Metal Folding Table


There are many advantages to adding a metal folding table or two to your world. First of all, they are folding. Many of today’s homes have smaller rooms, whether they are single detached dwellings, a condo or a townhouse. Having an extra foldable table handy lets you include more seats at a dinner party or add a work table for projects that need to be spread out. And then, with just a collapsing of the legs, they can be discreetly tucked away in a narrow space. And the metal gives you stability and security. 

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Stainless steel folding tables

This simple folding table is perfect for many occasions. Simple stainless steel construction is lightweight and very handy. The whole is easy to use and store, will check out during camping, picnics and other occasions.

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EcoStorage Stainless Steel Top Workbench

EcoStorage Stainless Steel Top Workbench

Workbench with stainless steel top and removable bottom shelf. The steel is certified for food, high quality and non-magnetic. The edges are rounded for safety. Adjustable height. Elegant enough and well made to be used in your kitchen.

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Folding stainless steel table

Folding Stainless Steel Table

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VOMO Portable Foldaway Picnic Table Red

A cleverly designed foldaway picnic table. FInished in stylish red, with chrome framing, it gets a cool, retro appeal. The whole construction is lightweight, yet quite solid, thanks to various cantilevers.

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Folding table 1800x700mm stainless steel

Folding table 1800x700mm stainless Steel

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Folding stainless steel table

Oasis Concepts Natural Finish Stainless Steel/ Wood Flip and Fold Rolling Island Table | Shopping - The Best Deals on Kitchen ...

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Steel folding table

Modernize your dinette with rectangular, simple table with stainless steel finish. It fits perfectly to six plates and six chairs. Your family will be impressed how nicely finished and high quality this table is.

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Steel folding tables

Made of steel folding construction, the stilt is a perfect solution for the dining room. The beautiful wooden timber top and attractive base design fit perfectly. Steel backrest is durable and sturdy.

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Office max tables

Contemporary setup for a modern classroom furnished with a bunch of aluminum-framed desks on wheels with matching chairs fitted with upholstered seats and backs in cotton fabric of black, elegant color.

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Stainless steel picnic table

Stainless Steel Folding Utility Table in Kitchen Island Carts......30" x 38" x 24" $218...

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Metal Folding Table

Buying Guide

Stainless steel folding tables offer great functionality with the added benefit of portability and effortless storage. With so many benefits, buying a stainless steel folding table is hardly a mistake. Keep in mind that stainless steel folding tables have varying shapes, styles, and features. The plethora of options is often a cause of confusion. To help simplify things, this article is going to be a buying guide for stainless steel folding tables.

The common shapes of stainless steel folding tables are round/oval, square/rectangle, half-round, and serpentine. The ideal one for you depends on the primary purpose of the table.

  • Round/Oval - Because of how the users are seated in a round/oval table, conversations and discussions are easier. It's the reason why it's the preferred shape during conferences and parties.
  • Square/Rectangle - The shape comes with right angles, which allows it to be more flexible in terms of table arrangement. You can simply add and connect more tables if the event needs more seating accommodation.
  • Half-Round - A shape that is often positioned against the wall.
  • Serpentine - A shape that is the least common. It's primarily used for buffet or potluck presentations. Also, it comes with a unique and attractive shape which can highlight the items on the table.

The legs supporting a folding table come in several forms. The popular types include pedestal legs, wishbone legs, Roman legs, and ladder legs.

  • Pedestal legs are typically used in a square or rectangular table. With such legs, you only need to use two sets of pedestal legs to support a table.
  • Wishbone legs are legs that spread outwards. This type provides more stability for the table.
  • Roman legs are the ones wherein the legs are directly connected to the corners of a table. This type has the advantage of maximizing storage room under the table, as well as the leg room.
  • Ladder legs have additional supports, which are aimed at preventing the table from wobbling or tipping.

The features people most commonly look for in stainless steel folding tables include:

  • Adjustable Height - By allowing you to adjust the height, the table becomes more functional. For example, you can adjust it according to the users (kids or adults).
  • Bi-Folding - A feature that makes the table more compact. Often, the legs and the table can be folded. Because of its thin profile, it's more portable and consumes less space during storage.
  • Flip Top - A feature that allows you to flip down the table when not in use. It makes cleaning under the table more convenient. It's a typical feature for tables used in an institutional setting.
  • Modesty Panels - With a modesty panel between the legs of the user, it provides more privacy. The modesty panels will typically come with holes for easier management of computer and electronic cables.

Generally, the more features the folding table has, the better it is. On the downside, more features also mean higher cost. Hence, it's up to you to balance between feature and cost.

Best Ideas

Meco Meco Sudden Comfort Deluxe Double Padded Chair and Back- 5 Piece Card Table Set - Black

Contemporary table set including four double padded chairs and a folding table. Chairs feature sturdy steel frame with hardboard and vinyl cover. Table has powder paint finish in sleek, classic black.

Cosco Vinyl Top Folding Table BLACK - 20 X 48

This durable table can be easily folded for storage and transport. The table features a rectangular top that is resistant to moisture and easy to clean; and 4 tubular steel legs that fold flat and are equipped with non-marring caps.

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