Willow Furniture

Willow furniture is so beautiful and will lend a natural, even ethereal look to your living space. With options that are right at home both in and outdoors, our collections below is sure to have something to inspire you. Take you time in choosing and let your imagination be your guide.

Best Ideas

Twig willow porch swing hand crafted

Twig willow porch swing hand crafted
This handcrafted rocking chair is a classic if you like rustic, willow furniture. A must have for all, who enjoy a comfy rest on their patio or in their home office. Adds much warmth and coziness to the space.

Willow 3 Drawer Nightstand

Willow 3 Drawer Nightstand
A suitable piece for placing next to your bed. This contemporary 3-Drawer Nightstand is crafted from sturdy wood, offering durable and functional usage. Includes 3 storage drawers with stylish pulls, and natural finish for eye-catchy looks.

Willow outdoor furniture

A fantastic outdoor armchair inspired by the beauty of nature. It's 100% eco-friendly as it's fully made of willow wood in its original and unchanged form. It features a solid seat, which you can decorate with a cushion.

Willow tree furniture

A dreamy hanging pod seat! Willow weave and red dogwood create a delightful retreat to cuddle in instantly. White cushions make the round form even more comfortable. To swing back and forth with a good book.

Willow chairs

Natural stylization in any garden or patio. This ladderback chair is available with wooden or twig seat. Its whole construction is durable and features a nice, natural appearance. The chair provides good stability and support.

Willow furniture 20

This 4-piece patio set constitutes a real bargain for all those, who love the charm and warmth of rustic furniture. It comprises a table for 4, along with a loveseat bench and two armchairs.

Diamond willow furniture

Feel the union with nature using this wooden chair - made from growing tree. It will provides you a shadow in sunny days by the leaves. It also is very comfortable thanks to profiled backrest and seat.

We have made over 300 bent willow chairs and love

We have made over 300 bent willow chairs and love seats since 1991.

Willow furniture 19

Ideal for one's porch or veranda, this wooden furniture comprises beautifully carved wooden items. Both the armchair as well as the loveseat bench distinguish themselves with characteristic arched backs.

Willow furniture 5

So many beautiful things can be made of twigs! A gorgeous DIY twig chair to decorate your outdoor area with, giving it a crude, primitive look and making you feel like you’re on a camping trip!

Willow twig furniture

Rustic Cedar Bentwood Twig Furniture Loveseat by Log Cabin Decor

Since 1977 ken has been designing and making willow furniture

Since 1977 Ken has been designing and making willow furniture using ...

Rustic porch swing

rustic porch swing

Rustic willow furniture

adirondack swing on a porch ..... ....simple and sweet

Willow headboards

Want it! An arched willow headboard. Looks almost like a piece taken straight from fantasy world. Entwining, twisted willow branches create an open design that is one-of-a kind. A willow bedroom furniture is already on my must-have list!

Willow furniture 3

Original chair mounted on maple wood frame. Seat is upholstered with nice touch fabric. Great as dining chair or extra seating. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Willow furniture 24

Woodworking & Furniture Craft: Twig Furniture

Willow furniture 9

Maine Made Rugged Rustic Cedar Twig Footstool by logcabindecor

Willow furniture 13

Love these. This site has step by step Instructions!

Willow furniture 12

Rustic chair makes a short-lived although fun feature in the garden.

Red willow twig or stick doll furniture chair by goodbyeantiques

Red Willow Twig or Stick Doll Furniture Chair by goodbyeantiques, $19.99

Early 20th century twig rocking chair

Early 20th Century Twig Rocking Chair

Willow furniture sofa couch jpg


Furniture from cut trees the rustic furniture ferns and furniture

Furniture from cut trees... The rustic furniture... ferns and furniture...

Outdoor twig furniture

Offering ample lumbar support this amazing willow, painted chair will be a nice addition to the decor of your patio or garden, letting you enjoy summer days and just sit back and relax while doing so.

Folding 3-panel Willow Screen/room Divider in Dark Cherry

This kind of room divider is an element that features a folding wooden construction. It is a screen that consists of three durable panels. The size of this element is 47"Wx 67"Hx 1-1/4" and it has got a natural finish.

Willow furniture 18

Willow tree table with online tutorial. I have made several already. I make furniture from tree branches.

Bent willow furniture just needs a colorful pillow

Bent Willow Furniture... just needs a colorful pillow ;)

Willow furniture 11

I would call this "Log Sweet Home"! (love the porch & recessed entry)

Willow furniture 10

Willow Furniture

Willow furniture 1

Hand Crafted and Custom Made in Minnesota

Willow furniture sale

twig & limb bench. Gorgeous....can you imagine roses, clematis or ivy covering this....wow I'd love to have it in my yard.

Monday april 26 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010

Showtime Sales Willow Bear Chair - Honey, Brown, Wicker

Willow furniture 16

Log and twig console table

Willow_furniture_willow_chair1_jxtrdpsumfm jpg


Cut some wood jpg


Willow furniture

Handmade willow chairs can add a beautiful look to your porch or ...

Item 202 standard chair includes 2 chairs

Item# 202 - Standard Chair - Includes 2 Chairs

Relax in willow furniture on the screened porch

Relax in willow furniture on the screened porch...

Willow furniture 7

Mountain Laurel Handrails use natural wood balusters to create wondrous designs from branches that have grown into a variety of shapes. Since each section is individually crafted, no two are ever the same and each takes on its own distinct form to create

Willow furniture

Willow Furniture

Bowback twig chair i wonder how comfortable it would be

Bowback twig chair. I wonder how comfortable it would be? Gorgeous look anyhow

Willow Woven Hurdle Panel,6'W x 6'H/pcs, Set of 2 Pieces

This kind of product is a hurdle panel created for indoor and outdoor use. It is a hand made product, so it is not only solid, but it also looks very attractive, so it has also got a decorative function.

Master Garden Products 4-Panel Willow Screen Divider, 72 by 60-Inch

Willow furniture 4

A vintage finding: beautiful handcrafted willow armchair for outdoor furniture set. Made with artistry, exqusitiely homey, slightly withered but still stylish, with large heart shaped backseat and wooden logs frame.

Beautiful willow loveseat

Beautiful Willow Loveseat

Rustic / Western Rope And Star Bed

This type of element is a high quality, solid and comfortable bed made of real wood with a rustic finish. Its frame has got some decorative elements, so it looks very stylish in any bedroom decorative stylization.

Willow Screen, 3 Panel Divider, 72"W x 72"H

This type of product is a divider designed especially for an outdoor use. It consists of three panels. The whole construction is foldable. It can serve as a divider or only as a decoration. The size of this element is 0.2 x 72 x 72 inches.

Log willow design chair

Log-Willow Design Chair