Carved Wooden Bench


If you are looking for a lovely bench for your interior, exterior, or as a donation for a park, then you'll enjoy looking or giving one of these carved wooden benches. They are lovely and well-constructed, they come in many styles and are very comfortable, and we think you could pick out at least one for your home and perhaps one to donate.

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Our Picks

Carved wooden bench 1

Interestingly carved wooden bench with horse motifs delights and made the interior or outdoor space take on a unique style. Unique design and interesting details create a fantastic element that is very functional.

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Carved wooden bench 2

Haha, awesome bench! One of a kind! Solid wood seating is flanked with hollowed-out 'tree trunks' inhabited by black bears! Ofc the bears are carved statues! Unbelievably, the sculptures were carved with chainsaw!

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Carved wooden bench 4

The carved wooden bench with the elegant owl motive. Maybe some people don't like such decorational things, but when you keep your attention in it, you can see that it is a real masterpiece. Perfect for the Harry Potter fan!

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Carved wooden bench

This hand carved wooden bench is an attractive addition into any garden. Add more comfort and put the cushions or pillows, and enjoy the extra seating. The natural finish and shape create the rustic look.

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Family Room

Family Room

An excellent accessory for living rooms, and enclosed outdoor spaces such as patios or sun rooms. This massive bench is crafted from natural wood, boasting of its streamlined design and a pair of shapely seats.

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Chainsaw carving welcome to chainsaw carving

Chainsaw carving is a modern frontier art. This particularly bench depicts a shaggy bear seeming to embrace a fine-looking fish. The natural contrast of the light and dark wood gives added charm to this modern tool handcrafted seat.

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Carved wooden bench 5

An antique, Spanish-styled church bench made out of heavily burnt and dark oak wood with ornamental engravings along the frame. The bench has three decals on the back and a set of five legs to make it stable.

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Penumbra Classic Wood Bench in Mahogany

Penumbra Classic Wood Bench in Mahogany

A comfortable and beautiful improvement for entryways and hallways. This Wooden Bench in Mahogany Finish is crafted from hardwood mahogany, offering spindle legs, slopping armrests, dowel backrest, and 300 pounds of weight capacity.

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Chainsaw carved benches

Solid wooden bench with attractive chainsaw carved elements. This rustic design decorates outdoor areas and provides comfort of sitting. It assures additional support thanks to its solid backrest and arms.

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Wooden carved bears garden

An amazing chair and a bench carved of solid wooden logs. A ball-like chair has a cut bottom, an oval bench - low tapered legs and a sloped back. Both items feature an unusual design showing cross-sections of tree trunks against a black background.

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Woodworking best wood carving bench carved bench pdf free download

Woodworking best wood carving bench carved bench PDF Free Download

Windsor Hand Carved Wood Storage Bench

Windsor Hand Carved Wood Storage Bench

It is a hand carved wood storage bench that is made with a cushioned top and has got a walnut stain finish. It is a traditional bench and it fits to classic style and décor. This product is nicely finished and high quality.

Carved wooden bench 10

Bench from one log.. needs Wheels and handles to move!

Shaker Wood Bench

Shaker Wood Bench

This is a simple and very ordinary wooden bench, which is perfect for the hall or on the terrace. It's white and minimalist. Its gentleness and simplicity are its beauty and its charm. It's just perfect.

Wood carved bench

Made of wood, the beautifully carved bench is a perfect combination of functionality and art. The whole presents artistically made owls that delight in every detail. Comfortable seat and solid construction.

Wood carved benches

The carved bench is not only a piece of furniture- it is a masterpiece. The carved backrest was created as a bas-relief and painted in the natural colors. connected with two logs, which are both a legs and an armrests it creates something really wonderful.

Chainsaw carved dolphin bench

Chainsaw Carved Dolphin Bench

Quite a bench carved out of wood

Quite a bench carved out of wood...

Carved benches

This oak bench is an exceptional piece of art. It is an example of a skillful, chainsaw carving. What makes it a real masterpiece are two precisely carved ponies on both sides of the bench. For sure it will be a wonderful decoration to your garden.

Carved wooden bench 2

Being a marvellous example of woodworking virtuosity, this carved wooden bench delights with its intricately shaped backrest. A real bargain for all fans of rustic or boho chic design.

Cool carved wood owl bench


Wooden garden carvings

Delighting with its detailed crafting, this unique owl bench embodies the real virtuosity of wooden carving. It can be a marvellous addition to anyone's garden or patio, drawing the attention of the guests.

Carved chainsaw benches benches tables chairs christmans chainsaw carvings


Wood carving bench

Unique outdoor bench for the garden, patio and more. It is completely made of wood. Suitable for residential and commercial use. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions.