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Wood patio benches are susceptible to weather and bug infestation, but stone patio benches will essentially last forever while slightly less comfortable. They are an investment. And you can always put a cushion on it. If you are looking for benches for your patio and want something that will stand the test of time, then perhaps it's time to look into stone patio benches. If you're curious, take a look at this extensive collection. We have one for you.

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Updated 24/10/2022
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Simple Modern Stone Garden Bench

Simple Modern Stone Garden Bench


Perfect for modern areas, this 63” long backless bench is made to be extremely simple yet highly durable. It’s made from a concrete stone mixture with smooth sides and sharp modern angles for a crisp and classic look. It can support up to 600 pounds and weighs 112 pounds, making it a durable and long-lasting addition to your garden.

$660 $1041

Designer Advice:

Standing 18” high and 16” deep, this bench or coffee table is a unique and stylish addition to any garden, patio, sunroom, or pool area. It is extremely durable and heavy-duty, making it suitable for outdoor use throughout all seasons and climates. The medium stone gray tone fits into any decor and garden aesthetic perfectly.

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Stylized Curved Outdoor Stone Bench 

Stylized Curved Outdoor Stone Bench 

Orren Ellis

Graceful S-shaped curves add a unique style to this elegant bench for outdoor or indoor use. The polished granite stone seating surface measures 18” above the ground and is 54 by 12”. The bench weighs 400 pounds, making it an extremely durable outdoor bench for all weather conditions and extremely high winds.

Designer Advice:

The elegant shape of this bench lends itself wonderfully to gardens and orchards. It can also make a unique and practical addition to the pool or sauna. The solid polished granite surface is sleek with natural variations, giving you a stylish modern seating option in your garden or patio area.

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Gently Curved Stone Garden Bench 

Gently Curved Stone Garden Bench 

Astoria Grand

Available in a dozen colors, including travertine, limestone, copper bronze, alpine stone, and more, this gently curved garden bench adds timeless beauty to any area of your landscape. The seat height is just under 17” and the length of 44”, which makes this bench perfect for two or three people to sit side by side within the 600-pound capacity.


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Minimalist Contemporary Stone Bench 

Minimalist Contemporary Stone Bench 

Joss & Main

Made with simplicity in mind, this dark jet-black colored natural stone concrete bench makes the perfect addition to your garden or patio. Measuring 68 by 19” and over 18” tall, you’ll enjoy a comfortable seat indoors or out with this bench. The style lends well to poolside, sauna, patio, sunroom, or entryway installation in modern or contemporary homes and landscaping.

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Classic Industrial Stone Bench Outdoor 

Classic Industrial Stone Bench Outdoor 


Made from a combination of stone and metal, this heavy-duty outdoor bench measures 48” by 16” with a height of 18”. Its streamlined design provides a classic industrial feel to your garden, patio, or pool area. The steel legs are covered in a black finish, which contrasts boldly with the natural gray coloration of the concrete stone top.

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Memorial Garden Stone Bench

Memorial Garden Stone Bench

East Urban Home

Perfect for remembering your loved ones, this memorial bench features a laser-cut image and wording that helps you remember a loved friend or family member that has passed on. The bench measures 29” wide and 15” tall with a 12” depth making it perfect for a small table or single-person seat in a garden, sunroom, or pool area.

$219.99 $256.99

Designer Advice:

This bench is perfect in an outdoor garden or a favorite spot under a tree for reading or relaxing. The stone and concrete mixture is gray with a gentle curve and natural stone-like edges. The unique chipping along the edge gives each bench a unique look and natural feel to improve the outdoor aesthetics.

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Stone Bench Outdoor

Buying Guide

Stone patio benches are incredibly durable and require less care and maintenance than metal or wooden outdoor benches. While slightly less comfortable than other options, you can count on these solid benches for long-lasting outdoor seating.

Once set up in their location, stone patio benches are sturdy, with a less likelihood of tipping over and breaking. Be sure to place them on level ground for the best results.

Another positive factor leading to stone bench durability is their heavy weight. During high winds, these benches hold fast, resisting being blown away and dented or destroyed.

Additionally, unlike wood, stone dries quickly following rain and doesn’t succumb to rot. To maintain them, simply wash occasionally with a soft brush and water to prevent mold buildup. However, if you live in very damp climates, it may be beneficial to apply a stone sealant. Stone is naturally porous, absorbing excess water, leading to staining and erosion.

While stone is no replacement for a linen or leather cushion, stone patio benches are more comfortable than you might think. These durable seats aren’t designed for lounging and relaxation but rather for casual outdoor gatherings around a fire pit or sitting in the garden to meditate for a brief time.

When you adjust your expectations with this in mind, you’ll find that stone benches can offer a decent level of comfort, especially when they’re made of stone that curves inward to form a dip where you sit. It can also help if the edging of the stone bench is rounded rather than flat and sharp, particularly for summer nights when your bare legs are resting on this ledge.

For the most part, stone patio benches will not require that much maintenance.

If you find that your bench looks dingy or needs a cleaning, use an abrasive sponge (such as a steel wool brush or similar) as well as warm, soapy water to clean off the surface.

Don’t use bleach or other harsh solutions, because those might stain your bench! Then, use a towel to dry the bench off after a rinse to get rid of all soap residue.

Best Ideas

"Garden Bench" Wooden Bench, Cast Stone Petrified Wood Bench, "Outdoor Garden Patio Bench" 2 Piece Hand Sculpted Rustic Wooden Garden Bench Outdoor Decor

Designed of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC), this rustic bench is beautifully emphasized by a unique, petrified wood appearance. The whole is reinforced by a durable rebar, offering you a fine piece for improving patios, gardens and backyards.



This round stone bench can create a great place to gather your family and friends together and celebrate outdoors. It is built around a lower fire pit. It provides a warm, positive ambiance.

Patio chairs 2

Attractive patio stylization with stone benches that provide solidity and comfort thanks to additional pillows. This patio decor also includes metal chairs with black frames and soft, cushioned surfaces.

Curved wood bench

A great Mediterranean inspiration. A grove comprising a stone bench with cushions and a stone-wooden coffee table. This setting can serve as an inspiration for you, while decorating your garden or patio.

Garden Bench Basalt Stone Boulder Bench with Back, Cast Stone Rustic Lounge Bench, Outdoor Garden Patio Bench, 3 Piece Hand Sculpted Rock Garden Bench Outdoor Decor

The impressive combination of stone construction and functionality makes the garden bench a great treat for lovers of original design elements. Beautiful rustic styling captivates and adds coziness to any place.

Charcoal Granite Stone Boulder Bench

Place this strong bench in your garden and relish over its beauty and long-lasting construction. The piece is made of chiseled granite block with a beautifully polished top, and is going to last you a lifetime.

Stone garden bench

fire pit benche



Gorgeously made of stone seat walls with pizza oven is an excellent way to decorate the original garden decor. Beautiful work delights with detail and functionality, creating a unique place for family gatherings.

Bois Cast Stone Garden Bench

Bois Cast Stone Garden Bench

Simple sturdy contemporary bench crafted of wood-imitating cast stone featuring a hand-applied brownish finish which naturally weathers with the passage of time. It has a simple semi-cylindrical seat and wide rectangular legs.

Furniture Curved Stone Garden Bench

Furniture Curved Stone Garden Bench

This is the bench, which was made of stone. It is primarily intended for the garden. However, its design it is ideal mainly for gardens classicist, referring to the antiquity and ancient civilizations.

Swan Stone Garden Bench

Swan Stone Garden Bench

Awaken your senses with this stone garden featuring sophisticated sturdy, acanthus-bedecked scroll feet, shell pediment top, paired arched winged swans and the graceful scroll work on the backrest. It looks like it came right from a fairytale.

Cast Stone Petrified Rock Bench, "Outdoor Garden patio Bench" 3 Piece Hand Sculpted Rustic Garden Bench Outdoor Decor

Transform your outdoor area such as garden, backyard, or park alley by using this captivating stone bench with a beautiful, hand-sculpted design. The bench is also reinforced by a durable rebar, and offers a truly rustic appearance.

Stone garden benches

A cool sturdy urban bench and a pot in one of light grey stone slabs. It has a long rectangular frame, a recessed base, raised edges. It's filled with soil and growing grass. Squarish and rectangularish seats are incorporated in an irregular way.

Miniature Fairy Garden Mini Curved Garden Bench

Crafted from durable polyresin, this mini garden bench will definitely put some beauty into your outdoor area. It's not only sturdy but also entirely hand-made and embellished with beautiful details.

Small granite stone garden bench

small granite stone garden bench

Granite Stone Boulder Bench with Sideleg

Transform your outdoor area such as garden, backyard, or park alley by using this captivating stone bench made of granite boulders. Each bench is unique in its design, offering a truly rustic appearance and well-balanced seat.

"Garden Bench" Cast Stone Granite Rock Bench 3 Piece, Patio Furniture, Concrete Bench Hand Sculpted Rustice Garden Decor

This cast in stone and hand-sculpted from clay, rustic bench is consisted of 3 pieces - 1 top and 2 legs that are built to last and have a granite appearance. The bench is suited for outdoor areas such as patios, gardens, and parks.

NVA Creative Garden Granite 5526120 Geum Bench with Hardwood Seat

Improve your backyard, garden or park alley by using this warp-resistant, rustic bench with gray granite legs, and a weather-resistant, slatted hardwood seat. The bench is able to withstand long years of usage, and provides good stability, with a comfy place to sit on.

Cast Stone Tuscan Curve Grape Vine Bench 3 Piece Rustice Garden Decor

Transform your outdoor area such as garden, backyard, or park alley by using this captivating bench designed of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC). The bench is also covered in a sandstone finish, and reinforced by a durable rebar.

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