Round Dining Room Table Seats 12

Invite your friends over, or hold a family dinner during the holidays, all while boasting your gorgeous round dining room table that seats 12 people. Beautifully crafted with sturdy construction, these solid, or even expandable dining tables will make you the toast of the party. Take a look at all the available options in this extensive collection, and pick yours today.

Best Products

Ariana Riviera Dining Table

Ariana Riviera Dining Table
Make a statement in your formal dining space with this stunning round table. The 0.75” thick beveled glass top highlights the contemporary stainless steel pedestal base. This elegant table is available in various sizes that can seat either 4, 10, 12, or 14 people. Whether you want a compact table for an intimate dining space or an impressive piece for large parties, this stylish table is for you.

Lavelle Blanc Oval Extendable Solid Wood Dining Table

Lavelle Blanc Oval Extendable Solid Wood Dining Table
If you’re looking for an elegant dining room table with the capacity to seat up to 12 guests, this stunning oval table could be the perfect solution. This solid wood table has a removable central leaf that allows it to be used for small and large parties. The delicately decorated base and Queen Anne legs make this sophisticated design ideal for any traditional home.

Churchman Empire Imperial Extendable Solid Wood Dining Table

Churchman Empire Imperial Extendable Solid Wood Dining Table
Nothing says traditional elegance like a English mahogany dining table. This solid wood table includes 2 removable central leaves that offer 2 seating capacities; 8 people can fit at its smallest and 12 when fully extended. With clean lines and classic design, this oval table will never go out of style.

Barajas Walnut Solid Wood Dining Table

Barajas Walnut Solid Wood Dining Table
The minimalist design of this solid wood round dining table allows you to appreciate the walnut grain texture. Thanks to the table top’s round shape, your dinner parties will have an intimate, less formal feel. The angular design of the pedestal base stylishly contrasts with the round top and gives the table a modern, original look.

Sullivan Oval Dining Table

Sullivan Oval Dining Table
It is the oval dining table. It is relatively massive and powerful, yet very simple to build. Thus, the whole makes unusual impression.It makes it look extremely elegant and stylish. Perfect for a large and spacious dining room.

Round Dining Table

Round Dining Table
The dining table is the most important piece of furniture of any home. This one has round shape, wooden structure and is suitable with eight seats around. I think, that it will be an excellent choice for everyday meals with family.

Lake shore drive penthouse traditional dining room chicago

Lake shore drive penthouse traditional dining room chicago
Ideal for glorious occasions, this round dining room table can accommodate up to 12 people. Deep, mahogany wood finish will create a refined, classic appeal. The complementary set of chairs is also made from solid, dark wood, adorned with beautiful beige cushioning.

Our advice Buying Guide

There are many things that you may want to consider with dining tables that can seat twelve. Tables that seat this many are often large and take a great deal of room. There’s also the need to look at the chair placement and if they will work with the table itself. This is because you want to have everyone at the table comfortable. A circular design may put people close to the wall and block the room. The materials that the table is made of are also highly important, and it must be sturdy and hold a lot of weight.

How to ensure the security of a large round dining room table?

Security is always something to look for; this is a table that you don’t want to ever flip as it is heavy. Wooden tables are tried and true but do have a massive weight in them. Their cumbersomeness is a tradeoff for safety. Glass tables are an option as well and even heavy-duty glass is more fragile than wood and assistance is highly recommended when moving them. Also, with a glass round table, you will wish to make sure that there’s a support in the center of the table to keep the glass from bending under the weight on it.

What are the most impressive designs of dining room tables?

If you want to highly impress others with a large table set up perfectly, there are several ways to do this with ease. A large stone table with a quality carving can be truly impressive, as well as how cool it can make a room. The same is true for chairs. You will want to make sure that all twelve are in good condition and work well with the table, especially if they are not the set originally sold with it. Oval tables work well with a narrower room and can be used as a round meeting table with a great success. These large table designs are wonderful to add a focused attention on presenters while giving guests a lot of elbow room and the ability to turn if desired.

What does the choice of a table say about you?

Your table can say a lot and define you in many ways. For example, where you sit at a table can make a psychological point. Your table might give the impression that you like traditional settings by using a wooden table or one of those carved stone tables. Chrome, glass or primary colored plastics are more modern. Your color choices might show that you are a person that pushes to achieve things in life, yet with the same design but different accents can show a humbler aspect of your personality. The table can also show others how confident you are in what you are doing as well as being someone that finishes what they start, as a round table that seats twelve is not something that’s easy to set up.


Tivoli Round Extending Pedestal Dining Table

Tivoli Round Extending Pedestal Dining Table
A solid, wear resistant piece of furniture. This table features a round top that seats up to 4 people, but it extends, so it is able to seat up to 6 people. Its klin-dried wood frame is solid and resistant to damage.

How To Choose The Right Dining Table

How To Choose The Right Dining Table
Rustic setup for a sophisticated dining room with a long, rectangular dining table made out of dark walnut wood with a set of eight elegant, microfiber upholstered dining chairs and a single wicker armchair.

Hans Bellman Style Wenge Dining Table

Hans Bellman Style Wenge Dining Table
The industrial coffee table with the specific configuration of legs. The tripod construction looks incredible and definitely distinguish it between other furniture. I would like to have it in my living room.

Comtemporary wenge dining table with rocks

Comtemporary wenge dining table with rocks
This contemporary wenge dining set constitutes a stylish and functional proposition for all modern interiors. Black, smooth silhouettes and glazed countertop embody the minimalistic spirit. It offers accommodation for up to 8 people.

Round dining room table seats 12

The expanding dining round table which rotates and doubles in size, is an excellent way to furnish the small spaces. It can serving 8 person to party of 12. Everyone will be impressed how cool this table is.

Round dining table for 12

A large dining table that can comfortably accommodate up to 12 people. It's made of espresso finished hardwood, and it comes with 12 dining chairs stylishly button-tufted and uphlstered in an off-white plush material.

Round table that seats 12

An elegant large dining table for 12 persons. It's made of wooden materials in brown tones. It has sturdy legs on sides and in the centre. Its oval top has a smooth edge in a darker brown shade. Chairs have wide arms and upright slatted halfbacks.

Big round tables

This extra large round dining table can accommodate up to 12 seats. Fine mahogany construction with high polish finish is of course beautiful, but it's the carved base with acanthus motifs that draws the attention here.

Round dining room table seats 12

The beautiful and large dining table combined with friendly and very comfortable chairs creates a unique atmosphere in the interior. Stylish details of the finish of the chairs and eye-catchy gray upholstery create a cozy atmosphere.

Round dining table for 12 people

If you want to transform your dining room into the King Arthur's chamber, now you have the chance. This set of elegant round table and ladder-back chairs is going to accommodate most of your guests, making them to spend their time in style, while sitting on comfy-woven seats.

Dining room table 10 person

Reminescent of the finest wood craftsmanship era, this spacious round wooden table with matching chairs will enrich your dining room or games room with a warm touch. What's special about the chairs is their hodge podge material padding in warm pastels.

Round dining room table seats 12

This huge round Georgian table dining set is designed to comprise 12 to 14 people. Mahogany finish embodies well the classic spirit, reviving the regency. A great example of a well-maintained antique.

Round dining room table seats 12

For centuries, a large round dining table symbolizes friendship and brotherhood, and the arrangement will bring a relaxed, cozy atmosphere. This cherry wood structure has a polished structure that shines with an interesting shade of wood. This is set for 12.

Seats 8 12 perfect even if it is a conference

Seats 8-12 , perfect! Even if it is a conference table.

Large round dining table seats 12

This table features a very nice country stylization. Its large size allows for seating up to 10-12 people. The base of this wooden table includes solid walnut rope turned legs. This functional table also plays a decorative role.

Round 8 seat dining table

Go for a piece that will ensure that you will never run out of space for comfortable dining with this amaizng table. It will easily seat up to twelve people and is constructed of all wood in the amazing quality and warm shade to it.

12 14 seater large round chunky country dining table

12-14 seater large round Chunky Country dining table

Round dining table for 12 dimensions

Democratic and establishing a family-bonds wooden round dining room table for 12 seats, beats along with upholstered chairs brightness. The craftsmanship is visible in light solid alder wood and cream chairs.

Expandable round dining table 7

Expandable round dining table (7)

Large round dining table seats 12

Large Round Dining Table Seats 12

Round dining room table seats 12 1

Round Dining Table For Dining Room Decoration Ideas : Comely Dining ...

Round dining room table seats 12 large round dining table

Round Dining Room Table Seats 12 ~ Large Round Dining Table Seats 10 ...

Dining table seats 12

Large dining table with oval top. Construction is made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. It has 12 seating capacity. Perfect for home, restaurant and others interiors according to taste and need.

Round table for 12

With this dining table you will be able to accommodate up to 12 people at the same time. It rests on a large drum base for stability, holding even larger matching top, giving you a perfect piece of furniture for family gatherings.

Dining table round seats 8

A large dining room table, comprising 12 places, will create a magnificent place for the whole family to gather and share the meal. Very solid, wooden construction, which enchants with its dense graining.

Dining room rustic large round dining room table seats 12

Dining Room : Rustic Large Round Dining Room Table Seats 12 (215 ...

Round dining room table seats 12

Rustic Extra Large Solid Walnut Round Dining Table Seats 10 to 12

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Dining table for 14 seats

large round dining table seats 12 | ... Antiques - French Reproduction Large Round Pedestal Dining Table

Oval dining table seats 12

Dining table mounted on pedestal base. Construction is made of wood. Round top has large usable surface. It has 10 to 12 seating capacity. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Are round dining room tables a good idea

Are Round Dining Room Tables a Good Idea?

Seating at round tables

This large outdoor dining table creates a great set for one's outdoor parties. Complemented by whimsical chairs with oval celadon backrests and white cushioning. All crafted from stylish dark wood.

Round dining room table seats 12 2

Leighton Large Dining Table 61" round opens to seat 12

Wenge dining table 10

Hand crafted dining table that features solid brushed steel legs that provide stability, support and attractive appearance. Rectangular top is made of solid walnut and wenge. It provides dining space for large families.

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Espresso dining room table 2

What an elegant, very sophisticated design for an impromptu, compact living room with a small, round table and display cabinets submerged in walls. Very modern design with traditional elements.

Espresso dining room table

Dining table made of wood. Pedestal base is reinforced with sturdy supports. Rectangular top has large usable surface. It has 8 seating capacity. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Country Kitchen Rustic Cabin Oak Wood Cottage Dining Table

Dining table in rustic style. It is made of wood and mounted on pedestal base. Round top has large usable surface. It has 4 seating capacity. Great solution for dining room, bar or restaurant.

White country dining table 3

Modern composition of furniture around a French-styled dining room, furnished with a rectangular dining table made out of unfinished oak wood, paired with a set of dining chairs with cotton upholstery in cream.

Modern wenge dining table 1

Dining table in traditional form. Construction is made of wood with metal accents. It has 6 seating capacity. Rectangular top has large usable surface. Elegant design for the living room or dining room.

Large round outdoor dining table

Lifetime 2673 72" Round Commercial Grade Table in White Quantity: 1 by LifeTime. $376.99. Lifetime 2673 Features: -Round Commercial Grade Table. -Color: White. -Seats 10 people. -Folds into a perfect storable size, a mere 2.5 inches in width. -Can be used

Dining room tables for 12 people

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12 seat dining table the best option to consider home

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