Birch Furniture


Birch is a warm, clean wood that has such a natural feel, it only makes sense to have as furniture. Sure, you could get oak or mahogany or even cherry. But there is something about birch that just makes it special. And in our collection of birch furniture, we have some items that might change your mind about your perceptions of birch in your home.

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Birch furniture

Just look at this cute, little end table, made from smooth wood combined with actual willow and birch sticks and logs! Very rustic, austere design, perfect for both outdoors and indoors use. Such a unique piece!

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Birch furniture 2

White birch bench, constructed exclusively of genuine white birch logs. This adorable outdoor design effortlessly falls along the line of idyllic rustic style. It must look beautiful among lush greenery!

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Birch furniture

An interesting bed created for anyone who loves natural elemnts in his or her bedroom. This original bed includes four posts in the form of natural trees. Black and white colors are dominating in this stylization.

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Birch furniture

A white birch lamp looks so extraordinary and in my opinion is excellent as a gift for friends and family. Very impressive lamp that fits to cottage and country style.

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White birch forest natural white birch

White birch forest natural white birch

Unique shelf designed for mounting on the wall. It is completely made of wood. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need. Great for storing books, display decorations and more.

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Birch furniture 5

Hickory Top Birch Base

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White birch shelf

Constructed of birch twigs, this rustic shelf will put you in a camping frame of mind. Polished pieces of milled wood provide a stable surface supported by the round, bark-covered twigs. An excellent example of the use of found materials.

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Birch furniture 4

Vintage farmhouse style wooden benches constructed from natural birch frames. The benches are super strong too and come with that natural forest aura that will grab the attention of anybody. The benches are perfect for your garage or hallway as well.

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Home furniture bar and gaming checkers tables rustic birch bark

Home Furniture Bar and Gaming Checkers Tables Rustic Birch Bark ...

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Birch furniture 11

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Best Ideas

Campy and rustic furniture perfect for the adirondack style lake

Campy and rustic furniture - perfect for the Adirondack style lake lodge

Birch furniture 4

Twigs and birchbark give this rustic mirror frame an extra outdoorsy touch. Raised pinecone detailing on the flat pieces add intricacy to the design. Perfect for hunting lodge, rustic or country décor styles, or just because you like it.

Barking up the right tree

Barking up the "right" tree.....

Framed branches i want to make this with birch wood

Framed branches I want to make this with birch wood

Birch furniture 8

Redefining Rustic Materials: 6 Modern Log Furniture Makers

Shino 7 Piece Dining Furniture Set

Shino 7 Piece Dining Furniture Set

It is a 7-piece dining set that includes one table and six chairs. This set is available in fours colors: light brown, orange, sugar brown and chalk. It is perfect for your dining room area.

Birch furniture 1

This wooden birch shelf shall enchant all fans of rustic, wooden design. A DIY construction, made of natural elements, that will provide stability and sustainability for years. 3 drawers will constitute a considerable storage space for various stuff.

Log bench ideas 2

Handcrafted birch benches neatly designed for outdoor use. The benches are incredibly stylish and feature a beautiful natural wood grain to ensure you can customize them with all the colors you want. You also get a seating area of three and a raised backrest for comfort.

Birch furniture 3

Outstanding rustic bed constructed from rugged tree trunks and naturally grained wood. The bed is the ultimate piece of statement décor and is strong enough to last for years. It also has a raised headboard and a neutral finish that will class up your bedroom.

Birch furniture 19

Birch Bark Furniture, Cabin Decorating, Lodge Decor, Handcarved Console Table, Hickory Log Bed

Birch furniture 7

Why not opt for creating a seamless transition to an outdoor sitting area with some help from these stunning bitch furniture that provide simply one of the best and most natural-looking structures, complimenting your decor immensely.

Design for home interior decorative by furniture world modern birch

... Design for Home Interior Decorative by Furniture World Modern Birch

Tree branch rocking chair

This gorgeous DIY project features tree branch lamps. Eclectic and universal, smoothly adjusting to almost every kind of interior. The modern, spheroidal lampshades play along well with rustic, natural base.

Yellow birch burl

Yellow Birch Burl