Large Cat Litter Box Furniture

Hide your cat's litter box in a functional furniture piece. These cat litter box furniture pieces are attractive and well-made, and each has a special entryway designed for large cats where they can have some privacy while they do what they have to do. These are also great to stem the smell. See collection for details.

Best Products

The Mini Cabinet Mid Century Modern Pet

The Mini Cabinet Mid Century Modern Pet
If you think that typical cat litter boxes are unattractive, go for this smart idea for a box that looks like a regular cabinet. It features a retro, wooden construction with a light blue shade. One side has an entry hole for a cat.

Good Pet Stuff Co. Covered Hidden Cat Litter Box Decorative Planter

Good Pet Stuff Co. Covered Hidden Cat Litter Box Decorative Planter
If you're looking for a way to hide the cat litter at your home you can do this in a stylish way with this amazing piece, that can double as a decorative planter. It features the cutout door that provide easy access for cats.

Mid century modern cat furniture litter

Mid century modern cat furniture litter
A cool litter box cover of wooden materials in light browns. It has a rectangular top, slanted angular legs, size-varied round entries in side walls. A 1-door cabinet with a carpet and a 2-door one with a plastic litter box have cutout edge pulls.

Mid Century Modern Cat Furniture Litter

Mid Century Modern Cat Furniture Litter
Cat litter box for modern indoors. This rectangular litter box features a round opening in its side wall that provides access to a cat. Its front part includes green sliding doors that assure access for cleaning.

The mini cabinet mid century modern pet

The mini cabinet mid century modern pet
Mid-century design in a contemporary form - this cat litter cover shows that everyday household can also be a stylish, funky accent to one's house. A handmade item, based on the maple tree, available in variously coloured fronts.

Modern cat designs hider cat litter box

Modern cat designs hider cat litter box
Cat litter box in modern form. It is made of wood with metal accents. Suitable for medium and large sized pets. Received a lot of top ratings from satisfied customers.

Large cat litter box furniture

Closed litter box intended to adult cats, but little dogs (for example - Yorkshire Terrier) can use it too. It is made of air-tight plastic, so it is easy to clean and block out litter and urine's bad smell.

Our advice Buying Guide

Living with cats is no walk in the park. To top it off, pet owners these days have to deal with hideous litter boxes that stick out like a sore thumb amidst beautiful interiors. You have no choice but to try every trick in the book to conceal these boxes from public view. Mostly with very poor results.

Litter box furniture is the answer to your cat litter box woes. These smartly designed litter boxes are integrated into beautiful furniture pieces, like an end table or a planter allowing it to seamlessly blend into your home. And these are available in a garden variety of configurations.

Here are some of the factors that you must consider when you go litter box furniture shopping.

Where to place the litter box furniture?

You can find large cat litter box furniture for just about any room in the house. Have a rundown coffee table in the living room? Swap it for a coffee table litter box. Maybe the end table is looking drab in the flawless décor theme. Get home an end table litter box. Your options are endless. Just decide on what furniture you’d like to swap with a new one and you can have a litter box integrated into it.

How big should cat litter box furniture be?

The litter box furniture must be at least 1.5 times the length of the cat (Minus the tail) and it must be at least as wide as the cat itself. This allows enough room for the cat to dig the litter even in different spots and not just in the center. That might seem like a lot of space. Especially if you have large cat breeds. But that’s the general rule of thumb that cat behavior consultants and therapists recommend.

What access to litter boxes do cats prefer?

Cats need large, inconspicuous openings to litter boxes that allow them to enter without a hindrance. The problem with furniture litter boxes is that a lot of them are more aesthetic than functional. You might pick a large cat litter box furniture that looks better than your $500 IKEA end European White Oak End table. But your cat won’t go anywhere near it if it isn’t easy to access.

Some cat litter box furniture has high sides designed to contain any litter granules that your cat might kick up. The caveat is that you’d probably have to open a door or slide one open manually to allow the cat to enter the box.

Others have low sides which make it easier for the cat to enter themselves. But the cat might track litter all over the room. A litter catcher might be a good workaround. It catches any litter granules that the cat tracks outside the box and it can be retrofitted to any furniture box.

Some litter boxes have magnetic doors that open when the cat wants to enter and then closes shut when the cat gets out.

Irrespective of the design that you select, check the access points. A large access door would also make it easy for you to replace the litter.

What is cat litter box furniture typically crafted from?

Large cat litter box furniture is typically crafted from the following materials:

  • Solid wood cat litter furniture offers unmatched durability and aesthetics. Wood also doesn’t absorb moisture or odor. The only possible downside is that these can be as pricey as normal furniture.
  • MDF with a veneer finish offers a cheaper alternative to wood and can match it in terms of the design. But is not nearly as durable.
  • Plastic litter boxes are cheaper than wood but some of these tend to retain an offensive odor.

You have an endless number of designs, styles, and finishes to choose from. Mid-century, classic, contemporary, name it and you’ve got it. And you can easily find one that matches the rest of the furniture.


Large cat litter box furniture 1

This beautiful two doors cabinet actually hides a litter box for your beloved kitty. Constructed from ply with poplar veneer, features plastic litter liner with high walls inside. Available in two size versions.

Cat litter box enclosure

Neat large cat litter box shack. Can be transformed to a cat crate either. Crafted from sturdy plastic, it poses no problems when it's cleaing time. The top might serve as plant stand to boost the decorativeness even more.

Cat litter box furniture

Large cat litter box with high sides, such a cool furniture barely nobody remembers about. Cool wooden finish, simple shape, solid doors and fantastic storage space inside. And right at the top you can keep your fave flower vase.

Classic we love white home

Classic. We love white @ home.

Cat box furniture

Unusual performance and functionality make this stylish cat box furniture an excellent solution for every pet. The attractive design of this cat tree allows the pet to enjoy and have fun. It fits nicely into any interior design.

Cat box furniture 1

An awesome set of furniture for your meowing friends that will have tones of wild fun. The set is wall-mounted and all crafted from natural wood, consisted of 4 boxes with cut-out design, floating platforms, and a 5-step ladder for easy access.

Kitty litter furniture

<3 I couldn't love this one more. Cat furniture with cat litter box incorporated into a neat cabinet. Some shelves offer you display opportunities, but your cat(s) is/are the star(s) here - the shelves have cutout holes and stairs, perfect for climbing.

Cat box furniture 1

A creative way to surprise your cat with a lovely house inside your own home. Designed of cardboard boxes, the house has 2 floors, cut out doors and windows, and a cozy inside for your cat to easily hide and take a sweet nap.

Decorative litter box

I'm not a very creative or crafty person but since I'm going to have one or two little ones crawling around on my floor I needed to come up with a better solution for my cat litter boxes. Since 2 of the 3 cats who reside here are large a regular covered b

Cat litter box cover

-Odor-Free-Cat-Litter-Box-Cabinet-Bathroom.-Cover-your-Littermaid-Box ...

Litter box enclosure

The large cabinet with the litterbox hidden inside. Such a secluded toilet place for your kitty guarantee him the high level of comfort and also allows you to control cat litter, which it trying to conquer your apartment.

Modern cat furniture that does a great job at hiding

Modern Cat Furniture that does a great job at hiding a litter box

Cat Washroom Bench Litter Box Enclosure

This practical Cat Washroom Bench can fit in any size litter box. Removable partition wall gives the possibility to store litter and other useful accessories. The bench is easy to maintain, and quite durable.

White cat litter box furniture

Looking for some cat litter box furniture? Click HERE

See more of aureliens kitty litter box

See more of Aurelien’s kitty litter box .

Cat box furniture 2

Cat tree for each room as needed. It is completely made of wood. Designed for mounting on the wall.

Cat litter box covers furniture 2

No need to be ashamed of that ugly, open litter box anymore! A must have for any cat-lover, this modern litter box cover is a perfect solution if you care about the look of your home!

Litter furniture

Large Cat Litter Box with High Sides | LARGE AUTOMATIC LITTER BOX HIDER

Cat litter boxes furniture

Cats are such cute, lovely creatures, but storing their litter boxes in the open can be troublesome and quite embarrassing. This beautiful, very traditional sideboard hides on its side a compartment for placing a litter box!

Cat litter box covers furniture

Functional and solid element of furniture for cats. This cat litter box features a convenient opening for animals. Its durable wooden frame includes a removable top for enhanced cleaning and changing of sand.

Cat litter box furniture 17

cat litter box furniture

Large kitty litter box

Large Cat Litter Box with High Sides | Tall Litter Box Furniture Cabinet

Litter box side table

We love our cats but don't spoil the smell and aesthetics of their toilets. You can build a cover for the litter box in the corner using wooden laths. This one was painted to a very dark brown to not subdue the elegance. Small hole - will get your cat there.

Cat litter box cover 1

With this practical litter box cover, you are getting a comfortable surprise for your cat and a less mess for you to clean. Designed of durable plastic, the cover is spacious, easy to clean, and has an open top for easy access.

Cat Condo and Litter Box Cabinet

Can condo and litter box. This intelligently designed furniture is a perfect choice for cat owners. The interior may be used as a litter box or pet house with removable carpet. It also features a unique left or right side pet-access panel.

Cat box furniture 2

A creative way to surprise your cat with a fancy house in shape of this beautiful lighthouse. The whole structure is upholstered in nice-to-touch material, resting on a circular base for balance. The lighthouse offers 4 tiers - each with a hollow entrance.

Cat litter cover

The simple and very functional design of this cat litter box covers that the interior of the house where the cat lives is neat and clean, while the pet has a comfortable place for himself. The whole creates a stylish cabinet.

Cat tower and litter box furniture presented at the nyc

Cat Tower and Litter Box Furniture presented at the NYC Pet Show

Cat litter box bench

Mid Century Modern Cat Furniture & Litter Box Cover

Cat box furniture 9

This is a very cheap and quick way to surprise your meowing critter with a comfy bed, where it can take soothing naps in awkward positions. To create such a fine masterpiece, all you need to do is to take off the lid of one of your shoe boxes.

Homemade cat litter box

Thanks to this cat litter box cover with the cat bed your cat will experience the best feeling of comfort. It's not only functional but it looks great too. Trust me, your cat will be impressed.

Furniture litter box

I think my cats need one of these... especially in the winter when they don't want to go outside.

Cat litter cover furniture 3

Cat litter box with a house-styled cover. This durable element looks very attractive thanks to its multiple colors. It provides protection, comfort and safety for cats. It also looks nice in any indoors.

Large litter boxes

8 Ashton Emerges copy.jpg

Litter box covers

Having a sweet cat at home, it also involves some less attractive accessories like a litter box. You can hide it under the cladding in a dark brown shade.Cat littler box cover will help you to hide what you need and can also add a rustic charm to your hallway.

Cat box furniture 8

Simple and at the same time the construction of this impressive cat box furniture/cat tree makes your pet happy. The tree-like structure makes it fun and easy to relax, and at the same time sensational in the interior.

Cat box furniture 4

House can be a great playground for cats, like in this appartmant from Japan. Shelves made of pine wood, create climbing pyramid. You can also use secret holes in the wall for cat fun. The methods used here were implemented by studying cats behavior.

Kitty A GoGo Cat Litter Box - Flower

Sure Fit Quik Cover Chair Slipcover

Designed of 100% polyester for durability and stylish appearance, this Club Chair Slipcover is suitable for seat cushions up to 29-inch width. The slipcover is machine washable, and covered in a beautiful leopard pattern.

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Litter Box Enclosure Finish: Espresso

A litter box enclosure finish, designed perfectly to hold a standard large-sized litter pan. It looks amazing in your household - bedroom, living room or any other area, offering you a way to keep the litter box hidden from your guests.

Cat litter box cover

Made of the plastic built-in litter box is an excellent way to develop a functional cat space. The black-and-white cover and the possibility of laying the litter or other details on the top makes the whole can perform many roles in the decor.

Litter cover

Bigger and more spacious than classic litter box in pets shop, this set of storage-container boxes and one cement-mixing-bin box constitute a good mix of price and functionality. Inexpensive and enthusiastically used by cats.