Wood Dog Crate Table


When you have guests over, your dog can get very excited and often their rambunctious nature can cause accidents. If you need to put your dog away for any reason, but wish to do it in a stylish manner that still allows them to be part of the family, then what you need is a dog crate table that is made out of wood and will allow your pooch to observe all that is happening.

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Dog crate tables

A practical contemporary side table and dog crate in one. It's made of wood finished in warm browns. It has a rectangular bottom bevelled top and straight angle legs. A crate of metal wires is equipped with 2 doors with catches and a removable tray.

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Midwest classic collection wood table wire dog crate cover 1

... › Midwest Classic Collection Wood Table Wire Dog Crate Cover

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Wood Dog Crate Wood Metal Deluxe Dog Crate Traditional Pet Accessories

Wood Dog Crate Wood Metal Deluxe Dog Crate Traditional Pet Accessories

Two nice ideas for a dog bed. The first one features a crate box with the top that can serve as extra storage space. The second solution is a kitchen cabinet that is transformed into a comfy bed, without taking any extra floor space.

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EcoFLEX Pet Crate End Table

EcoFLEX Pet Crate End Table

Create the perfect place for your pet, while they are indoors. You get both the amazing functionality and stunning style with the versatile finish. It is durable and strong enough to ensure you get many years of great and problem-free use.

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Wooden dog crates uk

Attractive wood dog crate table, made of solid oak. Cage, solid wood, hand-carved by Transylvanian Amish family. Great for the safety of your dog, and as a coffee table in the living room. Includes removable plastic flooring for easy maintenance.

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Handcrafted dog crate cover

Handcrafted Dog Crate Cover

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Wood dog crate table 28

Large Pet Pen from has a slide-locking front door and optional wire top and plastic floor tray that protects your floor surfaces from staining and scratch marks. Adds a touch of elegance to any home decor. Compliment your other fine wood fu

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Haute paws ronan dog crate ii

Haute paws ronan dog crate ii

A cool dog crate and side table in one with a frame of wooden materials in warm brown. It has a moulding top, a full base, recessed angled corner posts, metal wire walls. It's equipped with a catched door, a divider, a removable black plastic tray.

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Amish Made Chew-proof Wooden Dog Crate Large Oak

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Wood dog crate table 13

NEW Mahogany Wood Hidden Dog Kennel.Pet Furniture Piece.Table.Doggie House.Pets.

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Wood Dog Crate Table

Buying Guide

A good and safe wood dog crate table doesn’t involve any dangerous wire that could lead to your furry friend’s collar getting stuck in it or to them chewing it and hurting themselves with the pointy ends.

It should also be the right size for your specific dog (not too big for them to feel cozy and safe, nor so small that it’s uncomfortable and claustrophobic), so don’t forget to measure them. Either way, be sure to choose a model that offers them a fairly unrestricted view from more than one side.

For additional safety and peace of mind, you also want a reliable construction. The best option is a wooden dog crate table with bars that are either made of wood or metal and that aren’t wide enough for your dog’s head to get stuck in between them.

The size of the wood dog crate table you choose will depend on the size of your dog as well as his behavior and needs. Where in the home you plan on placing it will also play a huge role when selecting the appropriate size.

Measure your dog from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail when he is standing on all fours and add two to four inches to this measurement for the length of the crate. For the height, measure from the floor to the top of your dog’s head when he is sitting and again add two to four inches to this measurement for the correct height needed.

Also, check the manufacturer's weight limit to ensure that your dog is within the weight limit before making your purchase.

When considering where to put your wood dog crate table, you should remember that dogs are social animals and therefore need to be with their family or around you so they can see what's going on.

A good idea is, therefore, to start your puppy off sleeping in your bedroom. So this is, essentially, where you need to place your wood dog crate table. Having your puppy inside your bedroom while they're sleeping at night will give them a feeling of togetherness as well as much-needed comfort, safety, and security from being able to sleep with their family.

When your puppy is a little older, a good idea would be to place the dog crate in the corner of your living room so that they can also be surrounded by the family and feel involved.

Best Ideas

Dog crate house table kennel furniture wood pet pen bed

... Dog Crate House Table Kennel Furniture Wood Pet Pen Bed Cage Crates

Crown Pet Crate End Table

Crown Pet Crate End Table

The fabulous functionality of this piece lets you enjoy the multi-purpose use perfectly, since it can easily serve as an end table and a pet crate that will let you keep your pet safe when you need to and enjoy a sturdy, long-lasting structure.

Wood dog crate table 23

Habitat-n-Home InnPlace Crate / Table - Espresso -

Wood dog crate table 26

Apoochment End Table for Medium Dogs - modern - Side Tables And Accent Tables - Seattle - Apoochment

Wood dog crate table 3

Amazing Dogs - Dog Crate With Wooden Cover, $129.95

Small wooden dog crate

Just take a look at this cute, very unique design! A beautiful, handcrafted wooden table with a smooth finish, mixed with a pretty little dog cage underneath! Perfect if your dog tends to misbehave at nights.

Wood dog crate table 1

Original combination of functionality and attractiveness. This wooden table features a dog crate in its lower area. The table features four legs and solid wooden construction. The crate is made of solid metal in black finish.

Wood dog crate table

This peculiar piece of furniture is actually a great example of upcycling. The combination of a dog with wooden table gave surprisingly good results, enchanting with its freshness and originality.

Wood dog crate table

wood end table dog crate covers pet classics wood end table dog crate

Wood dog crate table 1

I'm just not the biggest fan of simple metal crates, so I would definitely welcome this elegant wood crate table at my house. Its owner probably combined a simple table with commercially available dog crate. Ingenious.

Wood dog crate table 12

Wood Dog Crate Table Fit Folding 36" Pet Cage Furniture #BestPet

Amish dog crate table cover solid hickory side view

Amish Dog Crate Table Cover Solid Hickory SIDE VIEW

Wood dog crate table 24

Dog crate! Swanky. Since the hubs won't allow one anywhere but the basement. :(

Dog cage table 1

dog crate end table side entry made in usa exclusively by dog crates