Vintage Pedestal Fan

A pedestal fan is an elevated fan that is small enough to fit on a pedestal but large enough to cool an area. And they have been around for quite a while with the design only changing slightly as decor styles evolve. If you are looking for a vintage pedestal fan that is high quality and made with the traditional standards of craftsmanship, then take a look at this collection and choose your next vintage pedestal fan.

Best Products

Fanimation Arden Pedestal Fan

Fanimation Arden Pedestal Fan
An excellent indoor accessory for hot summer days. Designed in vintage style, the fan rests on tripod wood base in walnut finish, with widely spread legs for stability. The fan itself ensures silent work, and can be easily folded for storage.

Antique Ge General Electric Vortalex Oscillating 3 Speed Pedestal Floor Fan

Antique Ge General Electric Vortalex Oscillating 3 Speed Pedestal Floor Fan
The vintage styling in this important and fascinating pedestal fan is a perfect combination of functionality and interesting details. The antique style of this flooring fan captivates and highlights the original interior design.

Vintage 1930s Art Deco Emerson Silver Swan Pedestal Floor 10 Fan

Vintage 1930s Art Deco Emerson Silver Swan Pedestal Floor 10 Fan
An original vintage pedestal fan for floor placement. It is inspired by the art of 1930's. Neutral color and solid construction are the most important aspects of this fan. Its pedestal base provides good stability.

Vintage Ge Art Deco Industrial Oscillating Pedestal Floor Fan Near Mint

Vintage Ge Art Deco Industrial Oscillating Pedestal Floor Fan Near Mint
Pedestal fan in vintage style. It is mounted on metal base. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Neutral and functional accessory for each place as needed.

Antique electric pedestal fan marelli pre1954 vietnam

Antique electric pedestal fan marelli pre1954 vietnam
It comes hot summer, without having air conditioning it can be a crossing through hell.This will avoid the fan.This vitange pedestal fan was found in Vietnam.What is important it has solid cast iron base and four roller feet.It can also serve as a decoration.

Vintage art deco eskimo floor pedestal fan oscillating model 1005ip

Vintage art deco eskimo floor pedestal fan oscillating model 1005ip
This vintage Eskimo pedestal fan has got a decorative and functional tole in any apartment. Add it into the living room, bedroom, dining room and enjoy the unique decoration.

Fan Vornado Vintage Pedestal Model I2pi 3 Speed Working 1945 49 Rare

Fan Vornado Vintage Pedestal Model I2pi 3 Speed Working 1945 49 Rare
An original and rare item that provides air circulation in the summer. This vintage pedestal fan is finished in a nice green color, but its blades are black. It can decorate different areas and it also features a practical function.

Our advice Buying Guide

A vintage pedestal fan is an incredible source of AC. It’s capable of fitting spaces of any size and it may come in a unique finish. As you’re looking into buying pedestal fans that are vintage, you can expect them to have antique copper, oil rubbed bronze, and aged bronze as finishes. As for the legs, they can be black or walnut.

To help you choose the vintage pedestal that is right for your home and pockets, keep on reading as we have a buying guide prepared just for you!

What are the major manufacturers of vintage pedestal fans?

Major manufacturers of vintage pedestal fans include Emerson, Robbins Myers, Westinghouse, and General Electric. The materials they use include copper, steel, brass, and cast iron. Fans that were made from the 1920s to 1930s are likely to have a black finish with no detailing. For fans that were produced after the 1930s, it is likely for them to have an Art Deco style.

How much is a vintage pedestal fan?

The prices of vintage pedestal fans can vary. They can range from $40 to a thousand bucks, based on their aesthetics, condition, and rarity. Rare units can fetch up to $10,000.

Where to place a vintage pedestal fan?

Vintage pedestal fans are perfect for office desks, bookshelves, kitchen counters, and coffee tables. The intended location of the fan will guide you when you make your choice regarding the size of the appliance, its cooling capability, and power requirements. Some vintage pedestal fans were added with wheels as well as handles for extra mobility. Others come with tripods as well. You can find units that are small enough you’ll be able to bring them anywhere.

How to clean and maintain a vintage pedestal fan?

Before you clean your fan, make sure you’ve unplugged the unit from the socket. You can remove the grill in the front from the tower using a screwdriver. You can also unclip the clips of the fan (if it has clips, of course). Get warm water that’s added with a cleaning solution like dish soap. Dip a washcloth in it and wring it before you clean the grill.

Take out the blade cap, so you can remove the blade of the fan. Wipe the blade using the same washcloth. Rinse with clean warm water after wiping out pet dander and dust from the crucial parts of the fan.

If you get a vintage pedestal fan, it is best if you replace the wires with new ones. Don't use the old wires if you want to save a lot of money on electricity. Replacing the wires will also ensure the appliance is safe to use inside your home. It's best to factor in the cost of hiring a professional for wire replacement when you’re buying a vintage pedestal fan.


Vintage Freshnd Aire Mid Century Modern Chrome Electric Pedestal Floor Fan

Vintage Freshnd Aire Mid Century Modern Chrome Electric Pedestal Floor Fan
Vintage pedestal fan. Who doesn’t like a bit of retro vibe in his house? This one here could maybe use some renovation, but if you’ll be going for the vintage appeal, then maybe it’s better to leave it as is.

16" Oscillating Pedestal Fan

16" Oscillating Pedestal Fan
Useful modern standing fan. It is made of steel and black plastic. It has a round wired safety grill with a 3-blade prop inside, a sleek round column and 4-arm X-shaped base. It can oscillate and has adjustable vertical tilt.

Antique Vintage Ge Vortalex 12 Oscillating 3 Speed Pedestal Floor Fan Nr

Antique Vintage Ge Vortalex 12 Oscillating 3 Speed Pedestal Floor Fan Nr
The old style of this vintage pedestal fan makes the whole thing look phenomenal. Beautiful elements and rusty finish are characteristic and very stylish. The perfect solution for any decor in old school style.

Vintage pedestal fan 1

vintage pedestal fan

Details about antique emerson electric pedestal fan vintage 6520 ak

Details about Antique Emerson Electric Pedestal Fan Vintage 6520-AK ...

Vintage pedestal fan 1

Fans are the best way to heat! We present these designed by Spanish designers. This vintage pedestal fan fog once rotated in both directions, so that change the perceptible temperature by up to 8 degrees Celsius. Today has a decorative function.

Antique floor fan

Now you can spice up your home with industrial flavor, and practical solutions for hot summer days. This pedestal fan stands on a round base for stability, holding a well-balanced rod with a working metal fan attached to it.

Antique pedestal fan

Going retro in your interior can be accomplished with furniture, but with accessories too... And choosing unique vintage accessories can enrich the space with artistic vibe. This tripod pedestal fan on wooden legs couldn't be a better example.

Vintage pedestal fan 7

Vintage ceiling fan with washed oak blades and pedestal sporting interesting details; designed in America. Meant to add some pizzazz to a contemporary decor - just in case you need vintage or industrial style hints.

Vintage pedestal fan 2

Vintage pedestal fan with a sturdy rounded base. The piece also comes in a free-standing design and its unique brass coated finish offers a distressed appeal that will add a touch of vintage class into your spaces.

Decorative fans on a stand


16" Oscillating Pedestal Fan

16" Oscillating Pedestal Fan

Vintage pedestal fan 5

Fresh'nd-Aire 26" Pedestal Fan

Vintage stand fan

Designer tripod fan. Powerful three-speed motor. Wooden base. Free Shipping - Fat Shack Vintage - Fat Shack Vintage

The vintage themed old havana looks great as a pedestal

The vintage themed Old Havana looks great as a pedestal fan!

Vintage pedestal fan 3

Industrial Vintage 1930's R&M Pedestal fan by EccentricDecor

Vintage swirl floor and table fan

Vintage Swirl Floor and Table Fan

19" Oscillating Pedestal Fan

19" Oscillating Pedestal Fan

Antique vintage pedestal marelli electric fan revised

Antique Vintage Pedestal Marelli Electric Fan revised

Antique floor fans

Fanimation Floor fan

Vintage pedestal fan 6

Vintage Art Deco Eskimo Floor Pedestal Fan 3 Speed Oscillating Model 45R

Vintage fans ebay

Hot day? Need some cold air? Choose this Art Deco general electric GE floor fan with pedestal base and three speed oscillates. It's not only very useful, but it looks stylish too.

Antique industrial r m robbins myers vintage art deco oscillating

Antique Industrial R&M Robbins & Myers Vintage Art Deco OSCILLATING Pedestal FAN

Vintage style floor fan

Vintage Restored Industrial 1957 Vornado Pedestal Fan

16" Oscillating Pedestal Fan

16" Oscillating Pedestal Fan

Industrial fan vintage general electric standing pedestal fan blue deco

industrial fan;vintage general electric standing/pedestal fan;blue deco fan

Vintage pedestal fan 5

Vintage Art Deco MCM 10

Vintage pedestal fan 3

16 inch antique metal stand electric fan / China Fans for sale

Vintage pedestal fan 15

Vintage Industrial Art Deco Westinghouse Oscillating Pedestal Factory Floor Fan | eBay

Vintage pedestal fan 3

Vintage Vornado Pedestal Fan 6112VP | eBay $300.00 Vornado by Electrohome

Westinghouse pedestal fan

Arden Pedestal Fan by Fanimation | fp8014ob

16" Oscillating Pedestal Fan

16" Oscillating Pedestal Fan

Emerson pedestal fan

Industrial, Vintage Style Pedestal Fan.

Modern standing fan

Mid-Century Westinghouse Pedestal Fan

1000x1000 jpg 1988


Vintage pedestal fan 5

rubbed bronze pedestal fan

Vintage pedestal fan 4

Signal Cool Spot 8" oscillating pedestal fan

Vintage pedestal fan 10

Vintage Glass Pedestal Candy Dish-Compote-Patterned-Clear-Glass-Wedding-Buffet-Server-Free Domestic Shipping (USA) £18.53

Old Havana Motor Assembly Pewter Black Floor Fa

Antique ge 12 vortalex oscillating pedestal floor fan

Antique GE 12" Vortalex Oscillating Pedestal Floor Fan

Vintage 26 chrome floor fan stand not included 1

Vintage 26″ Chrome Floor Fan (stand not included)

Bell jars tall vintage fan lights pedestal table old library

Bell jars, tall vintage fan, lights, pedestal table, old library cabinet ,white walls, decked ceiling

Perforated dresser bring yourself and all your awesome ness right

Perforated Dresser ~ Bring yourself and all your awesome-ness right here to my office.