corner bath lhs

Aqua Freestanding Corner Bath LHS

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Corner bathtub 1

Top of the line and high-quality free-standing corner tub built from porcelain. The tub is finished in white and has a distinctive glow to it. It should comfortably fit an average person plus you also get vital shower accessories to ensure you use it to the fullest.

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Corner clawfoot tub

Top of the line and high-quality free-standing corner tub constructed from porcelain. The tub is finished in white and has a unique glow to it. It should comfortably fit an average person plus you also get important shower accessories to ensure you use it to the fullest.

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UVA 69" x 33" Bathtub

UVA 69" x 33" Bathtub

Freestanding bathtub made of durable acrylic. The control panel is positioned in the center. The oval shape offers a large surface of the bath. Suitable for any bathroom according to taste and needs.

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Colony 60" x 60" Corner Soaking Bathtub

Colony 60" x 60" Corner Soaking Bathtub

Aesthetic pentagonal 2-person tub designed for corner mounting. It is made of white acryl and fiberglass. It's comfy, with dual lumbar support, central tap holes and wide edges for toiletries. It has a central drain hole and is easy to damp clean.

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Freestanding corner bathtub 2

The cornet bathtub on the shining legs - ideal place to have a rest for the water addicts. It is stylish but consumes not so much space. It is possible to spend time inside together, so maybe it is an idea for a romantic date?...

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Freestanding corner bathtub 11

Bathroom Furniture. Bathroom Remodeling Ideas with Cool Layouts and Furniture Set. Gorgeous White Red Maroon Small Bathroom Remodel Feature Corner Curved Edge Tub Shower Combo And White Acrylic Pedestal Sink And Freestanding White Acrylic Toilet Along Wit

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Freestanding Corner Bathtub

Buying Guide

Corner bathtubs are the most suitable choice when wanting to install a bathtub in the corner of your bathroom. A freestanding corner bathtub is a great solution to an awkward layout or a tiny bathroom that needs space-saving implementations.

Some of the other advantages of corner bathtubs are that they provide more bathing space than traditional tubs, feature abundant deck space, and can also be combined with a shower to make additional space for a separate shower. Aside from these bonuses, they are visually appealing and improves the overall flow of any bathroom.

Corner bathtubs are great for saving space, as unlike bathtubs with straight edges, their rounded corners don’t protrude out into the space. This opens up the center of the bathroom for easier access to sinks and vanities. As well as providing extra floor space in bathrooms, corner bathtubs can give you more room in the bath.

A freestanding corner bathtub is an excellent option for a farmhouse or traditional-style home. They are also the best choice if you want a bath and a shower in a bathroom with limited square footage.

Best Ideas

Freestanding bathtub 3

Rustic French bathroom design with a practical freestanding bathtub with white inner surface and gray outer surface. This fashionable element provides comfort and safety of taking a bath and it decorates bathroom indoors.

Bathroom p shape shower bath design also split wood floor

Bathroom P Shape Shower Bath Design Also Split Wood Floor Decor Wonderful Corner Bathtub Shower Combo

Walkin bathtubs 2

walkin bathtubs -

Freestanding corner bathtub

Highly compact single person bathtub designed for smaller bathrooms. The piece is constructed from durable acrylic and features a stately white finish, glossed slightly for visual appeal. It’s also accentuated by silver-coated hardware that adds more function to the tub.

Corner freestanding tub 1

Corner freestanding tub

Freestanding corner bathtub 2

This freestanding bathtub will work wonders for your interior and will become a fine addition to any corner, since it sports a clever design, letting you save up plenty of space and still enjoy the comfort of a nice bubble bath.

Freestanding bathtub

A stunning bathroom design that features a shower unit with beautiful mosaic tiles made from brown marble that perfectly matches the tiles on the floor. The bathroom also includes a ceramic, free-standing bath tub.

Melissa 60" x 29" Freestanding Bathtub

Melissa 60" x 29" Freestanding Bathtub

Aesthetic modern freestanding bathtub looking like a boat with a quite clearly marked prow. It's not very long but deep so ideal for smaller bathrooms. It's manufactured of durable white acrylic and has very smooth edges.

Freestanding corner bathtub

PureScape 012

Freestanding corner bathtub 17

Duravit - Happy D.2 - Waschtische, Möbel, WCs & Badewannen in der Badserie von Sieger Design

Freestanding corner bathtub 22

Stylish and ultra-modern free-standing corner bathtub with a cozy appeal to it. Designed to suit one person, the tub comes with a dark graphite interior and a stunning pearl finish for superb color balance. The look is finished with silver-coated accessories.

Standalone bathtubs with shower seat white

Standalone Bathtubs With Shower Seat White

Freestanding bathtub 7

Set of furniture intended to your bathroom. Set is composed of shower cabin, vintage crystal lamp and very elegant freestanding bathroom in a shape of ellipctical cylinder. It is made of ceramic and has silver-plated taps.

Freestanding corner bathtub 1

This bathtub may look tiny, but it does certainly fit nicely with the theme of the bathroom. We are not so sure bathing in something this small would be comfortable, especially if you’re tall, but it still looks quite nice!