Leather Dog Bed

Why should you be the only one that gets to relax on leather? We give you leather dog beds for those loveable pooches in your home. Now they can see what all the fuss is about as the lounge on the smooth and comfortable sensation of cowhide. In this collection we offer many styles and colors to entice your dog to relax and enjoy their new bed.

Best Products

Mission hills faux leather dog sofa

Mission hills faux leather dog sofa
A comfortable dog bed for indoors that looks quite elegant and inviting. It's shaped like a little sofa, with faux brown leather upholstery, medium-firm filling, a low-profile back, padded arms, and thick wood legs for stability.


Your dog also deserves a bit of luxury, and you deserve a good-looking design of a dog bed. This one sports handsome classic look with its dark wood base and faux leather upholstery in neutral beige. There's even gold letters plaque on front.

Pet perfection rocky pet bed in brown

Pet perfection rocky pet bed in brown
A stunning sofa-shaped pet bed with the tufted faux leather upholstery and the amazing design, all making sure that your beloved pet can rest and relax with ease and feel just as sophisticated as you.

24x36 upholstered faux leather dog bed

24x36 upholstered faux leather dog bed
OMG! This is the one of the cutest dog beds ever! It's upholstered by the faux leather with black color and cushions with pink hearts and zebra print on the biggest one.

Burton corner chesterfield dog bed

Burton corner chesterfield dog bed
To make good use of space,this piece of furniture is designed to be set up in the corner. Deep buttoned back and arms,perfectly filled with nice scroll walls. Leather dog bed is discreet but noticeable due to its unique shape. It is lined with a waterproof pad.

Enchanted home pet black headboard pet bed

Enchanted home pet black headboard pet bed
Stylish dog bed upholstered with leather and finished with decorative quilting on the back. Designed for medium sized pets. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Aeline Platform Bed

Aeline Platform Bed
This piece of furniture is a solid platform bed that provides comfort, relaxation and support. It is ideal for people who would like to have ergonomic and safe sleep. It includes a comfortable, tufted headboard.

Our advice Buying Guide

Whether you're buying a dog for the first time or you want to treat your pet to a brand new bed, leather dog beds are always a good option to consider. Although they come at a higher cost than other types of beds, such as polyester or cotton beds, they can provide extra comfort for your dog and last much longer than other types. Here are some factors you should think about when looking for a new leather dog bed.

How to select the right size of the dog bed?

This is arguably the most important thing to consider when buying any type of dog bed. The wrong size could result in your pet being uncomfortable and unhappy when trying to sleep or rest in the new bed, and in the worst scenarios, your dog will abandon the bed altogether and refuse to lie on it. As a guide, you should measure your pet in its natural sleeping position. If you haven't got your dog yet, you can ask the breeder or owner to measure the dog for you. If you are buying a puppy, find out what size your new pet will grow to.

For small dogs, you should then add 4-6 inches to determine a suitable size of bed to buy. For medium and larger dogs, you should add 8-12 inches to find the optimum size. The design of the dog bed will vary, and some may have extra padding at the sides. Always ensure the size you are measuring is the area on which your pet will lie, and not any borders or sides.

Where are you going to position the leather dog bed?

Is the bed going to be kept outside in a crate? How big is the crate and will the new bed fit? It is not recommended to keep leather outside, particularly when it is raining, so ensure your outdoor dog crate has a roof.

If the dog bed is going to be kept inside a crate indoors, take some measurements to make sure it fits. The bed should be 20-30 inches smaller than the dog crate so that your dog has some extra room to move around.

What are some of the leater dog bed designs?

By taking your time and not making any rushed decisions when it comes to buying a dog bed, you will be able to look at all the different styles and make an educated decision about which is best for your dog. Some leather dog beds are shaped like a cube and can be used as a footstool for you and a bed for your dog. Alternatively, many leather dog beds are shaped like miniature sofas, and the larger versions (up to 4 feet in length) can accommodate two small pets or one large one.

Another popular design is a leather bed with a different material used in the middle. This is perfect if your dog isn't a fan of leather and prefers a softer material. Wool, polyester, and foam are common materials which are used to make the dog bed more comfortable and cozy.


Leather dog beds for large dogs

Minimalist dog bed constructed from comfortable plum cushions and top class leather upholstery. The dog bed is relatively compact and would be great for smaller dogs. It also comes with beautiful stitching along the edges and a vintage-like light brown color that should add unique décor value into your home.

Leather dog bed

Dog bed covered with high quality leather and reinforced with solid stitching. Dedicated to medium sized pets. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Faux leather dog sofa

Give your four-legged canine friend the ultimate comfort with this stunning dog bed. Featuring heavy foam padding and stunning leather upholstery, these state of the art dog bed is luxurious as they get. You also get tuft button accents to bring out that superior flair.

Dog bed leather couch

Every dog needs a bed – and not just any bed, but a luxurious one. This leather dog bed is as luxurious as no other, and the highly detailed finish will ensure that your guests will be really impressed by it.

Leather dog bed large

Unique luxury leather dog bed, made of Italian leather, perfect for saving space. Straight sides, beech legs and decorative trim are handmade in Europe. Choose a pillow with any thickness. Beautiful brown, warm shade color.

Faux leather dog bed 2

A pretty comfortable contemporary lounge bed for dogs. It's thickly padded and covered in durable soft artificial leather in mid brown shades. It's rectangularish and has raised edges with robust piping.

Leather pet sofa

A luxury contemporary bed for large dogs. It has a wooden frame with low legs finished in brown and a cutout entry. It features thick padding and beautiful upholstery of elegant brown leather with button tufting inside and nailhead trims outside.

Enchanted Home Pet Artemis Bed, 33 by 20 by 15-Inch, Brown

Give your furry little friend the perfect place to sleep with this leather dog bed. The piece comes in a compact design and heavy padding to ensure your pet is comfortable. Its glossy leather finish, coupled with a unique design, should add immense style into any space.

Oval leather pet bed frontgate dog bed traditional pet accessories

Oval Leather Pet Bed - Frontgate Dog Bed traditional pet accessories

Faux leather dog bed 21

Dog bed in elegant form. Frame is made of wood. It is upholstered with faux leather and finished with decorative nail heads. Designed for small and medium sized pets.

Cool Runners Small Couch/Sofa/Bed for Dogs

Faux Leather Dog Sofa

Faux Leather Dog Sofa

Large leather dog beds

The Bolsover Leather Dog Bed

Supreme Faux Leather Sofa Couch Pet Bed

Faux leather lounge dog bed duke

Faux Leather Lounge Dog Bed - Duke

Oval Leather Pet Bed - Frontgate Dog Bed

Pawhut Deluxe PU Leather Pet / Dog Sofa Bed - Black

Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed Sofa 39" x 47" Extra Large With Ottoman BROWN SUPER SOFT FAUX LEATHER UPHOLSTERY

Home chester wells oxford ii black leather dog bed

Home » Chester & Wells Oxford II Black Leather Dog Bed

Dog bed leather

Maggie Ottoman - End Table Ottoman, Leather Ottoman, Linen Ottoman | Soft Surroundings

Leather dog bed

The elegant and very stylish leather dog bed is a perfect combination of unique style and functionality. Beautiful design with leather and decorated nailhead looks very intriguing and beautifully integrated into the interior.

Leather dog bed 4

home snug and cosy parama leather look rectangle dog bed lime

Leather look dog beds

Large Artemis Pet Bed

Chilli dog brown faux leather sofa dog bed large

Chilli Dog Brown Faux Leather Sofa Dog Bed – Large

Leather dog bed large 1

cube leather dog bed [CI-CUBE-0-M-LCR] - $2,680.00 : Luxury Pet Furniture & Accessories | Modern Pet Supplies For Pampered Pets

Hampton dog bed black size small

Hampton dog bed black size small

Faux leather dog bed 7

Dog bed in the form of sofa. It is upholstered with nice touch faux leather. Designed for medium sized pets. Received a lot of positive recommendations from customers for elegant design and high quality.

Enchanted Home Pet Library Sofa, 40.5 by 30 by 18-Inch, Brown

Fantasy Furniture Mini Sofa Black Leatherette Pet Bed

Zippy all faux leather sofa dog bed extra large brown

Zippy All Faux Leather Sofa Dog Bed - Extra Large - Brown by Zippy UK

Chesterfield dog bed

A lovely dog house for indoors, that will make your barking pup very happy. Designed for small dogs, the house is beautiful, cozy, and made of a durable white leather. It comes with a large hole for easy access, and a round white cushion placed inside.

Luxury faux leather cube dog bed by pet interiors

Luxury Faux Leather Cube Dog Bed by Pet Interiors

Ottoman dog bed

A cute house for indoor use, that will be a perfect oasis of coziness for your beloved pup. This ottoman is upholstered in durable linen, beautified by nail head trim, and has a comfortable inside with a large hole on one side for easy access.

Leather dog bed 7


Leather dog couch bed

Charming dog bed with leopard print inside the lair makes the pet is the comfortable and very stylish place to relax. The whole is based on flat wooden legs is elegant and stylish. Beautiful upholstery.

Home chester wells windsor brown leather dog bed

Home » Chester & Wells Windsor Brown Leather Dog Bed

Dog beds leather

Adorable doghouse.. Special order

Faux leather dog bed product code faufrmpx96 faux leather dog

faux leather dog bed product code faufrmpx96 faux leather dog bed this ...

Leather dog beds

A lovely combination of comfortable usage and unique shape, this indoor dog bed will make your barking friend the happiest dog of all. Upholstered in a cream faux leather, well-padded and stylishly tufted, the bed stands on low-profile legs for balance.

Home cheshire brown leather dog bed 1

Home » Cheshire Brown Leather Dog Bed

Leather dog bed 1

Gatsby Black Leather Dog Bed

Silver leather bed 3

If you dream about luxury, this elegant and sophisticated bed is must have in your home. Legs are made of wood and covered of silver paint, frame and bedside are covered of silver-plated leather and decorated of little buttons.

Home dogs luxury dog beds leather dog beds plush pet

home dogs luxury dog beds leather dog beds plush pet bed bradgate ...