Dog Ramps For Bed

Give your dog a leg up. Dog ramps for beds allow your dog to get on and off your bed, or couch, without any trouble. They work especially well for little dogs, or dogs with hip issues that cannot jump. All wood construction, carpeted ramp and easy to move when needed, dog ramps for beds are your answer to letting your furry friend come and visit you for a morning petting.

Best Products

Dog ramp with storage

Dog ramp with storage
I don't like pet steps, but the ramp is an excellent idea! Awesome for small pets to get on the bed. It's solid, nicely finished, wooden and high quality. Fits perfectly to classic style and decor.

Bedside 25" Pet Ramp

Bedside 25" Pet Ramp
It is a perfect ramp for the dog or cat, which you can put near the bed. It is particularly useful for dogs with short paws. This dog is able to walk up and down from a high bed, so the ramp as perfect support for him.

28 high dog ramp including rails 22 high

28 high dog ramp including rails 22 high
High and tall design for a traditional-styled dog ramp for a bed, made out of light pine wood, perfect for small or injured dogs to help them reach the bed. The ramp is fitted with a handy rail which makes sure the dog will not fall off.

18 tall dog ramp hand made custom built

18 tall dog ramp hand made custom built
Practical sturdy ramp for small, old, senile, ill or injured pets. A frame is handmade of brown-finished wood and has pets' names written in white on a side. Its upper surface is covered with carpet fabric in beige tones with inlaid black paw prints.

StRamp 28" Pet Ramp

StRamp 28" Pet Ramp
Practical slanted ramp intended for smaller, older or disabled dogs. It is made of grey plastic covered in a beige snaps-attached machine washable carpet tread. This ramp is lightweight, easy portable and has anti-slip rubbery feet.

Dog bed attached to your bed

Some dogs might have troubles climbing to the bed, but that's what the dog ramp is for. Reliable wooden construction of the correct height to match standard beds, it's a real life saved for out tiny friends. Pinewood is stylish and pleasant to touch.

Dog ramps for bed

For anyone, who has an older pet and would like them to be able to reach higher surfaces more easily this pet step/ram is the perfect option. It provides the needed amount of stability and durability to ensure that your pet is safe.

Our advice Buying Guide

Choosing the right dog ramp for bed is relatively easy. It's especially true if you're equipped with all the factors that need to be considered when picking the perfect dog ramp. In case you are still unsure of what exactly it is that you need to look for, keep on reading as we'll enumerate them all for you.

What design of dog ramp should I choose?

The designs are often based on specific purposes. There are those which are made specifically for the use on furniture pieces like tables, sofas, couches, and beds. But, you'll also find models that are suitable for vehicles. Dog ramps can also seem like they're elaborate stairs with railings and padded steps. The trick to choosing a dog ramp is knowing what you are looking for. Don't just pick a dog ramp that can only be used on a bed. The ramp must also work in your vehicle, couches, and anywhere in between.

What's the most important feature to look for in dog ramps?

When buying dog ramps for bed, the model that's best to purchase is the one that has texture so there are minute grooves that your pet's paws can grab onto. Traction, you must remember, is one of the most important considerations you need to factor in.

If you've ever tried going up and down ramps, you know that you can feel like you are losing grip on both your feet. This is because the surface where you planted your feet in isn't parallel to the floor or ground; it's at an angle and as gravity pulls us, our stability is compromised.

If there's no traction under your feet, your likelihood of falling will increase. The same runs true with dogs. When your dog climbs up and goes down an incline, its paws should feel secure on the firm surface.

What are the basic types of inclined platforms for dogs?

The basic types of platforms are folding, telescopic, and fixed, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Telescopic and folding types of inclined platforms offer versatility in a way that they can easily be stored and transported. Personally, we love the telescopic variety as it's easier to extend, which can be done by sliding a panel over another. With telescopic dog ramps for bed, the risk of you hitting yourself with flipping or folding panels is reduced. Besides, there's a great amount of work that's needed with folding mechanisms. There is a downside, of course, and that's the fact that telescopic systems come with a bigger price tag.

If you think you don't need to transport your dog ramp as you'll only have it in one place, then you can opt for fixed dog ramps for bed.

Dog ramps for bed help prevent injuries, so make sure that you buy one as soon as possible to give your pet the protection it needs. Now that you're knowledgeable about the factors that you need to consider when buying a ramp for your dog, then go ahead - look at your options today!


Build a dog ramp

This pet ramp is going to help your four-legged friend to reach higher places. The whole structure is constructed of wood in a white finish, while the ramp's surface is covered by a non-slip material.

Diy pet ramp

Thanks to this functional ramp your pet will have no trouble with reaching higher spots, like beds, chairs, and sofas. The ramp is easy to set, relatively lightweight, and with a non-slipping surface.

Dog ramps for bed 1

Ramp designed for medium sized dog. It is made of wood and equipped with cabinet. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed.

How to build a dog ramp

Your tiny pet will be grateful for this functional gadget. A special bed ramp makes the bed accessible for your little dog while retaining the trend-right look of your bedroom: just look at this carved banister and cherry wood finish.

Diy dog ramp

For every small pet out there that has troubles with jumping on a high bed, we have something special. This puppy stairs are made of few separate pieces that can be formed into a comfortable ramp, leading your pup straight up on the bed. The elements are fast and easy to set.

Building a dog ramp

Your quadruped friend is old enough and can no longer jump out of bed the way it used to be. Thanks to the additional panel - dog ramp for bed with a steep but safe panel, and anti-slip red carpet - the dog will come in and go down without a problem.

Build a ramp for dog

Practical ramp for small, senile or injured pets. A ramp frame is handmade of solid wood with a natural finish and joined with a stool-like platform. It has side rails and its surface is covered with brown carpet fabric.

PuppyStairs 1-Piece Ramp with Cube

This construction includes a ramp and cube in one piece. It provides access to higher areas for puppies and small dogs. For example it assures access to beds. Its soft foam fill is comfortable and safe for animals.

Diy dog ramp for bed

A very simple ramp for dogs. Thanks to this element, small dogs are able to access beds or sofas without jumping or scratching. This element includes a solid wooden frame and a ramp surface covered with gray and soft material.

Bed with dog bed attached

This original, functional and decorative ramp is an item that provides access to a sofa or bed for small dogs. This soft construction includes some wooden elements. It is finished in white and brown colors.

How to make dog bunk beds

This dog ramp for bed can be a great solution if you like spending the nights with your furry friend. Well-profiled, will allow ageing or small dogs smoothly conquer subsequent steps.

How to make a dog ramp

A very original and practical project for pet owners. This bed for dog or cat includes comfortable and solid steps that allow for sleeping on the same level just like human. This bed also includes a lower storage drawer.

Dog ramp plans

Original, decorative and very useful ramp for dogs. It provides access to a bed, so it is suitable for small dogs. It looks like a small, multi-color house, so it matches any type of interior design and plays decorative role.

Homemade dog ramp

Dog ramp for the living room, bedroom and others interiors as needed. It is filled with high density foam and covered with thick fabric. Designed for small and medium sized pets. It is very well appreciated by customers.

This pet ramp is a great solution to getting your

this pet ramp is a great solution to getting your dog up onto the bed ...

How to make a dog ramp for bed

Dog ramp for all kinds of interiors as needed. It is made of wood and covered with thick carpet. Suitable for small and medium sizes pets. Simple form and contemporary design.

Sofa ramp for dogs

Sofa Ramp for Dogs

OUR ADVICE Questions & Answers

What are the types of dog ramps?
What we generally call dog ramps can actually be ramps, stairs or steps.
So when to choose the ramp?
Dog ramps are flat, inclined ramps, which are especially good for older dogs with mobility problems – mainly arthritis and hip dysplasia. A dog ramp doesn’t put any strain on dog’s legs and joints and is easy to use.
What about dog stairs?
Dog stairs are best for smaller dogs. They usually consist of upwards of 4 short steps, which is enough for your dog to get onto the bed without any problems.
And dog steps?
It’s the best choice for medium-sized dogs. Dog steps consist of between 1 to 3 steps.
What should I do before I buy a dog ramp?
It’s crucial to get the measurements right, so you will need to find out the exact height of the object next to which your ramp will be positioned – be it a sofa, bed or truck. Then, you have to think about the needs of your pet – as was mentioned, older dogs may need ramps, smaller dogs stairs, and medium dogs steps.
Are some materials better than the other?
PVC dog ramps are long-lasting, durable and waterproof. They are also very easy to clean and disinfect. On a downside, however, they are a bit less solid, and as such are better for smaller dogs. Metallic ramps are heavier, more durable, and as such better for larger dogs. Wooden dog ramps are the most popular for indoor use, as they are the most versatile, and look great.
What are the differences between telescopic and folding dog ramps?
Dog ramps can be folding ramps or telescopic ramps. Telescopic dog ramps are ones that are ready for use out of the box – simply slide the bottom part out and lock the position. If you would like for your ramp to have a smaller size when packed, think about bi-fold or tri-fold dog ramps. However, folding ramps are not as adjustable as telescopic pet ramps.
Any additional features to think about?
Skid-resistant ramps, as well as ones with the high-traction surface, are something you might wish to consider. It’s also good if your ramp has carry handles and safety latches.
How to choose the kind of slope?
Standard dog ramp slopes come in three types – climber slope (26 degrees), normal slope (22 degrees) and easy slope (18 degrees). Consider the mobility of your pet, and choose the easy one if your dog has joint problems, or a climber slope if your dog is young and healthy.