Solid Wood Cat Furniture

Most cats are pretty playful, and when the big ones get rowdy, those cheap cat trees can topple over. Not so with solid wood cat furniture. The design and materials give it a heft that keeps it fixed to the ground, no matter what those kitties throw at it. And they are just plain fun, and come in plenty of very cat-friendly designs. See this collection for all the options.

Best Products

Solid Wood Cat Tree With Four Levels

Solid Wood Cat Tree With Four Levels
If you’re searching for something simple that will not disrupt the stylistic composition of your living room or bedroom but still provide a place for your cats to entertain themselves, you might be interested in this premium cat tree, made entirely out of solid pine wood with an unpainted, natural finish. The cat tree is freestanding and has a double base, fitted with a few additional perches and a large condo near the bottom.

Wood Cat Play Gym With Sisal Rope

Wood Cat Play Gym With Sisal Rope
An elegant and sophisticated cat condo/tree, made by a manufacturer known for their quality and care to details. The frame of the cat tree is constructed out of solid wood, similar in strength to a support beam of a house, which provides a heavy-duty, sturdy structure. This one is fully covered with a household carpet, which itself comes in a few colors, which makes it soft and helps your cats reach the higher levels.

Wall Mounted Multiple Level Hammock And Climbing Activity Center For Cats

Wall Mounted Multiple Level Hammock And Climbing Activity Center For Cats
This set of surfaces, shelves, ladders, and toys for your cats is meant to be fully mounted on the wall, which allows you to save a lot of space in your apartment, as many people have plenty of unused wall space. The pieces used in the construction of this set are hand-crafted out of quality solid pine wood with a couple of color varieties. The set even includes a couple of spots for planters, where you can set up edible grass for your cats.

Smooth Polish Solid Wood Cat Tree

Smooth Polish Solid Wood Cat Tree
Owners of multiple cats often struggle with the problem of fitting all of the toys and appliances to keep their cats energetic. Many small living spaces just do not have the room for all of that stuff. This is exactly where this multifunctional cat tree comes into place – with its multitude of porches and surfaces, it provides plenty of space for plenty of cats to use at the same time, and even has a dedicated compartment on the top for resting.

Ware manufacturing sky tower

Ware manufacturing sky tower
A floor to ceiling cat climber that will make your pet love you even more! It's a kind of simple, high, light-wooden shelf with a few spotted cushioned seats. It's narrow and in natural colors so it will blend in every space and design perfectly.

60" Baobab Cat Tree

60" Baobab Cat Tree
High cat tree with pads to scratching. It has 5 levels to climb. Stable construction made of wood. Ideal gadget to play for each cat.

Cat Scratch Fever%253a Posts %2526 Trees 77%22 Solid Wood Cat Tree In Beige

Cat Scratch Fever%253a Posts %2526 Trees 77%22 Solid Wood Cat Tree In Beige
A great attraction for your cat that loves to jump on trees and take soothing naps in comfortable places. This 77'' cat tree is made of solid wood, has several diifeerent platforms, 1 kitty house, and 1 comfy hammock for your cat to swing with style.

Our advice Buying Guide

As a cat lover, you know how demanding your feline is. In fact, because you love your cat or cats so much, you demand the best for them! Solid wood cat furniture (also known as wooden cat trees) may just be what you and your cat are missing. Feel at ease knowing you can give your furry friend(s) some treatment without having to compromise on the style of your home.

A solid wood cat tree can serve multiple purposes: a place for your cat(s) to play and sleep, as well as a unique decorative piece for your space. It’s the ultimate win-win situation for you and your feline. Anyways, if you don’t know where to start, then have no fear. Read on for some tips on choosing the best solid wood cat furniture for your kitty, kitties, or kitty army.

How to select the right size solid wood cat furniture?

  • Make sure you measure the spot you plan on placing the cat tree to make sure the base isn’t too big.
  • For a single cat, you don’t need too much. Even a simple double tier cat tree can be entertaining for them.
  • If you’re looking for solid wood cat furniture for multiple cats, then go for height rather than width. Cat trees can be well over 6 feet tall if you even have enough room to house it!
  • Height is important for multiple cats sharing a cat tree so the dominant cat can climb to the top and claim its status. This can be the difference between peace and chaos.

How to make sure the cat furniture is safe for your pet?

In order to ensure your cat’s safety, sturdiness is a key feature to look for. Durability is also important in order for the furniture to last a long time. For the most part, cat furniture is made with this in mind.

  • If cat furniture isn’t sturdy, it may topple over and startle your cat. As a result of this, your cat might stop using it.
  • The taller the cat tree, the heavier and wider the base should be. A tree that is tall and skinny has a greater chance of tipping, especially with more than one rascal on it.
  • A good measure of stability is seeing if the cat tree wobbles when your cat (or cats) is on top.
  • Durable cat trees will feature high-quality scratching posts, and typically multiple. This should prevent cats from scratching your furniture.
  • Cat furniture made from cardboard-like material will tear up easily and bore your cat. But since you are looking for wooden cat furniture, it will naturally be durable and give felines more of a challenge.

How to pick the best style and design of solid wood cat furniture?

You’ll definitely want to choose something that appeals to your cat while generally matching the style of your home. This means choosing woods that fit the theme and color of your home and picking a design that fits.

  • If you don’t have much space, then don’t feel bad choosing a smaller cat tree. Choosing something too big will not only take up unnecessary space, but it will end up being an eyesore you get sick of looking at.
  • Built-in hanging toys are not only fun for your cat but are also aesthetically pleasing in terms of style. Alternatively, you can add some yourself if you like.
  • Cubic shapes, circular shapes, and tunnels are sleek and modern while at the same time playful.

Where to place solid wood cat furniture?

Placement of your solid wood cat furniture is part of the design. If your cat doesn’t like where it’s placed, she may not use it. The most used room in your home or in front of a window are two popular placements. However, you know your cat the best, so when making your decision, keep her feelings in mind.


71" Cat Tree

71" Cat Tree
A very complex cat tree that provides good fun for one or more cats. It is made of wood covered with faux fur or natural rope. It includes many scratching posts and small cat condos. All elements of this tree are safe for cats.

Cat wall shelves

Cat wall shelves
Unusual cat furniture. Set at different heights, these shelves will be a great treat for your beloved cat. Plus, given how stylish these wooden shelves are, your guests won't be sure if this is art, or maybe cat's entertainment indeed!

50" Premier Kitty Pad Cat Tree

50" Premier Kitty Pad Cat Tree
Lady and sir cats, we have something for you! This cat tree has a solid wood construction and is perfect for every size of a kitty - for these bigger and smaller ones. It is worth highlighting that this piece has been made in the USA - for an American quality!

Solid wood cat tree scratching post

Solid wood cat tree scratching post
The cat tower, which is constructed of the solid press board and heavy plywood. It has a lot of attractions for your lovely cats. Everyone will tell you how cool it looks in your home.

New cat condos 7 foot solid wood cat tree

New cat condos 7 foot solid wood cat tree
I did a lot of searching for cat trees, before I bought this one. It measures 7-foot high and features the solid wood structure, with a lot of attractions. Trust me, your cats will be impressed.

New Cat Condos Premiere Solid Wood 6 Foot Skyscraper Cat Tree

New Cat Condos Premiere Solid Wood 6 Foot Skyscraper Cat Tree
This kind of product has got a decorative character and it is useful for cat owners. It is a cat tree that provides comfort and safety to cats. Its solid wood construction measures 20 inches long x 20 inches wide x 72 inches tall.

Cat Tree Clearance 72%22 Premiere Solid Wood Skyscraper Cat Tree

Cat Tree Clearance 72%22 Premiere Solid Wood Skyscraper Cat Tree
A cool tall contemporary cat tree with a frame of solid wood entirely wrapped in light grey carpet fabric. It's built of a square base, 3 tall round posts, 4 semi-cylindrical alternately directed horizontal shelves, a top shelf with raised edges.

Solid wood cat furniture

Cat tree in modern form. Construction is made of wood with thick carpet elements to prevent scratching. Designed for medium sized pets. Application in the living room, bedroom and others interiors as needed.

Wood cats

If you have young, impetuous cat, this original element is dedicated special for you! It connects function of cat scratcher, bed and toy. This decor's element is made of unlacquered wood, so it is similar to the tree.

Solid wood cat furniture 1

This sensational cat tree for home is a great solution for the house where cats live. The sturdy wooden construction is durable and guarantees great fun for the pets, and it looks interesting in any decor.

Wood cat

This sleek and very impressive cat tree is a great way to decorate the interior and provide a happy home cat. The solid wood construction and soft upholstery allows for great fun, and yet it looks impressive in any decor.

Wood cat scratcher

Cat tower suitable for corner placement. It includes a durable wooden frame based on solid wood. Five cat platforms are covered with material that is soft, comfortable and safe for animals. The whole tree is resistant to the weight of five adult cats.

Wood cat bed

Cat Play Gym Fully Assembled & Solid Wood Cat Condo

Two level natural cat furniture

Two Level Natural Cat Furniture

7 foot cat tree

Mount on the wall the funny cat tree with a lot of attractions for your lovely kitties. It is made of solid wood and sheepskin, so it's comfy, attractive and fits to any decor.

Solid wood cat tree

Solid Wood Cat Tree

Wooden cat beds

Cat tree made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. It is covered with thick carpet to prevents scratching. It has 6 levels in various sizes and shapes. Simple form and neutral design for each place.

Wooden cat tree designs

A practical toy for your energetic cat and a nice decoration for your home. This tree is consisted of multiple wood platforms, where your cat can rest and train its jumps. And the poles are covered with durable material that your cat will love to scratch.

Buy cat tree

Cat tree in traditional form. Construction is made of wood. It consists of 4 levels in various sizes. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed.

142 19 cat furniture high solid armarkat high cat entertainment

142 19 cat furniture high solid armarkat high cat entertainment ...

23 round cat cubby with solid wood top

23" Round Cat Cubby with Solid Wood Top

Everything is handcrafted with solid wood using fine woodworking

Everything is handcrafted with solid wood using fine woodworking ...

The Sebastian 65" Modern Cat Tree

The Sebastian 65" Modern Cat Tree

Solid wood cat furniture 2

This cat looks really pleased with its brand new cat furniture crafted skillfully from solid wood. Blending perfectly with minimalist contemporary style, this cat house features lots of compartments with stairs and cutout round peek-a-boo holes.

Cherry Dog Bed Pet Bed Crafted from Solid Cherry Wood For Small Dogs Cats

Our cat condos are solid wood

Our Cat Condos are solid wood.

Wooden cat bed

Cat Scratching Post Floor Model , Solid Wood and Sisal Rope New, Custom Built

Catissa wall mounted cat tree solid wood and sheepskin cats

Catissa Wall Mounted Cat Tree Solid Wood and Sheepskin Cats Love It

Natural wood cat trees give your cat her own solid

natural wood cat trees give your cat her own solid wood cat furniture

Sturdy cat tree

Whiskerstudio Cat Furniture Medium premium wood Cat tree Tower $297- This modern cat tree is made of solid birch plywood.  Dimensions: 23 x 18 x 48 inches ; 20 pounds

Cat furniture by type cat trees solid wood triple perch

... Cat Furniture by Type » Cat Trees » Solid Wood Triple Perch Cat Tree

Armarkat Premium Pinus Sylvestris Wood Cat Tree

Natural cat trees

If you are looking for an attractive solution for your cat's play and relaxation, this stylish solid wood cat furniture will be perfect. Impressive form and colors will fit it into the decor, and the cat will be euphoric with the playground.

Cat play gym fully assembled solid wood cat condo 88bcba29

Cat-Play-Gym-Fully-Assembled-Solid-Wood-Cat-Condo-88bcba29-aa47-4214 ...

Wood cat trees

- Armarkat High Solid Wood Cat Tree - Color: BeigeCat Condo is made of Fabric, solid wood, sisal ropeCat Tree Dimensions: 18 inches long x 18 inches wide x 31 inches high

Wood cat tree furniture

New Cat Condos Solid Wood Triple Cat Perch (Thinking I could make something like this as steps out to the catio)

33" Premier Cat Tree

33" Premier Cat Tree

Wood Cat Furniture Perch Sisal Post Cat House , Beige Carpet

Cat tree furniture solid cherry wood cat by

Cat Tree Furniture Solid Cherry Wood Cat by ...

Prestige cat trees 32 prestige solid wood large cat tree

Prestige Cat Trees 32" Prestige Solid Wood Large Cat Tree ...

Aeromark 2013 solid wood cat tree armarkat cat furniture

Aeromark 2013 Solid Wood Cat Tree Armarkat Cat Furniture ...

Armarkat 89 inch solid wood cat tree condo furniture

Armarkat 89 Inch Solid Wood Cat Tree Condo Furniture ...

Cat trees solid wood condo sisal covered scratching post

Cat Trees Solid Wood Condo Sisal-Covered Scratching Post ...