White Distressed Dining Table


Some people like plain white tables, some like marble, but some still prefer the aged look of a distressed dining table. For them, we offer a whole bunch of distressed dining table options in this extensive collection. Now the lovers of distressed furniture can have the perfect dining table for their decorative desires. See collection for more.

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Our Picks

Elodie Dining Table

Elodie Dining Table

It is a dining table that has got a white finish and it is made of reclaimed pine. This table is classy and gorgeous and perfect for elegant and bright dining room area. You will be impressed how beautiful this table is.

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Lisbon Extending Dining Table

Lisbon Extending Dining Table

White dining table with practically extending top - that's something when you want to serve a dinner to some extra guests. The table is characterized by simple style with a hint of Scandinavian influences.

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Country French Farmhouse Shabby Chic

Country French Farmhouse Shabby Chic

White, big dining room table that could use some repainting. It’s quite heavy, which gives it a durable and stable character. With a bit of renovation, this dining table could easily become the highlight of your dining room.

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Goran Dining Table

Goran Dining Table

Sporting attractive clean lines and meticulous cuts, this dining table is a striking centerpiece that flawlessly complements modern decor. Tempered glass base is juxtaposed with matching top, sittong on three metal bars.

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White washed kitchen table

Sparkling with country accents and hand-crafted design; this dining set consists of 1 large table with turned legs and 4 matching chairs with X-shaped back. Bathed in a two-tone espresso and distressed white finish, the set is sturdy, elegant, and easy to clean.

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White distressed dining table

Sparkling with rustic appearance, this large table is a fine choice for country-looking dining rooms. It has a beautifully distressed tabletop that is supported by white-finished legs - all crafted of hardwood.

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I love everything about this original photo from country home

Give your front porch or patio a new look with this distressed dining table. Made from wood, the piece features an elongated design and while you are free to use chairs around it, the piece works best with matching benches.

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Distressed finish dining table

This antique white farmhouse dining table constitutes a perfect proposition for all, who dream of having a cosy, shabby chic dining space. Features a characteristic white base and French distressing on top.

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White distressed dining table 2

This is a very elegant and homely dining unit. It’s made of wood. The top of the table is well refined and decorated with a centerpiece. The table can sit six people. It has sturdy wooden legs with a well-crafted design.

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Distressed white dining table

Shabby styled furniture has a huge dose of romanticism and feminine power.Maybe because they are often used for wedding ceremonies.White,innocent color of this distressed wooden table is a confirmation.The whole family may sit down and appreciate its delicacy.

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White Distressed Dining Table

Buying Guide

A white distressed dining table can be the anchor for the rest of the décor. The perfect base that can set the tone for the other furniture. It’s almost like a no-brainer choice that saves you from hours of hemming and hawing trying to decide everything from the color to the material for the dining table.

It’s white. It’s infallible. And it comes in distressed finish that blends right into your contemporary kitchen or your classic themed home. Or even in your retro, shabby chic home. You get the gist.

White and distressed is a universal combo. You can put it anywhere and it will stay put. But if you are still trying to figure out what factors to consider before you shop for a white distressed dining table, then here’s some help.

A dining table is a long-term investment, so it’s best to keep things simple. Consider the available space and what shape table fits best into it:

  • A round table maximizes space, is informal and perfect for social gatherings. As a plus, it allows you to be a tad flexible with the seating.
  • A square one can be used even in a corner and gives the diners a lot of surface space.
  • A rectangular one, on the other hand, is typically used in a six-seater setting or in a spacious room.

Dining tables come in more shapes than you’d imagine. But you don’t want to experiment too much or get swayed by voguish trends. Or few years down the line, you’d wake up and wonder what made you pick that design.

Measure the height, the length, the width (circumference in case of a round or oval table), the length of the inner legs and the depth of the table top surface. Jot down these numbers. Numbers tend to be deceptive. So, mark this exact measurement in the room using painter’s tape or fabric or cardboard to get a good idea of the actual space that the table will occupy.

You need to leave at least 3 feet of space between walls and the edge of the table. This will allow the diners to pull the chairs out with ease. Ideally, there must be at least 24 inches of space between each chairs. But you can reduce or increase this depending on whether you seek a more spacious seating arrangement or a cozier one.

If you can sit at the table before you buy, then check for the leg room. Tables with a pedestal or trestle base offer the maximum leg room and you can even squeeze in an extra chair or two. On the other hand, if the table has thick legs or a thick apron then you might find your knees wrestling with the table legs for space.

Distressed finished tables are typically made of wood. Depending on what you are willing to spend on it, you can pick from solid wood or cheaper varieties like pine, mango, and teak.

Wood veneer is a cost-effective choice that’s a combination of a thin layer of solid wood and plywood. Some tables can also have a stone tabletop with wooden legs.

How will you use the table? If it will be used every day, then opt for a simple, sturdy table that will last for years. If it will be used rarely or for those once-in-a-while shindigs, then you can shift the focus from durability to aesthetics.

How many people will be using the table? If it’s four people, then look for a table that can seat six people comfortably. That’s if your budget allows for the upsizing and you have the room to occupy a bigger table.

Are you going to throw parties a lot? If you host guests frequently, then you can consider an extending table.

Best Ideas

Distressed farmhouse dining table

Dining table with antique finish. Construction is made of wood. It has 8 seating capacity. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

White distressed dining table

Combining white framing and natural wooden top, this dining table constitutes a well-designed example of the shabby chic or cottage furniture. Designed to accommodate 6 to 8 meal participants.

White distressed dining table

Love the idea of each chair a different pastel color with a rustic white table for the eat-in kitchen.

How to distress a dining table

The elegant dining room set dedicated for the vintage interiors. The countertop was designed of the aged planks, which looks like recycled from another piece of furniture. This dark plain is a great pair to the snow-white legs and chairs.

White distressed kitchen table

Go monochrome and don't devoid your rustic kitchen of bold contrasts. Everything ties together here: white distressed dining table echoes with white tulip shades of a black chandelier above, and the latter matches black vintage chairs.

Distressed pedestal dining table

To get this effect on the distressed dining table - use whitewashing. That emphasizes his character. The table is made of oak wood and is painted with gray charcoal, then whitewashed. This grey dining table has a delicate yet dramatic character.

Pine breakfast table

Pine has clearly visible annual jars, specifically, its late growth usually presents beautiful bright shades -like in this case the countertop from the pine dining table. The chairs that are included are also made of pine wood and partly painted on white.

White distressed dining table

Made of wood functional and neat looking white distressed dining table would look perfect in any kitchen. It is an affordable option that would serve you well for a long time owing to its high durability level.

White distressed table

This element is a very solid and functional dining table that has got a durable wooden construction. It provides stability and it is available with solid chairs that feature soft seats with solid, button cushioned backrests.

Pine dining tables 24

This old-fashioned has very elegant desktop made of pine wood with knots. Legs and frame are carved and made of blanched oak wood. There are two little drawers intended to storage cutlery. It will be fit to vintage kitchen.

Pine dining tables

This long narrow dining table offers accommodation for 8 up to 10 meal attendants. Made from pine wood, it has its original grey paint, being a real bargain for all rustic or antique fans.

White distressed dining table

Soften a wooden table with upholstered chairs. Mix it up with a distressed wood treatment and neat tailored white upholstery.

Shabby chic white table and chairs

Shabby chic table, chairs, cabinet

Distressed white kitchen table

A stylish dining set that includes a white distressesd dining table for rustic indoors. This solid element of furniture is available with white chairs that provide back support thanks to their vertical elements.