Wood Dog Gate

If you have a dog, this collection might prove to be very useful for you. All the wood dog gates that you can see here, have various sizes and colours. Many people have already become inspired by these models and now it’s the right time for you. What will be your decision?

Wood dog gate 1

This elegant kitchen is a perfect combination of functionality and good taste. A practical dog gate, a massive kitchen island, beautiful furniture with lots of drawers, shelves, and cabinets and decorative details in the form of an impressive lamp.

Wood dog gate 13

Go for this wood dog crate and opt for something that will not only keep your pet contained but at the same time compliment your home decor, since it is just the perfect option to display some of your flowers.

Pet gate for stairs

This wall-mounted gate is an element that provides safety for children or pets. Its solid construction includes vertical elements finished in neutral white color, so it looks very nice in different indoors.

Custom dog gates

Want to separate your 4-legged friend from some rooms in your house? If so, you can choose this useful pet gate, which you can mount by yourself. The gate is made of sturdy wood and covered in a distressed finish, with a built-in, wire-lattice panel.

Wood dog gate

Made of solid wood, this baby holder is an excellent way to protect your child. Simple design, bright colors, and durability will work well on a daily basis. Perfect for every house in which they are curious toddlers.

Amish Handcrafted 32" Walk-Through 5 Panel Free Standing Gate

Amish Handcrafted 32" Walk-Through 5 Panel Free Standing Gate
It is a walk through five panel free standing gate that is available in three finish options to choose: black, mahogany and artisan bronze. It has got a solid wood construction and high quality.

Wood dog gate

This wooden pet gate constitutes a 32" high, ornate space divider. Crafted from dark wood, combined with a solid glass inside, it can feature three or five accordion-fold panels. Each panel is 24" wide.

Build a diy baby gate feature by pbj stories

Offer a perfect solution for safety in your household, whether you want to shield some of its parts from your children or pets with this amazing gate that sports a strong structure and a mechanism that cannot be opened easily.

Custom made baby gates

With such a reliable fence like this one, you won't have to worry about your dog getting lost again. Constructed of durable wood, the fence is very stable and even, giving you a long-lasting and attractive enclosure for your barking friend.

Custom pet gate

Designed for outdoor areas, this dog gate is able to keep your barking critter behind the gate, where its place. The gate has a sturdy wood frame with a white finish, lattice wire panels, and a functional lock mechanism.

Wood dog gate 1

Create the safety space in your apartment with this gate for pets and kids to indoor use. It's extra tall and extra wide with many color options to choose.

Wood dog gate 8

Homemade Baby/Dog gate. Or, full size door for the laundry room. Love the hinges.

Pet gates for stairs

Furnish your apartment with the custom gate, which is made of wrought iron and wood. It has got beautiful motifs, look like the art! It is a stunning decoration for your home.

Diy pallet stairs gate in wood with stairs pallet diy

DIY : pallet stairs gate in wood with stairs pallet DIY baby gate

Wood dog gate 12

How much can the wood change, even in the smallest space in the house? How to create a place of peace and good taste from a boring, little tidy toilet? The monotonous wall should be placed wooden panels with natural brown colors.

Best Choice Products® Pet Fence Gate Free Standing Adjustable Dog Gate Indoor Solid Wood Construction

Modern and practical wood, stand-alone dog gate for animals has a naturally finished frame made of beech wood, as well as metal strong separating rods separating the runny dog from e.g. the kitchen. Simple sliding mechanism and adjustable zippers.

Custom dog gate

The wood dog gate can separate specific areas in the house, where the presence of animals is not welcome. Once the gate door is opened, they close automatically, locking the safety mechanisms. Finished in white varnish.

Wood dog gate 2

Dog gate designed for outdoor use. Frame is made of wood and covered with braided wires. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Suitable for garden, porch and more.

Wood dog gate

Living Iron: Hog Wire Fencing with Patina, landscape design, fencing. Will it keep out deer?

Universal Free-Standing Pet Gate

Universal Free-Standing Pet Gate
This Pet Gate in Cherry Finish is characterized by solid-wood and triple hinge construction. The gate is free-standing, foldable and portable, consisted of double jointed hinges, allowing you to set the gate either in a 'Z' shape or 'C' shape.

Custom dog gates wood

With such a reliable fence, you will be able to keep your dog away from other rooms. Durable and easy to install, the fence is constructed of a wood frame with an embedded lattice wire panel.

Keno 3-Panel Convertible Dog Gate

Keno 3-Panel Convertible Dog Gate
This 3-Panel Convertible Dog Gate in Dark Espresso Finish is characterized by sturdy wood construction. The gate is free-standing, foldable and non-toxic, consisted of double hinges, and a ceramic paw logo in the center.

Extra Tall Freestanding Pet Gate

Extra Tall Freestanding Pet Gate
This Extra Tall Pet Gate with Door in Autumn Matte Brown Finish is characterized by solid wood construction. The gate is free-standing, portable, easy to set, consisted of strong legs with rubber feet, and designed for large breeds.

Pallet baby gate

DIY baby or dog gate on hinges, crafted from old wood door and painted white. Not so hard to construct, it looks neat and serves its function. Round knob and lockable construction make it more functional.

Custom pet gates

Want to limit the space of your home that's available for your barking friend? You can use this easy-to-install pet gate, constructed of wooden planks with an X-shaped panel, which is operating on 2 metal hinges.

Custom made pet gates

Securing your house for when the baby comes is an important task. This baby gate right here is certainly a great step towards making your house safe and sound. Wooden, warm and stylish too!

Custom wood baby gates

Protect your kids or pets by choosing this wooden gate. Add it on the top of stairs and be sure, that your kids will be safe. It is a nicely finished, high quality, solid and durable piece to any home.

Sliding deck gate

The baby gate is not an elegant part of the interior's decor. Many of the looks really ugly and doesn't fit to the rest of home. The DIY baby gate made of pallet totally fits to the rustic home decor.

Custom indoor dog gates

This ornate wooden gate for dogs constitutes a great proposition for your backyard. Curvy silhouette, adorned with a copula, embodies a cottage design, fitting well into most of the traditionally-decorated outdoors.

Wood dog gate 2

This wood dog gate would be a perfect idea, when you want to protect some areas of your house from your dog. A cool and simple DIY project, which can be an inspiration for anyone looking for inexpensive solutions.

Richell Wood Freestanding Pet Gate, High-Large, Autumn Matte Finish

This tall and large, practical wood freestanding pet hate is a perfect solution for any type of decor. Interesting performance provides convenience and helps reduce the space in which the pets are present.

Gate for front porch

Simple gate for protecting babies and pets from falling out of stairs. It is made of lacquered planks from pallets. Vertically arranged planks are framed and reinforced with 2 X-crossed ones. Two hinges and a latch on an upper edge are of dark metal.

Expanding Wooden Fence

Fireplace safety gate

If you’re planning on having kids, or already have one or two, it may be a good idea to baby proof the fireplace in the living room, especially if you have a woodstove. Take a look at this clever idea – an iron fence right inside the house!

Custom made dog gates

Wood, PVC pipe, spray paint and BAM! New baby/dog gate for around 50 dollars

Gates for porches

The BEST child or pet safety gate EVER! For FREE! Using a wooden pallet & hinges.

360 Configurable Pet Gate

360 Configurable Pet Gate
This folding gate for the dog is an excellent solution that blocks the pet access to the house, where we do not want the dog was. Beautifully made to suit every décor, and its practical function allows you to keep law and order.

Custom wood barn door baby gate on etsy 200 00

Custom Wood Barn Door Baby Gate on Etsy, $200.00

Fences and gates design ideas pictures remodel and decor page

Fences And Gates Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel, and Decor - page 10

Free Standing Pet Gate with Door

Free Standing Pet Gate with Door
It is a free standing dog gate that one door for easy entrance and exit and espresso finish. It is made of American maple wood and has got a solid construction. If you looking for a perfect dog gate, you need to choose this one.

A dutch door is a great alternative to a doggie

A dutch door is a great alternative to a doggie gate! Perfect for between the kitchen and laundry/dog room!

Stand alone dog gate

Dog gate mounted on steel frame and covered with mesh. Suitable for medium and large sized pets. Functional design for any interior as needed. Received a lot of very good reviews from customers.

Wood dog gate 1

Custom gates are an easy addition to new construction and pre-built homes. This gate features a small wheel underneath the end that swings open, which helps keep the weight evenly distributed. The sliding hinge mechanism on the gate allows it to be easil

Free Standing 2 Panel Pet Gate

Free Standing 2 Panel Pet Gate
It is a free standing pet gate that has got two panels and two finish options to choose: autumn matte brown and origami white. If you looking for a solid pet gate, you need to choose this one.

4 Panel Free Standing Pet Gate

4 Panel Free Standing Pet Gate
It is a free standing pet gate that has got four panels and four finish options to choose: black, dark walnut, white and light oak. If you looking for a solid pet gate, you need to choose this one.

Wood dog gate 16

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I love this custom wood baby gate with the iron

I love this custom wood baby gate with the iron inset!

Dog gates primetime petz walnut finish adjustable wood slide dog

... Dog Gates › Primetime Petz Walnut Finish Adjustable Wood Slide Dog

360° Configurable Gate with Door - 36"

360° Configurable Gate with Door - 36"
This 36-Inch Pet Gate with Door is 360° configurable, designed of sturdy wood with a gorgeous walnut finish. The gate is free-standing, foldable, consisted of four wide panels, stainless steel hardware, and non-marring rubber pads.

Easy Up Folding Pet Gate

Easy Up Folding Pet Gate
Pretty practical traditional pet gate made of wood with a dark brown finish. It's quite long so is perfect for a use in wider areas. It consists of 3 vertically slatted parts with metal hinges and can be easy folded like an accordion.