Modern Pedestal Sinks For Small Bathrooms

Rip out the old sink, and let's take it to a whole different place, with modern pedestal sinks for small bathrooms. Usually a pedestal sink requires a certain amount of space, but these small bathroom pedestal sinks are customized to fit a less than sizeable bathroom sink space. In many beautiful options, you are guaranteed to find your modern pedestal sink for your small bathroom.

Best Products

Resin Small Pedestal Sink Mobile Portable Vanity Cabinet Bathroom Shelf Linen

Resin Small Pedestal Sink Mobile Portable Vanity Cabinet Bathroom Shelf Linen
This concept embodies what's best in contemporary design. White sink with a lot of storage spaces, perfect for small bathrooms. It will enchant you with its minimalistic, Italian design, adding a sense of luxury and prestige to your interiors.

Emma Pedestal Bathroom Sink

Emma Pedestal Bathroom Sink
A vitreous china pedestal bathroom sink. Glossy white finish. Rectangular sink with one faucet hole and a central overflow. Modern design and high quality that will get you many compliments from family and friends.

Small Bathroom

Small Bathroom
This modern large wall mirror and the pedestal sink are just an amazing solution for the small bathroom. At the back of the mirror, we have a lot of space to store the cosmetics. The drawers under the sink are big enough to contain bigger items.

Parigi Pedestal Bathroom Sink with Single Faucet Hole

Parigi Pedestal Bathroom Sink with Single Faucet Hole
Pedestal bathroom sink. Made of vitreous china in white. U shaped sink with central, one-faucet hole. Great for smaller bathrooms, but even in small spaces it will look elegant and will match perfectly.

Soiree Pedestal Bathroom Sink Set

Soiree Pedestal Bathroom Sink Set
Are you a fan of simple and stylish solutions? Then, this amazing sink set is gonna be the perfect opportunity for you. Check it out now and enjoy an extraordinary comfort and elegance in your bathroom.

City Modern Curved Pedestal Sink

City Modern Curved Pedestal Sink
A curved pedestal sink in modern style. Made of ceramic in glossy white finish. U shaped sink with central one faucet hole and central overflow. Simple but beautiful design, matching your bathroom perfectly.

Tropic Petite Pedestal Bathroom Sink Set

Tropic Petite Pedestal Bathroom Sink Set
It is a set of bathroom, which includes a sink and a base. The whole fits together, but it also fits to a wide variety of bathrooms. The set is very simple, elegant. Ideal for the minimalist bathroom.

Our advice Buying Guide

Lavatories like pedestal sinks don't need to be heavy-duty, unlike their kitchen counterparts. However, that does not necessarily mean they are any less important.

As they aren't workhorses, you can choose a modern pedestal sink based on its appearance. You can focus on design, but there are still other considerations that you should take into account, especially if you need a pedestal sink for a small bathroom.

What are the best materials for modern pedestal sinks?

The maintenance and durability of a pedestal sink will depend on the material it is made of.

  • Ceramic - Ceramic consists of natural materials. It’s anti-limescale, impervious to solvents and scratching, and it's incredibly easy to clean, unlike stainless steel that can only take the effect of a gentle detergent. Regardless of the format you choose, steel will always lend a touch of modernity.
  • Stone - Stone, on the other hand, is distinctive in a way that it is resistant to any thermal shocks. For its cleaning, you only need soapy water. It is crucial that you remember that stone can be damaged by an abrasive chemical for cleaning.
  • Polyester-Based Composite Materials - They're easy to clean and they're your most hygienic options.
  • Concrete and Granite - They're durable and hard-wearing.
  • Glass - Although glass is fragile, it can tolerate strong detergents. It's also modern and hygienic.
  • Marble - It's less easily cleaned, but it is the most luxurious-looking material.
  • Resin - Resin is durable and it makes the cleaning process simple. It also comes in various colors and shapes.

How to measure for a pedestal sink?

As you'll be working with a small bathroom, there are certain variables that you must consider in terms of the dimensions of a sink.

  • Width - The width of a basin is measured starting from the back of a bowl up to its front portion. It is important that you get the measurements of your space before you start the buying process.
  • Length - You also need the appropriate length for your pedestal sink. It is measured from one side to the other inside the bowl.

The height, width, and depth of a pedestal sink should fit your bathroom's layout. Modern basins are typically 60-90 cm wide with 70-120 cm for the integrated units.

What color pedestal sink should you choose for a modern bathroom?

If the theme of your bathroom is warm wood and dusky rose, then a white sink won't be a good addition as it will stand out in a terrible way. However, a copper pedestal sink will definitely fit right in. Choose the color and finish of your pedestal sink carefully to get the perfect fit in relation to the style and theme that you have selected for your bathroom.

Remember as you choose the patterns, finishes, and colors that you should address your needs, too, instead of just the aesthetics. If you can find the finish that you love and the sink allows you to brush your teeth and take off your makeup without any problem, then you can proceed to checkout.


Modern pedestal sinks for small bathrooms 1

This pedestal sink in a modern design will be a perfect choice for small bathrooms. It features a small, but functional towel rack and a built-in shelf just beneath the mirror. It's pure white so it looks great on a dark background.

Modern pedestal sinks for small bathrooms

Pedestal sink designed for small bathrooms. It is made of high quality acrylic. Contemporary accent for each bathroom. Received many positive recommendations from clients.

Modern pedestal sink

This classical pedestal sink will add the class in your bathroom. With a lot of space in the corners will help you avoid sinking soap or any other things while washing your hands. The hanger for towels helps you avoid wet floor.

Modern sinks

Choose the best trend to spice up the small interior of your bathroom - especially the sink may be important - exposed but can not clutter the space! This white modern pedestal sink is perfect for small bathrooms. It has a neat top, with a deep bay sink.

Resin small pedestal sink mobile portable vanity cabinet bathroom

Resin Small Pedestal Sink Mobile Portable Vanity Cabinet Bathroom ...

Pedestal sink bathroom design ideas with emma pedestal sink for

Pedestal Sink Bathroom Design Ideas With Emma Pedestal Sink For Modern Bathroom Sinks

Small bathroom pedestal sink

Such a great choice as bathroom sink for small spaces. This oval, modern pedestal bathroom sink with glass shelves for small bathroom design is such a great complement to small spaces. Gives you resonable storage space for your bathroom items.

Small pedestal sink

A bathroom doesn't have to be large to look beautiful. This small bathroom looks amazing due to grey walls covered in mosaic tiles. The mirror is simple, but it features stunning lighting. Instead of a standard shelf there is a fab storage basket.

Modern bathroom sinks small spaces

7 Appealing Modern Pedestal Sinks For Small Bathrooms Snapshot Idea

Bathroom sinks for small spaces

Bathroom Sinks for Small Spaces

Cabinets pedestal sinks bresica modern bathroom pedestal sink tweet

... cabinets pedestal sinks bresica modern bathroom pedestal sink tweet

22 5 quadro pedestal single bath vanity pedestal sink vanities

22.5″ Quadro Pedestal Single Bath Vanity - Pedestal sink vanities are a favorite for those searching for small bathroom ideas. The Fresca Quadro Pedestal Vanity is a contemporary take on a classic style. Straight edges and a bowed front emphasize one th

Emma pedestal sink modern bathroom sinks

Emma Pedestal Sink modern-bathroom-sinks

Bundle-16 Wall Mounted Bathroom Sink

Unique pedestal ideas unique pedestal sink for small bathroom design

Unique Pedestal Ideas : Unique Pedestal Sink For Small Bathroom Design Image id 29045 - GiesenDesign

Arena pedestal sink the square shape of this small pedestal

Arena Pedestal Sink The square shape of this small pedestal sink works well in a modern bathroom. The Arena Pedestal Sink is narrow enough to save space in the smallest bathroom, while the faucet deck supplies room for soap and other toiletries. Add the

Small pedestal sinks

Beautiful small bathroom can also be spacious. Modern pedestal sink is great solution for small bathrooms with big style. Square medicine cabinet looks also elegant and offers a lot of space for your cosmetics and favourite decoration.

Small modern white bathroom pedestal sink home undermount bathroom 1

Small Modern White Bathroom Pedestal Sink / Home Undermount Bathroom ...

Cristal Wall Mount Bathroom Sink

Suitable pedestal sinks for small bathrooms make your bathroom look

Suitable Pedestal Sinks For Small Bathrooms Make Your Bathroom Look Wider: Modern Twin Pedestal Sinks For Small Bathrooms ~ Bathrooms Ideas Inspiration

Contemporary pedestal sinks

This bathroom will surely enchant all enthusiasts of modern design. Covered with a grasscloth wallpaper with the minimal, snowy-white armature, creates a sense of prestige and style.

Unique pedestal sinks for modern bathrooms design ideas by bati

Unique Pedestal Sinks For Modern Bathrooms Design Ideas by Bati

Coda Pedestal Bathroom Sink

Coda Pedestal Bathroom Sink

Small bathroom pedestal sinks

Pedestal sink designed for small bathrooms. It is made of high quality porcelain and fitted with towel holder. Classic form and neutral design.

Pedestal sink modern

modern pedestal sinks for small bathroom

Small bathroom modern red oak pedestal sink smoke glass vanity

Small Bathroom Modern Red Oak Pedestal Sink Smoke Glass Vanity Set, St ...

Modern bathroom fan 19

The teak modern bathroom fan silk deck has a natural and polished teak wood in a practical shape. Unfinished wood returns the scents and colors of the rainforest. The rectangular form is very practical and will give wonderful breath to the dark granite lacy.

Bathroom sinks for small bathrooms

Presented here 2 modern pedestal sinks for small bathrooms will find themselves also in large bathrooms. Thanks to is a circular shape of white African tall drums. It offers pre-drilled single faucet hole and is compatible with any single faucet.

Small bathroom with pedestal sink

modern pedestal sinks for small bathroom

Modern pedestal sinks

A nice arrangement of a small bathroom. It features a traditional, pedestal sink and toilet unit. The bathroom fitting in a pure white color makes a nice contrast with a dark wall and frames. There is also nice lighting fixture above the sink.

Cool pedestal sinks

Tile floor for bathroom

Modern pedestal sinks for small bathroom 4

modern pedestal sinks for small bathroom

Modern pedestal sinks for small bathroom 7

modern pedestal sinks for small bathroom

Pedestal sink for small bathroom

modern pedestal sinks for small bathroom

Name bonelli modern bathroom pedestal sink cast stone 24 8

Name: Bonelli - Modern Bathroom Pedestal Sink Cast Stone 24.8"

Modern bathroom fan 26

A floating shelf with two sinks constitutes a great example of contemporary design. Its sleek, black finish adds an eclectic character to the space, fitting perfectly well to the modern, minimalistic decors.

Small pedestal sink small sink for big function modern bathroom

Small Pedestal Sink: Small Sink For Big Function: Modern Bathroom Pedestal Sink ~ Bathrooms Inspiration

Contemporary small bathrooms

25 Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas Creating Modern Bathrooms and Increasing Home Values

Porcher 21320-00.001 Porcher Solutions Round Pedestal, White

Modern sinks for small bathrooms

Home Staging: Great Half Bath that has a simple but Luxurious look with the Wall Paper, Mirror and Small Stand with |

Modern bathroom fan

Rustic setup for a minimalistic bathroom with a long, wooden vanity cabinet made out of distressed walnut wood with a very light coat of white paint, nicely fitting with the marble wall and granite bottom.

Bathroom decor and ideas

Bathroom Decor and Ideas

Modern bathroom fan 1

Wow, this bathroom is so much different from others! Modern wash basins are cool enough, but the counter is just striking! Blue-lighted pebbles under a glass top make this bathroom cabinet extraordinary.