Patio Folding Tables

Folding tables for the patio are a wonderful investment if you like to keep the space clear except during those gatherings that require a somewhere to put food or other items. And patio folding tables come in plenty of styles to accent your home and other furniture you already have on the patio. Take a look at this extensive collection for all our patio folding table options.

Best Products

Cosco outdoor folding metal slat c table bench sandy brown

Cosco outdoor folding metal slat c table bench sandy brown
Down-to-earth, contemporary design of this patio folding table makes it look good without hampering its functionality. The design employes sandy brown, earthy colour to match most palettes. It's all metal (sturdiness guaranteed).

Buyers choice phat tommy square folding cedar patio table

Buyers choice phat tommy square folding cedar patio table
This amazing, folding patio table will make for a nice option for when you need some extra room for your guests and a surface space that will withstand any weather conditions. It offers a high quality structure of the strong, well-picked wood.

Quik-Fold Side Table

Quik-Fold Side Table
This fantastic side table features durable lightweight plastic frame which is peel, rust, and rot resistant, and functional design providing quick and easy storage thanks to compact foldable construction. Easy, water only cleaning.

Round Folding Dining Table I

Round Folding Dining Table I
Round folding table for the garden, patio and more. Built-in wheels for easy movement. Stable construction is made of solid wood. It has an opening for an umbrella. Designed for outdoor use.

Custom made large thru bolt picnic

Custom made large thru bolt picnic
Picnic table for residential and commercial premises. Construction is made of wood and fitted with benches. Designed for outdoor use. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions.

International caravan royal tahiti balau folding patio dining table

International caravan royal tahiti balau folding patio dining table
Simple and yet oozing some of the nice, elegant style, this patio dining table sports a folding design to make it even more useful and make it much easier to store when you're not using it during those cold winter evenings.

Folding Picnic Table

Folding Picnic Table
Who doesn't love picnics? With this amazing picnic table with a foldable design you will finally get the possibility of seating your whole family comfortably, while you enjoy a nice sunny weather of summer.

Our advice Buying Guide

Finding the right furniture when you don't have a huge amount of space can be a difficult chore to complete, but items such as patio folding tables are the ideal solution for limited garden and outdoor space. They allow you the table to fold down when not in use to save a huge amount of space, but when you want furniture set out on the patio or you have guests coming to visit, it's a great way to ensure everyone has enough space and your host/ess skills are not compromised.

What are the most popular designs of patio folding tables?

Fixed fold out table

This wooden table has horizontal beams for a traditional garden style and fixes neatly to a vertically positioned wall or another piece of wood. This won't be suitable for all patios since you need something on which to fix the table first. These are most suitable for patios on a balcony, where there is a railing onto which the folding table can be fixed. This is a very simple design which doesn't take up any space at all when it's not in use. When you fold it out for use, 3-4 people can sit around the larger designs, while the smaller ones are made for a meal for two. For some extra color and style, consider installing a plant pot or hanging basket around the patio table.

Folding patio table on wheels

Made from solid wood and resistant to poor weather, a folding patio table on wheels is as portable as it is convenient. This isn't restricted to use on a balcony either, as it can be used on any surface, both indoor and outdoors. When folding out, there is a shelf along the bottom of the table which is useful for storing items while you are outside sitting around the table. In terms of size, this style is available in a size small enough for two people to sit comfortably, or large enough for 8-10 to fit around the table. Some variations even have a feature where you can adjust the table up or down to a size of your choice within the given range.

Picnic bench style

A picnic bench style is a beautiful design which suits many outdoor areas and comes with the seating already included. This may be packed as a one-piece table and benches, or you may find that you need to set up the table and benches separately. One variation of the picnic bench style is made to be installed next to a wall. This aids with the folding facility, since you can then fold up the table against the wall. The wooden material ensures that it doesn't look out of place, but rather adds to the rustic outdoor feel which this comfortable style gives.

Now that you know about some of the main designs which are available when buying patio folding tables, you're well-equipped to start shopping and see if you can find the perfect one for your patio area.


Picnic Table

Picnic Table
This piece of furniture is a picnic table designed for an outdoor use. Its sturdy wooden construction has got a natural timber finish. The table has got a solid construction that also includes two backless benches.

Patio folding tables

The folding patio table is an easy way to use a functional décor. Made of solid wood, it gives you a warm and stylish atmosphere and will help you during your blissful relaxation with coffee. A solid base is strong.

Balcony folding table

A cool innovative folding coffee table crafted of wooden materials finished in white and featuring a slatted design. It has a frame of round section metal rods with hooked top ends so can be hung e.g. on a balcony handrail.

Diy fold up table

Folding dining table made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. Rectangular top has large usable surface. Great addition for the garden, patio and others outdoor places as needed.

Patio folding tables 1

Space-saving and decorative, this balcony rail table can be a great addition for smaller outdoor areas. It's firmly attached to a rail, can be easily folded down, and ensures a stable tray for your drinks and snacks.

Patio folding tables 3

Being a perfect addition to small spaces, like balconies or porches, this folding patio table will quickly create a cosy corner for a cup of coffee. Its wooden, wall-mounted construction is solid and stable.

Patio folding tables

Made from wooden bars, this rustic folding table will be a good accent in all wood-dominated patios or verandas. Featuring a semicircular butterfly leat on each of the sides, it can accommodate up to 6 people.

Genius pull out hanging balcony table the flexitable balcony table

genius pull-out hanging balcony table: the Flexitable balcony table by oljad ek - Dnice

Diy folding table

These patio folding tables combine functionalities, and they are a high quality space savers. The white square tops are great for meals and conversation. But if you don't need them, you can hide them on the wall.

Patio folding tables

Are you searching for a fold up picnic table? This one is an excellent addition into any space. The natural finish is suitable with any design. The wooden construction is solid and nicely finished.

Outdoor furniture collection dining set design with the folding table

Outdoor Furniture Collection Dining Set Design With The Folding Table

Patio folding tables 2

Folding patio tables is a great way to use a functional space device. The whole made of solid materials is perfect for outdoor use, which is durable and long-lasting. Easy to assemble trays are universal.

Patio folding tables 3

Folding dining table for indoor and outdoor use. Metal base is reinforced with crossed supports. Rectangular top is made of wood. It folds flat for easy storage. Received a lot of top ratings from customers.

Patio folding tables 6

Smartly crafted gardening table, mounted vertically to a wall, revealing a spacious work top when folded out. The top, made of repurposed wooden pallete, drops down, but doesn't fall as it's supported by chain 'hinges'. DIY outdoor table

Patio furniture kettler r folding white resin table

Patio Furniture > Kettler® Folding White Resin Table

Patio folding tables 3

Folding Patio Table

Patio folding tables 2

Proponents of drinking the liquor of the gods - wine, outdoors, will be delighted with this simple practical project. Portable tray - patio folding table on the wooden legs, with holders for a glass and recesses for a bottle of wine, made of wood.

Patio folding tables 17

This smooth wooden construction constitutes a nice proposition for a patio or garden - lightweight, folding item, will be quick to assemble and easy to carry on. Features 3 shallow drawers for bits and pieces.

Collapsible outdoor table

A folding patio dining table with a wicker design and a dark-grey color, which gives it a nice, contemporary detail. Good addition if you’re looking for a piece to complete your backyard barbeque area.

Folding patio dining table 1

All-weather folding patio dining table with round top and umbrella hole, all wrapped up in UV-resistant wicker weave sporting a universal espresso brown hue. For special and daily occassions. Easy to store away.

Patio folding tables 18

saw one at The Upper Rust recently, dressed-up with a piece of canvas stretched over the wood table top and secured beneath with staples...vintage biergarten table (Williams Sonoma)

Patio folding tables 12

A smooth terrace decor for a fresh, contemporary apartments. Dominated by wood, it features a smooth folding table, decorated with a planter, a folding chair and a rustic, wooden etagere.

Patio folding tables 1

A space-saving addition for small patios. The table has a thick wood top that rests on two metal legs mounted on one side. The other side is attached to the pair of massive metal hinges mounted on a wall. To fold the table, just lift up the top and press it against the wall.

Outdoorl 406mm square wooden folding garden patio side table 1

Outdoorl 406mm Square Wooden Folding Garden / Patio side Table

Patio folding tables 5

Wood construction fold-flat table on wheels. The smart form makes this wooden table outstandingly functional; rubber leg tips won't mar any floor. The legs fold flat. Rolling casters make the maneuvering easy.

Patio folding tables 1


Patio folding tables 7

When we live in a small urban space, instead of a patio, if we are lucky, we have a balcony. Beautiful wooden panels - find themselves in the company of folding, mounted to the wall, light wood countertops. Patio folding tables are placed on different height.

Save terrace mates bistro half oval folding table

SAVE Terrace Mates Bistro Half-Oval Folding Table

Outdoor home decor and ideas for small balcony designs 1

outdoor home decor and ideas for small balcony designs

Patio folding tables 10

A great folding table dedicated for the open kitchen with the limited space. When it is not in use right now, could be moved and open the additional space in your apartment. Made of mix of wood and metal, perfectly composes with wall decoration.

Folding patio dining table

This folding dining table, made from bright wood, constitutes an ideal idea for your patio. The set includes also two folding benches, creating accommodation for up to 6 people.

Patio folding tables 2

An easy to fold patio table that will help you to save space in smaller areas. One side of the table is attached to the frame that is mounted to a wall. To fold it, simply lift the table up and press it against the wall.

Patio folding tables 14

Why not go for some extra color and fun for your outdoor decor with these stunning patio chairs that come with the folding structure to ensure more convenience and offer the vibrant colors of their finish.

Folding Bench - Convertible Picnic Table Woodworking Plan

This element is a very convenient and easy in use picnic table that has got a convertible construction. It is made of durable wood and it is perfect for use in a patio or garden. It has got an adjustable length.

Meco Meco Sudden Comfort Deluxe Double Padded Chair and Back- 5 Piece Card Table Set - Black

Contemporary table set including four double padded chairs and a folding table. Chairs feature sturdy steel frame with hardboard and vinyl cover. Table has powder paint finish in sleek, classic black.

Patio folding tables 8

Folding picnic table converts to 2 benches

Patio folding tables 19

workbench for a small space. a fold-out work table, a roll out table saw stand, a miter box table and lots of storage

Sportsman 46" Folding Table

Sportsman 46" Folding Table

Picnic Plus Wood Folding Picnic Table With Umbrella Natural

With this functional picnic table set, you can have nice outdoor meals with your family. The set features a high strength aluminum alloy frame and durable hardwood tabletop and seats, with an adjustable-height umbrella placed in the center of the table.

Pangaea home and garden folding patio table patio table_0_0 jpg


Leisure Time Injection-Molded Picnic Table - 72in., Taupe, Model# 25064 [Misc.]

It is a picnic table that has got six seats for six people. It has got a taupe finish, injection-molded polypropylene top and two benches. It is a comfortable addition to any outdoor space.

Dura-Trel 6 ft. Traditional White Picnic Table With Benches

It is a picnic table that has got six seats for six people. It has got a white finish, traditional design and solid wood construction. It is a comfortable addition to any outdoor space.

Outdoor folding table olympus teak console dining table features

... Outdoor Folding Table – Olympus Teak Console Dining Table - Features