Cedar Patio Tables

Nothing says outdoors like cedar, and nothing says let's have dinner outside like a nice cedar patio table. With this wonderful collection of cedar patio tables, you are sure to find the right one for your patio table needs, and be able to pair it with the right patio chairs and umbrella. Have dinner outdoors tonight, on your new cedar patio table.

Best Products

High Top Table

High Top Table
It is a tall wooden table. It has a square shape. Excels on the terrace, patio or in the garden. It is a bit harsh in his appearance, which suggests that its purpose is to use on the air. It is very practical piece of furniture.

Rectangular Cedar Side Table

Rectangular Cedar Side Table
A very simple, but solid and attractive side table. It can be used as a display or coffee table indoors and outdoors. It has got a rectangular top and a bottom shelf. Both of these surfaces are based on slats.

Cedar patio tables

With this 10 foot long Provence table your home decor is going to be as elegant as never before. The cedar construction brings the solidity into any exterior and interior.

Cedar patio tables 1

Made or solid cedar wood, this patio table constitutes a complex construction, featuring 176 mortises and tenons. Comes with a corresponding set of chairs that create together space for 6 to 8 people.

Shoreline cedar round patio table yard and garden and outdoor

Shoreline Cedar - Round Patio Table - Yard and Garden and Outdoor ...

Cedar side table

Rectangular dining table made of wood in two shades. Great addition for each indoor or outdoor place. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

Cedar patio table

Constructed from bright cedar wood, this dining set will create a cosy meeting point in your patio or garden. It comprises a table for 6 and two benches. Solid wood, properly brushed and sanded, shall serve its role for many years.

Our advice Buying Guide

Cedar is an excellent wood to use in outdoor furniture. Insect and decay resistant, the aroma of red cedar speaks for itself as being a part of nature. Affordable and easy to work with, cedar patio tables are a popular choice for those that spend a lot of time outdoors.

What types of cedarwood are there?

There are two types of cedarwood used in making patio tables:

  • Western Red Cedar - Known for its warm reddish to pinkish brown color, Western red cedar is used for home construction, furniture and boats. The distinguishing trait is the aromatic essence of walking through a forest filled with cedar trees.
  • Northern White Cedar - White cedar has its own positive characteristics. The oils are stronger than red cedar, making them a good choice for fences and outdoor furniture. It holds paint and finishes nicely without fear of warping.

What are the applications of cedar patio tables?

Because cedar patio tables can be made in any size, the applications are endless.

  • Picnic Tables - An old-fashioned picnic table never goes out of style. Red cedar that is weather resistant allows you to always have a place in the shade. 40 inches to 70 inches in length, there is always room for guests.
  • Side Tables - Made from white or red cedar, side tables offer a touch of nature to any patio sitting area. Whether painted or stained, the iconic look of cedar will mix well with furniture. Round, square or rectangular, there are sizes to proportionately fit your space.
  • Coffee Tables - With outdoor living spaces becoming more common, coffee tables are becoming necessary for conversation areas. Plank cedar wood gives a contemporary look to relaxed furniture. A 48 inch long table is just the right size for a love seat and a couple of chairs.
  • Dining Tables - A round or rectangular dining table made from cedar blends luxury and nature. Wood knots and varied grain colors will add character to these red cedar patio tables.
  • Utility Tables - Whether for use as storage or gardening, a handy utility table can be placed anywhere. A compact and foldable cedar utility table can be used inside or outside because of the rugged wood. 32 inches long and 15 inches wide make it the perfect size for an extra set of hands. Height is 33 inches.

Which decorating styles pair well with cedar furniture?

Cedar is a soft wood and is beautiful when left straight and natural. Contemporary decors that have no ornamentation or carvings will show off the beauty of cedar wood.

How to maintain cedar patio tables?

Cedar patio tables that have been painted or have a clear coating should need only occasional washing with a mild detergent. If stains occur, use a mixture of bleach and water to remove spots then rinse with detergent and water. Unfinished cedar should be washed down regularly to prevent mold and mildew and to keep wood lasting longer. However, a clear sealer applied to the wood will prolong the life of the cedar wood.


Cedar patio tables 9

The underside structure of a cedar table is an important aspect of having a table that will last years. Cedar is remarkably admirably adapted to outdoor wear and tear. Covered with a clear protective finish it is red, but unprotected weathers gray.

Cedar patio table 2

Red cedar color characterizes this table, along with its clearly visible texturing. The positioning of the planks takes advantage to create a gorgeous pattern of wood grain patterning. The combination produces a patio table of simplistic beauty.

Diy cedar patio table plans 2

DIY Cedar Patio Table Plans

Cedar patio table 3

Simple and very stylish patio cedar table is an excellent choice. The elegant tabletop combined with the steel base looks exceptionally functional and very useful. The perfect solution for any interior. Impressive construction of table top decorations enchants.

Cedar patio table 1

Cedar Patio Table

Cedar patio tables

Crafted of sturdy Cedar wood, this patio set is consisted of 1 square table with an umbrella hole in the center, and 2 matching benches. The set is weather-resistant and adorned with a fine slat design.

Cedar patio table 5

Cedar Patio Table

Cedar patio table plans

Patio table in classic form. Construction is made of wood. Rectangular top has large usable surface. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

Cedar patio tables 10

Home Hardware - Cedar Patio Table

Cedar patio

Innovative and solid patio tables with durable bases and cedar wood tops. They are available with backless benches and they look nice on solid wooden outdoor decks. Simple lines of these items look nice in any outdoor stylization.

Cedarlooks 0500509 English Garden Coffee Table

Cedar patio table 14

Made of cedar patio table is a perfect combination of simple design and functionality. Whole looks extremely impressive and looks great on any patio, terrace or in the garden. It creates a great place to relax with family.

Diy patio umbrella

Built to last and easy to maintain; this simple table is made for outdoor areas such as patios, backyards, and swimming pools. Crafted of natural wood, the table has a square top with an umbrella hole in the center, standing firmly on thick legs. Dimensions: 26" x 26".

Outdoor cedar harvest patio table


Cedar garden furniture

cedar garden furniture

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Cedar patio tables 4

Puddle-Problem Solver

To buy cedar patio furniture backyard makeover how to buy

to buy cedar patio furniture backyard makeover how to buy cedar patio ...

Higher preference for wooden garden furniture

Higher Preference for Wooden Garden Furniture

Cedar patio tables 12

This is pretty sweet... tho I think pancake would rather sleep on top of the patio table.....

Cedar patio furniture plans

An amazing addition for rustic dining rooms, which will bring natural accents, transforming your home into a cozy forest hut. Consisted of 1 rectangle table, 2 high back chairs and 2 branchy benches, the set is crafted of sturdy Cedar logs in distressed finish.

Cedar patio tables

Though it looks like a pricey designer piece, this cedar patio table was actually crafted out of materials from the local home center.

Cedar outdoor table

Plant stand mounted on wooden base and reinforced with solid supports. Designed for outdoor use. Great for culturing medium and large plants. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

Cedar patio tables 3

There’s no need to bring the cooler to the table when it’s already built in. This rain gutter ice caddy was made by removing most of the center slat of a picnic table and replacing it with a gutter of the same dimensions

Cedar patio tables

The Finished DIY Cedar Patio Table

Cedar patio tables 6

Pottery barn version versus DIY version... Much CHEAPER!!

Cedar patio tables

rustic table with bright plastic chairs on a patio made of large pavers. #yard #backyard #patio

Cedar patio tables 1

picnic table/cooler

Big green egg table plans large custom big green egg

big green egg table plans large | Custom Big Green Egg Table, Walnut & Cedar

Cedar outdoor table plans

Beautiful cedar patio table is a perfect combination of solid construction, modern look, and interesting details. The whole is perfectly presented at home and on the terrace. The mix of white and wood captivates.

Cedar patio tables 2

10 x 16 Oasis Pergola with Privacy Panels and Cedar Furniture. Can I just get this in my back yard please. I promise to use it well.

Cedar patio tables 7

Love the table with the bright chairs. Maybe take a cue from Young House Love and distress the wood.

Cedar side table 2

DIY Outdoor Side Table and Storage Trolley

Portable patio bar

A breath of elegance and natural appearance in your patio can be successfully achieved with this fine outdoor bar. It's lightweight, easy to move, and crafted of sturdy Teak wood for durability. And it comes with matching barstools.

Cedar patio tables 18

I waaaaaaaant! Live Edge Cedar Dining - In or Outdoor picnic table

Cedar patio tables 5

I want to make this! DIY Furniture Plan from A touch of contemporary to your outdoor space. This easy to build bench features a slatted top. Use indoors and out, as dining seating or just a bench to rest on outdoors.

Cedar patio tables 14

credit: Shanty 2 Chic [

Cedar table plans

Stark but cool contemporary patio furniture made entirely of natural-finished cedar wood with crackings, visible growth rings and knots. A table and a bench have simple full legs and rectangular tops with living edges. Stools are of cuboidal blocks.

Pool table furniture sets 1

This simple table is made of cedar wood from old pickle tanks. It's perfect for picnics and celebrations, but remember to protect it with teak oil before using it outdoors. A medium size and square shape make it a good choice even for small spaces.

Tree trunk table love the look of this one we

Tree Trunk Table - love the look of this one! we have two large trees just off our back deck that need to be taken down this year and I was thinking of having them cut off just the right height for a table . . . this looks like it could work beautifully.

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Ana white beautiful cedar patio table diy projects

Ana White | Beautiful Cedar Patio Table - DIY Projects