Outdoor Dog Furniture

You dog will believe they have found puppy Shangri La, when they discover these handsome, well-crafted outdoor dog furniture pieces. Give them the lap of luxury in a smart outdoor couch, dog bed, or even something more fun, so they can rest their paws after hours of playing with the children, or playing a rousing game of fetch with you, their master.

Best Products

Sunbrella dog house frame cover

Sunbrella dog house frame cover
The outdoor dog house for your doggy. The wooden framework was connected with the dark blue scratchproof material. The bedding is very comfortable for the dog even it is a little puppy or the old one. The airy roof guarantees the sun prevention.

Outdoor Dog Chaise Lounge

Outdoor Dog Chaise Lounge
Designed for outdoor areas, this Dog Chaise Lounge in Espresso Finish can be a comfy and cozy home for your furry friend. The chaise lounge is made of waterproof poly rattan, and accommodates a soft cushion with pillow top.

Elevated Dog Cot

Elevated Dog Cot
This elevated dog cot features a lightweight and durable design to be an excellent addition to your home, while offering you ample space for your dog to relax in comfort, since it offers a mesh center, keeping your dog cool and active.

Dog Furniture Style

Dog Furniture Style
If you are looking for an interesting option den for your dog, this sensational piece of furniture is the perfect solution. Made of raw logs is very impressive and after adding soft pillows, a comfortable den.

Indoor / Outdoor Single Seam Dog Pillow

Indoor / Outdoor Single Seam Dog Pillow
Opulently padded with recycled bottles, and upholstered in polyester, this Dog Pillow is extremely comfortable and beautifully patterned. Waterproof and resistant to weather conditions, the pillow is designed for both indoor and outdoor areas.

Pet bed furniture

An aesthetic contemporary dog bed for outdoor use. It looks like the Adirondack style chair with tiny feet and wide arms. It's of weatherproof white plastic. A gently sloped seat is longwise slatted while an arched back is built of vertical slats.

Outdoor dog furniture

Adirondack collection pet bed is a perfect outdoor dog or cat furniture. Could be used while you feel you wanna have relaxing coffee time with your friends in the garden without your pet. Nice, wooden finish with colorful cushion.

Our advice Buying Guide

You probably think of your house and all the furniture pieces in it as necessities instead of luxury items. The same applies to your dog as well. A dog can certainly sleep on the ground. It will even sleep on your sofa or bed without complaint. However, as a responsible dog owner, it would be best for your dog to have everything that it needs to be comfortable especially when it is asked to stay outdoors.

If you think your dog deserves to enjoy outdoor furniture that's specifically made for pets, consider the factors we've listed below as they'll help you decide the best type of furniture for your faithful pooch.

What things to consider when shopping for outdoor dog furniture?

Your dog's sleeping and lounging style

There are dogs that like sleeping and lounging sprawled out. There are also those that curl up. Do you think your dog would want to lean against something or does it like the security provided? We suggest you spend time in observing the way your dog wants to sleep as it will help you find the furniture that best matches its sleeping and lounging style.

Your dog's activity level and size

A massive, active dog needs a crate and bed with a thick durable cover and a sturdy construction compared to what smaller dogs need. If your dog likes running outdoors, make sure you choose a cover that's washable so its muddy paw prints don't ruin its bed.

Your budget and decor

Nowadays, outdoor dog furniture pieces are available in various materials, colors, styles, and prices. Make sure you get one that doesn't just complement your home, but also suit the budget that you've set. Outdoor dog furniture can be considered as an investment as they often last throughout the entire lifespan of pets. Don't be afraid to splurge a little. After all, it's for your beloved pooch.

What are the most popular types of outdoor dog furniture?

  • Crates - Dogs often have the habit of swallowing the things scattered on the floor. They even gulp harmful substances, especially when they know nobody's looking after them. To keep your dog away from dangerous stuff and ensure that it stays in a safe place while it's outdoors, use a durable crate.
  • Heated Dog Beds - These types of dog furniture are cozy and warm and they're especially beneficial for old dogs. If your dog suffers from pain in its joints, it will find the heat soothing as it reduces stiffness. A small dog also loses its body heat easily, which makes a heated dog bed for outdoor use necessary. Just make sure you pick one that's for outdoor use.
  • Outdoor Cots - Dog cots are elevated or raised in order to keep dogs off the ground while it is hot due to the weather. They're also the preferred lounging places of dogs when the ground is cold during the winter season. Most dog cots make use of waterproof fabric to simplify their cleaning. They also have sturdy frames, which are needed if they are to accommodate larger dog breeds.

Now that you know the basics on outdoor dog furniture, go ahead and get your beloved pet its new home! You'll be repaid with lots of kisses – guaranteed!


Outdoor dog furniture 2

Indoor/Outdoor Rattan Dog Lounge

Outdoor dog furniture 1

dog bed to match outdoor furniture

Dog bed made from pallets

Your dog should have its own space not only in your house, but in the garden too. The photo presents a great DIY idea for an outdoor dog bed. It's made of old pallets, painted white. It looks like a bench with a comfy mattress on the seat.

Outdoor dog furniture

outdoor dog beds

Dog indoor house bed

Are you a dog lover? If so, check this cool outdoor dog house furniture! It totally looks like a real house, with doors, windows and stairs. Whole lot of fun for your dog to discover new territory! Ideal for backyards and gardens.

Outdoor dog beds by yvette ruta 1

Outdoor Dog Beds By Yvette Ruta

Outdoor dog beds by yvette ruta

Outdoor Dog Beds By Yvette Ruta

Outdoor dog furniture

This luxurious outdoor pet home will enchant both furry friends and their owners. A fully natural, handmade project, featuring a system of various shelves and surfaces to rest and play.

Waterproof cat bed

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Wooden Adirondack Pet Chair With Reversible Cushion

The refined canine launches a new line of designer outdoor

The Refined Canine launches a new line of designer outdoor dog beds.

Zelda Outdoor Mesh Dog Bed

Zelda Outdoor Mesh Dog Bed

Ultra Breezy Bed™ Outdoor Dog Bed

Ultra Breezy Bed™ Outdoor Dog Bed

Outdoor dog chair

Wooden Block | Naturally Wood by Design. Child Care Furniture and Design

Outdoor dog furniture 4


Indoor outdoor corner dog beds how cool

Indoor/Outdoor Corner Dog Beds...how cool.

Is this about the awesomest cat condo or what i

Is this about the AWESOMEST cat condo, or what?? I wish I lived here!

Outdoor dog furniture

744 Free DIY Backyard Project

Patio furniture for dogs

If we do not have the money for a real living room sofa - our creativity is eough. In addition, we need wooden pallets, foam mattresses, cut into appropriate molds. To get this design effect - we can also apply red halogens, or little red lights.

Great ways to use old pallets

Great ways to use old pallets.

How to keep dogs off patio furniture

A great outdoor bed for your furry friend. It's a DIY open box made of old pine boards. The inside of the bed is filled with a soft and fluffy cushion so that your dog will gest a comfy and intimate space.

Best outdoor furniture 1

Beautiful 1960's porch glider, finished light blue, with decorous inserts on its back. A quality outdoor furniture that can still serve many happy owners. Provides a nice vintage vibe to the exterior for sure!

Outdoor dog furniture 2

Cat Enclosures Seattle - Catio Spaces: ground level with lightweight sunroof - (company provides custom cat enclosures in greater Seattle area)

Camper Birdhouse Trailer Bird House Airstream style Rv Home Decor Yard Garden Porch Patio Country

Outdoor dog furniture 14

Outdoor Cat Rooms and Areas | Cat Enclosures: A safe outdoor heaven for cats - Cat Enclosure ...

Garden bean bag

Bean bag chair with carefully profiled back. Cover is made of thick fabric and reinforced with solid seams. Great addition to each outdoor place. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

Vintage garden chairs metal

The outdoor, metal furniture often has a tendency to rust and look shabby quickly. You don't have to buy the ones, though. All you have to do is clean them thoroughly and paint them in a subtle, light green color.

Outdoor dog furniture 3

DIY Dog Bed For Outside » Photo 3

Indoor/Outdoor Shebang Dog Pillow

Indoor/Outdoor Shebang Dog Pillow

Outdoor dog furniture 5

Bring the Luck to Home: 16 Pallet Dog House | Pallet Furniture DIY

Dog house furniture 2

Bring the Luck to Home: 16 Pallet Dog House | Pallet Furniture DIY

Cool indoor dog houses

This cute planter where you can seed your favourite plant on top of it could be also a great idea for your dog's new house furniture. Tiny window is heart shaped. It allows your dog easily acess the inside.

Merry Pet MPS002 Wood Room with a View Pet House

Amazing and very original doghouse for dog which is living in your garden. It is made of wood, so it will not be harmful to your pet. Your pet can closely observe the surroundings, thanks to a special ladder, that leads to the roof shack. The roof is surrounded by a railing for safety.

Round floor cushion

Round floor cushions are awesome, but if they sport a motley Bohemian fabric upholstery like these ones, they're just show-stoppers. Variety of colors and beads trim give these ottomans a quaint gypsy vibe.

Outdoor dog furniture 13

Summer Back Porch Headboard Swing- Love this idea!

AmeriHOme Double Seat Glider

Retro style double seat glider. This versatile furniture has been designed after the 50's famous furniture. The glider can seat up to 2 people and has white powder coat finish, which prevents rust and is water resistant. The furniture has the weight capacity of 400 lbs.

Dog outdoor furniture

This door has a story... (And pups as props)...screen door

Outdoor pet furniture

What to do with a galvanized huge tub, round piece of wood, stuffing and goog fabric? Make a patio ottoman - perfect outdoor furniture, also for your dog. You need just few minutes - to creat such a unique furniture, with stylish white cushion.

Diy backyard building plans build your own backyard furniture gazebo

DIY Backyard Building Plans - Build your own backyard furniture, gazebo, arbor, garden bridge, bird houses and feeders, dog house and more with the help of do-it-yourself plans from

Outdoor furniture metal

A really lovely and inspiring example of a DIY project. It will appeal to all fans of upcycling, as we can see here an old, intricate headboard, serving now the role as a part of an ornamental bench. All finished in white, brings brightness and coziness.

Pet bed furniture

A reading nook made from repurposed boat makes an excellent example of upcycling. Painted in turquoise, brings much warmth and liveliness to the interior. A solution, which will enchant your whole family.

Amazing diy idea re purposed tub to an ottoman so

Amazing DIY Idea: Re-purposed tub to an ottoman. SO SMART!

Great tutorial for bench cushion and she uses shower curtains

Great tutorial for bench cushion. And she uses shower curtains for fabric, which is genius.