Double Pedestal Dining Tables


For longer dining tables, a single pedestal will not work, and you're likely to end with the table tipping over. So instead, now we suggest double pedestal dining tables that will easily support a longer tabletop without fear of food falling in your guest’s laps. These are wonderful and give your visitors plenty of foot room, all while being very attractive and made of the best materials. You know your home can only profit from one of these.

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Double pedestal dining tables

This modern home-style table in the countryside is an excellent feature of the large dining or kitchen facilities. Solid wood construction in two shades is a great way to have a family feast.

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Double pedestal dining tables

The form of this wide dining table is unobtrusive and simple, yet somehow classy. Double pedestal base utilizes arches and curves that create wishbone shape, and the dark boat-shaped mahogany veneer top features congenially rounded corners.

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Double pedestal dining tables 9

If you are fan of old-fashioned, rural furniture, this pedestal farmhouse table is dedicated special for you! It is made of bright, carved wood and in spite of its simplicity it looks so good! Must-have in vintage dining room.

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Rectangular double pedestal dining table

Sturdy and elegant, the pedestal table works well in contemporary interiors. Crafted of durable wood and nicely-polished, the table features a double pedestal base strengthened by wood stretchers, holding a thick top with sharp edges.

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12 foot harvest table community table

12 foot harvest table community table

Dining table in traditional form. Construction is made of wood. Rectangular top has large usable surface. Received positive recommendations from customers for neutral design and high quality.

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English Gothic Refectory High Dining Table

English Gothic Refectory High Dining Table

This dining table is the beautiful example of English Gothic, making sure you get the traditional look in your household and a one that is truly stylish and chic. It will seat your family comfortably, while bringing the best in your setting.

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Double pedestal dining tables

Dining table made of wood in two shades. Rectangular top has large usable surface. Stable base is reinforced with solid supports. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. It has a lot of great reviews.

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Double pedestal dining table

If you need a large dining table for your rustic home, then this double pedestal table can be a great solution for you. Each of those bases rests on three curved legs for proper stability, holding a large, oval top - all crafted of wood and covered in a weathered finish.

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Larissa Extendable Dining Table

Larissa Extendable Dining Table

Extendable dining table which can accommodate lots of guests and family members. It features unique table leg design detail. Everything finished with durable and rich dark brown. It was constructed from wood.

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Oval dining table and chairs 5

Presidio Oval Dining Table by Bassett Furniture

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Double Pedestal Dining Tables

Buying Guide

Double pedestal dining tables tend to be large - and they tend to make a statement; so you should style them simply to let them speak for themselves.

In order to let the beauty of your table’s pedestal legs shine, you should avoid using tablecloth. Instead, use a neutral table runner or a simple centerpiece. This will help your table seem more proportionate without covering up your table’s natural beauty. Then, surround your double pedestal table with chairs of a matching hue.

Double pedestal dining tables are heavy when compared to leg tables and single pedestal tables. The chunky pedestals are often made of solid wood. Some will have racks and drawers. Even when each turned pedestal is hollow, it is composed of a significant amount of hardwood.

The use of two pedestals also means double pedestal tables can have a significantly larger top than single pedestal tables which only increases their weight. Double pedestal tables are built to withstand the tests of time and may last long enough to become family heirlooms.

Best Ideas

Double pedestal dining table 12

Double Pedestal Dining Table

Double pedestal table

A simple but elegant traditional table entirely made of wood with a glossy light brown finish. It features a base constructed of 2 upturned T-like supports joined by a sturdy bottom stretcher and has a rectangular top.

Rectangle pedestal table

Rustic dining table with a construction based on solid wood. It features a supportive base with two X-shaped bases. The whole table looks very simple and stylish in any type of design. It is suitable for large families.

Santa Fe Balustrade Dining Table with a Solid Top, 7 ft

Santa Fe Balustrade Dining Table with a Solid Top, 7 ft

Two pedestal dining table

Splash your dining room with a touch of vintage flavor, using this double pedestal mission table. Crafted of sturdy wood, the table holds a rectangle top and stands on wide feet supported by a flat stretcher.

Double pedestal farm table

Double Pedestal Farm Table

Double pedestal tables

Dining table with rectangular top. It is mounted on double pedestal base and reinforced with solid support. Elegant and functional design for the living room, dining room and others interiors as needed.

Double pedestal dining tables 11

A classy traditional dining table for 6 persons. It has a rectangularish grey finished woody top with canted corners. A black base is built of 2 rather low upturned U-shaped feet, with scrolled elements atop, joined by 2 stretchers with forked ends.

Double pedestal dining table 9

Enhance your dining room with this elegant dining set consisted of 1 rectangle table and 8 dining chairs. The table has a massive, double-pedestal base with a fixed stretcher, while the chairs are upholstered in a distressed leather, resting on tapered front and flared rear wooden legs.

Home dining tables manchester double pedestal dining table

Home > Dining Tables > Manchester Double Pedestal Dining Table

Double pedestal dining tables 10

Traditional and classic design for a double pedestal dining table made in a farmhouse style out of dark oak wood with a beam in the middle of the frame. The table is fitted with three matching chairs to finish the room off.

Double pedestal dining room table

Dining table mounted on double pedestal base. Construction is made of wood. It has 6 to 8 seating capacity. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Traditional form and elegant style.

Double pedestal dining tables 2

Double Pedestal Dining Tables

A r t furniture margaux counter height rectangle double pedestal

A.R.T. Furniture Margaux Counter Height Rectangle Double Pedestal Dining Table - Mahogany. -- Julianna

Double Pedestal Dining Tables

Questions & Answers

As most double pedestal tables can be expanded, they are real lifesavers when you don’t need a very large table for yourself, but throw occasional parties. The balance provided by such table allows to easily seat a large number of people without problems. Additionally, double pedestal tables have that rich, luxury feeling going for them!

The most post popular materials for dining tables are wood, glass, metal, marble and laminate. Each of them has different characteristics, and there is no one best material.

Wood is the most versatile material and comes in several types – it can be hardwood, softwood or composite. Hardwood is considered to be the most reliable option, mainly because of the attractive look and long-lasting qualities, but it’s also the most expensive one. The most popular hardwoods are mahogany, maple, oak and walnut.

Glass dining tables are modern, airy and elegant, as well as easy to clean. But that’s not your only option – metal dining tables are just as popular, and they certainly can be called heavy duty tables.

If you’re looking for a dining table with a rich, elegant vibe, check out the marble ones. Additionally, these dining tables are also very easy to clean and last a lifetime!

Dining tables can be rectangular, square, round and oval, or come in a freeform. Rectangular dining tables are the most common ones and can work as dividers in open-plan houses. Square tables are fashionable but consume a lot of space. Round tables are great for traditional, cozy types of houses. Oval dining tables are easy to place, practical and space-efficient. Freeform dining tables are great to create an artistic design.

Just like any other element of interior design, dining tables come in various styles. The most popular ones are traditional, modern, rustic, industrial, contemporary and shaker. Look them up and pick one cohesive with the rest of your house’s design.

Dining tables measure 36 inches minimum, while the optimal height is around 28 to 30 inches. It’s also important to remember that the size depends on the shape. For example, for seating 4 people, square tables measure between 36 and 44 inches, rectangular are at least 36 inches wide and 48 inches long, roundtables are 36 to 44 inches in diameter, and oval are around 36 inches wide and 56 inches long. That’s why double pedestal dining tables are so handy – they allow you to expand just when you need it.

Many homeowners go for interesting, fashionable colours, like bright red or yellow, for their dining tables, and that’s fine. However, keep in mind that it may be a risky approach – today’s hit is tomorrow’s failure. If you want to be safe, just bet on the classic elegance – black is always the new black, and you can’t go wrong with natural colour!

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