Pet Bed Furniture


Your pet doesn't just run all day. Eventually they want to sleep. And when they sleep, they want something comfortable. Enter the pet bed furniture collection. This special furniture is designed with your pet in mind. Pick out the piece you want, put their bed on it, and watch as they fall into a deep and happy slumber on their brand new ped bed furniture.

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Our Picks

Dog bed nightstand with steps

Owners of dogs are interested in providing comfort to their animals thanks to this dog house furniture with an upper bed and lower bowls. This construction includes solid stairs and the bed includes protective rails.

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How to make a dog ramp

A very original and practical project for pet owners. This bed for dog or cat includes comfortable and solid steps that allow for sleeping on the same level just like human. This bed also includes a lower storage drawer.

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Creative dog beds

Thanks to this bed for indoors, your beloved pup will be sleeping like a royal family member. The bed boasts of a sculpted silhouette, with turned posts, golden accents, stylish ball finials, a quality fabric canopy and decorative curtains.

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Pet bed furniture 14

Cats love to look at all others from a height, metaphorically and practically also. Hence, a wooden pet bed, mounted to the ceiling - on which a predatory cat must first climb - is a hit. Bright pine wood, a circular, deep space to sleep.

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Available through bulldog bed company

Available through: Bulldog Bed & Company

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Deco Pet Bed

Deco Pet Bed

Beautiful and versatile pet bed designed to offer your house pet a comfortable and durable bedding, Features solid wood frame, quality fabric upholstery and ample padding for extra softness and support.

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All pet furniture

Decorative and practical dog bed that features a solid wooden frame with some carved decorations finished in gold color. Interior space of this bed provides comfort, softness and safety to different dogs.

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Pet Furniture Igloo Dog Dome

Pet Furniture Igloo Dog Dome

Fantastic furniture designed to provide your dog with a functional sleeping place. Made of durable and comfortable sherpa fabric, this convenient item is very portable and easy to move, and easy to clean thanks to removable inner cushion.

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Pet bed furniture

Charming pet bed furniture is a perfect combination of beautiful wooden construction, wheels, and comfortable pet bed for rest. The whole is kept in neutral gray colors and will appeal to our little pets.

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Glacier Country Small Dog Bed

Glacier Country Small Dog Bed

Funny, cushioned bed for your pet (due to size, the piece is appropriate for cats and small dogs). It is ingeniously designed in a charming rustic style with usage of solid wooden logs! The cushioning is covered with fleece.

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Pet Bed Furniture

Buying Guide

As a pet owner, you want your dog or cat to have a comfortable place to rest and sleep. The name pet bed furniture says it all. Today's pets can sleep peaceably as their owners think proudly of their stylish selection.

  • Increasing the attractiveness of your pet's resting place as well as your home's interior
  • Combining function with style.
  • Allowing you to reflect your pet's personality or yours in the selection
  • Satisfying you if you're a DIY-pet owner because some pieces can be made at home
  • Highlighting durability and quality in materials used such as wood (for indoors) and weatherproof plastic (for outdoors)

You want to meet your friend and protector's needs. Before shopping, measure your pet from nose to tail. Add enough inches so your companion can lie down comfortably. Some pets like to stretch out while sleeping and others like to curl up. If your pet likes to sleep under a bed or in a hidden area, consider getting covered pet bed furniture.

If you want your pet to be close to you as you sleep, choose furniture that puts your animal on the same level as your bed. It has stairs for your pet to climb. On elevated beds, not only do stairs add a nice stylish touch, but they are also an aid for older dogs and dogs with short legs.

Modern trends demand pet bed furniture in dark and light colors. Among them are navy blue, neutral gray, light-colored oak, mahogany and pastels in beige and blue. A wide selection of styles is available too.

You can get a light-colored boxy creation that looks as if a contemporary architect designed it. It features slats so the inquisitive cat can look out and a terrace for resting atop it. If the minimalist look doesn't interest you, swing over to the other end of design for something more ornate. An example is a bed with a fabric canopy that features ball finials and tied-back, four-corner drapes. Other styles are someone in between. They include the simple traditional rectangular or round bed as well as those like the ones you sleep in such as bunk beds, four-poster beds, and loft-style beds.

Pet bed furniture can reflect your interests. If you're a wine connoisseur, perhaps furniture that's made from an oversized wine barrel appeals to you. If it's cold and snowy where you live, maybe you want an igloo. It's great too for pets who enjoy enclosed spaces. If you like constructing things, make a piece of furniture from an old chair and a discarded drawer or build one using pallets.

Pet bed furniture can be serviceable. That's why you'll find sets with nightstands, storage drawers, side tables and places for food and water bowls. There's even a piece with the bed below and nine cubby holes for storage above. Another piece features a loft bed with a dog crate below with a gate that closes.

Best Ideas

Dog or small animal bed

Dog or small animal bed

Made from an old chair and a drawer, this small pet bed is a perfect example of a DIY upcycling project. The size of its depends on the size of the drawer you want to use for it.

Glacier Country Rustic Dog Bed

Glacier Country Rustic Dog Bed

Extraordinary rustic styled bed for dogs. It provides everyday comfort for your pet, and it has a unique style with strong rustic flair to it. Constructed of solid wooden logs, it is characterized by sturdiness.

Dog bed next to bed

Looking for a pet bed that would spruce up your ambiance? Well you need to consider this covered dog bed with green color, wooden construction and funny design. It can be used as a side table too!

Pet bed furniture

An aesthetic contemporary dog bed for outdoor use. It looks like the Adirondack style chair with tiny feet and wide arms. It's of weatherproof white plastic. A gently sloped seat is longwise slatted while an arched back is built of vertical slats.

How to turn old furniture into new pet beds

How to Turn Old Furniture Into New Pet Beds

Cute dog houses

the dog house sofa by seungji mun. I love how cute this is but my little poo poo is more likely to be on my lap.. Maybe when he has a nap..:)

33 modern cat and dog beds creative pet furniture design

33 Modern Cat and Dog Beds, Creative Pet Furniture Design Ideas

Dog furniture beds

Very unusual and unique design for a homemade bed with a one-of-a-kind look – this one is made entirely out of an old, vintage oversized wine barrel, with a carved out compartment for mattresses and a handy set of stairs.

Dog furniture beds 2

Adorable not only for the dog but also for his owner, this is how the dog's bed shall look like. Embodying the French cottage style, this ornate beige construction will add style and comfort to the space.

Dog furniture beds 3

Modern furniture set, dedicated for small pets. Especially cats can benefit from the peek-a-boo holes and large lounge terrace exposed on top of the indoor set. But small dogs might be no less delighted.

How to make a plywood pet bed and occasional table

How to Make a Plywood Pet Bed and Occasional Table : Home Improvement : DIY Network

Armarkat Burrow Toy Pet Cat Beds sage Furniture for Cats and Small Dogs Furniture & Decor

Adorable design for a pet bed with a fluffy, very cozy finish which makes it perfect for lazy pets that love sleeping and lying around all day long. The bed is perfectly sized for either a cat or for a small-sized dog to fit inside.

Diy dog furniture

A fantabulous side table that is integrated with a comfy house for your meowing critter. The basket-like base is made of neatly-woven wicker and has a hollow inside accommodated with a soft cushion. The top is round and sturdy, crafted of hardwood.