Stainless Steel Top Dining Table

Stainless steel top dining tables are sturdy and durable. It’s no wonder you see so many of them in restaurants!

Metal dining tables are extremely easy to clean because most of them have minimal to no gaps for food to sink into. Depending on the type of metal, a metal top table can also be lighter and easier to lift and move around.

Steel tables are perfect for sleek modern spaces or industrial-style rooms and you have plenty of options to decorate them, too.

Your options are between three stainless-steel table thickness levels: 18-gauge, 16-gauge, or 14-gauge. 18-gauge is your light-duty budget table, 14-gauge is your heavy-duty chopping table, and 16-gauge is your standard duty table. 

Whether you choose a stainless-steel top or another metal top, your future dining table awaits below.

Free Form Metal Top Dining Table

Free Form Metal Top Dining Table

Free-form metal top dining tables are the most unique metal tables that you’ll ever find. The free-form type tables can be shaped with oblong-shaped tops and flashy finishes, or raw rubbed metal tops sculpted like fish or wildlife.

Go with an asymmetrical metal topped dining table in modern living and symmetrical design in Scandinavian and traditional designed homes. Some symmetrical free-form metal dining tables are made specifically for wheelchairs. 

Trestle Metal Top Farmhouse Dining Table

Trestle Metal Top Farmhouse Dining Table

Your metal top dining table with a wooden trestle-designed base looks stunning in Farmhouse styles. Some trestle bases are formulated with one solo bar, while other trestle bases possess a lower bar with 45-degree supporting beams.

Choose a trestle metal top farmhouse dining table with a riveting nail head outlining the table for an embellished finesse. A smooth-edged metal top table is more fluid and involves less intricate design enhancing the contemporary style.

Accent Pedestal Dining Table With Stainless Steel Top

Accent Pedestal Dining Table With Stainless Steel Top

Rectangular and oval accent pedestal dining tables with stainless steel tops work wonderfully when paired with thin chairs. They come in all sorts of rare, designer bases like asymmetrical slants, symmetrical shard pedestals, and twisted solid formations.

Add a metal topped dining table with a slanted straight-edge or golden cylindrical base for a contemporary flair. Combined gold and black finishes seat deep luxury while silver and white finishes float fresh cleanliness. 

Bar Height Half Metal Top Dining Table

Bar Height Half Metal Top Dining Table

The half table type is the best space-saving metal top dining table. Bar height lifts your dining table higher than normal and thin legs create free-flowing space.

Bar height half tables with thin builds mix nicely with minimalist and shabby chic. For shabby chic, choose curvier metal legs then add pale palate placemats to finish the look. 

$149.99 $158

Four legged Rectangular Stainless Steel Dining Tables

Four legged Rectangular Stainless Steel Dining Tables

The four-legged table type is your traditional original. Though, four-legged rectangular stainless steel dining tables are a step up in refinement.

A solid boxier-built type fine-tunes a rustic, farmhouse, or industrial flavor. You can also find thinner all-metal raw-built types, with or without color, that also look magnificent in the industrial dimension. 

Small and Simple Four legged Steel Top Table

Small and Simple Four legged Steel Top Table

Ideal for individuals and small-sized families are these simple rounded four-legged steel top tables. These types of metal topped dining tables with higher-placed metal cross-leg bindings give you more leg space.

The thin light-duty steel top table is budget-friendly. If you are looking for a table to tenderize your steaks on, then we strongly encourage you to seek out a thicker, heavy-duty metal top table.

$205.99 $221.99

Metal Topped Dining Table With Double Pedestals

Metal Topped Dining Table With Double Pedestals

Single pedestal metal topped dining tables are stunning, but if your family is larger than a single pedestal table just won’t cut it. Double-pedestal tables are built with long oval or rectangular tops, allowing you to seat more people.

Pair a set of tall thin bar-height stools to emphasize the height on tall rectangular metal top tables. If you don’t want your metal table leaving your dining room feeling stark, then add cushioned chairs for a homier allure.

Square Metal Top Dining Room Table

Square Metal Top Dining Room Table

Square metal top dining room tables are a good balance between a full-length rectangular table and a small, rounded pedestal table. There are a variety of choices between wood legs with metal top tables or all-metal top and leg tables.

Choose a shiny metallic stainless steel top table for a glamorous and contemporary jab. For an antique or industrial sense, opt for a hammered metal top dining table instead.

Round Pedestal Brushed Stainless Steel Dining Table

Round Pedestal Brushed Stainless Steel Dining Table

Round pedestal brushed stainless steel dining tables are distinctively built and are created for several design styles. All-metal dining tables lean more towards industrial, while metal top tables with wooden pedestals lean towards French country.

Finding a round pedestal with meticulous design work is remarkable when placed into an industrial and antique setting. A solid and smooth round single pedestal base is impressive in Victorian, modern, and contemporary constructs. 


Outdoor All metal Top Table With Slats

Outdoor All metal Top Table With Slats

Sometimes all you need is a metal top table built to withstand the harsh outdoor weather elements. The outdoor type is an all-metal build with either a solid top without gaps or one with slats.

If you live somewhere that gets a lot of rain, then an all-metal aluminum tabletop with slats is a better deal for your situation. Choose a round-top outdoor pedestal type for a smaller footprint for smaller-sized patios. 

Our advice Buying Guide

Stainless steel has the wonderful properties of being able to clean easily, resistant to scarring, and unlikely to have meat or vegetable juices soak into it. For these reasons, prep tables and countertops are often made of stainless steel. However, you can also obtain stainless steel top dining tables. They retain all the properties of a prep table but have added features that make them an attractive dining table.

What are the benefits of stainless steel dining table tops?

Dining tables receive a lot of abuse, so having a stainless-steel tabletop makes super good sense. This sturdy material is a good choice for indoor or outdoor, commercial or residential use. A stainless steel top is easy to clean, it won’t be damaged if you need to sanitize it. It is unlikely to be damaged by hot dishes or cold, and it has all the sturdy characteristics of any stainless-steel surface.

What are the best designs of stainless steel top dining tables on the market?

Lark Manor Stainless Steel Top Dining Table

There are many dining tables with stainless steel tops, but one that stands out is from Lark Manor. The table frame is an attractive blond wood, but riveted onto the wood base is a stainless-steel table top. The silvery sheen of the polished metal is picked up by the metal legs and braces in the accompanying set of chairs. The seats and backs of the chairs match the blond wood of the table legs.

Marble Polished Barolo Table

Not all stainless steel tables are ordinary, serviceable dining areas. The black stainless steel top of this table is polished to a high gloss similar to marble. It is poised on a V support of stainless steel – ordinary color – and accompanies by black and white chairs that have equal panache. You need to make no apology for this table’s elegance, and there is no doubt of its usefulness.

Stainless Steel with a Glass Cover

This is another table for which you need make no apologies. The stainless steel gridiron legs and support give it a modernistic feel, while firmly supporting a clear, glass tabletop that is placed over an uncompromising gridiron of steel. No worries about dropping something through this table! The stainless-steel supports ensure that it will hold up to almost anything.

Smooth Surfaced Pub Table

At home or at your favorite watering hole, this table will hold up under steady use. With its smooth top, it is easy to clean, giving waitstaff or a harried mom a bit of a break. It is equally at home indoors or on the patio or under the canopy next to the street. You can almost imagine Frenchmen wearing berets and sipping strong tea or coffee while reading a newspaper or sketching the other occupants of the restaurant while seated at one of these tables.

Regardless of where you use a table that has a stainless-steel top, you can count on good performance. Hot food or cold, wine spills or youthful art experiments, these tables are ready for duty.


Armen Living Ivan Extendable Dining Table with Tempered Glass Top and Brushed Stainless Steel Finish

Armen Living Ivan Extendable Dining Table with Tempered Glass Top and Brushed Stainless Steel Finish
Crafted from stainless steel and glass, this is a modern dining table that will look beautiful in a contemporary dining space. A lovely grey tint enhances the tempered glass top and an extra leaf gives you the flexibility to extend the 78.74” table length even further. It comes with detailed assembly instructions and will last for years thanks to sturdy corrosion-resistant construction.

Flash Furniture Commercial Grade 31.5" x 63" Rectangular Silver Metal Indoor-Outdoor Table

Flash Furniture Commercial Grade 31.5" x 63" Rectangular Silver Metal Indoor-Outdoor Table
This large 31.5” x 63” stainless steel dining table is perfect for family gatherings indoors or outdoors. Available in over 10 different colors, you’re bound to find the perfect fit for your home or garden. It is also a great choice for modern cafes and restaurant business owners.

Modway Alacrity 60" Rustic Modern Farmhouse Stainless Steel Metal Rectangle Dining Table in Gunmetal

Modway Alacrity 60" Rustic Modern Farmhouse Stainless Steel Metal Rectangle Dining Table in Gunmetal
This is a retro modern table to bring the cafe style of France right into your home. Sturdy tapered legs and padded feet ensure your floors aren’t scratched, and this powder-coated steel frame is built to last. Measuring 32” x 59.5” x 30” this table will host your family in an industrial style dining room, or it can serve as a desk.

Modway Gridiron 59" Industrial Modern Stainless Steel Dining Table in Silver

Modway Gridiron 59" Industrial Modern Stainless Steel Dining Table in Silver
This 59” stainless steel dining table is a modern, industrial piece that is built to last. A tempered glass top adds a touch of elegance to an otherwise robust and sturdy piece of furniture. Add character to your space with the metal beam style accents on the ends of the table that elevate this functional item to an art piece.

Poul kjaerholm pk 54 dining table

Poul kjaerholm pk 54 dining table
A simplistic, yet elegant design of this dining table is more than capable of properly accentuating your contemporary home. The frame is made of stainless steel and holds a large round tabletop.

Club Dalton Dining Table

Club Dalton Dining Table
Suitable for modern home interiors, this dining table in a silver finish features legs crafted from stainless steel, and tabletop designed of oak and oak veneer. The table offers a rectangular shape, non-toxic design, and easy cleaning - wipe clean.

Brookhaven Dining Table

Brookhaven Dining Table
The dining table has to be stylish and functional, just like this one. It features the stainless steel frame and walnut top. For me, it can be used as a work station in the kitchen for preparing the food.

Stainless steel dining table

If you looking for a unique, stylish and nicely finished dining table, you have to choose this one. It features the stainless steel construction, rectangular shape, matte satin finish and creamy tones.

Stainless steel top dining table

Juxtaposing wood and raw stainless steel can result in interesting visual effects. Both these materials are neutral, so they serve as a fine base for bold accessories. Here a large stainless steel top table comes with old rustic chairs and it looks good!

Stainless steel top dining table 1

Love this stainless steel table from IKEA. Would be so cute as a desk, or small kitchen table.

Steel top kitchen table

This dining table constitutes a proposition for those who enjoy the minimalistic, contemporary design. Steel finish stands not only for solidness, but also for originality, letting you truly distinguish your dining room.

Stainless steel top dining table

These classic and at the same time the original dining table is a perfect combination of beautiful design on a stable basis. Hand-made steel countertop together with Beachwood creates a modern design.

Stainless dining table

Durable and highly-attractive, the dining table emanates with sparks of contemporary elegance. The frame is made of hardwood and bathed in an oak finish, holding a rectangle top designed of brushed stainless steel.

Metal top dining table

A stark contemporary table featuring a rectangular top of hand-hammered stainless steel. A table has a wooden base with a natural finish. Two sturdy X-like legs are joined with long horizontal feet and a simple longwise stretcher at half of height.

Ss dining table

Traditionally, steel has rarely been used in furniture design. Today, it has been discovered that it has an unusual decorative value - visible in the mischief of this stainless steel top dining table, with a dark colored base just made of stainless steel.

Stainless steel top table

Dining table for residential and commercial premises. Rectangular top is made of stainless steel. Modern and functional design for each place as needed.

Metal top dining room table

Being a unique combination of wood and steel, this fabulous table will be a proposition for all industrial or rustic decors. Its long shape shall accommodate smoothly around 8 people.

Stainless steel top dining table

This time, stainless steel took the form of a rectangular table top of a minimalist dining table. Multifunctionality is also due to the black base. Easy to clean stainless steel top dining table - ideal as a working tabletop for meal preparation.

Metal dining tables

This dining table is durable and easy to clean, making a perfect addition to rustic dining rooms or kitchens. It stands on a geometric wood frame, holding a rectangle top made of stainless steel.

Steel top kitchen table 2

Dining table for residential and commercial premises. Base is made of wood. Rectangular top is made of high quality steel. It has 6 seating capacity. Great addition for dining room or kitchen.

Stainless steel dining set

A wood works fantastically with stainless steel. The dark solid wood espresso finish was created to accompany the steel frame. Straight lines introduce functionality, along with similar chairs of presented here dark%stainless steel top dining table set.

Steel dining tables

A great proposition for both contemporary and retro or cottage interiors. This dining room distinguishes itself with the original combination of charming, rustic wood and cold, stainless steel.

Steel top dining table

Scandinavian design, beautiful wood, and steel details, as well as the beautiful finish of the walls, create an elegant and chic interior. Lovely armchairs on high legs and a nice metal table top are glamorous.

Deluca stainless dining table contemporary dining tables

Deluca Stainless Dining Table contemporary-dining-tables

Galvanized metal top dining table

Creating a nice transition between the vintage shabby chic and contemporary loft appeal, this interior enchants mostly with the vibrancy of colours and a characteristic yellow dining table with stainless steel top.

Stainless steel dinning table

Now that’s what we call a modern table. Made from architectural concrete, this table is durable, stable and at the same time very fashionable. Light chairs won’t fight for attention with it, so with such a complete set, you just can’t go wrong.

Mix match table metal base stainless steel top west elm

Mix + Match Table, Metal Base / Stainless Steel Top, west elm

Stainless steel dining table top

A simple but cool contemporary dining table having a rectilinear frame of stainless steel. It consists of 2 rectangular supports joined by a simple stretcher at the bottom. A rectangular top is of marble in elegant whitish tones.

Round white stainless steel pedestal dining table tables 90cm diameter

Round White/Stainless Steel Pedestal Dining Table/Tables 90cm diameter

Stainless steel kitchen island that turns into the dining table

stainless steel kitchen island that turns into the dining table...Alastair Hendy industrial kitchen

Steel top

Smoothly combining steel and wood, this dining table will fit into any loft apartments or other places with an industrial vibe. Simplistic, yet designer project, which thanks to the characteristic rod design, provides also great stability.

Wood table with stainless steel top

A kitchen island can be used for everything - both preparing meals and a command and work center. This stainless steel top kitchen island is a massive dining table on wheels, with a white base and a grey wide top. Very practical and mobile.

Wabi sabi scandinavia design art and diy dags att anmala

WABI SABI Scandinavia - Design, Art and DIY.: Dags att anmäla sig till vårens inredningskurs

Stainless steel dining room table

Made of stainless steel dining table is a perfect combination of modern form and functionality. Beautiful design and stylish shine bring elegance to the decor and interesting character. Ideal for contemporary interiors.

Stainless steel dining tables

Stained glass panel, to create mystique, mysterious atmosphere in your house. Every square differs, which keeps it from being boring. We think that it’s hard to find a more interesting window or room divider than that.

Metal top kitchen table

Functional kitchen island with metal top. This stainless steel construction offers large working space and it is protected against mechanical and other kinds of damage. The lower part is made of wood and includes two storage compartments with doors.

Modern living dining space love the glass table with stainless

Modern living/dining space. Love the glass table with stainless steel legs, the art adds color & punch to the mostly white room, & finally, that magnificent linear chandelier. XXXX

Stainless steel dining table with glass top

I WANT THIS! - Rose Base Dining Table from Hudson Furniture Inc.. Solid walnut slab top (natural finish) with either polished stainless steel, polished bronze or patina bronze finish base. Custom sizes available

Retro Dining Table

Retro Dining Table

Dining table with metal top

'In Vain' Marble Trestle Table by Ben Storms

Alexia Extendable Dining Table

Alexia Extendable Dining Table

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Gridiron modernistic stainless steel dining table with

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Handmade custom hammered stainless steel dining table by

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Pottery barn stainless steel top dining table sofa cope

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Wendy contemporary dining table in brushed stainless steel

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